One late night at the gym with a young stud by Sabrina32


I got revenge on my cheating husband with some fun of my own , I was 32 years old had been married almost 10 years now. I was very devoted to my husband and kids. I spent most every day transporting my two young daughters to school, ballet, piano lessons, and soccer practices. I was the stereotypical soccer mom who could be spotted all running around all over town in my SUV.

When I wasn't taxiing the girls around, I spent hours at the gym teaching aerobics and spin biking classes or doing light workouts with the weight machines. I had become a health and exercise nut and it was paying off. Nobody could believe I was the mother of two kids. I loved it when both men and women told me that I looked as young as the teens and 20-something year-old girls who ran around the gym in their tight bike shorts and little tank tops.

At least once a week some guy was hitting on me and twice in the last year, someone had left notes on my windshield requesting a date along with a phone number. Of course, I threw the notes away. I was, after all, married woman. I took my workouts seriously and never looked back to acknowledge the stares I got from all the younger guys, even though I knew they were constantly checking me out.

One evening, I came home from teaching a kick-boxing class. The girls were watching TV and told me that dad, my husband Chris, had just come home from work and was upstairs taking a shower. I went to the bedroom and started to undress from my workout clothes, waiting for Chris to finish so I can take my own shower.

I pulled off my sports bra and heard a noise that caught my attention. It was Chris's cell phone vibrating on the nightstand. It did that all the time so I didn't think much of it but for some reason, as if by instinct, I decided to look at the text message that had popped up on the screen.

It said, “Looking forward to next week,” and it was from someone in his contact list named Trudi.

I've never had any reason to be distrustful of Chris and am not one to be nosey about his personal or business affairs but something inside me made me curious about this message. I lifted the phone and thumbed through the history of messages from this woman named Trudi. The message history had started about a month ago and went back and forth with messages like:

Had a great time
I liked that dress you had on today
Can you get free this afternoon
Let's meet at the same place
Available tomorrow
Can hardly wait for the weekend to be over

The messages went on and on like that and I was crushed. There was no explicit admissions of an affair but it was obvious to me he was seeing someone else. My heart sunk and I put down the phone and pulled myself together. I wasn't the type of person to explode in anger but the thought of him being with someone else ate at me from the inside. I looked at myself in the mirror. I knew I that I looked great and I had always tried hard to please him in bed. What possibly could he want with another woman?

I passed him the bathroom and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked about my day. I didn't let on to what I had seen on the phone. I cried briefly and silently in the shower.

I said I was tired and not feeling well and wanted to go to bed early. Chris got the girls to bed and he watched TV while I pretended to be asleep. I tossed and turned all night long unable to sleep.

The next day I dropped the girls off at school, not paying attention to them as they carried on loudly in the back seat. My mind was elsewhere, replaying those text messages in my mind.

I went to the gym and started my round of workouts on the weight machines. But things felt different today. Instead of keeping my head down and focusing on my workout, I looked around the gym. I met eyes with some of the younger guys and I smiled back for a change. I wanted to be noticed. It helped my self-confidence to know I was attractive and desirable.

There was one particular guy who I had seen there regularly and couldn't help but notice. He was built perfect but not too overdone like some of the other steroid puffy looking body builders there. He had nice pecs that showed off nicely in his sleeveless shirt and he had gorgeous muscular arms. I guessed he was about 22 or 23 years old. Just a kid I thought. Maybe 10 years younger than me.

I'm not sure if I did this all the time but today I felt the urge to move my body with a bit more exaggeration as I worked out on various benches and leg lift machines. I arched my back seductively and pushed my ass into the air as I worked on my calf muscles.

I turned to look over at Steve who was standing there watching me with a big smile on his face. He came over to the machine next to me and didn't say anything at first as he started his reps. Finally, he looked over and asked me how many sets I did on the calf machine and then we started a whole conversation about workouts, the gym, and just random chit chat.

Then he asked me what color my eyes were. I showed them that they were blue.

“Something very attractive about a blue-eyed brunette.” He flirted.

I tossed my long brunette ponytail over my shoulder like a tease.

I could see his eyes scan my body up and down and I looked back at his. It was a very bold thing for me to do. I'd never done it before. I looked at his strong muscular legs and thighs and went back to his arms and pecs, one of my favorite parts of a guy's body. He purposely lifted his shirt to scratch an make believe itch around his back and I caught a glimpse of his perfect washboard abs, which was my absolute favorite part of a fit body. I couldn't help but stare briefly and he noticed and adjusted his shirt to give me a great view.

Finally, I had to look away feeling guilty but also felt an incredible rush of warmth through my body.

I think he sensed that I was a bit uncomfortable so he started a new topic of conversation. He asked what else I was into as part of my fitness routine and I mentioned that I taught some aerobics and spin bike classes in the evenings. He said he always wanted to try it and I told him that I was teaching a spin class that evening in fact if he wanted to come. He said he would try to make it.

“What am I doing,” I thought to myself and decided to finish my workout early and head home.

Back at the house, I showered and sat on the couch staring at the wall feeling depressed again.

Chris called and reminded me that we had a dinner reservation with some of his real estate clients that night. He said he wanted to show me off to them. Normally I would have been flattered to be his trophy wife for the night but this time I wasn't that excited about it for obvious reasons.

I picked up the girls from school, did the normal errands and came home to get ready for my spin class. I decided to wear some extra short white bike pants and a small sports bra to class tonight and show off a little bit. I wondered, and sort of hoped, that Steve might show up.

I packed up a sexy short black cocktail dress and some high heels so I could change at the club and left the girls with a baby sitter.

When I got the the bike room at the gym, I noticed a sign on the front door announcing that the gym was going to be closed early tonight at 8:00pm so that the full-time staff could attend their annual holiday party.

When I got to the bike room, I saw that the class was already completely full. All 24 bikes were occupied and there was Steve in the front row directly in front of the instructor bike. He must have gotten there early. I smiled at him and he gave me a big smile back. I was nervous and excited to see him there.

I put on my microphone, started the music and gave the class an incredible workout. At times it felt like Steve and I were the only ones in the room the way we looked at each other. Within 30 minutes we all had sweat dripping from our bodies and my wet spandex shorts were sticking to my body. Steve kept up pace like a regular and I couldn't help but looking at his dripping wet muscular arms and pecs again and again. Occasionally, his shirt would lift up to show me those incredible abs.

Class ended right at 7:30 and several people came to me and said that was the most intense workout they had seen me deliver in months. I had put my all into it.

One of my friends Rebecca stayed after class and was asking me some fitness related questions since she was training for a triathlon. I could see Steve waiting patiently in the background as if he wanted to talk with me but Rebecca went on and on. I was a little disappointed when he left the room before I was finished talking to Rebecca. I wanted to ask him what he thought of the workout.

Finally, Rebecca left and the room emptied. I slowly gathered up my things and turned off the sound system. One of the gym managers came into the room and told me that he had kicked everybody out of place so he could get going to the holiday party. He was the last one there. He told me the front door was already locked and to just be sure to close it tightly when I left. Otherwise, I could feel free to shower before I went off to my dinner.

I went off to the shower and it felt odd to have the whole place to myself. I took my time showering, blow drying my hair, and putting on my makeup. I had plenty of time before dinner so there was no hurry. I slipped on my cocktail dress and heels and admired myself in the mirror. I tossed my long hair and pulled it down across my shoulders. I looked great I thought to myself. Why didn't Chris appreciate what he had?

I picked up my gym bag and walked out of the locker room. All the fluorescent lights were now off and there were only a few dim area lights in the entry and common areas.

“Hello,” came a voice from someone sitting in one of he chairs in the waiting area.

I was startled at first and then saw it was Steve. He had changed into a t-shirt and some basketball shorts and his hair was a bit wet and combed back.

He stood up and walked toward me.

“Your class was excellent,” he told me.

And he continued to walk closer to me as I stood there speechless and nervous.

“My god, you look gorgeous. Now I see why it took you so long to come out of there.” He smiled and looked into my eyes.

For some odd reason, I lost the grip on my gym bag and it feel to the floor. I didn't think about it at the time but it was probably a signal that encouraged Steve to grab me around the waist and pull my body to his. I was scared, nervous, and stood there stiff as a board. I was petrified but I melted as soon as our lips met and we began to kiss passionately.

I reached up to place one hand on his firm pec and he reached around to cup one of my ass cheeks firmly in his hand and pulled me even closer against his groin. Our tongues wrapped around each other's and my heart started pounding.

I could feel his stiff cock pressing against my dress. I thought about stopping him and running out of the place but I couldn't. He reached up to feel my breast and just by instinct and passion, I reached down to run my hand up and down his stiff cock through the outside of his basketball shorts. There was no turning back now I thought.

He stopped, grabbed a hold of my hand and led me down the dimly lit hall and into the room with the weight machines. I wobbled on my high heels across the floor and he took me over in front of the mirror There was a single light just above us that illuminated our bodies. He turned me to face the mirror and stood behind me. We could see each other in the reflection in the mirror and I watched him nibble and kiss my neck.

He lifted the shoulder straps of my dress and slowly lowered my top to expose my breasts.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” he whispered to me.

I remained silent as he cupped my breast in each hand and continued to kiss my neck. Then he spun me around and started licking and sucking on my breasts as I arched my head back and closed my eyes. His mouth felt wonderful as he took turns exploring my nipples with his tongue.

Then he pulled my dress completely down and it fell on the floor. I lifted my heels to step out of it. All I had on now was my thong and the shoes.

He left me briefly to walk over and pick up a workout bench and he carried it back set it down in front of the mirror. Then he picked me up and set me down on my back on the bench lengthwise. He took off his shirt shirt and I could see every ripple of muscle from his chest to his perfectly symmetrical washboard abs. He got down on his knees and kissed and licked my tummy and worked his way down. He tongue felt so good and I shivered with excitement.

He lifted my thong to one side and began to lick me expertly in all the right places with the tip of his tongue. I wiggled with pleasure and in no time I exploded into orgasm. He continued to lap and lick at my juices and I felt flashes of warm ripple through my body.

He stood up and lifted my arms so that I was now sitting on the bench. I watched as he pulled down his shorts and his huge cock popped out directly in front of my face. I had only been with two other guys before I was married and this was by far the biggest cock I had ever seen. It curved down slightly like a big banana and I was both scared and excited when I saw it.

I leaned in and wrapped my lips around the head, suckling on it and working my mouth slowly deeper onto him. I was only thinking about the moment now, all of the last two days events were erased from my mind. I moved off the bench and onto my knees to get a better angle at this gorgeous cock and bobbed my head up and down on him. I felt like such a little MILF, slut, whore, and cheating wife but I was loving the attention. Playing with my young muscular boy toy.

I lifted my mouth off of his cock briefly to run my tongue on those rippled abs. I nippled and bit them lightly. Loving the feeling of them on my mouth.

Then I reached down and massaged his balls with my left hand, grabbed the base of his cock with my right hand and started again on his cock. It was so big, I could barely get half of it into my mouth without it hitting my throat and gagging me but I tried my best to show him that I knew how to please a young stud.

He wrapped his hand around my hair and pulled it up and out of my face as I spun my head around and around on his delicious meat.

He stopped me, picked me up, and placed me on my knees on the bench. Then he positioned himself behind me and I watched in the mirror as he fed that curved long cock into me. I watched his perfect body flex as he slowly inched into me so deep. I felt like a teenager again, having dangerous and forbidden sex.

He grabbed my ass cheeks with his hands and pulled me even deeper onto his cock as if it was possible to get in further. He was so deep and so big it hurt at first and then within seconds it felt wonderful. He then grabbed me by the hips and thrust himself into me hard making noise as he slapped his balls against my firm ass.

Then he pulled out and pulled me back off the bench again. He turned me around to face him and he reached down and wrapped his muscular arms under my thighs and lifted me into the air. I was pressed against his strong body and loved feeling those muscles against me. He slowly lowered me back onto his cock and I squealed with pleasure as he went deep into me. He lifted me up and dropped back and down onto him over and over again.

My legs were and heels were dangling behind his back in the air and I grabbed him around the neck. He turned with my back to the mirror so he could my ass wiggle firmly as he thrust himself into me. Our bodies were really sweaty now. Partly because we were still hot from our bike workout, and partly from this workout, not to mention a bit of nervousness on both our parts. My breasts and tummy slipped and slided against his strong wet body.

Then he turned the other way so that I could see the look on my own face and admire his strong back muscles and gorgeous tight ass glistening with moist sweat. I watched my feet and heels dangle helplessly in the air and I squeezed him harder around the neck. Our mouths met again and we kissed deeply. A massive warmness tingled flooded my body again and I burst out screaming so loudly that I thought I might lose my voice as I orgasmed for what seemed like forever.

He continued to lift me up and down but I finally had to tell him that my arms were getting tired. I was exhausted more from the intensity of the orgasms than I was from the physical exercise I was getting with him. It was fun.

He slowly set my butt back down on the bench with my back to the mirror. Then he lowered my head down toward the floor. It was a bit uncomfortable but finally my head was resting on the soft rubber pad of the floor. I was almost upside down now and only supported by my ass that was gripping the edge of the bench. He moved his legs over to my side of the bench and held my thighs tight and bend me into almost a 90 degree angle with my legs stretched out toward the mirror.

“This is called a pile driver position, baby,” He said and then started drilling down into me pushing my head hard into the rubber mat. Normally, I would have complained about the sweaty male stench of the room and it was now magnified with my face so close to the mat. I imagined that it had been soaked with months of sweat from the meat heads that used this room. But at that moment, it just turned me on even more.

He continued to pound down into me, a little rougher than I would have liked but I just let him have his way with me and moaned loudly for effect. I could feel beads of his sweat dripping down onto me coating my breasts with salty wetness. I reached up and rubbed it over over myself until I was coated from my neck to my crotch.

Finally, he let out a loud roar and I could tell he was going to explode into me. He was so tight inside of me that I could feel the massive pulsations of his cock and the warm flood of seed filling me up. His cock kept pumping and pumping cum into me. He moaned and grunted continuously grabbing onto my thighs so tightly I was afraid he was going leave visible bruises on my thighs.

I thought he was done but he kept stroking in and out of me. He pulled his cock all the way out of me and then grabbed the base of his cock and plunged it back into me. I was overflowing with cum and could feel it dripping down the crack of my ass. I let him play with me a little more and then finally told him that I was getting sore and couldn't take anymore. I was also starting to get very uncomfortable in my inverted position and my neck was hurting being sideways against the floor mat.

He pulled away from me and stood there with his dripping cock in his hand as I fell over sideways and just laid there looking up at him unable to move for the moment.

“Baby, you are the hottest thing ever. I've never had sex that like that,” he panted.

“Me either,” I said. Never even close I thought to myself.

I finally stood up with my legs shaking badly under me. He came to me and wrapped his arm around my waist and gave me another sloppy wet sweaty kiss and pressed his wet cock against my belly. My ass was wet with cum and sweat and I could feel his seed leaking down my thigh like a river.

I looked up to the wall clock and panicked when I saw what time it was.

“Oh my god, I'm so late, I've got to get out of here.” I shouted.

I picked my dress up off the floor, shook it, and headed out of the weight room and toward the hallway.

“When can we do this again?” He called after me.

I stopped a moment and turned around, “We can't ever do this again. I'm married. I have two kids.”

I heard him laugh as I hurried to the woman's locker room. I was naked wearing nothing but my heels which clicked loudly on the tile hallway. I picked up my gym bag and looked up and noticed a security camera. Oh my god, I thought to myself. What if somebody sees this?

Inside the locker room I grabbed a handful of towels and wiped myself off while looking at myself in the mirror. My face was a sweaty mess but I didn't have any time for a shower. I rubbed water on my face and reapplied my makeup as quickly as I could. I pulled my hair up into a pony tail and tied it up to dry for the short drive.

The biggest problem was that cum continued to leak out of me no matter how many times I wiped. I slipped on my slightly wrinkled dress, looked one last time in the mirror and thought I looked presentable enough.

When I got back to the hallway, I called out to see if Steve was still there but he had already left.

I raced to the restaurant which fortunately was only ten minutes away. I still felt moist and sticky but there was nothing I could do. I realized that my thong was missing so I was naked under the short dress.

I pulled into the parking lot and took one last look at myself in the rear view mirror. I thought I looked pretty good all things considered. And I smiled big at myself for the first time in two days. I didn't feel dirty, cheap, or slutty. I felt alive and satisfied inside. I pulled my hair out of the pony tail and pulled it down.

I walked into the restaurant and saw Chris and three older guys dressed in suits and ties at a table. As I got close, they all stood up to greet me.

“Where have you been darling, we have been waiting for you,” said Chris with an irritated smile.

“I'm so sorry to keep you. My class ran late” I lied.

One of the men grabbed my hand and kissed it and looked over at Chris, “You are a lucky man, Chris. She is a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you,” I smiled appreciatively.

After a bit of casual talk they launched into a business discussion and my mind wandered. I flashed back on the images of Steve and I in the gym, in front of the mirror. I felt alive and warm inside. I was still leaking and my short dress felt extremely wet all around the crotch. It was running down my leg.

“You sure seem overly happy tonight. What are you smiling about?” Chris asked me.
“Oh, I just had a wonderful day today,” I replied and looked at him with a smug satisfied smile.



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