Raped Before Dinner by curvytrucker


Woman gets raped from behind by a rough stranger , The music pounded in my ears following the rhythmic chopping of red-skinned potatoes. Lightly tossed in oil, herbs and placed in the oven to join the already cooking chicken. The smell of the freshly baked bread lay heavy on the air as I finished setting the table.
5:40 just 30 more minutes till he is home. Started quickly washing the dishes and a stubborn stain had my full attention.
A hard hand covered my mouth. I jumped jerking back into the rock-hard body behind me.
“Do you always cook naked?” He grunted into my ears and pushed his free hand onto my huge boobs. I screamed into his hand and he squeezed hard.
“Hmmm nipple piercings. I know you were a slut. Bet you are getting wet to.”
I bucked against him but he twisted my nipples making me stop.
“Now if you are a good girl I will make this easier for you. Don’t scream.” He removed his hand. I spilt out, “who the hell do you think you are? You son of a bitch!” A scream broken out as he dragged me backwards by my hair.
“Stop! My boyfriend will be home soon and he will kill you!” I was ripped around and face to face with a tall blue-eyed man in a ski mask. He was squeezing my neck so hard that my knees started to buckle.
“Last chance to be good. Say you are sorry.”
“Go to hell!” A harsh kiss was placed on me lips as I treated to fight him. He bite my lip making me jump back and he had a wicked smile on his lips.
“I was going to treat you like a good girl but now you will be treated like a dirty slut.” He roughly pushed me to the floor. I treated to crawl away but he was to fast. Snatching my ankle, he pull me over to the kitchen table. Tears started to form as I kicked out but he just laughed.
“Don’t start crying now, Whore. We are just starting.”
“No! No! What do you want?”
He let go of my ankle, eyed me like a hungry wolf as he sat down and touched the front of his pants.
“I want you to be a good whore. Get on all fours.” I tried to back away but he was too fast. Before I could scream he had me in his lap. A blinding pain exploded up my whole body. His heavy hand landed again on my bare ass. I scream for him to stop but he hit me hard. Then rubbed his hand over the spot he just slapped.
“I told you to be good.” He slapped me harder and I screamed louder.
“Please stop,” I sobbed out.
He groaned deeply, “good that fat ass looks good pink!” He slapped again, “will you be go now?” I nodded slowly.
“Open your whore legs.” Gradually I obeyed.
“hmmm you have a beautiful pussy.” I couldn’t move, waiting for what comes next. A finger slide down my back in between my ass checks and in my pussy lips.
“Good whore you look very tight.”
Tears ran freely down my face, my poor pussy open to the air and anything this man wanted.
“Get on your knees,” he grunted at me. I slid off his lap and sat there looking at him. The masked man never took his eyes off of me as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his hard cock. I couldn’t move. It stood hard, straining toward me. A small glint of presume pooled at the top.
A shiver went down my spine.
“Suck it, Whore.”
I opened my mouth ague but he grabbed my head, forcing me forward.
“Open your mouth or you will be punished again.” I opened a little and his cock was slammed deep in my mouth. It was to much! I pushed back but he forced me deeper. Ripping my head back he snapped my mouth.
“Stop fighting me,” he yelled at me. I stopped moving just started at him.
“Suck my cock like a good whore.” I wrapped my lips around his wet cock head and started to suck. He groaned forcing his cock in and out of my mouth. My hand held the base of his cock trying to stop the hard fucking. He rammed into my mouth harder and held me down. I couldn’t breathe! I started to gag, trying to push away and he raised my head. Spilt filled my mouth and covered his cock.
“Damn you look good like that!” He roughly kissed me before ramming his cock into my mouth again. His fingers dug into my skin as he hammed his cock into me before ripping it out.
“Turn around and show me that pussy.” I wasn’t fast enough. He pulled my hips around making me slipped onto my elbows. Instantly his hand was covering my pussy, pushing a thick fingers inbewteen my lips.
“God! You are wet!” He grunted pulling his finger into my tight pussy. I groaned, trying to fight it but it felt so good. I raised my hips up opening to him more.
He laughed, “Oh you are such a good whore. More, open more.” I raised my hips higher and he made my pussy gush juices as his fingers assaulted me. I moaned louder unable to control myself anymore but suddenly the fingers were gone. The blunt end of his cock rubbed over my wet pussy opening.
“Wait, please don’t do this,” Begging I tried to close my legs. A harsh slap made me gasp. As he said, “I’m going to take your whore pussy till you beg for more. Do you understand, Whore?”
I didn’t move till he slapped me again. “Yes I’ll be good,” I screamed out again as he hit me. Then forced his cock into me. My tight pussy could barely fit me and he know it.
“Fuck you are tight,” he groaned in pure pleasure pulling out and slamming back in. My body betrayed me getting wetter and hotter as he fucked me. My big tits bounced furiously the harder he fucked me.
“say you’re a good Whore”
“I’m a good whore,” I gasped out and he hammered into me.
“fucking take it! Good fucking slut!” he rammed in so deep I could feel my body losing control. Till I was begging him to not stop. My pussy was gushing sweet juices and I was so tight around him.
“fuck I’m going to fill you.”
“Oh god yes!”
“Beg for it Whore”
“Please fill me up!”
“Tighter Whore! Make me cum!”
“Fuck yes! Cum in me.”
His whole body jerked and he groaned shooting his huge creamy load deep in me. I could feel his cock twitch deep in me as he pulled it out.
With a loud grunt, he fell next me. I pulled the mask off my boyfriend and kissed him.
“Baby most guy just give a kiss when they get home,” I said smiling at him. Lightly slapping my ass, “go finish diner.”




2017-12-21 14:26:40
I Really liked it. 😉


2017-12-21 14:25:38
I Really liked it. 😉

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