And Baby Made Three by Leezy,Leezy

This is my story about how I learned to have sex in a new and exciting way. I am not including names for obvious reasons, and I am not going to create any names either, although many writers do.

To cut to the chase, my boyfriend and I had been living together for almost two years when I got pregnant. It was an accident, but I was not unhappy about it. Neither was he.

We were planning to get married anyway, and kids were part of the plan. This was not the best time, but we were okay with it.

The problem started when I was quite far along. I didn’t really know if intercourse was harmful to an unborn baby or not. However I had heard that it might be, and I put a stop to our sex life.

Don’t get me wrong, I emptied his prostate orally frequently. Blowjobs are not my favorite kind of sex, but I didn’t want him to explode or something.

He taught me to suck him off when we first started dating. He explained that I would receive his “special sauce” and I would have to swallow it all. I guess it is very disappointing to a man if you do not do that.

That was something that I had never done before, but I was willing to satisfy him. The first time he filled my mouth up so quickly that about half of it dribbled off my chin before I could get it down.

But I learned how to gulp it down, and I even developed a craving for it.

But now as time went by, he began to complain. He wanted to fuck me, but I refused.

“I don’t want our baby girl to have bad dreams about a big snake spitting into her mother.”

Yes, we knew it was a girl when I had an ultrasound. I didn’t know if an ejaculation would reach her or not, but I didn’t want to risk it. My guy cums like a firehose.

I was probably being stupid. I guess many pregnant women have sex with no problem.

He told me it was ridiculous, and that I was being silly. He kind of accepted it, but he was not happy.

One night in bed we were talking, and he just said it.

“I guess I could cornhole you.”

I knew what that word meant, although I had never done that.

I actually blushed, like an innocent virgin, which I was not.

“Do you mean you want to fuck me in my asshole?”

“Yes. If I cum in you that way it solves your problem.”

After a few minutes of awkward silence, I said, “I don’t know if I am comfortable with that.”

I was apprehensive, and he was angry.

We both rolled over, back-to-back, and went to sleep. Or at least pretended to sleep.

I hardly slept at all. I kept imagining what it would be like to have him do it to me. I finally put my middle finger up my ass while I rubbed my clit with the other hand and had an orgasm. That put me to sleep.

A few days went by without either of us bringing it up. But I thought about it constantly. Why did I have such a strong orgasm? Was it because of my finger up my asshole? It was kind of an exciting sensation. Is that what it would feel like to have his meat-pole pushed up my ass? It is about ten times larger and longer than my finger.

It made me very hot fantasizing about it. I wondered if many women liked it that way. But I wasn’t sure if I could take it that way, or what it would feel like. Would it hurt? Or at least be uncomfortable?

The more I daydreamed about it, the more I wanted to experience it.

My guy’s cock is bigger than average, at least as far as I knew. I hadn’t had that many sex partners. But everyone knows the average is six inches, and I was sure his was eight or maybe even nine. Would all of it fit up my ass?

I didn’t know, but the more I imagined it, the more I wanted to find out. I experimented a little more. When he was not home and I was in the shower, I soaped up my middle finger and inserted it way up in my asshole.

I worked it in and out like someone was fucking me, and it was pleasant. I tried to imagine feeling a big squirt of cum going into me. When I got out of the shower I laid on the bed and finger-fucked my asshole and got myself off with an intense orgasm.

That did it, I had to experience the real thing.

I came up with a plan. I would start to suck him off that night and tell him it was all right to do it.

I flirted with him as soon as he came home, and invited him into the bedroom. I knelt at his feet, and I teased him by unzipping and unbuckling his jeans, and sliding them down to his ankles and then took them all the way off.

I pulled his briefs off and took his growing cock in my hand. I stroked it and felt it get stiff.

I began to slide it in and out of my mouth, using what had become my expert blowjob technique.

I knew his cock would have to be stiff as a board to go up my asshole, so I continued until I thought it was hard enough.

I pulled back and it popped out of my mouth, and I quietly said, “Do you want to finish this way, or would you like to cornhole me?”

That was like throwing gasoline on a fire.

He could barely speak, but he mumbled, “Yes!”

I felt kind of playful, and I wanted to tease him a little.

I took his hard-on in my hand and looked at it.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think this will all fit in my asshole.”

“Yes, it will. Just relax and let me push it in. You will stretch.”

I encircled his hard-on with my thumb and forefinger, about half-way up the shaft.

“Well, OK, you can do it to me, but just this far!”

He whimpered like a child, and said, “Come on. Please.”

I moved my grasp two inches toward his balls, and said, “OK. This far.”

He was a little angry this time, and said, “Give me a break!”

I was just teasing him, I wanted all of it in me.

I moved my encircling thumb and finger all the way to the base, right next to his big ball-sack, pushing against his big testicles.

I gripped the shaft there, and said, “OK, this far, but no farther!”

That got a chuckle out of him. He is a good sport. But I wondered if I should have given him a limit. Too late now.

I put a big gob of saliva on his cock and spread it all over to lubricate it. I knew instinctively that was necessary. I was still worried about my little asshole.

I got up on the bed, and I assumed the position I thought would be the best, the one that I thought would not endanger my baby bump. I got on my knees, doggy style, and reached back to spread my butt for him.

I hoped it would be sexy for him and not disgusting to see my asshole staring at him like a single brown eye.

He got up on the bed behind me, and fumbled around a bit getting situated. I didn’t understand why he couldn’t get lined up. The anticipation was killing me. I wanted to yell at him, but of course I didn’t.

Finally I felt the tip of his cock touch my anus. A thrill went through my body like electricity. I held my breath.

He began to push, and the pressure built. His cock was still very wet from my saliva and I hoped that would help.

It did. The head went into me, forcing my anus to stretch to take it. I yelped like a kicked dog and he stopped.

“Don’t stop. Just go slow.”

He was very considerate about it, and began to push it into me, just a little at a time. I went into complete surrender and submission.

As it went deeper and deeper, I could feel the big head leading the way, finding the path of least resistance.

His cock is not just long, it is thick and veiny. I think he could do porn videos. Right now, I wished there was a camera on us, recording it. I could feel it slipping into me, but I wished I could see it. I tried to visualize my asshole stretching open to swallow his cock.

Little by little, it slid into me. The sensation of being filled and stretched was exquisite. I had expected some pain or at least some discomfort, but there was none. Maybe that was because I wanted it in me so badly. Mind over matter.

I didn’t know how much was in me, so I let go of my butt and reached over to see how much was left.

To my surprise it was only in about half way. I stroked the rest of it and fondled his big, hairy balls.

I wasn’t sure it would work, but I tried to clamp down on it. I gave him a gentle squeeze with my asshole, and he responded with a sound of pleasure.

“Keep doing that, please.”

I gave him a series of squeezes, as if my asshole was sucking on his cock.

I was afraid that would make him cum, and I wanted it all the way in me when that happened.

“Can you get it all the way in?”

He mumbled, “I think so.”

Another inch or so slid in.

He held on to my hips right above my butt for leverage and pushed.

I exhaled with an “Oof” as miraculously the last inch or so slid in. His ball-sack pressed against my wet vaginal lips which increased my arousal.

We both held still for a while. I didn’t know what he was thinking, but I was enthralled with the fact that the entire length of his stiff hard-on was all the way up my ass. It never felt like that vaginally. It was really, truly inside me, up in my belly.

He began to fuck me with a gentle but methodical in and out. His ball-sack slapped against my cunt with each thrust.

His cock-head went in to about the level of my belly-button but I was sure it was not touching the baby.

I wanted it to never end. It was nasty and dirty and that just added to the pleasure. He was humping away at me, breathing hard, and the bed was squeaking. I was ashamed of myself for enjoying it so much.

I could feel every detail of his cock. Every vein, every bump. I could feel the helmet-head tip poking and prodding at my soft insides. I thought about the tiny slit-hole in the tip. I thought about the way he ejaculates and I wanted it in me more than I ever wanted it in my vagina.

I adjusted my position slightly to take about another half-inch in me.

I shouldn’t have done that, because he probably would have fucked me for another hour but now he couldn’t hold back.

I could feel him tense up, and he held his breath. I anticipated receiving a large load, and I did.

He stopped all the way in me, and groaned like an injured animal. I felt his cock twitch and throb, and squirts and spurts of warm cum shot into me.

The first squirt was a powerful steady stream and it felt like it continued for ten or fifteen seconds. It shot way up into my stomach.

Then five or six smaller spurts went into me, followed by what was left just draining into me. As usual, he completely emptied himself.

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