To Show my Love by hiddennathan,hiddennathan

“To Show my Love”

I poured myself another drink as I contemplated my place at this party. It was already past midnight and people would be heading off soon, I had little time left to accomplish what I set out to do if I didn’t want to chicken out like every time before. I downed the sweet burning liquor and headed back to the main room where everyone was half-heartedly dancing or chatting to each other. Looking around, I couldn’t see her, but after some enquiries I found that she had gone out for some air.

Stepping out into the dim light of the garden, the cool air was refreshing against my skin. There she stood, chatting with a couple other friends, moonlight reflecting on her pale skin and long, curly blonde hair. My heart faltered for a second at her beauty before 6 or so hours of drinking propelled me onwards, politely joining the circle and exchanging small talk. Celine was my closest friend, a beautiful woman worthy of everything in this world, at least to me. Whether in my drunken state I was looking at her strangely I don’t know, but there was definitely some sort of interaction with her frequent returned glances as she twisted her hair in one hand. I had to tell her how I felt, how much I loved her, thought she was the most beautiful being there ever was. I wanted her to be mine — no, I wanted to be hers, I wanted to worship her like a goddess. I hated myself for feeling this way about her, after all she’d given me in our long friendship, but I could shake it no longer.

Eventually, the other two friends returned inside and as Celine was about to follow, I stopped her. She turned to me with a curious look.

“Celine…” I started “There is something I need to tell you”

“Of course” she replied softly, her voice sweet like birdsong “you know you can tell me anything.”

“I…I love you, Celine. I really love you”

“aww, John I love you too. You’re one of my closest friends and I appreciate you so much”

“No Celine, I mean like… I love you. Beyond friendship, I adore you. I want to show you how much I love you”

She stood there, taken aback by this unexpected confession. Something in her eyes seemed conflicted, confused, processing.

“I’m… let me get this straight. You love me like, love me love me?”

“Yes Celine. You are the most wonderful, beautiful woman I have ever known. I want to be yours.”

“And how exactly do you want to show me that?”

I hadn’t thought this through this far. My plans had been to tell her, for stuff to happen, and then thoughts of either fucking her or doing cute couple stuff. In the drunken heat of the moment I figured fuck it, and went in for a kiss. As deftly as a trained fighter parries a blade, Celine took me in her arms and deflected my face over her shoulder into a hug, catching me off guard.

“I see now, you’re drunk. You won’t show me how you truly love me when you’re this fucked, so come home with me, sleep it off, and we’ll talk in the morning, ok?”

I held her tightly, breathed in the floral scent of her hair in the night air which was a lot colder than I had first realised, and I clung even more tightly embracing her warmth. After a moment of appreciating her, thoughts in my head running riot like Wall Street in 1929, I replied.

“Sure. Tomorrow”

We hugged for a bit longer before returning to the party. I notified those I had planned to return home with that I didn’t need that lift, and not much later Celine and I left together. Back at her place, far too tired for us to do anything, I was shown to the guest room and after stripping out of my jeans and shirt, passed into a black-out drunk slumber.


I woke up to a pounding headache and a tall white figure entering the room. At first I thought it was an angel, and in a sense I wasn’t wrong. After wiping my eyes I saw Celine, dressed in a long white dressing gown, approaching with a glass of water. Conscious of the fact I was in my boxers under these covers, the fact she was probably just as dressed beneath the gown, and from morning wood, I was erect in seconds and sat up to hide the fact. She smiled and handed me the water, watching me drinking greedily with caring eyes I had come to know from our friendship.

“Fun party huh” She asked softly.

“mhm” I replied between sips

“How’s your head?”


“Do you remember what you said last night, why you’re here?”

How could I forget?

“yes” I replied, trying to read her reaction but failing in my completely half-asleep state.

“You said you loved me, that you wanted to show me how much you love me. Is that right?”

I racked my brain. I had said that, of course, but I don’t know what I expected afterwards. What do I say? I struggled to find an answer, looking into my glass as I drank slowly to buy time.

“I don’t suppose it’s anything to do with this?” She asked as she reached a long, slender arm beneath the covers and gently brushed my bulge, making me almost spit out my water. In an instant I was completely awake and completely paralyzed as I struggled to comprehend. Her hand was on my cock. I met her gaze as she watched the realisation dawn on me with an amused expression, exhaling slightly as if impressed with herself.

“Don’t worry, drink your water” she said, as she moved her hand with a feather-light touch in circles on my bulge. I awkwardly yet hurriedly finished the water, disappointed as she withdrew her hand the moment I swallowed the last drop.

“We’re home alone today, and I’m excited to find out exactly how much you love me” she said with a lively tone as she stood up. “come” she said with a wink, indicating for me to follow. I went with her to the room I knew to be hers, she sat on the bed and eyed me up and down. She was in her gown, I was standing before her in just my boxers with an obviously huge tent and the smallest visible drop of pre-cum seeping through.

“Well for starters I don’t think those will be necessary. Take them off” She commanded in a still friendly tone. it was clear from the moment she’d walked into the guest room this morning that I was putty under her thumb, and would do anything she said. So, I did what she asked, and slipped my boxers down and off my feet, kicking them to the side and standing back up. Celine looked at my erect, 6 inch cock protruding in her direction like a jeweller assesses a gem, giving a look of approval as she stood up and walked past.

She fetched a small wooden chair and placed it behind me an pushed me gently down to sit in it, even the briefest of contact on my now fully nude form driving me crazy. She fetched some lengths of red rope and my cock twitched, I didn’t resist as she tied my ankles to the foot of the chair. Taking my arms, she brought them behind me and tied my wrists, looping them through the back of the chair so that I was affixed a meter away from her bed, cock throbbing with anticipation as she circled back in front of me. She looked at me with a triumphant grin, and took a hold of the cord securing her gown.

“Is this what you want” she asked teasingly as if my erection wasn’t screaming the answer.

“Yes…yes please this is what I want” I replied, still in shock that all of this was happening.

“Ok” she said as she pulled the cord loose and let her gown drop to the floor. I did a double take and was still confused. Beneath her gown she was fully clothed in tight running pants and a sports shirt. She chuckled to herself and slapped my erection lightly

“You didn’t this it would be that easy did you?” She asked “You said you wanted to show how much you love me, that doesn’t meant I just bring you home and fuck. Think about that until I get back”

Picking up a few things, a sports bottle and some trainers it looked like, she left the room and closed the door. I remained there, tied naked to the chair, horny as fuck from what had just happened but unable to get any relief. Frustrated, I tried the bounds but she had done too good a job. I heard the front door of the house close, and was left alone. Fuck. Pretty soon the horniness wore off, and then the frustration, leaving me with a subtle pounding from the night before and a general feeling of confusion, anticipation and boredom. Without any way of telling the time, I sat there for what seemed like a long while, before eventually nodding off.


I awoke with a start as the front door closed again. Fuck, how long had I been out. Was it her, or someone else? I went to move and quickly remembered I was tied her. Footsteps reached the top of the stairs and the door opened, Celine standing there slightly bent forward and gasping.

“Phew…” she panted “It’s a warm morning… for a run…” She took a moment to collect herself, I just stared at her, dazed. Her face was red from exertion and her entire body was glistening with sweat, her clothing hugging her figure tightly. I began to feel my cock stir again.

“I’m sorry for leaving you all pent up like that, thought it would be funny” She explained as she walked over to me. “If it’s any consolation I would have gone on a longer run if I wasn’t so excited to come back and play with you”.

As she finished her sentence she straddled me, her warm body against mine, and kissed me passionately. After a moment of surprise, I returned the kiss. Her mouth hungrily sucked at mine as our tongues danced around and exchanged sweet saliva. My nostrils were filled with the pungent aroma of her sweat and my dick throbbed hard against the fabric of her sweatpants. We made out for a long time, but no time could feel long enough as we exchanged our first kiss of many. At length she pulled back and stood.

“Now I want to see how much you love me. How far you’ll go for me, what you’ll do to show your love for me. Understand?”

“Yes, Celine. I’ll do anything” I replied

“Good” she said, turning to face away from me and pulling her shirt over her head and throwing it towards a laundry basked. Beneath it was a simple sports bra and an expanse of her delicate skin, covered in drops of perspiration from her run. Still facing away from me she sat in my lap, and closed her thighs around my cock. The inside of her legs and the proximity to her sex were incredibly hot, and I squirmed as the fabric rubbed against my member.

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