The 3 'C's' of life Ch. 07 by 32aa,32aa

It was a busy summer for Bev. The city council approved the temporary funds for the ballet program. Even with very little notice, there was a decent number that signed up, enough for two sessions, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Bev was having fun, and making some ‘play’ money on the side. I called the Rockford … Read more

The Alpine Adventure Pt. 02 by thesolitaryreaper,thesolitaryreaper

Can there be too much pleasure in sensual relationships? And can this lead to cracks in intimate partnerships? Are we as human beings eternally greedy? These questions often ring bells in my mind during my day job. I really loved my job but I wasn’t able to focus in recent days. Perhaps it was the … Read more

Marcie and Leo Ch. 86

An adult stories – Marcie and Leo Ch. 86 by Azuldrgon,Azuldrgon (It was around this time two years ago that I introduced the characters in the first chapter of Good Neighbors. If you have been following along, you’ll see a few references to that first story in here. My thanks as always goes to my … Read more

Irene and the New Young Neighbor by Oldbroad76,Oldbroad76

Author’s Note: This is a cuckold story told through an initially reluctant wife’s point of view. The husband and wife are an older (47 yo) Spanish couple living in Barcelona when a handsome 18-year-old man moves in next door. The story is slow in the beginning to build up the romance between the wife and … Read more

The MBA and the Tights Queen by YDB95,YDB95

This is my entry for the 750 Word Project 2022. It’s also a sequel to my story, “Two Americans in Paris.” If you like this, you’ll probably love that! As Marie walked home through the late-winter Paris evening, she was deliciously immune to the gloom. Pete had seen to that in the morning, and she’d … Read more

My Irresistible Enemy Ch. 01 by HarmoniaKiss,HarmoniaKiss

“Okay that should do it!” I stretched my back, admiring my handiwork. My suitcase was stuffed to capacity, the zipper about to burst apart. Suntan lotion and flip flops squished out of the front pocket. “You are NOT going to need all of that, girl.” My roommate, Natalie, was leaning in the doorway of our … Read more

Lost and Found by Melatara,Melatara

Sunlight stroked his thickening cock which pressed against my slick inner thigh, and as I moved, enchanted, to kiss the skin over his heart, I heard the gravelly sounds of the bus driving off without us. “There goes our ride,” he said. It was the last bus to the ferry that would have gotten us … Read more

Moss Island Ch. 01 by Vintage_DM,Vintage_DM

Bonjour! I’m a hard-shell certified Cajun from the Bayous outside of New Orleans. I be Lincoln Hebert, but most everyone around here calls me Linc. My family, the Hebert’s, have lived out here in bayous and on Moss Island for generations. The story goes that a distant forefather got the King of France, Louis XIV, … Read more

The Subway or The Bedroom

An adult stories – The Subway or The Bedroom by shadow_lovers,shadow_lovers The Subway or The Bedroom: part 1 Ellie was a model since she turned 18. She had been a model for 4 years already. She was expected to be one of the top models in the world. She knew she was going to be … Read more

The Fall Ch. 01 by RandyGimp,RandyGimp

Joe and Christina belong to a strict religion that doesn’t believe in premarital sex. This is their tale of falling from grace and in love. Christina is the daughter of Tom Griffin from Eighteen and Challenge Accepted. Neither story is prerequisite reading, but I strongly encourage reading Eighteen before The Fall. It may also help … Read more

Ashes to Ashley Pt. 03 by mojavejoe420,mojavejoe420

The hotel room phone in our Cabo San Lucas resort rang loudly and jarred us both awake. Ashley scrambled to answer it. “Hello? Yeah… I guess my phone is in the other room… Oh… okay yeah. We’ll be there in like fifteen minutes.” I pulled her back to me, I missed her warm body already. … Read more

My Irresistible Enemy Ch. 02 by HarmoniaKiss,HarmoniaKiss

Chap. 2 I loaded the last of my bags into the trunk of our Uber with a heavy feeling in my stomach. All I could think about was seeing Grayson again. It had been a couple years since we were around each other in person. It was a disaster. He had gotten a little too … Read more

My Housemaid, Maria – Saturday Night

An adult stories – My Housemaid, Maria – Saturday Night by acguy,acguy The evening had been a little subdued. Our plans to go out after dinner postponed to another evening. We worked together to prepare dinner. Neither of us wanted to let the other out of sight. There were many light touches and caresses as … Read more