Screwdrivers and a little 9- ball by VampirTARA

Screwdrivers and a little 9- ball by VampirTARA ,Introduction:


This is a story of a day that my brother helped me pick up an antique car, that I had received from my uncle. Well after doing so, then getting back to my place, it started to thunderstorm. So while drinking screwdrivers, me and my brother decided to play a game of 9-ball. And……. , WARNING! My story is intended for adults 18 years or older this story contains sexual content. I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. The story you are about to read is true. In order to maintain their anonymity of the innocent in some instances. I have changed the names of the individuals, any resemblance between the characters in this story and any other persons, living, dead, or undead is a miracle. This story is copyright ©2018, by VampirTARA.

*This story with pics.

“Screwdrivers and a little 9 ball”

“Screwdrivers and a little 9 ball”

Hello I'm Tara, First I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself in case you haven't read any of my stories before and also to help you understand the story a little better, so sit back and prop your feet up… I'm a 42-year-old mortician / funeral director who operates our family's mortuary and cemetery.

I'm 5 feet 7 inches; approximately 120 pounds with long raven-black hair and glasses with natural abnormally long top incisors ( K9's or fangs). I'm in a polygamist marriage (not Mormon, we are Druid/Christian). I have three children, two teenagers and a two-year-old, now I have 2 Sister Wives. Toni, that's a couple of years younger than me, and she is also my biological sister with 4 children of our husband. Then there's Kathy that is a good bit younger than us, she's 23 years old with 1 child to our husband.

It was back in the beginning of this April, 2018, on a Saturday morning. My 94-year-old grandfather was in the hospital for some rehab on his knee. Our husband was off fishing for the weekend, sister wives Kathy and Toni went up Kathy's parents house with the kids, and our three older teenagers was off doing their thing with their friends for the weekend. So it was just me home alone and taking care of business at the mortuary.

Well, it was a little after 9 a.m. when my uncle Wayne, called that morning. he asked If I could come today and get the car out of the garage. Because the guy my uncle Lionel, was renting the garage off of. Wanted the car out of the garage by Monday. Anywho, I received the car, as part of a bet on the Pittsburgh Steelers football game. In which I had to do a strip tease for my uncles and ended up with an antique 57 Lincoln premiere out of it, but that's a whole different story. Anywho, I told him no one was home except me, but let me call my brother Jimmy, and see if he can come and help me get the car. Well, after begging, I was able to get my brother to come down from Erie and help me, so I told my uncle would be down to pick up the car late today..

By time my brother came down from Erie, me and my brother finally got back to the mortuary little after 7 p.m. from picking up the antique car from my uncles. The clouds were dark; the wind was blowing hard, and it was thundering. It was getting ready to storm like crazy, as we drove up the mortuary driveway. My brother parked the car in front of the garage, and I pulled up in front of the mortuary. Well, I had picked up some stuff at the store on the way back and was in the process of getting it out of the back seat. When I heard a camera quick, I turned and looked over my shoulder and saw my brother standing behind me. He was staring at my ass and trying to look up my skirt, I said, “God you are such a perv! Would you please put the car in the garage Jimmy?” And as I leaned over the seat and pressed the button to the garage door opener and heard a camera quick again. Well, as he did that, I went back to getting the groceries out of the car.

Well, I was in the kitchen the lights were flickering on and off when a big flash of lightning, and a loud clap of thunder startled me. Causing me to drop the gallon of milk that I was just getting ready to put it in the refrigerator. And it spilled all over the place. I thought lightning had hit the mortuary; my brother had gone outside to check. After a few minutes, I heard him come back inside.

My Brother yelled, “It struck the transformer on the pole across the street Tara! And the power's out!”

“You really think, what gave you the clue! I yelled back sarcastically. So, I grabbed a nice big tall 24 oz iced tea glass that we have out of the cabinet and made myself a screwdriver. I then grabbed my brother a beer and headed to the living room.

“Damn Tara, tree limbs are all over the street! Just before the power went out, they said on the news. There was a severe thunderstorm warning, for the next couple of hours. And something about a line of thunderstorms, then power went out.” My brother said to me, as I walked into the living room.

With a laugh and a smirk, I handed my brother, his beer, and I said, “Well, looks like you're not going anywhere for a while! So, since the power's out, you want to play some pool.

“Yeah, why not!” My brother replied.

I handed my brother, my drink, “Wait a minute!” I said to my brother. I then grabbed 4 of my big scented candles from Yankee Candle off of the fireplace mantel. I said, “Ok, let's go! And followed my brother into the game room. Once we got into the game room, I went around the game room lighting the candles and setting them out.

My brother said, “All right, how about some nine ball?”

“Sounds fine to me, so what are we betting?” I replied as I lit the last candle. Now it's a normal family rule not to bet money, except our old ass uncles do, when they're playing each other.

“I don't know!” My brother replied, “How about a striptease, like the one you did for our uncles!”

I looked at my brother and said, “I had a feeling you were going to be perverted, OOOOH OK! BUT IF I WIN——.”

“COME ON TARA! Don't ask for your little pair of black panties back!” My brother blurted out, interrupting me.

I replied back to my brother, “Holy shit! I'm not that rude, I gave them to you to keep. I'll tell you what, if I win. You give your niece Skylar, a paid vacation and you'll clean the mortuary for two weeks!”

My brother reply back, “Well, your daughter will be a happy camper, that's if I lose. Ok deal, Best of 3. Tara, ladies first!

Well, I managed to drop 2 and 7 on the break. then ended up scratching. so it was my brother's turn and he went on a roll and sunk the 1 3 4 and 5 then he fouled. So just I got ready to take my shot..

My brother blurts out, “Tara, this is not fair! It's hard to concentrate on the game, with you bending over in that short skirt to take a shot! And do you have to wiggle your little ass just before you take your shot!”

“What! I blurted out, “You shouldn't be staring at my ass, I'm your sister!” I then took my shot and sunk the 6 ball, I took a sip of my screwdriver.

As I got ready to take my next shot my brother said, “I can't help it you have a great ass, Damn, when I saw you bending over in the car to get your stuff. My dick got hard, it hasn't done that since, that Halloween when you had on that pink outfit.”

I took my shot, striking the 8-ball, knocking it into the 9 ball and into the side pocket. With the screwdriver setting in, I looked over at my brother giggling and said, “Seriously!…. By the way, I win, so rack 'em….. So you're trying to tell me, your penis hasn't been able to get an erection since that Halloween, when me and you fooled around. And you were able to achieve an erection, watching me bend over in the car.” After hearing that, I took a good healthy drink of my screwdriver.

“You break sis!” My brother said, “I tried, a couple times, I picked up one of the young college girls at the bar. When they tried to suck my dick, it just wouldn't get hard. Remember back in June, that girl at the family picnic that, come out of the bushes pissed off and called me limp dick.”

As I leaned over to break, I blurted out, “Yeah, I do remember that come to think of it, that wasn't right of her doing that in front of everyone.” I then took my shot and on the break, I sunk the 9-ball.

“You got to be kidding me!” my brother blurted out.

I started giggling profusely, I yelled, “I WIN JIMMY!” My brother grabbed his beer, then went over and sat on the sofa. I stood there leaning on my pool cue trying to stop giggling. My brother's cell phone rang, so as he talked on the phone to whomever it was. I laid my pool cue on the pool table, I went over and picked up my screwdriver off the little round Pub table. As I took a drink of my screwdriver giggling, I thought to myself, “Oh what the hell, my brother was nice enough to take off work to help me pick up the car. Why not do a little playful tease and do a strip tease for him. It'll drive him nuts, anyways, if I can do a strip tease for my uncles. I could surely do one for my brother.” So, went over and set my drink on the pool table, then I went over and closed the sliding wooden doors to the game room and locked them. After doing that, I went back over and leaned against the pool table. I then grabbed my drink and waited for my brother to get off the phone.

A couple of minutes later, he got off the phone, so I finished off my screwdriver and set the glass down on the pool table. I looked at my brother and said, “Brother since you were so nice to take off work and come over to help me pick up the car. And even though, I won the pool games! I'm going to do the strip tease for you anyways, plus, I figured. Why not, I did one for our uncles. So don't say a word and enjoy your striptease, brother.

My brother's eyes were glued to me, as I slipped out of my, he watched me slowly pulling my blouse out of my short black business Mini skirt giggling. I then reached up and started to slowly undo the buttons of my white satin blouse. My blouse slowly parted, as my ruby red painted fingernails undid the buttons, one by one. As I was slowly unbuttoning my blouse, I looked. My eyes open wide and my jaw dropped open in shock, I couldn't help but notice it. There was a bulge in my brother's pants and it was growing. My brother has a severe case of erectile dysfunction, I happen to know for a fact from my brother's ex-wife. That that's why she divorced him, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was stunned that my brother was able to achieve an erection, over me. I thought maybe that Halloween night was a fluke, especially after what happened at the family picnic. So, I was not only in shock, but impressed and flattered beyond belief.

After unbuttoning the last button, giggling, I then slowly opened my blouse, revealing my shiny metallic silver bra. Then I let slid my blouse slide off of my shoulders and drop to the carpet. Then I turned around and with my back towards my brother; I then reached behind my back and grabbed the zipper to my black business mini skirt. I started slowly pulling the zipper down; I could hear my brother breathing heavier. As my skirt parted in the back and exposing a bit of my panties. After pulling the zipper all the way down, I leaned forward just slightly. And slowly slid my short black business mini skirt down off my hips, and over my little round ass. I let my skirt drop to my feet and then stepped out of it. Then I slowly turned around and looked at my brother giggling, as I stood there in nothing but my bra and panties. Then I reached behind my back with both hands and unfastened the clasp to my shiny metallic silver bra. After unfastening my bra, I held my bra against me with my left hand. Then with my right hand, I slipped the straps to my bra off of my shoulders. Then my left hand slowly pulled my bra away from the front of me, exposing my bare breasts to my brother. As I dropped my bra to the carpet, I turned around and I paused for a moment with my back towards my brother.

Now, I was starting to get horny doing this striptease. My pussy started twitching, I hadn't had sex in a long while thanks to our husband pulling his growing. And various other obstacles preventing me from getting some from Jasper, and not getting caught.

Well, I took a deep breath, then I reached to my hips and hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my panties. I then leaned forward slightly, and slowly slid my little pair of shiny metallic silver bikini panties down off of my hips, over my little round ass to my thighs. I let them fall to the feet and stepped out of them, then turned around revealing my smoothly waxed pussy to my brother. In the candle light, totally naked I slowly walked over to him sitting on the sofa. I was so impressed that he could achieve an erection over me, plus I was horny. So, I decided to go further, than I had planned on. I figured me and my brother already had sex once before, what's one more time. Standing in the candle light totally naked, I placed my hands on my hips, then said, “Enjoy watching your sister go to a strip tease!”

“Oh god yes sis,” my brother's stuttered. “Oh Tara, you're you're so beautiful in the candlelight

“You're, you're, you're, stuttering are we!” Giggling, I said, “Now, undo your pants and take out your penis.” Well, my brother looked like a deer in the Headlights and giggling, I said, “Umm, you want to have sex? Ground Control calling Major Tom! Well, if you don't want to have sex, I can get dressed!”

“No, No, No, Tara!” My brother yelled, as he started undoing is pants.

“How do you want to do it?” Giggling, I asked, “Do you want to bend me over the pool table, do me doggy style, get between my legs down on the carpet or fuck me on the sofa?”

“I want you to ride me sis,” my brother stuttered.

As I started climbing on the sofa, my brother grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands while I straddled his lap. I sat in my brother's lap and looked at him and said giggling, “God, can you imagine, if someone walked in right now! And saw me sitting in your lap totally naked! Are you ready?” I then leaned forward and placed my hands on the back of the sofa. My brother took his right hand off of my ass and grabbed hold of his penis. He then rubbed the head of his penis on my smoothly waxed pussy, a couple of times. My brother, then placed the head of his penis between my pussy lips. As he held his penis, I slowly lowered myself down. The head of his penis slowly spread my pussy lips apart and entered me, sealing the deal that we were committing incest. My brother may not have a very long penis, but it is very thick like a can of Redbull. The walls of my pussy started stretching, opening my pussy to accommodate, my brother's penis. Slowly, his penis started disappearing up inside me. I was horny, my brother's penis felt so good sliding into my pussy.

“Tara, your pussy feels so good!” My brother blurted out, as both of his hands squeezed and felt up my bare ass cheeks.

I said, giggling to my brother, “It does, does it,” as I continued slowly sliding down the shaft of his penis and it slowly disappeared up inside of me. Finally, his penis was all the way into me, as I sat on his lap. My pussy was twitching and thumping, my brother held my little round ass with both hands. I started very slowly rotating my hips and pelvis in a circular motion. Like doing the hula hoop in slow motion, I did that for a minute or so. Then I lean forward and placed my hands on the back of the sofa. I started slowly, riding my brother's penis; my pussy slid up and down the shaft of it. My brother held my little round ass cheeks tightly; the room was filled with a wet sloppy sucking sound, of my little pussy sliding up and down in a slow rhythm, on the shaft of his penis.

My juices started flowing and coating my brother's penis the sensation was feeling good and getting more intense. Then my pussy muscles started contracting. And my pussy clamped down on my brother's penis; the sensations got more intense. It was the point of no return; I dug my nails into the back of the black leather sofa and threw my head back. My back arched, as my eyes rolled into the back of my head and screamed out at the top of my lungs, “OH MY GOD!”

The sensations rolled throughout my entire body of my orgasm; I haven't had an orgasm in so long. I wished I could stay in that moment forever, as I continued riding my brother's penis. I rode him for about a 5 minutes, when I felt him tensed up.

“Sis, I'm going to cum!” My brother was barely able to say.

“Do it! Do it!” I yelled. He then started ejaculating his semen up inside me, in a soft sweet voice. I said to my brother, “That's it, empty your balls, get it all out!” I leaned back and sat down in his lap, then pausing for a moment. Then, as I started slowly moving my ass and hips forward and backwards, to milk what semen was last out of the shaft of his penis. Giggling, I said to my brother, “Feel better now!”

“Yes Tara,” My brother said.

I said to my brother, “Jimmy, I'll tell you, OH the powers back on!…. Ok, I'll tell you what, I'll give you a little relief when you're down here, most likely it'll be just a blowjob. Not all the time, so it doesn't draw suspicion, but occasionally. I'll come up to Erie and let you have a go at me for the weekend. As I sat there in my lap with his penis up inside of me, My brother held my bare ass with both hands and sucked on my left breast. Then a few minutes later my brother's penis starting to go soft and it slipped out of me. So I slowly climbed off of his lap, then I picked my panties up off the carpet and slipped them on. I gathered the rest of my clothes up off the carpet in my arms, then I went over and unlocked the wooden sliding doors to the game room. I turned and said to my brother, “I'll be back; I'm just going upstairs for a minute. I slid the wooden sliding doors open and peeked out just to make sure. There were no unexpected surprises, and someone came home while we were in the game room. Well, the coast was clear, so I tiptoed into the foyer and up the stairs in nothing, but my panties to my bedroom. I tossed my clothes on the bed and went and grabbed my short black satin robe off of the bathroom door hook. I slipped it on and tied the sash, then headed back downstairs.

So it was 10 p.m. I was pretty corked from drinking screwdrivers, as for my brother now. I was too corked to be sure how buzzed, he was, but I remember. The movie had just ended and couldn't find a cable remote. So I got up to go over to the television and get the spare remote. Well, I was wobbly on my feet, but I made it over to the television and got the remote. However, I wobbled and ended up on my ass in front of the entertainment center. I started giggling, as I looked over at my brother sitting on the sofa drinking his beer. Well, I crawled over on my hands and knees to the coffee table. I sat back on my knees yoga style in front of it giggling, for a minute.

Then leaned forward resting on my elbows on the coffee table, I looked up at my brother giggling. I then put my head down on the coffee table, and I must have passed out. For how long, I don't know, but I was awakened. As I felt my panties being pulled down around my thighs, still woozy, I slowly picked my head up off the coffee table. I felt a hand on my left hip and something brushing against the crack of my ass. I turned my head and looked over my shoulder, I saw my brother behind me. I said to my brother, “What are you doing Jimmy? My eyes open wide and my jaw dropped open; as I felt the head of his penis at the entrance to my asshole. I yelled, “WHOA!” as I tried pulling away. But my brother grabbed my hips tightly with both hands. “UGGH AAARGH!” I screamed out, as my brother gave a thrust and the head of his penis in my ass. He gave another quick thrust, “UGGH AAARGH! PLEASE JIMMY, STOP! IT HURTS!” I screamed out at the top of my lungs again. I was crying and sobbing, as my brother had half his penis up my ass. I tried pulling away, but he had a tight grip on my hips tightly. My brother started slowly working his penis around in my ass. As I leaned over the coffee table on my elbows, with my head up looking straight ahead, crying and sobbing.

“Damn sis, you have a tight ass!” my brother blurted out, as he was slowly working his penis around in my ass.

“Please stop, Jimmy it hurts!” I begged my brother. Then suddenly, my brother gave another hard thrust. Crying and sobbing, I screamed out,”UGGH AAARGH!” My brother now had his penis all the way up my ass.

My brother then started fucking me in the ass wildly, I cried and squealed like a piglet; tears ran down my face, I started to buck like a wild horse. He held my hips tightly and rode my little round ass, as I bucked like a wild horse, sobbing and crying out, “OH, OH, OH!” My brother was slapping hard against my little round bare ass. My glasses were bouncing around on the bridge of my nose, the coffee table was shaking violently, knocking over my brother's beer bottle. Spilling all over the coffee table, then and rolling off on to the carpet, as my brother took me in the ass.

Crying and squealing, as my brother penis slid in and out of my ass and his balls slapped against my pussy lips. The living room was filled with the loud sound of me crying and squealing, “OH OH OH OH!” And my brother slapping against my little round bare ass cheeks. Then my brother's precum started lubricating my ass, with a sloppy wet slurping sound. His penis was sliding in and out more smoothly like a slippery thick banana and it wasn't hurting as much. I stopped bucking and let my brother take me in the ass.

“That's it Tara, relax!” My brother said, “I've always wanted to fuck you in your pretty little ass sis!”

With tears running down my face, I looked over my shoulder and I said to my brother, “Aren't you done yet.”

Breathing heavily my uncle said, ” almost Tara!”

Suddenly my brother pulled my ass tightly against him, he grunted out loud and started ejaculating in my ass. I cried, as he held my little round ass tightly against him and ejaculated his semen into me. It took only about 15 seconds and he was done ejaculating. But he held my ass tightly against him, until his penis went limp and slipped out of my ass. With tears running down my face, I sat back on my knees, yoga style. As I sat there, I could see the blood that had run down inside of my thigh from my ass. I reached down and pulled my panties up. I turned around and started punching on him, yelling, “WHAT THE FUCK JIMMY, THAT HURT!……YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO BE SO ROUGH AND TAKE ME LIKE THAT!….AND I WAS BEING, NEVER MIND; YOU'RE A FUCKING ASS HOLE! I got up and closed my robe, then headed upstairs to bed, as my brother went over and flopped onto the sofa.


The next morning, I was awakened by the cat jumping on me; I rolled over and looked at the clock. OMG! It was almost 8:30 a.m. it was late; I got up and took a quick shower. After taking a shower, I slipped on a little pair of white bikini panties and through on my blue satin robe.

I went downstairs, as I cut through the living room. My brother was not sleeping on the sofa, but I knew he hadn't left yet. Because I saw his car keys and cell phone on the coffee table. So with the cat following me, I went to the kitchen to make me a cup of tea. Wow, there was coffee made and a box of Dunkin Donuts on the kitchen table. So while munching on a donut, I poured a cup of coffee. Well, after having a cup of coffee and munching on another donut. I decided to take out the kitchen trash bag and see where my brother was at.

Well, I tugged on my robe wash making sure it was tight, I figured it was Sunday morning. No one's around, I can tiptoe out in my panties and robe. So I grabbed the trash bag and went out the patio sliding doors. I tiptoed around the side of the building to the yard gate, I opened the gate and peeked out. And there was my brother, he was washing the antique car we had picked up.

“You can come out like that, the coast is clear!” My brother said.

So I tiptoed across the parking lot quickly and tossed the trash bag into the dumpster. I then tiptoed back across the parking lot over to my brother. My brother gave a little flinch with the hose, like he was going to squirt me with it. I yelled, “Come on, Jimmy, don't do that now!”

“Tara, are you still mad about last night?” My brother asked.

I replied back to my brother, “No I'm not mad anymore, BUT MY ASS STILL HURTS, DON'T DO THAT AGAIN OR AT LEAST USE SOME LUBRICATION!”

“Well, the car is all clean; I got to get going. They're doing that construction on 79, and I'll sit in traffic on my way back to Erie.” My brother said, I gotta go in and get my keys and phone, are you sure; you're not mad sis?”

“I'm sure; all is Forgiven; you're my brother, I can't hate you!” I said to him, “I'll go get your keys and phone for you! Just let me go around and get them!” As I turned to leave, my brother ran over and lifted up the garage door, “Oh it's unlocked!” I blurted out, as I did a u-turn. Then, as I ducked down under the garage door, my brother gave me a light little slap on the ass. I yelled, giggling, “Ouch!” I walked through the garage seductively shaking my little round ass, as I knew my brother would be staring at it. The damn perv! On my way to go get his keys and phone, I decided I would show him I wasn't mad. I grabbed his keys and phone, then dashed back through the garage. My brother sitting in his car, so I walked over to the passenger side of his Crown Vic. I reached in the open passenger window and pulled the button up. I opened the door and got in, after closing the door, I said, “Ok brother, here are your keys and your cell phone.” I reached and took the rubber band off of my wrist and grabbed my hair in the back in a bunch. As I started wrapping the rubber band around my hair to put it in a ponytail, I said to my brother, I didn't have time, Jimmy I know you have a panty fetish, next time I'll give you one of my nice pairs.”

“No, I only have a fetish for your panties Tara! My brother replied back.

After putting my hair in a pony tail, as I reached down and lifted up the armrest, I said to my brother, ” Before you go, I want suck your penis off!” Then I reached down and undid the sash to my robe. I opened up my blue robe exposing my breasts and my little pair of white bikini panties. Then I slid over and reached over pushing the button and lifting up the steering wheel. My brother never said a word, as I reached down and pulled the zipper to his pants down. I then reached my little hand in and pulled out his limp and shriveled up penis out. I held it with my fingers and leaned down, then paused for a second to removal pubic hair from the head of his penis. I then parted my lips and slid them over the head of my brother's penis. I started sucking on it and swirling my tongue around, the sensitive edge at the head of his penis. It took about 4 or 5 minutes, for his penis to start getting hard. When it got semi-erect, I slid my lips off of it and lean back up. I then started stroking it, running my hand up and down his penis. I looked at my brother and said, “This is to show you; I'm not mad.” It took only a couple of minutes, for my brother's penis to get rock hard.

I then leaned back down again and slid my lips back over the head of his penis. I started bobbing up and down on my brother's penis, being very careful that my fangs didn't puncture his penis. After bobbing and sucking away on it, for a good while. I slid my lips off of my brother's penis and started stroking it, giving my jaw a rest. My tiny little hand slowly slid up and down the shaft of my brother's penis. Then suddenly I thought my brother started to tense up, and my hand started sliding up and down the shaft of his penis quickly. Then I leaned down and slid my lips over the head of his penis. Bobbing up and down as fast as I could, my brother's legs started shaking. Then he grunted out loud, “AHHH YES, TARA!” And a jet of warm semen ejaculated on my tongue. What little bit of my brothers semen that was left in his penis, just oozed out onto my tongue. After only a couple of seconds my brother stopped ejaculating, but I could feel his penis still spasming between my lips. But there was no more, he was drained; his balls were empty, and I swallowed what semen, he had ejaculated in my mouth, which was only about 2 tablespoons worth. So with my hand, I wrung it up the shaft of his penis to get any remaining semen that was in his urethra tube out So, it wouldn't make a mess in his boxers or in his pants. I then slid my lips off of this penis and leaned back up. I then scooted back and put the armrest back down, my brother put his penis back in his pants as I closed my robe and tied the sash.

“I'm going to let you get on your way now Jimmy, not next week but the weekend after that I'll come up to Erie for the weekend.” I said to my brother. “You be safe on your way back to Erie, keep your mind on the road and not me, you perv. Call me to let me know you got there safe.” I then opened the door and got out of the car, I closed the car door and gave my brother a wave bye bye. Then I walked into the garage, my brother didn't pull away until he had seen I put the garage door all of the ways down. The End…





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Great story as always


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@VampirTARA I’ve read all you’re stories and please ignore the trolls you keep writing the way you do it’s damn near perfection and never fails to get me off


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@VampirTARA I’ve read all you’re stories and please ignore the trolls you keep writing the way you do it’s damn near perfection and never fails to get me off


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