Wedding Day Ch. 02

An adult stories – Wedding Day Ch. 02 by sangovese,sangovese Wedding Day Ch#2

Just then the bell went off, letting everybody know it was time for the party to start.

Amy looked at me with raised eyebrows and a questioning expression that said, ‘are we going downstairs?’

Amy said, “Claire if all of this makes you uncomfortable, I tell you what. Kate, John, and I will go downstairs and check it out. You stay here and I will text you if you should join us or if we are on our way back. Sound good?”

Claire relaxed and nodded her head, which confirmed she agreed with Amy’s plan.

Amy opened the door and Kate, Amy, and I exited the room. In the hallway, we were greeted by Janice and Bret.

I was surprised when I saw Janice, she looked hot. She had on a similar short mini-skirt which I knew she was required to wear, but it still surprised me, she looked amazing. She was wearing a halter top that was struggling to contain her large tits, which was another surprise. The dress she wore at dinner was very reserved and made her look somewhat maidenly and not at all sexy, but now, wow she looked hot.

“Where’s Claire,” Brett asked.

Amy said, “She isn’t feeling well. She might join us later.”

“I hope so,” Brett said.

“Keep it in your kilt asshole. The night is young,” Janice said obviously aware of Bret’s attraction to Claire.

The five of us headed down the hallway, followed by other couples staying on the second floor.

We got to the balcony that overlooked the giant ballroom. I looked over the railing down into the ballroom and was amazed at the transformation.

The round tables that had been in the ballroom for dinner were all gone. The center of the ballroom was lit up like a stage with the rest of the room in the shadows. At one end of the ballroom, there was a disc jockey playing music. With the lights on the dance floor being so bright I was just barely able to make out that there were now small cocktail tables with chairs set up around the dance floor.

Amy looked at me and said, “Oh, this looks like it is going to be fun. Promise to dance with me, Babe!”

We got to the end of the balcony where the stairs lead down to the ballroom. The guy that told us to go back to our room earlier was standing there in a Tux and still wearing the Mardi Gras-type mask.

The couple in front of us was an attractive black couple. She was stunning. Tall and thin with corn rows. She was wearing a red miniskirt and a red tube top. I glanced around at the other women in the line behind us and almost every one of them was wearing a tube top similar to Amy and Kate’s.

The man in the tux waved the attractive black woman through but the man she was with was still wearing the suit he wore to the wedding.

“Excuse me sir, but you need to change or you are not allowed to attend the after-party,” the usher said.

“I am not wearing a skirt to the party,” he grumbled.

“Sir, then I cannot let you attend the party, you are welcome to go back to your room and change. If not, you will be asked to leave the premises,” the usher said in a pleasant voice but at the same time with authority behind it.

The pretty girl he was with was already four steps down the stairway. She turned and with a very dismissive tone in her voice said, “I told you. Go change or leave, I am going to the party.” She turned and continued down the stairs.

The guy looked at the line of people expecting someone to support him, but all of us men were dressed as the instructions had said. Green plaid Kilt and white formal shirt and nothing else. I noticed some men had shoes on, but I was barefoot, the note said to wear only what was in the bag.

The guy didn’t know what to do, but the usher did.

“Sir, once again, please go change or Charlie here will escort you off the premises,” the usher said, staying very polite and never raising his voice to a threatening tone through it all.

The man stood there not knowing what to do, but soon Charlie showed up in a Tux wearing a similar mardi gras mask and escorted him down the hallway and what I assumed was out of the building.

Amy stepped up to the usher and the usher asked, “Miss, did you follow the dress code to the letter?”

Amy being the smart ass she can be, lifted her skirt with one hand and pulled her tube top down with the other exposing her tits and bare pussy, and said, “I think so, what do you think?”

The usher didn’t say a word, just opened the rope and let Amy proceed.

Kate followed Amy’s lead and did the same thing, lifting her skirt and then dropping her top. Kate and Amy headed down the stairs holding hands and giggling. They were both giggling so much they seemed to forget I had not passed inspection yet.

“Sir,” the guy started with me and I cut him off and lifted my Kilt to show him I was just as commando as the girls.

I took a step to the left and turned when I heard Janice from behind me say, “Seriously, you want a free peek of all the lady’s pussys? Here you go,” Janice then lifted her skirt exposing her pussy to the usher, and then pulled her halter top to the side exposing one of her very large tits.

My opinion of Janice changed in a flash. Once again I thought, where had she been hiding those tits during dinner. They were clearly enhanced and she must have gone to the same artist as Melody because they were every bit as spectacular as Melody’s tits.

I turned and looked at Janice and she flashed a smile at me that went straight down to my cock.

“Handsome, will you help me down the stairs, please? I’m not used to walking in heels this high,” Janice said to me as she reached out and took my arm.

Amy heard the exchange and she looked up at me and rolled her eyes.

I heard the usher ask Bret the same question, had he followed the dress code, then I heard the usher say, “WOW, that’s impressive, enjoy the night.”

I turned around to see what that was about but Bret had already started down the stairs behind us.

I looked at Janice and asked, “What was that all about?”

“Who, knows? I think that usher is a perve. He just wants to see which ladies have hairless snatch,” Janice said as we continued down the stairs. She was clutching my arm very tight as we went down the stairs, taking each step very slowly. She was having a hard time managing the stairs in the stripper shoes she was wearing.

When we got to the bottom of the stairs Amy was waiting for me and she looked perturbed.

“Can I have my husband back now Janice?” Amy said as she took my arm and pulled me away from Janice’s grasp.

Amy and I have been in the lifestyle for a while and in all the time we have shared each other with other people I have never seen her get jealous. I on the other hand have on a couple of occasions gotten jealous, but never Amy. Normally she gets turned on when other women flirt with me, but something about Janice latching onto my arm upset her.

I was about to ask if she was ok when Amy smiled at me and said, “Wow, look at this place! You would never know that a little over an hour ago it was full of people dancing. All the round tables are gone and look how they have the dance floor lit up so that the rest of the room is in the shadows. Do you think there is going to be a show?”

Amy and I headed to a cocktail table that was just next to the stairs. From the table, Amy picked we could watch people come down the stairs. Kate followed us and quickly grabbed a chair on my left side. I was now sitting between Amy and Kate. My cock noticed as well and it was quickly moving to chubby status.

I asked Kate and Amy what they would like to drink and Kate said she would stick with champagne for now and Amy said she would have whatever I was having.

I came back with four glasses of champagne.

“Champagne? Seriously? Amy said.

“Babe, they are pouring Dom Pérignon now, not that the Veuve Clicquot they were pouring during the reception was bad, but come on. I figured you would want at least one glass,” I said.

Amy laughed and said, “They didn’t have any tequila I take it.”

“They are still setting up the bar and he assured me they have some amazing Tequilas coming. You ladies will know where to find me until we head back to our room,” I said smiling.

Kate said, “These are good seats, we can watch everybody come down the stairs.”

“Yeah, we can look right up their skirts and Kilt’s too,” Amy said as she raised her glass.

I should have known why my wife picked this particular table. She wasn’t wrong though. I looked up at a couple coming down the stairs and I could see the woman’s bare pussy as clear as day as she strode down the stairs.

Kate said, “My cooch is right on the chair, I hope I don’t leave a stain. I still have cum leaking out of me.”

Amy put her hand on Kate’s thigh and said, “That’s one lucky chair.”

The room filled up quickly with all the guests. It was then that I noticed it was almost all family, Uncles, Aunts, nieces and nephews, and a small handful of the bride and grooms friends. I wondered again as to why Amy and I were invited to the wedding and even more as to why we were invited to this after-party and given a room for the night.

None of the immediate family members were there yet. I glanced around the room and I counted roughly thirty people, mostly couples but there were a few single women. I made eye contact with the tall black woman whose partner wouldn’t change and we exchanged smiles. I noticed two other women that I had seen with a partner during dinner, were now alone. Whether the men they were with earlier were their spouses or boyfriends, they weren’t around now.

Most of the nieces and nephews were young, in their late twenties to early thirties. All of them were married and had their spouse with them. Women in green mini shirts with white tube tops or halter tops and the men in green plaid Kilts and white formal shirts. Most of the women had chosen to wear tube tops with just a few women wearing halter tops.

I hadn’t paid much attention as people continued to arrive, why would I, sitting between Kate and Amy? As I scanned the room I noticed four couples sitting with the extended family that I couldn’t remember seeing during the reception. As I surveyed the rest of the room I noticed several other couples that I was sure I had not seen at the reception.

The lights dimmed on the stairway and the music lowered. A spotlight lit up the stairway. At the top were Jasmin and Shannon with Finn and Paul right behind them. All four of them were dressed exactly alike. The men were in red plaid Kilts and red shirts with the ladies in red mini skirts and red tube tops. I was surprised to see Jasmin in a mini-skirt, but she looked stunning, with her long tone brown legs and her perky breast tucked inside her top, which did nothing to hide her dark erect nipples. The bigger surprise was Shannon, she was wearing just as short of a mini skirt, and the halter top she had on looked two sizes too small for her very large breast. Even from down on the main floor, we could see the sides of her full breast.

I felt like a kid trying to look up Jasmin’s and Shanon’s skirts as they walked down the stairs.

Staring at Jasmin’s long legs and hard nipples and Shannon’s full tits jiggling as the two of them walked down the stairs, I couldn’t help it and I quickly felt a hard-on growing under my kilt, causing a tent in my kilt.

I said, “WOW, they look great.”

“I can tell you like the view from here,” Amy said as she put her hand on the pup tent in my kilt.

Kate put her hand on my lap and said, “Amy you sure we can’t go back to the room right now? I am soaking this chair.”

Paul and Finn started down the stairs and I looked at Amy and saw her eyes light up. Amy quickly reached into my lap and grabbed Kate’s hand and squeeze it.

Amy said, “Oh my God? Holy shit how is Jasmin able to handle that?”

I heard Kate gasp and then in a long drawn-out husky voice said, “Oooooooh myyyyyyyyyyyy.”

I had been so transfixed by the girl’s reaction that by the time I looked up, Finn and Paul were past my vantage point to see what had the girls captivated. With the reaction from Amy, it was easy to figure out that it had something to do with the fact that Paul’s kilt was visibly longer than Finn’s. He was hiding something under that kilt.

Janice and Brent walked up to our table and Janice said, “May we join you? Claire still not feeling well?”

I looked at Amy to see if she was still upset with Janice.

Amy looked at Brett and said, “Pull up a chair Brett, you can sit next to me.”

Brett pulled another table over so there was a table for Janice and him to set their drinks on. Then he sat down next to Amy with Janice sitting on the other side of him.

“Babe, I need to use the restroom. I will be right back. Save my seat,” I said as I got up and gave Kate a wink.

Janice stood up at the same time and said, “I need to use the restroom too, Ok if I join you, John.”

I looked at Amy and she gave me a wink and smile. Her mood had changed regarding Janice, which left me wondering what the earlier reaction was all about.

Whatever it was that had her jealous about Janice, had passed.

Janice put her arm around mine as we walked down the hall to the bathrooms. We came to the bathroom marked “Male” first. I thought it was interesting they had bathrooms for men and women in a private home, but the place was big and I was sure they had lots of parties over the years.

I opened the door and started in. As I let go of the door Janice pushed it open and followed me inside.

She then turned and locked the door.

Her eyes were on fire as looked at me and said, “I heard you screwing Kate and Claire earlier. Lucky girls.”

I was about to say I had no idea what she was talking about but she reached up and untied the top of her halter top and let it fall, exposing her lushes breast.

She smiled at me as I stared at her tits.

“Do you like them? Melody and I got them done together. The doctor did a good job don’t you think?” Janice said as she shimmied her shoulders from side to side which made her titties jiggle.

I was tongue-tied as I stared at her tits. They were spectacular. Although a bit too big for her petite frame, nonetheless they look amazing. Dark pink areolas with small hard nipples.

Janice moved in close to me and grabbed one of my hands and lifted it and placed it on her left breast. She was soft and warm and my cock quickly responded.

Janice didn’t say anything, she just smiled and then got down on her knees and looked up at me.

I wanted to tell her to stop, but my cock kept me from saying anything.

Janice lifted my kilt and leaned in and kissed the head of my cock. She let go of the kilt and it fell covering her head just as I felt her take the head of my cock in her mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I moaned out.

Janice had one hand wrapped around the base of my cock as she work her mouth up and down my shaft. She would push her mouth down my shaft until she gagged, then pull her mouth off until just my swollen cock head was between her lips.

She definitely knows how to suck cock, I thought. She was working her mouth up and down my shaft faster and faster. Every time driving her mouth down my shaft until the head of my cock caused her to gag.

I was getting close to busting a nut.

Janice must have felt my balls tense up and she let go of my cock and pulled her head out from under my kilt and smiled up at me.

“I see why Kate was screaming. You have a beautiful, thick cock. It’s going to feel good in me,” Janice said as she stood, pulled her skirt down, and stepped out of it, then sauntered across the bathroom wiggling her round ass with every step. When she got to the sink, she bent over and parted her legs exposing her wet pink snatch.

She looked back over her shoulder at me and said, “Brett says my pussy feels even better wrapped around his cock than my mouth.”

My head was swimming with thoughts of what was going on with the women at this wedding. None of them could keep their legs together. Not that I was complaining.

“Come on stud, I have a hot pussy waiting to feel your fat cock to fill it,” Janice hissed out.

If Amy was jealous of me walking Janice down the stairs she was going to blow a gasket about this. Especially considering our rules for playing. We are never to play with anybody without telling each other in advance or immediately afterward.

Janice gave her ass a hard slap and said, “Come on stud, Amy isn’t going to mind. Brett doesn’t take care of this hot pussy enough.”

Without realizing it I found myself approaching Janice’s ass. The build-up to the orgasm her blow job had given me had now subsided, but my cock was still rock hard and in search of someplace hot and wet to slide into.

Before I knew it, I was pushing my hard cock into Janice’s soaking wet fuck hole. She was hot and her pussy felt amazing as it grabbed onto my shaft. I was able to drive my entire seven inches balls deep in one thrust.

She wasn’t tight but she wasn’t loose either. Once I hit bottom, deep inside Janice’s pussy, I felt the walls of her vagina clamp down on my shaft.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it. Fuck that pussy. Fuck it hard and fast. I am so hot for your cock,” Janice panted out as I worked my cock in and out of her.

I was driving into her fast and hard and every time I thrust into her, my balls slapped against her pussy lips and clit.

We hadn’t been at it very long when I felt her start to shake and grunt. I thought, could she be ready to cum already, and before I finished the thought she exploded in a violent orgasm.

Her entire body was spasming and I thought she was going to pull the sink off the wall, she was thrashing about so much.

“Fuck fuck, stop stop,” Janice grunted and reached back to push me away and out of her.

I pulled out of her and she looked at my cock and said, “We need to get back to the table. I can’t believe you made me suck your cock and then made me spread my legs so you could fuck me.”

I looked at her shocked and Janice giggled and said, “I’m kidding stud. Fuck I have been soaking wet since I saw you walk into the reception with a hard-on. Brett wanted to fuck me before the after-party started, but I told him no, I wanted a fresh cum free pussy for you to fuck.”

I said, “Well you are still cum free.”

“You didn’t cum in me? I thought you were so close when I had you in my mouth. Well, that just won’t do. What kind of a bitch I am to leave your balls full of cum, cum that should be dripping down my thighs right now. I’m sorry. I need to fix that. Sit down and I will finish what I started.” Janice said as she pushed me toward the wall and I sat down on the bench.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

From the other side of the door, we heard, “Hey, unlock the door dude.”

Janice quickly pulled her skirt back on and fixed her halter top as she headed to the door.

She gave me a wink and said, “Sorry, let’s get back to our spouses. I owe you a blow job.”

Janice didn’t seem to be embarrassed at all about walking out of the men’s room with me.

She opened the door and said, “I’m finished. The women’s room was full so I used the men’s room, sorry to keep you waiting.”

We both walked out of the bathroom and never looked back at the three guys standing there waiting to use the bathroom.

I heard one of the guys say to the others, “We need to find that hot little piece of ass when the party gets going.”

As we approached our chairs I noticed that Brett now had his arm around Amy and she was leaning into him. As we got closer I could see she had her hand under the table and most likely in his lap since I could see her arm moving back and forth.

When we were just a few feet away, Janice said, “Did we miss anything? Has the bride and groom come down yet?”

I noticed Kate wasn’t at our table.

Amy immediately straighten up as Brett removed his arm from around my wife’s shoulders. In her haste to straighten up, she left Brett’s kilt pushed up around his waist and I caught a quick glimpse of his hard cock. The dude was hung. He was well over eight inches long and thick.

I sat down next to Amy and she was flushed and panting.

“Babe, are you ok? You looked like you are about to pass out. Do you need some water?” I said with a bit of sarcasm in my voice.

She looked at me and in her deep husky voice she whispered to me, “My cunt is on fire and you have the hose to put out the fire.”

“It looks like you found a volunteer fireman to help with the fire between your legs,” I said.

Amy purred into my ear, “I need to get fucked right now. My cunt is vibrating for hard cock.”

Just then Kate walked up to the table holding another bottle of champagne and said, “Can we go back to the room now? My cunt is so swollen it is starting to hurt. I can barely keep my legs together. I swear I left a snail trail on my walk to and from the bar.”

Amy pulled away from me and said, “You smell like cunt, Babe, was she good?”

I was just about to answer when I looked up and saw Melody and Jaylen standing at the top of the stairs.

Finn walked to the middle of the dance floor and said, “Ladies and gentlemen please join me on the dance floor as we welcome the newlyweds.”

People slowly got of out their chairs and moved to the dance floor.

“Come on people don’t be shy, get in close, and say hello to the person next to you with a hug. This is a family tradition in the McMurty family that my grandfather and Melody’s great-grandfather started at his wedding. So come on say hello to your new friends, the bride, and groom can’t join us until everybody knows everybody,” Finn said

I hugged the tall black woman whose partner was escorted out of the building for not changing into party attire. She felt amazing in my arms and she smelled amazing. I didn’t want to let go of her. She gave me a little kiss on my neck and then looked me in the eyes and leaned and kissed me on the mouth. Her tongue was in my mouth before I knew it. She broke the kiss and hug and turned and hugged and kissed Kate on the mouth.

“I am looking forward to getting to know the both of you later,” the tall black girl said as she turned and worked her way through the crowd to where Jasmin and Paul were.

My tired cock immediately responded and filled with blood. I once again thought, ‘What is going on with the women at this wedding.’

Everybody exchanged hugs and kisses for at least ten minutes.

I saw Jasmin across the dance floor and there was no way I was going to miss the chance to get her in my arms.

As I attempted to get to her, but Shannon stopped me and gave me a bear hug. Her large tits pressed into my chest and she said, “It looks like you were born to wear a Kilt, save me a dance handsome.”

“Sure will,” I said and looked over her shoulder to see Jasmin staring at me.

I made a beeline to her and she about jumped into my arms. I wrapped one arm around the small of her back and I felt her bare skin. My other hand landed on the back of her tube top. As we hugged she pushed her hips into my groin.

“MMM, you are as handsome as Amy said. She is a very lucky girl.” Jasmin whispered in my ear. Her breath was hot and my cock flexed under my kilt as she continued to press her hips into my groan and hug me tight. We continued hugging as she rested her head on my shoulder.

I looked over Jasmin’s shoulder to see Amy was just as wrapped around Paul and pressing her hips into his groan. I giggled, knowing what she was after.

With a loud voice that broke up the hugs and kisses Finn said, “Ok, I think it is time for the bride and groom to join us. Welcome them with the same hugs you just welcomed each other.”

Jasmin was still holding onto me as she lifted her head off my shoulder and locked eyes with me.

She looked around the room while everybody was looking up at Melody and Jaylen as they descended the stairs.

Jasmin smiled at me and then leaned into me and kissed me on the lips and kept kissing me until both our lips parted and her tongue was in my mouth. That was it for me, my cock sprang to full attention in my Kilt and was now pressing against Jasmin’s hip.

She broke off the kiss, smiled at me, and said, “Yep, Amy is very lucky, hope I am as lucky as her later. Oh, and I saw that you met my daughter Laila.”

“Daugther? Amy never mentioned her. It is easy to see where she gets her stunning looks from,” I said.

“Thank you. She is sort of the black sheep of the family. I didn’t think she was going to come. I am sure she will later though,” Jasmin said with a sultry smile and a wink.

Jasmin then turned and walked away. I was stunned. My cock was at full attention and there was no way to hide it in this Kilt. What did she mean by that last comment? Laila will later? My mind was spinning.

I turned and looked around the room and noticed there were several other men whose dicks were holding up their kilts not hiding the attention the women had giving them. I made eye contact with one of them and we both just laughed.

I heard everybody in the room start clapping along with more than a few letting out with a ‘WOW’.

I looked up at Melody and Jaylen and my eyes didn’t believe what I was seeing. Melody was wearing the same outfit as the rest of the women but in white. Mini skirt and tube top, but to say what she had on was a mini skirt was being very generous. It looked more like a bandage wrap. It was just long enough to cover her pussy and I could see her tight little pink snatch with every step she took. The top was as sheer as her wedding dress, you could see right through the top. Her dark pink nipples were at full attention. Her tits looked amazing as they jiggled with every step she took.

When Melody and Jaylen reached the bottom of the stairs Finn said, “Come everybody, greet the newlyweds with hugs and kisses. Don’t be shy, you are here because the wedding couple wanted to share themselves with their family and friends.”

The hugging and kissing started up again amongst the crowd with everybody working their way to hug and kiss the newlyweds.

I gave Melody a quick hug and a peck on the cheek and was about to move out of the way so the next person could hug and kiss her, but she grabbed me and pulled me into her arms, and planted an open-mouth kiss on me. Our tongues quickly darted into each other’s mouths and then she pulled away and said, “Thank you for sharing today with us and coming today.” She emphasized the word coming as she held my hand and gave me a wink.

As Melody turned to hug the next person I looked for the girls. Amy was talking to Paul and his Kilt wasn’t hiding the fact he found my wife attractive, whatever was under his Kilt was making its presence known in a very big way.

Kate saw me and motioned me over to her.

“You ok? Claire is still upstairs? I would have thought she would come down when she heard the cheering for Melody and Jaylin.” I said.

“Nope. When we were getting dressed she said this is all too much for her. Truthfully I think she was hoping we would have come back to the room by now and fucked some more. I bet she’s masturbated her cunt into a frenzy by now,” Kate said laughing.

I was once again shocked to hear such language come out of this gorgeous lady.

“Do you think we should go check on her?” I asked hoping she would say no, as I didn’t want to leave the party.

“No, we are sticking to what Amy said earlier. This is so like her. She always pulls this shit when she sees me having a good time. If she isn’t masturbating she’s pouting that I haven’t been up there begging her to come join the party. Trust me, when she decides to join us, she will be the life of the party. It’s her MO. Let’s go see if that Tequila is ready. I need a drink.” Kate said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bar.

We headed over to the bar and the tequila was out. They had some pretty heady labels to choose from.

Not usually one to drink Patron, but when they had a Grand Patron Burdeos Anejo that starts at around $400 a bottle, I figured I would start there. There were half a dozen bottles of other tequilas that I recognized as being out of my price range and several more I had never seen before. I think I found my spot for the night.

I asked Kate what she liked and she very slyly reached over and grabbed my cock.

With a smile on her face that made me wanting to bend her over the bar and fuck her right there, she said, “Well since I have to wait for this, I will have whatever you are having handsome.”

I ordered us two of the pricey Patron. As we waited for the bartender to pour us our drinks Amy walked up.

“Ah I figured I would find you here, but Kate, you too?”Amy said as she looked at the tequilas they were pouring.

Amy looked around and asked, “Where’s Claire?”

Kate was just about to answer when Amy said, “Oh shit, I was supposed to text her to come join the party, but I didn’t bring my phone. Don’t have any pockets in this skirt. I will go ring the room.”

Amy asked the bartender for the phone and she rang our room and spent several minutes convincing Claire to come join the party.

Kate let out a little huff and said, “I am sure she is sitting upstairs pouting. I’ve learned not to give in to it and let her pout. She will be down here soon, mark my words. Either that or she has fucked herself silly with that dildo and can’t walk now.”

Amy looked at me and said, “How much longer are we going to stay down here? My cunt is on fire and the way Kate is shifting her weight from leg to leg, I know her tight little pink cunt is as ready for some cock as mine is.

Bingo, my wife was firmly planted in Slutville. She had already thrown around the word ‘cunt’ with me, but she was openly using it now and that was the confirmation that the mayor of Slutville was now in attendance.

I was just about to suggest we head back to the room for some fun when the DJ said, “Time for the Father and Daughter dance.”

I looked around to find Melody talking to her mother and a tall slender, very attractive young woman dressed like the rest of the family members. Melody looked a little pale and visibly nervous.

Kate and Amy were talking and sipping their tequila when I interrupted them and asked, “Kate, who’s the attractive girl talking with Melody and her mother?”

“Oh my goodness, it’s Emily. Melody’s older sister,” Kate said.

“She’s older than Melody?” I said. She looked like a taller version of Melody.

“Yes, I am surprised she was invited and even more surprised that she came. They haven’t talked much since Emily’s wedding. They had a real falling out when Melody, first wasn’t asked to be Emiy’s Maid of Honor, but second, wasn’t even invited to the wedding!” Kate explained

We watched as Emily hugged Melody and kissed her on the mouth, a long slow kiss. Then Emily said something to Melody that made Melody shake her head like she was clearing cob weds out of it.

The music started and Finn walked over and took Melody’s hand, leading her out onto the dance floor.

Melody was visibly nervous and looked like she was shaking. Finn took Melody in his arms and they began to slowly dance.

Finn was whispering something to Melody and even from where we were standing at the bar, I could see Melody turn bright red and shake her head, ‘no’ to whatever Finn had said.

They kept dancing and Finn was now holding Melody closer to him and they were just basically swaying to the music in a hug. Finn kept whispering in Melody’s ear and she closed her eyes as they swayed back and forth to the music.

I looked around the crowd and some of the aunts and uncles from both sides of the family were hugging and kissing. Not just quick little friendly kisses either, deep, open-mouth kisses. I had to take a second look because the couples that I thought went together were with different partners now. They had all switched spouses. I wasn’t sure who belong to who, now, but I was sure that one of Melody’s uncles was making out with one of Melody’s Aunts. Melody had introduced them to us during the reception, so I was positive they were brother and sister.

I heard Amy say, “Oh my.”

I turned my attention back to Melody and Finn. Finn had his hand on Melody’s bare ass. At some point, he had lifted her mini skirt exposing Melody’s firm round white butt. He had lifted it all the way up so that her butt and pussy were now exposed to the crowd.

I felt a hand slide up my thigh and under my Kilt until it found my swelling cock. I turned, expecting to see it was Amy but it was Kate. It was a very welcome surprise. I turned back to my right expecting to see Amy, but she had wandered off.

Kate looked up at me and smiled with that smile that makes my balls tingle. Then she turned her attention back to Finn and Melody as she continued to hold my cock in her soft warm hand.

Finn now had Melody’s tube top pulled down exposing her magnificent tits for everybody to see. She was bright red but wasn’t resisting his advances. Her tube top and mini skirt were now bunched up around her midsection.

I watched Finn once again whisper something to Melody and she smiled and nodded yes. Finn took his hands off Melody’s hips and we all watched in amazement as she pushed her skirt down over her hips letting it fall to the floor, then stepped out of it. Without stopping, Melody pulled her tube top-up and over her head. She was now completely naked except for her high heels as she continued dancing with her father. His Kilt clearly showed his appreciation of his daughter’s beautiful naked figure.

Kate squeezed my cock and leaned into me and said, “I am so wet, I had no idea this was where this party was going. I mean, I thought the dress codes were rather slutty, but I didn’t expect this. I thought everybody would get wound up then go back to their rooms and fuck like rabbits.”

I watched in shock as Melody got down on her knees. There were gasps from around the room as we all watched Melody lift her father’s Kilt and expose his thick hard cock.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the two of them as I watched Melody wrap her hand around the base of her father’s cock, open her mouth and run her tongue over the swollen cock head, then suck her father’s cock into her mouth.

All the family members cheered and applauded and I looked over to their side of the room where all the aunts and uncles were. Another shocker, Melody’s mom was sitting in her brother’s lap with her back to him and straddling his legs. She was leaning forward with her hands on his knees as she rocked her hips. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out she was riding her brothers cock.

‘What the hell,’ I thought. There were several loud gasps and a few “Oh my Gods” as I watched two women grab their husbands and pull them up the stairs as they left in a huff. I overheard two couples a few feet away from me say, “I thought they weren’t going to continue this tradition after Emily’s wedding and all the fallout from that. Then the two couples turned and left the room. I watched another couple as the husband grabbed the wife’s hand and tried to pull her to leave as well, but she pulled away from him. They exchanged words and he stormed off while his wife turned and walked over to one of Jaylen’s brothers and kissed him.

Kate said, “Fuck I can’t take it, put this big cock in my hot cunt, I need it stud. Fuck this cheap whore again.”

Kate pulled her top down exposing her gorgeous tits and then slid her mini skirt down until she step out of it.

She pushed me down into a chair and pulled my Kilit up exposing my now raging hard-on. Kate straddled me in the same manner that Melody’s mom was doing with Melody’s uncle. Kate had her back to me, she leaned forward aiming her pussy at my cock. She drove her hot wet pussy down onto my cock and began grinding her tight wet fuck hole on my cock. Her hot tight snatch felt amazing as she slowly took my entire length in her.

Once inside her pussy she leaned back against me and growled out, “Fuck that cunt stud. Fuck me like the dirty little cock hungry whore I’ve been waiting to be.”

From off in the corner I heard, “Oh fuck yes, you bastard, shove your big cock in my cunt. Give it to me. Make me cum on your fat cock. Christ, it’s so hard and fat, shove it all the way into this dirty whores wet cunt.”

I knew that voice and that tone, it was my hot sexy wife. I couldn’t see her, but I knew she was grinding her hot pussy down onto some lucky guy. Whoever it was, he was giving my wife a thorough fucking with what could only be a large cock. Amy doesn’t fuck just anybody.

Grunts and moans were coming from all over the room now. When we came downstairs the lights on the dance floor were so bright it made the rest of the room seem completely dark, but now the lights on the dance floor had been turned down and while the rest of the room was still dimly lit, you could see the entire room.

There were couches and benches all around the room as well as several swings hanging from the ceiling. I counted six sex swings and every single one had a naked woman in it. I swear one of the women looked like Shannon, Melody’s mom.

Kate grunted and semi-collapsed into me.

“Fuck I needed that,” Kate said.

Then she looked around the room as she came down from her orgasm and said, “Oh my God, are we in an orgy? I don’t want to get fucked by a bunch of strangers. I don’t want to be Orgy girl.”

I said, “Ah look at the dance floor.”

“Oh my God,” Kate said and I felt the walls of her pussy tighten up on my cock.

Melody was now on her hands and knees giving one of her new brother-in-laws a blow job while her father slowly slide his fat cock in and out of her pussy. Melody was working her hips to meet her father’s thrust every time he buried his shaft to the hilt.

Kate began grinding her pussy on my cock again. While her mind was telling her one thing, her pussy was telling her something else. She rode me hard until she came again and then stood up, turned around to face me, and gave me a slutty smile. She got down on her knees, leaned forward, and started licking my cock.

“MMM, my cunt tastes good all over your thick fuck stick,” Kate growled out just before sucking my cock into her mouth.

One of the uncles had been watching us from the bar and was stroking his cock as he watched Kates’s ass. Kate was now down on her knees and leaning forward to suck my cock. The uncle stared at Kate’s amazing round ass and didn’t hesitate, he got on his knees behind Kate, lifted his Kilt, and aimed his hard cock at her swollen pink slit.

I watched Kate waiting for her to protest when she felt him start to push his cock into her pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck that cunt. Fuck this dirty cheap whore,” Kate grunted out and then shoved her mouth back down on my cock.

From behind me, I heard a woman say, “Excuse me slut, but would you mind if I sat on that instead of you sucking it?”

Kate didn’t hear a thing the woman said.

Kate was lost in lust and getting fucked. She had pulled her mouth off my cock and now had her head down on the floor as she leaned on her elbows. The uncle was holding onto Kate’s hips as he rammed his cock into pussy over and over. He was an older man, guessing in his late sixties maybe even early seventies. I had to give him props for his stamina and the way he was fucking Kate. He was showing no sign of stopping and from the way Kate was grunting and swearing for him to fuck her harder she didn’t want him to stop.

The woman came around in front of me and I almost blew my load. It was Jasmin and she was stark naked. She was every bit as gorgeous as I had imagined. Her body was perfect, she didn’t have an ounce of fat on her tall lean frame.

Jasmin has gorgeous full B cup breasts with areolas so dark brown they looked black. Her nipples were at full attention. After examing her tits, my eyes went to her pussy and were met with an incredible thigh gap that gave a direct view of her puffy brown slit.

“Come on handsome, let’s go find someplace more comfortable than that chair,” Jasmin said as she extended her hand.

I wasn’t about to pass up an offer from this gorgeous lady.

“Anything you want beautiful,’ I said as I stood up, my erection holding up the hem of my Kilt, leaving my cock exposed.

“MMM, that’s a good look but I know an even better look for that,” Jasmin said as she pulled me toward the back of the room.

All the moans and groans coming from the group were very erotic and intoxicating. I only hoped I still had plenty left in my tank after the workout Kate had just given me not to mention taking care of the girls earlier today.

Jasmin said, “Your wife is finally enjoying my husband’s big cock, only fair I enjoy yours don’t you think? Are you ok fucking me right next to them? It makes me so hot watching a woman that can take my husband’s large cock balls deep in their pussy and your wife didn’t hesitate to take it. Paul and I both were instantly attracted to you two when we saw you at the wedding.”

Jasmin lead me to the bed where Amy and Paul were in the midst of fucking. From the look of Amy, they had been at it for a while. My sexy wife was sweaty and her hair was starting to stick to her face as she continued to urge Paul to fuck her harder.

Amy isn’t a size queen per se, but our very first full swap experience in the lifestyle was with a couple where the husband was hung with a nine-inch cock. Amy was terrified of it at first and didn’t even touch it the first night. It wasn’t until the third time the four of us got together that he was finally able to get it into my wife. She went ballistic as he work his entire length into Amy’s hungry pussy. It was the first time I heard my wife swear and call herself a whore and slut. It was also the first time she referred to her pussy as a cunt.

Since that night we have found out that our closest friends of over fifteen years had a crush on us just as we had on them. Jack the husband has a very large cock that Amy enjoys as well. Jack’s wife Jaqueline and Amy and I call him double eight, as he is eight inches long and eight inches around.

A serious cunt stretcher as Amy says.

When we first started down this path of sexual exploration I thought I would get jealous watching Amy with a man that was better equipped than me, but it was the exact opposite as it turns out, it turns me on to no end to see her let her hair down and be a total cock hungry slut.

Jasmin climbed onto the bed next to Amy. Jasmin was on her knees as she leaned forward put her head down on the bed leaving her tight little brown ass up in the air and she parted her thighs. Her swollen pink lips stuck out between her brown slit inviting my cock.

I stopped and admired this gorgeous woman offering herself to me. Paul pulled out of my wife and I saw the size of his cock for the first time.

I looked at my wife wondering where she was putting all of it. She was in another world as she lay on the bed with her legs splayed open. Paul had to be at least ten inches long and as thick as a beer can.

I am above the four-and-a-half-inch average in girth at six and a half inches and looking at Paul he looked about the same as me in girth, but he had at least three inches on me in length.

I was standing at the edge of the bed staring at Jasmin’s gorgeous ass and pussy when Paul said, “John, don’t just stand there admiring my wife’s ass, get in there. She picked you out of the crowd to have her tonight.”

Amy and Jasmin were holding hands now as I climbed on the bed and positioned myself behind Jasmin.

I aimed my throbbing cock at her pussy and teased her swollen lips with my cock head.

“Oh baby, that feels so good. Keep going. I want you in me,” Jasmin purred out.

The perfume she was wearing smelled amazing and added to my desire for her. I ran one hand over her ass and up her back. Her skin was so soft, she felt amazing.

I found her opening with the head of my cock and pushed into her until just my cock head disappeared inside her engorged brown slit.

“OH fuck, ram it home stud. Fuck that cunt with that long fat cock. Make me cum on your cock again and again,” Amy screamed out as I watched Paul drive his shaft into my wife again.

“MMM that’s it handsome, keep going. I want you. Fuck me while your wife fucks my husband,” Jasmin moaned.

I pushed my hard cock into Jasmin’s pussy further until I was almost balls deep. She was tight, I was surprised how tight she was, especially after giving birth to five kids and getting drilled with Paul’s huge cock regularly.

I grunted out, “Damn you feel good, your pussy is hot.”

Paul was in midstroke when he said, “Our wives have nice tight pussys. Jazzy does Kegel’s non-stop and it feels like your sexy wife does as well.”

Amy grunted, “Stop talking and fuck my hungry cunt. Give me your load. Shoot it deep inside my hot box.”

Jasmin and I had fallen into a rhythm and she was meeting my balls-deep thrusting with her own thrust back into me.

I was holding onto Jasmin’s hips with both hands as I drove into her over and over. She was moaning and we both started to sweat. It had suddenly got extremely warm in the hall or at least Jasmin had made it seem that way.

Jasmin moaned out, “Oh fuck, I’m close, don’t stop, keep going. Christ Paul, he’s going to make me cum on his cock. You like watching another man fuck your horny wife and make her cum on his cock, don’t you?”

Paul didn’t answer, he was focused on making Amy cum.

I looked over at Amy and she was on her knees sucking Paul’s semi-erect cock. He must have blown his load at some point and Amy was working her oral skills to get him hard enough to fuck her again.

With a mouth full of cock, Amy looked at me and gave me a wink.

I mouthed the words, “I love you,” and went back to pounding away at Jasmin. She was starting to shake and her moaning had turned to grunts as she violently began ramming her ass back into me to bury my cock in her.

I was getting close and from the sounds, Jasmin was making it a sounded like she was getting close as well.

Without thinking I tickled her ass hole and it caused Jasmin to scream.

I immediately stopped which caused Jasmin to scream out, “Do it.”

So I pushed my thumb into Jasmin’s ass and she exploded with her orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and it pushed me to my brink.

“I need to cum,” I said and started to pull out. Having just met this woman, I didn’t know if she was OK with me finishing inside her.

Paul said, “Don’t pull out, give it to my hot wife. She wants it. Your wife took my load.”

I let go as soon as I heard the words ‘don’t pull out’ come out of Pauls’s mouth and filled Jasmin with my load. It hadn’t been very long since emptying my balls in Kate so I am sure it wasn’t much of a load, but it felt incredible nonetheless.

Jasmin collapsed on the bed pulling off my cock. Leaving me kneeing on the bed between her legs. I was still hard as I looked down at Jasmin’s gorgeous brown ass and long-fit thighs. Her luscious brown thighs were parted giving me a front-row seat to her engorged lips sticking out of her swollen brown slit.

Amy had Paul hard by now and she pushed him down on his back and I watched as she straddle her legs over his long thick fuck pole.

Amy looked at me and I could see the fire in her eyes when she said, “Babe, this is the biggest cock I have had shoved in my cunt. It took him three tries to get his giant cock in your wife’s hungry cunt, but he did. ”

Jasmin was up on her elbows now watching Amy lower herself onto her husband’s cock.

“Honey, did you really get all of it in her?” Jasmin said wide-eyed as she watched her husband’s cock slowly disappear inside my wife’s pussy.

Amy growled out, “He sure did and he is about to bury in my hot cunt again. You don’t think you’re done with my husband, do you? He’s still hard for that hot black cunt.”

Jasmin looked at my hard cock as I remained kneeling on the bed and my rod once again holding my kilt up.

Jamin smiled and said, “MMM lay down so I can get on top of you. I want to watch your gorgeous wife ride my husband, and lose that kilt for Christ’s sake.”

I pulled the Kilt off and laid down opposite Paul so the girls were facing each other as they rode our cocks.

Amy hissed out, “How’s that hot black cunt babe? I wish she liked girls, I am dying to eat it.”

Jasmin was fully impaled on my cock and was slowly rocking her hips back and forth. She was smiling from ear to ear as she began to move her hips in a slow circle on top of me. Her pussy felt amazing as I felt my cock head circle around her cervix deep inside her.

“Oh fuck you feel so good Jasmin,” I said.

“Call me Jazzy, handsome. You’re inside me after all and you feel just as good. Can you hold on like this for a while? I want you to stay inside me until I cum again,” Jasmin said in a voice that had turned husky. Her nipples looked even harder now as she continued gyrating her hips with my cock buried deep inside her pussy.

With Paul and me laying head to toe, when I wasn’t staring at Jasmin’s gorgeous smile I would watch Amy rock her hips up and down on Paul’s long tool. She would raise up until just the swollen cock head was spreading her lips open and then she would drive her hips down onto his shaft taking the entire length. Every time she would let out a deep guttural moan of pleasure that was almost animalistic.

Jasmin leaned down to me and whispered in my ear, “Is it ok to kiss? I want to kiss you while you are inside me.”

I pulled her to me and we locked lips and our tongues mingled inside each other’s mouths.

As we kissed I felt her tense up and she grunted into my mouth and then her body spasmed several times. She stopped the slow circles she was making with her hips and began rocking her hips up and down on my cock.

“Oh fuck yeah, keep going, I am close,” Jasmin said as she sat up straight and rocked her hips back and forth. She had her hands on my chest as she ground her pussy down into me harder and harder.

I heard Amy scream and I knew she was cumming I saw Paul lift his hips off the bed to meet my wife’s orgasm. Then they both collapsed.

Jasmin looked at me and said, “Oh God, you’re doing it to me again.”

Jasmin’s entire body tensed up and she started shaking. Her perky tits were jiggling as she continued to cum. I felt her pussy flex over and over around my cock. She wasn’t stopping. She just kept going and going.

She finally collapsed on me and moaned out, “Stop, stop, don’t move. Christ you’re going to kill me.”

Paul said, “Wow honey, that was a good one. Never seen you cum that long.”

Jasmin sat up panting and said, “I am sorry handsome. You didn’t finish. I can’t take any more in my pussy. How about a blow job?”

I laughed and said, “Hmm, I don’t know, let me think about that. Ok, if you have to.”

Jasmin sat up and I adjusted myself as she did and she screamed, “Don’t move, don’t move.”

I sat perfectly still as she slowly pulled herself off my cock.

Jasmin looked at me with that same smile and said, “My pussy is still vibrating. I have never climaxed that hard and long.”

Jasmin then turned to Amy and said, “And just to set the record straight Amy, I said I didn’t like ‘young girls’ at the bachelorette party, I didn’t say anything about not liking sexy women.”

I watched Jasmin grab Amy and plant a very passionate opened mouth kiss on my wife.

Amy hungrily returned the kiss as the two sexy ladies wrapped themselves around each other.

I sat up and leaned against the headrest. I looked around the room and everybody was naked. There was a group of people at the bar getting drinks, all naked and laughing.

Melody was still in the middle of the dance floor. Her sister Emily had joined her and the two of them were locked in a torrid sixty-nine. Each one seeing who could make the other one cum first. I laughed and thought, ahh sibling rivalry.

Emily was on top of Melody with her legs spread and I watched Fin move in behind her and slowly work his cock into Emily’s ass as Melody continued licking and sucking on Emily’s pussy and clit.

Even from across the room, I could hear Emily grunt out her approval as her father stuffed his hard cock in his daughter’s firm tight ass.

I looked over to the swing closest to us and Claire was in it. I guess she decided to join the party after all. Brent was between Claire’s legs slowly sliding her back and forth on his fat cock. Claire had another guy fucking her mouth while she held the a cock in each hand from two other men.

I motioned to Amy and she turned and watched Claire getting spit roasted.

Amy turned just as Brent drove his cock home and from the clinching of his butt cheeks and the grunting, it was clear he was depositing his load deep inside Claire. The guy fucking Claire’s mouth followed suit and emptied his balls in Claire’s hungry mouth.

It seems Claire has changed her mind about cock, I thought. I wonder if Kate knows Claire isn’t pouting up in the room anymore as I chuckled to myself.

Brent pulled out of Claire and I saw his long thick cock and heavy ball sack for the first time. It was impressive. He could easily give our friend Jack, who we call double eight, a run for his money on cock size.

I looked at Amy and her eyes were as big as saucers as she licked her lips and stared at Brent’s cock.

“Babe, get a load of Brent,” I said.

“Oh, I did, two loads actually, swallowed one and took one in my cunt,” Amy hissed out as she rubbed her fingers over her swollen cum coved pussy lips.

I then searched the room for Kate and spotted her up on the bar. Men and women were taking body shots off her with most of them choosing to lick and suck the shot from her spread-open legs, and why wouldn’t they.

“Oh fuck Jassy, that feels so good. You are so sexy,” I moaned out as her hot mouth wrapped around my cock and brought my attention back to her.

She was taking my entire length in her mouth and grunting for more.

“That’s it Jassy, suck that cock. Get it all the way down your throat the way you like it,” Paul said as he watched his wife deep throat all seven inches of my cock.

She had me grunting and moaning in seconds. As good as her hot pussy felt, her mouth might have felt even better.

“That black bitch is cock hungry Babe. Give her a mouth full of your sweet cream,” Amy hissed out.

I watched Jasmin work my cock in and out of her mouth and she looked like she was in a trance. Her eyes were closed and I could feel her purring every time she took, me balls deep in her throat.

Paul said, “She is very orally talented. I swear she can cum just from sucking cock and eating pussy.”

Amy said, “MMM I can’t wait to find out if that is true. I am dying to eat that juicy black cunt of hers.”

I grunted out, “Jazzy stop, stop, I’m going to cum.”

Jasmin drove her mouth down on my cock deep throating me just as I erupted with whatever was left in my balls and shot it straight down her throat.

Jasmin held my cock in her mouth and sucked every last drop of cum from my now overly sensitive cock.

I had to push her off my cock and she sat up with a smile on her face and said, “Thank you handsome. That was delicious.”

Then she leaned into me and said, “Can I kiss you?”

“You better,” I said as I grabbed her and pulled her into me.

Jasmin lay on top of me and we kissed long and hard. Her tongue was instantly in my mouth and I could taste my cum on her tongue. She is an amazing kisser and I didn’t want to stop.

Finn and Shannon walked up to the bed, both naked and Shannon said, “Well, Paul and Jazzy, looks like you two made some new friends.”

Jasmin broke off our kiss and rolled over to snuggle with me as Amy snuggled up to Paul. Paul’s long thick flaccid cock lay across his thigh. It looked like a thick piece of rope laying on his thigh.

Jasmin said, “These two are a lot of fun. The six of us need to get together again.”

I looked at Amy and she just smiled and gave me a wink.

Shannon said, “Finn, it’s about time I think.”

Finn looked at his watch and said, “Oh gosh, I lost track of time. Let me go make the announcement.”

Shannon said, “Both your daughter’s young tight pussys and asses had something to do with that I am sure.”

Finn went out on the dance floor and said, “Hello everybody. The two and half hour mark is upon us. It is time for the after-party to come to an end. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. Please promptly depart the ballroom. For those that were invited to spend the night, your rooms are ready upstairs. Once again for those that have attended a McMurty wedding after-party for the first time, if this is your first time attending a party like this, please remember what took place here tonight stays here. Also please be sure to pick up a gift on your way out. Thank you everybody for celebrating Melody and Jaylen’s special day.”

There were some moans and groans from the crowd, but everybody quickly found their clothes or someone else’s clothes and got semi-dressed.

I started to get up and look for my clothes but Jasmin grabbed my arm and said, “Wait, let everybody else clear out.”

Melody and Emily walked up to our bed, both still naked. It was the first time I got a full view of Emily completely naked. She looked like Melody’s older taller twin sister. They had similar figures, except Emily had not followed her sister and had her tits enhanced, and she shouldn’t. She had beautiful perky full B or small C-cup breasts. She did however have the exact same delicious-looking thigh gap that showed off her pussy. The one big difference between the two was that Melody was covered from head to toe with cum and Emily was not.

As Melody stood next to her naked mother and father I noticed cum running down her inner thighs and she wasn’t embarrassed at all by her current appearance. Even her hair had cum running through it.

Shannon said, “Well honey did you enjoy your party?”

Melody said, “Yes I did. I know now why I wasn’t invited to Emily’s wedding. I never would have stayed a virgin until today.”

Jaylen walked up and joined us just then, his flaccid cock dangling between his legs. Melody wasn’t lying he had a skinny cock.

Jasmin was still snuggling up to me with one of her long brown legs over mine. She felt amazing and between the feeling and scent of Jasmin on me and looking at Emily, I soon had a growing cock.

Melody still sex-drunk said, “Fuck John, does that big cock of yours ever take a break?”

Amy said, “Never, it is always ready to satisfy a hot cunt, especially mine, whenever and where ever.”

Then she turned to Emily, and said, “Sis, you need to give that thick cock of his a ride. I swear I almost passed out when he shoved it in my cunt earlier.”

The ballroom was empty now except for us and some of the family members.

Shannon turned to Melody and asked, “When did you have that in you, young lady? I didn’t see John bury it in you out on the dance floor.”

Before Melody could answer Emily jumped in and attempted to change the subject with, “No thanks, as nice as it looks, Paul here almost ruined me at my afterparty. I couldn’t sit without a pillow for two days.”

I looked over at Paul as he said, “I am so sorry Emily.”

Emily said, “Oh, don’t be, I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time and climaxed so hard I felt like a rag doll afterward, but once was enough for this girl’s vagina.”

Shannon said, “Melody? When did you spread your legs for John?”

“Answer your mother, Melody,” Finn said.

I had to admit it was rather odd listening to them talk about Melody and me fucking like they were asking when she went grocery shopping.

Melody giggling said, “Right after dinner. I went upstairs to change and found them fucking and couldn’t help myself.”

Finn said, “Oh you are undeniably your mother’s daughter. She did the same thing at our wedding with Uncle Ewan.”

Finn said, “Ok, it’s late we should all get to bed.”

Melody said, “I’ve yet to feel my husband’s cock inside my non-virgin cunt. Let’s go, hubby.”

As Melody, Jaylen, and Emily turned to leave, Jasmin rolled off of me and over onto Amy and planted a long deep open mouth kiss on her. Amy hungrily returned the kiss as she spread her legs and wrapped them around Jasmin.

When they broke off the kiss Jasmin sat up and smiled at Amy, then leaned into Amy and began kissing and sucking Amy’s erect nipples. Amy has very sensitive nipples and I knew the attention Jasmin was giving them was driving Amy wild.

Jasmin began working her way down my wife’s abdomen nibbling and kissing every inch of Amy’s body. When she got to Amy’s mound she passed over Amy’s pussy and began kissing and nibbling on Amy’s inner thighs. Amy had her legs spread wide open for Jasmin. Jasmin had Amy moaning and shaking already.

I was captivated by the sight as were Paul, Shannon, and Finn. Paul had his porn size cock in his hand and was fully erect as he slowly stroked it. Shannon was massaging one of her large breasts with one hand while she fingered her clit with the other. Finn had followed Paul’s lead and was slowly stroking his now fully erect cock.

Jasmin was now on her knees as she leaned down and kissed her way up Amy’s thighs. Amy was shaking already and grabbing her breasts in anticipation of feeling Jasmin’s lips and tongue on her pussy.

Jasmin looked up at Amy and in a deep husky voice said, “You look good enough to eat, I think I will.”

With that, Jasmin leaned in and began slowly kissing Amy’s swollen labia.

Amy went wild.

I watched as Jasmin covered Amy’s swollen pussy with her mouth.

Amy’s eyes got as big as saucers and grabbed the bed with both hands and she let out a long deep moan.

Shannon said, “She has a magical long tongue doesn’t she?”

Amy couldn’t answer, she was panting and pulling at the mattress with both hands.

I looked at Shannon and she now had one leg up on the edge of the bed and was aggressively fingering her pussy.

My cock was rock hard and I couldn’t help myself as I slowly started stroking.

Jasmin’s milk chocolate brown skin looked amazing in contrast to Amy’s milky white thighs.

Jasmin was up on her knees with her perfectly shaped round ass up in the air. Paul and Shannon were getting front-row seats to Jasmin’s wet pussy.

The four of us were so captivated by watching Jasmin eat out Amy that we barely noticed that Melody, Jaylen, and Emily had come back and joined us to watch Jasmin eat Amy to an orgasm.

As I stroked my cock, I felt a hand join mine and I turned to see Emily standing next to the bed.

“Can I help you with that handsome? Seems a shame to waste such a fine hard cock on your own,” Emily said.

She had the most angelic smile on her face as she stood next to me naked and slowly stroking my cock.

“Melody was right, I can barely get my fingers around it and it is so hard, it feels like steel, my hubby doesn’t get anywhere near this hard,” Emily whispered to me.

The smile on Emily’s face left me speechless. Up close she was much prettier than I first thought. She wasn’t wearing any makeup and she was stunning. Her auburn hair was a deeper shade of red, more brownish than Melody’s auburn hair, plus Emily’s blue eyes had a sparkle in them, that was noticeable even in the dim lights left on in the room.

The rest of the room drifted away as Emily continued to slowly stroke my cock and smile at me.

Emily leaned down and whispered to me, “My wet pussy would feel much better than my hand, I think.”

With that, Emily climbed up on the bed and straddled my cock. I wanted to taste her pussy, but she was in control as she grabbed my cock and began rubbing the head of my cock between her very wet labia.

Emily felt amazing already and she was just rubbing my cock back and forth between her thin pussy slit.

Every time she rubbed my cock head over her clit her eyes would widen and she would let out a little moan.

I could hear her breathing picking up as she continued sliding my cock back and forth. She was now letting it linger at her opening and would push down on it just enough to open her entrance.

I wanted to drive my hips up and enter her, but the smile on her face kept me mesmerized and I let her control the situation.

Emily leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Is it ok to kiss you? I want to feel your tongue in my mouth at the same time you enter me.”

Still captivated by Emily’s angelic smile all I could do was nod, ‘yes’.

With that Emily and I locked lips at the exact moment she pushed her hips down onto my cock.

I could feel Emily moan into my mouth as my hard cock entered her tight young pussy.

Emily broke off the kiss and sat up straight, the angelic smile was gone along with her sparkling blue eyes which were now on fire as she lifted her hips and drove them back down onto my cock, burying my entire seven inches in her hot tight hole. She was incredibly tight.

I grabbed her by the hips and began rocking her back and forth on my cock. She felt amazing, hot, and tight.

She leaned forward and kissed me again as she worked her hips back and forth.

“Oh fuck you feel so good inside me. Your cock is a perfect fit for my honey pot,” Emily moaned into my ear, in a soft, sultry voice.

She remained leaning down on me and kissing me every few strokes.

I felt someone climb on the bed behind Emily. I tried to look over her shoulder, but Emily quickly began kissing me again distracting me from the movement behind Emily.

Suddenly I was back in the room and heard everybody. Amy was screaming as Jasmin kept up her oral assault on her pussy.

I looked across the mattress and saw Melody straddling Paul and holding his tree truck of a cock up as she spread her legs over it. My first thought was no way is that going to fit in her tight little snatch. I also thought, how just a few hours ago she was a virgin, allegedly. What a difference a few hours make.

Shannon was thinking the same thing as she said, “Melody, go slow. Your young little pussy may not be able to handle it. Take your time, it took your sister several tries to get half of Uncle Paul’s cock in her on her wedding day.”

Shannon’s voice was deep and husky now as she continued watching both her daughters get fucked.

I was finally able to look past Emily’s shoulder to see Finn straddling my legs and moving up behind Emily.

Shit is he going to DP his daughter?

Emily’s eyes got wide and she said, “Lube, Mom get the lube.”

Where the hell was she going to get that I wondered. But a tube of lube seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Emily looked at me and in a voice that sounded like she was possessed said, “Don’t cum, yet. I want to feel you and my dad in me at the same time.”

Emily’s soft angelic face was gone as was her soft sweet voice. It was rough and gravely now as she ordered me not to cum.

She had stopped rocking her hips and was now just leaning forward on me, giving her father access to her asshole.

I heard Shannon say, “Jaylen have you celebrated your wedding day with your beautiful naked mom yet?”

I looked over to see Jaylen stroking his long skinny cock as he stared at his bride, attempting to get Paul’s porno-sized cock in her pussy, her pussy that he hadn’t had his cock in yet.

Melody’s entire focus was on impaling her swollen pussy on Paul’s fat cock. She would push down and the head of Paul’s cock would disappear in between Meloy’s engorged labia and then she would lift up, take a deep breath and try again.

Shannon poked Jaylen’s shoulder and he grunted out, “What?”

Shannon said it again, “Jaylen have you celebrated your wedding day with your hot sexy mom yet? If not, it’s the only time you will have the chance to experience that sweet pussy wrapped around your skinny cock.”

Shannon then reached out and slapped Jasmin’s ass. Jasmin was still on her knees, ass up, legs spread with her face buried in Amy’s pussy.

I watched as Jaylen climbed up on the bed and got behind his mother.

Paul said, “Happy wedding day son.”

Jaylen looked nervous but his cock had taken control as he aimed it at his mother’s wet pussy. With one hand Jaylen held his cock and aimed it at his mother’s soaking wet slit, while with his free hand, he grabbed hold of Jasmin’s hip and began to drive his long skinny cock into her.

“Fuck yeah, give it to me you dirty mother fucker,” Jasmin screamed as Jaylen buried his skinny cock balls deep in his mother for what I assumed was the first time.

Even with my cock buried inside Emily I was jealous of him, getting to be inside Jasmin.

Hearing Jasmin calls her son a mother fucker caused everybody to laugh, it was true. He was fucking his mother.

I felt the walls of Emily’s vagina constrict around my shaft while at the same time, I felt Finn’s cock rub against my cock deep inside Emily, only a thin membrane between Finn’s cock and mine.

“Oh fuck yeah. Fuck me hard. Use my dirty wet cunt and ass, you bastards. Finn you dirty bastard fucking your daughter in her ass while her cunt is stuffed full of a man’s cock she just met. Your daughter is a dirty cock hound of a whore. Fill this dirty cum bucket of a whore up you two.” Emily screamed out

There it was, the shy beautiful girl now getting DP’d and talking like a cheap street whore. It was a total turn-on.

I had only DP’d a woman a handful of times and I was always amazed at how good it felt to feel another man’s cock rubbing against my cock deep inside a tight wet pussy separated only by a thin membrane.

Finn, Emily, and I were soon moving in unison and Emily exploded with a rip-roaring orgasm. She was grunting and screaming for us not to stop.

At the same time, I heard Melody scream out, “Fuck it’s too big, I can’t get much more than the head in my cunt.”

At some point during it all, Melody had rolled off Paul and was on her hands and knees with Paul attempting to drive his python-sized cock into Melody from behind.

Emily hissed out, “Take it you dirty horny bitch, you know you want it. Don’t stop Paul. Ignore her and fuck that sluts cunt.”

I wanted to laugh at the sibling rivalry but Emily grinding her hips back and forth on my cock had me getting close to a climax.

Emily must have felt it and hissed out at me, “Don’t you dare cum. Keep that cock in my cunt until my Dad empties his load in my ass. I want to feel you two bastards cumming inside me at the same time. Use me like the cheap cock hungry slut I am.”

Out of nowhere, we heard Shannon say, “Shove it home Bret. My daughters shouldn’t be the only McMurty girls getting their brains fucked out.”

I looked over to see Shannon was bent over the end of the bed and Bret was driving his cock into her from behind.

Where did he come from I thought just as I felt Finn drive his cock deep into Emily’s ass and grunt several times. He was cumming inside his daughter’s ass and more than likely for the second time tonight.

“Give it to your dirty whore of a daughter Daddy. Fill my ass with your load while John paints the walls of my hungry cunt with his load. Both my holes full of cum, makes me a happy cum bucket of a whore,” Emily hissed out. Her angelic smile was long gone.

Melody screamed out, “Don’t stop. I can take it. Shove that huge fuck stick home.”

Emily exploded on top of me just as Finn pulled his cock out of her ass.

I climaxed deep inside Emily, no way I had any spunk left in my balls but it sure felt good as my cock erupted inside her hot hole.

Emily continued to climax at the same time and then collapsed on top of me.

We were both a sweaty mess. I looked over at Amy and she was sitting against the headboard, legs crossed and a very satisfied look on her face. At some point, Jasmin made Amy cum and stopped eating her out so she could focus on her son raming his skinny cock into her over and over.

Jasmin was rocking her hips to meet Jaylen’s thrust and from the look on his face, he was about to unload in his mother for what I could only assume was the first time.

Jaylen grunted and drove his hips into Jasmin hard, lifting her off the bed as he dumped his load in his mother.

“Mother fucker, give it to me. Fill your mother’s steamy hot cunt with your sweat cream,” Jasmin hissed out.

Jaylen grunted several times then pulled out and collapsed on the bed right in front of Shannon who was still getting pounded from behind by Bret.

Shannon didn’t hesitate, she grabbed Jaylen’s pussy soaked cock and sucked it into her mouth.

“MMM your mother fucking son’s cock tastes good with your cunt all over it Jasmin,” Shannon grunted out.

I looked at Amy and she gave me a smile that I had never seen on her face before. It wasn’t her normal, ‘That was fun, we need to do this again’ smile. She looked uneasy and made a motion with her head that she wanted to go.

I heard Paul grunt and I was shocked to see he had at least three-quarters of his cock buried in Melody’s pussy. Melody looked like a rag doll attached to Paul’s cock. He was emptying his balls deep inside Melody’s stretched-out pussy, but she wasn’t complaining.

I looked at Jasmin and she gave me a wink and a smile.

“Aunt Shannon, please stop, I can’t take any more,” Jaylen said as he pulled away from Shannon’s mouth.

Bret slapped Shannon’s ass so hard I swear it echoed in the hall. Then he drove his rod home and grunted as he spasmed a few times and filled Shannon with his load.

I wondered if Paul, Finn, Bret, and Jaylen had any spunk left in their balls. I know I sure didn’t. I felt like I had been drained dry, but I wasn’t complaining.

We all lay on the bed thoroughly fucked out.

As I looked at Bret standing alongside Shannon with his fat semi-flaccid cock dangling between his legs, it dawned on me, where was Janice?

“Bret, where is Janice?” I asked.

Everybody’s eyes turned to him.

“Oh, she took Kate and Claire back to our room. Seems they will be spending the night with us after all,” Bret said with a huge smile.

Amy said, “So what the hell are you doing down here with your cock in Shannon, no offense Shannon.”

“None taken slut, I would be up there with them too if I was invited,” Shannon said smiling at Amy.

“Good point,” Bret responded as we watched him scurry across the room and upstairs.

Finn said, “Well, should we all attempt to retire to our rooms again?”

Amy was up and off the bed in a shot and motioned to me that she wanted to go.

As we turned to leave Amy said, “How about dinner at our place tomorrow night? We have a wonderful house we rented that overlooks the ocean with a huge hot tub. John is a wonderful cook.”

Finn said, “By tomorrow do you mean Monday? It is already Sunday.”

“Yes Monday night or Tuesday night if everybody is available,” Amy said.

Jasmin said, “Paul and I will be there.”

“Count us in too, but please, let us send our private chef over to cook so you and John don’t have to be bothered with shopping and cooking,” Shannon said.

“Perfect, but now it is time to put my husband to bed. Shannon, I will send the address in the morning or afternoon, as it is already morning it seems.” Amy said as she pulled me towards the stairs. We were both still naked as we left and headed up the stairs.

Jasmin said, “Same dress attire for dinner?”

Amy surprised me with, “Sure, why not if you can find your outfit amongst this mess.”

The floor was littered with kilts, mini skirts, tube tops, and halter tops. Seems all the people spending the night just went back to their room or someone’s room naked.

I looked back over the railing to the big mattress we had just left to see everybody scurrying around to find their clothes. It was a funny scene as everybody frantically rushed around looking for their clothes.

When we got to the top of the stairs and turned to head down the hallway to our room Amy and I both stopped dead in our tracks.

Standing a few feet away was Laila, in a tube top that just barely covered her nipples leaving the bottoms of her perky brown globes exposed. The mini skirt she had on was so short her brown hairless pussy was just as exposed. She was a milk chocolate vision of beauty.

Laila is tall and lean like her mother. Long-tone athletic legs, a washboard stomach, perky breasts slightly larger than her mother’s gorgeous tits, and a thigh gap accented by a jet-black landing strip of pubic hair.

She was smiling at us and said, “Did you two have fun? It sure looked like you did from up here. I was hoping to join you two at some point tonight but looks like I missed my chance. What room are you two in?”

Amy was squeezing my hand so hard it was beginning to hurt and I could feel her starting to shake. At first, I thought she was cold, both of us standing there naked.

I looked at Amy and she was frozen. I had never seen her react this way toward a woman or man for that matter. She was trembling, almost vibrating.

Realizing Amy couldn’t talk I said, “We are just down the hall, first door on the left. How about you? Which room are you in?”

Laila took a step toward Amy reaching out and taking her hand as she leaned in and kissed Amy on the mouth. It was a long passionate kiss that lasted a good minute and a half.

Laila broke off the kiss then stepped in front of me and looked down at my swelling cock and smiled. She stepped into me and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me long and hard. Our tongues were wrapped around each other’s instantly and I felt her push her hips into my growing hard-on. My cock was tired and a bit sore from all the attention it had received today, but this woman was stunning, and there was no stopping my cock from letting her know how I felt about her.

Amy finally stuttered out, “Which room are you in beautiful?”

“Oh, I am on the other side of the building. Supposed to stay in Mom and Dad’s room, unless I get a better offer,” Jasmin said as she gave Amy a wink.

Amy had collected herself and was now smiling and said, “Well gorgeous, John and I were about to go take a shower, you are more than welcome to join us. Our room is huge and the bed is the size of a football field. Plenty of room for you to stay with us if you like.”

Laila said, “Well you two must be pretty special, not many people get to stay in that room. I think that was Finn’s grandfather’s room. It is huge, right? Has a bar, sitting area, huge bathroom, and yes that bed, good lord, you could have a party just on that. I have only peeked inside and heard Emily tell me about it.”

“Come on gorgeous, let’s go get in that shower,” Amy said, now fully back in control of her emotions.

Amy put her arm in Laila’s and the two of them headed off toward our room.

Laile said, “John come on, you need to keep us girls warm.”

I quickly followed them and heard Laila say to Amy, “I thought they weren’t going to continue the McMurtry family tradition, especially with all the fallout from Emily’s wedding. But after seeing the dress attire and then Uncle Finn telling everybody to greet the newlyweds with hugs and kisses I knew it was on. Not really my scene, I am more of a one-on-one girl. Plus the thought of Dad fucking me and putting that grotesquely huge dick in me makes me sick to my stomach.”

I saw Amy tense up and I knew she was suddenly embarrassed for letting Paul fuck her all night.

Laila felt it and said, “Oh, don’t get me wrong, I understand the attraction to Dad and his big dick. If he wasn’t my dad I am sure I would be tempted to give it a try. It’s just the whole incest thing doesn’t turn me on the way it does the rest of my family and the McMurtry family. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a little kink in between the sheets, right? Just that is a little too much for me.”

Giggling Laila continued, “I am more of a one-on-one or one-on-two kind of gal. But that party got out of hand fast and Melody’s uncles kept hitting on me and wouldn’t take ‘NO’ for an answer. Geesh, just because I drank too much at Emily’s wedding and got carried away and gave a couple of them a blow job doesn’t mean I want to fuck them.”

Amy said, “Well you are safe with us now gorgeous.”

As tired and sore as my cock was from all the attention it had received throughout the day, it started to fill with blood as I thought about Laila wrapping her full lips around my member.

We walked down the hall to our room, my eyes were glued to Laila’s round ass, her brown cheeks peeking out from under the mini skirt. My eyes went back and forth between each of the lady’s wonderful butts as they walked. Amy’s bare round white ass next to Laila’s.

A few feet from the door, I started to panic, did I have anything left in the tank to take care of these two ladies?

Once in the room, Amy kissed me and said, “Babe will you get us a nightcap and then come join Laila and me in the shower.”

Laila kissed me and then followed Amy as they held hands and half skipped off to the bathroom.

I felt my cock continue to swell and I looked down at my cock and said, “Don’t let me down, tonight of all nights. Don’t let this be the first time you aren’t up for a performance.”

Ever since Amy and I played with a very hot black couple a few years back I have been overly attracted to black women. Especially tall slender women with breasts on the petite side. Laila checked all the boxes. Laila without a doubt got her figure from her gorgeous mom.

I made the drinks and then thought, what the hell do I do with them now? We don’t need drinks in the shower.

I giggled to myself as I walked across the room to the bathroom. Amy just wanted some time alone with Laila I figured.

When I walked into the bathroom I found the girls soaping up each other, both paying extra attention to the other one’s tits.

“We were beginning to think you got lost handsome,” Laila said with a sparkle in her eyes.

Amy said, “Babe, come wash Laila’s back, I’ve got her front covered.”

“As I have your’s sexy lady,” Laila said.

The shower was huge. There was a big shower head at each end of the shower and a giant rain shower head in the middle of the shower ceiling.

The hot water felt wonderful, but when Laila turned and hugged me with her soap-covered naked body I forgot all about the hot water washing over us.

I hugged her tight to me and my cock was pressed against her washboard stomach as we kissed.

Amy smacked Laila on the ass and said, “Hey, save that for the bed, you two. Come on Laila, let’s dry off and go get in bed. Babe, we will be in the bed waiting for you. Don’t take too long.”

I watched slightly disappointed as they got out of the shower after I had only been in with them for a few minutes. I watched them dry off. Laila bent over in front of me as she dried off her long toned legs. As spectacular as her ass was when she bent over and parted her legs I got a close-up view of her tight thin-lipped pussy. Her inner pink lips were just starting to peek out from her brown slit. I felt my cock flex as I stared at her pussy.

My cock jumped and was now fully erect and I whispered to my cock, easy fella, I need to eat that delicious pussy first. Evidently a little too loud.

“What was that?” Laila said as she turned to me and flashed me a smile that could bring a train to a dead stop.

“Nothing, the drinks are out front for you two,” I said trying to cover up my desire to eat out Laila’s sweet-looking pussy.

The girls finished up and left me in the shower. With the girls not there to distract me, the hot water made me realize how tired I was. It was now after three am and we had been going since early in the morning, yesterday. Between all the alcohol we had consumed during the wedding plus the sexual activities, I was wiped out and my cock slowly relaxed and was no longer rock hard.

I adjusted the shower heads so I could sit down on the bench in the shower and wash my hair. I closed my eyes while washing my hair and I must have fallen asleep for what I thought was a few seconds as I sat there. I shook my head to clear the cobwebs and washed off the soap. I stood up and turned off the water as I got out of the shower before I fall asleep again. Wouldn’t want to disappoint the girls by falling asleep in here.

I dried off and went out to the bedroom and was met with a surprise.

Amy and Laila were cuddled up in the bed both sound asleep.

I wondered, how long did I fall asleep in the shower? I thought it was just for a moment or two. I looked around the room and the drinks I had made were still on the bar, where I left them.

Partially disappointed, but also slightly relieved that I could get some sleep and wake up fresh and ready to enjoy Laila.

I crawled into bed and Laila immediately rolled over and cuddled up to me with her head on my chest and a leg across mine.

She let out a little purr and then I felt her body go limp as she fell fast asleep.

I was awoken around ten am to the sounds of moaning and grunting and the bed shaking.

I looked to the other side of the monstrous bed to find Laila on top of Amy with her legs spread over Amy’s face and her face buried in between Amy’s crotch.

It was quite a sight to see first thing in the morning and the morning wood I awoke with jumped at the sight.

I sat up and Amy felt the bed move.

She pulled her face out of Laila’s wet pussy long enough to smile and say, “Good morning handsome. This sexy black lady has a beautiful pussy for that fat cock of yours.”

Laila looked up from between Amy’s thighs and said with a pussy glazed face, “Did we wake you stud?”

I just smiled and pulled the sheets off exposing my now raging hard-on. The girls went back to eating each other out. They were both trying to make the other one cum. It was a spectacular sight, Laila’s milk chocolate body on top of Amy’s sexy white body.

Amy reached up and gave Laila’s tight brown ass a firm slap and then said, “Baby, this black pussy of yours is ready for some fat white cock.”

Laila didn’t say a word, she just climbed off of Amy and turned around, and buried her face in Amy’s pussy again. She now had her ass up in the air and her legs parted.

Amy wasn’t exaggerating, Laila’s pussy was swollen with her dark pink labia sticking out of her brown slit and dripping wet.

She lifted her face from Amy’s pussy and said, “Ready for you stud. Fuck me the way I watched you fuck my mom last night. You made her cum like a real bitch in heat.”

I moved in behind Laila and began teasing her steamy wet slit. Rubbing my cockhead up and down between her pussy lips, stopping and massaging her clit with my fat cock head.

Laila was moaning into Amy’s pussy as she continued to lick and suck on Amy’s labia.

Amy was grunting and shaking and I could tell that Laila had her on the verge of cumming.

Amy was just able to say, “Fuck this gorgeous woman John. Get your big dick deep inside her tight black pussy.”

That was it for Amy, she exploded with her orgasm and pulled away from Laila.

Laila now had her full attention on me.

I was still teasing her slit with my cock head when Laila grunted out, “Fuck that feels good, keep going. I want to feel you inside me. Take me, I want you inside me.”

As much as I wanted to keep teasing her pussy I wasn’t about to disappoint such a sexy lady and I slid my cock up her slit and found her opening.

Laila reached back between her legs, grabbed my cock, and pulled me into her as she pushed her hips back.

I looked down to watch half of my cock disappear into her brown pussy.

Laila let out a muffled scream as she buried her face in the bed sheets.

Amy had moved around to watch me slide my cock into Laila and said, “Her pussy is as pretty as the rest of her isn’t it? I bet she is nice and tight around your fat cock.”

Laila lifted her head from the bed and groaned out, “Fuck me stud. Pound that black pussy with your fat white cock. Use me, I’m yours. A horny bitch with a hungry pussy for your cock.”

I grabbed hold of Laila’s hips and thrust my hips into her, driving my cock home. Burying it deep inside her tight black snatch.

Laila let out a scream and I thought I had hurt her as her entire body tensed up and she pounded the bed with one hand.

Amy giggled and said, “She going to cum already babe. Keep going. Fuck her brains out. Pound that pussy, babe.”

Laila tensed up and I felt the walls of her vagina spasm around my cock. I was surprised, I hadn’t even gotten in one full pump yet and she was already cumming.

Amy said, “Fuck her good and hard babe. She cums like a wild cat and is the queen of multiple orgasms. I made her cum for like fifteen minutes at the bachelorette party.”

I looked over at Amy and her eyes were as big as saucers as she watched me begin pumping my hard cock in and out of Laila. Every time I thrust my shaft into Laila my balls would slap against her pussy and clit causing Laila to moan.

Amy wasn’t joking, It felt like Laila was cumming the entire time. She was groaning into the bed while her entire body continued trembling. I continued pounding away at her pussy.

I watched as Amy moved up to Laila’s face and said, “He isn’t going to stop until you can’t walk or you scream for him to stop. You love his long fat cock in your sweet black pussy don’t you sexy lady?”

“Fuck yeah, he feels amazing inside me. I don’t want him to stop. Harder John, harder. Give it to me,” Laila mumbled.

Amy reached under Laila and began massaging her tits and nipples.

I felt the walls of Laila’s pussy contact around my shaft as she got hit with another orgasm. I didn’t know if she had been riding the same orgasm the entire time or if they were hitting her in waves. Whichever it was, this wave was a monster, she was fully screaming into the bed as her entire body spasmed out of control.

I wanted to hold out, but her pussy was milking my cock and I knew I was moments away from blowing my morning load deep inside this gorgeous young woman.

Amy could see I was close and said, “You ready sexy? My hubby is about to paint the walls of your hot pink pussy with his sweet gooey cum.”

Laila screamed, “Fuck yeah, give it to me. Fuck that hot black pussy.”

That was it for me, I let loose with my load and filled Laila’s hot snatch with what felt like a quart of cum. I continued pounding away at her pussy as I shot stream after stream of cum deep inside her hungry hole.

Laila grunted as she pulled her pussy off my cock and started laughing while her entire body trembled on the bed.

“Holy shit, that was amazing. Jesus, I’ve never been fucked like that before. Look at me, I am a rag doll, my pussy is still vibrating,” Laila said through her laughter.

“MMM my turn, breakfast is served,” Amy said as she rolled in between Laila’s brown thighs and began eating her freshly fucked pussy.

“OH fuck, you bitch. Shit,” Laila just managed to moan out as Amy sucked Laila’s clit into her mouth.

Laila’s eyes rolled back in her head as she felt the start of another orgasm building up deep inside her body.

Amy’s ass was up in the air and I took the opportunity to sink my still-hard cock in my wife’s hot pussy.

It wasn’t long before Amy was cumming right along with Laila, which sent me over the edge as I joined them with my own climax.

The three of us collapsed on the bed, fully spent.

Laila sat up and said, “WOW, you two are fun. How long you in town for?”

“We can stay the entire week if we want. We had to rent the house for the week,” Amy said as she cuddled up to me.

Laila suddenly sat up and said, “Shit, look at the time, I have to go. Mom is going to kill me if I miss breakfast. You two should come with me.”

Amy said, “Gorgeous, we already did cum with you.”

We all laughed and then worked our way to the bathroom where we took a shower together. I bent Laila over one more time in the shower and got in a quicky with her. She has an amazing pussy and once again she climaxed.

We dried off and Amy said, “Laila, you are so gorgeous, I can’t stop looking at you and how beautiful you are, plus your pussy is sweet as honey. You must come to stay with us tonight.”

“I thought you would never ask, but now seriously we need to get down to breakfast or Mom will kill me. I am sure she is fit to be tied. She is so mad at me for not sticking around last night,” Laila said.

“Well I will talk to her about you spending the night with us,” Amy said

“Oh no, you can’t do that. Didn’t anybody tell you about the breakfast rules? There is to be no mention of what went on at the after-party, even in a joking manner. Everybody is to act as if the afterparty never happened,” Laila said, her demeanor changing. She looked tense.

The three of us went back into the main room and Amy said, as she picked up her clothes from yesterday, “I guess I just wear what I came in yesterday.”

Laila’s eyes got big as saucers and said, “Shit, I don’t have anything to wear, I left my skirt and top downstairs last night. Talk about the walk of shame, not that I am ashamed for anything we did last night or this morning.”

“I don’t mind if you go like that,” I said, trying to lighten the mood.

Both girls turned and gave me a look that didn’t need any words to tell me I wasn’t funny.

Amy grabbed Laila’s hand and said, “Come on, I remember seeing a bunch of Melody or Emily’s clothes in the closet, I am sure we can find something to wear in there. Babe, you can just wear the clothes you had on yesterday.”

The girls found something to wear and we headed down to brunch. We joined Paul and Jasmin’s table and brunch was very uneventful. It was amazing to me that just a few hours ago I was balls deep in Jasmin as was Paul in my wife, yet there was no mention of it. It was as if it didn’t happen at all. It was almost uncomfortable, especially when I leaned in to give Jasmin a hello kiss when we sat down and she pulled away.

We finished up brunch and said our goodbyes to Paul, Jasmin, Finn, and Shannon. Amy made sure to give Shannon and Jasmin the address of where we were staying.

Finn said their personal chef would come by the place around noon on Monday.

Amy and I headed back up to our room so she could change back into the clothes she wore to the wedding before we headed back to the house.

Back in the room, I said, “So, what did you think about the wedding and the after-party?”

Amy looked at me and put her finger to her lips, motioning for me to be quiet.

“Wait until we are out of here, Babe,” Amy said in a voice just above a whisper.

Out in the car I said, “Ok, so what did you think? That was pretty wild. I won’t ever bitch about having to go to a wedding ever again.”

“I don’t know what to say, to be honest. I had no idea Melody and her family and friends were like that. I mean at the bachelorette party we girls got a little drunk and ended up naked but none of them ever said a word about an afterparty orgy.” Amy said.

Amy went on with, “Oh my God, we were in an orgy last night. That was something we said we would never do. Do you think I should cancel the dinner party? Are they going to want to fuck us again?”

Amy was rambling on and on about the party turning into an orgy.

“Babe, slow down. Did you have fun or not? Cause it sure looked like you were having a good time,” I said as I held her hand while driving.

Amy smiled at me and said, “Um yes it was fun until the end.”

“The end, what, you didn’t want it to stop?” I asked.

“No, not that. You are going to think I am crazy,” Amy said very softly.

“What?” I asked.

“I don’t know what it was about watching Jaylen fuck his mom, that completely turned me off. I know it doesn’t make sense cause watching Melody suck Finn’s cock and then bend over and let him fuck her got me so wet and horny I couldn’t stop myself. I grabbed Bret, pushed him onto one of the beds, and rode his fat cock until he ejaculated inside me. When Brett finished in me, I looked up and Paul was standing at the foot of the bed stroking that magnificent cock of his and before I knew it I was straddling him and lowering my vagina down onto it. I was having a blast especially when you and Jasmin joined us. I didn’t want it to stop, but then Jaylen shoved his cock into Jasmen and something snapped in me and I was turned off. You know what a turn-on it was for me last summer watching you screw Madison and Meghan and getting to join in, so the incest doesn’t bother me. There was just something about seeing Jaylen fucking his mom, that just completely turned me off. I don’t know why, but it did. On our way back to our room I was going to tell you to take me home and not just back to the rental but all the way home, back to our house and our bed. But then Laila was standing there and her gorgeous smile got the best of me,” Amy said rambling on.

Amy kept on going, talking more to herself than to me. It was something she did when she was trying to rationalize her feelings. I knew from our time together to just sit back and listen and let her sort out her feelings about everything that had transpired the past twenty-four hours.

Meghan and Madison are Amy’s daughters, my stepdaughters. I have known them since they were very young and we have always got along. Madison more so than Meghan. Both girls are gorgeous blondes. Meghan is the poster girl for California. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, D-cup boobs that are amazing as well as a hard round butt that she works on every day at the gym. I swear you can crack walnuts on it, not to mention how many times she cracked my nuts on it last summer. Madison is blonde as well, but she is tall and slender with beautiful perky B-cup breasts. Madison was the one that started things up with me last summer when Amy was out of town on a girl’s weekend.

Madison very cleverly seduced me and one thing lead to another and soon Madison, her sister Meghan, and I were having sex with each other. At the time we thought Amy wouldn’t know, only to find out that in our state of constant sexual arousal, we forgot about the security camera’s in the house and outside by the pool where we spent most of the time naked.

That is a different story though.

“Babe, how are you feeling right now? Do you want to cancel the dinner party? What about Laila? She was supposed to come over tonight?” I said.

Amy smiled at me and her eyes lit up when I reminded her that Laila was supposed to come over. By the expression on her face and the fire in her eyes, I knew she had come to terms with everything that we had participated in last night.

“Well, it would be rude of us to tell her not to come over, wouldn’t it? She is beautiful and that pussy of hers is so yummy. She is so fun to make cum.” Amy said the sparkle in her eyes returning.

It dawned on me that Amy had not called Laila’s vagina a cunt. She kept saying pussy. This was a new turn of events. The only way I knew when Amy was letting her inner slut out and had her feet firmly planted in Slutville was when she used cunt instead of pussy. As I thought more about this morning, Amy never called Laila a bitch or slut and she call her sexy lady several times, no dirty horny cunt or slut. Now I was confused.

Amy said, “You need to make love to me when we get home and before Laila comes over. I need my man’s loving touch inside me.”

Amy and I always have an amazing love-making session after a playtime with other people. It is our time to reconnect and it always leaves both of us exhausted. Today was no different.

Once we arrived at the house, we stripped and got in bed. As usual, our lovemaking started slowly with lots of kissing and caressing. It is slow and tender and eventually ends with Amy screaming to fuck her harder and give her my cum.

After all the activity the past twenty-four hours, we were both wiped out and fell fast asleep and slept until ten pm when I woke up to Amy’s phone buzzing on the nightstand.

I answered the phone to hear Laila’s voice.

Laila said, “Hello handsome, I thought you two were ghosting me.”

“Gosh no, we laid down to take a short nap and just woke up. Are you still coming over? I know it is late, but you are more than welcome,” I said, trying not to sound too anxious to get her naked.

“I am sorry, but I have to take a rain check. Mom is pissed off about last night and I need to mend that fence and stay here tonight. I am free later in the week if you two are still going to be in town,” Laila said.

“Great, does Tuesday work? We have dinner plans tomorrow night. You have our address, so anytime you want to come by just let us know. We are looking forward to seeing you again,” I said.

Giggling Laila said, “Oh I know about your dinner plans tomorrow. Don’t be worn out for me on Tuesday. I have to run, Mom is calling me. Kiss your sexy wife for me.”

Amy woke up just as I put her phone down

“Who was that?” She asked

“Laila, she can’t come over tonight but will be here Tuesday. Sounds like Jasmin is pretty upset with her for hiding out once the after-party took off, ” I informed Amy.

Amy smiled at me, a smile that let me know she was ready for some more lovemaking.

At least that’s what I thought until she said, “I have a nice hot cunt for that fat cock of yours. Come fuck this cunt like the dirty slut of a wife I am.”

I think I have a pretty high sex drive, but Amy’s sex drive is over the top. I am a very lucky man to have such a beautiful wife that I love and adore and also a wife that isn’t afraid to let her hair down and be a total slut. Watching her be a slut and cock hound turns me on to no end, something I didn’t know about myself, and it was something both of us were worried about when we first started talking about sharing each other sexually.

But as I said, I am very lucky, Amy gets as turned on watching me with other women as I do when I watch her with other men and women.

Round two was a down-and-dirty fuck session, that once again left us both sweaty and panting. We slept like rocks once again when we finished.

The next day Amy and I were woken up around noon to someone ringing the doorbell.

As I pulled on a pair of shorts Amy said, “Wow, it’s past noon already. That must be the private chef. I can’t believe how long we slept. Well, actually I can after the fucking you gave me.”

I smiled and said, “You sure it was just me that gave you that fucking?”

I heard Amy giggling as I walked to the front door.

I open the door and I am sure my jaw hit the floor.

It is Laila standing there wearing a chef’s coat and pants, smiling from ear to ear.

“Hello handsome, I am here to cook your dinner. Can you show me the kitchen? This is Janelle, she will be helping me and serving you tonight,” Laila said as she walked into the house pulling a small cart loaded with groceries and cooking utensils.

I was speechless and felt like a total dork as Laila passed me and I was standing there looking at Janelle. Janelle was a shapely black girl. I guessed she wasn’t much more than twenty years old. She was very pretty in her own right, but standing next to Laila, one’s eyes naturally going to focus on Laila.

Jannelle was dressed in a similar chef’s coat and chef’s pants at Laila. The pants and coat looked a couple of sizes too big for her petite frame, but even so, she looked like a shapely young thing.

Janelle smiled at me and said, “Hello John, nice to meet you. I will be taking care of you, your wife, and your guests tonight. Please don’t hesitate to ask anything of me. I am here to make you and your guest comfortable in any way I can.”

Then Janelle gave me a smile that lit up the entryway. Was I seriously supposed to act normal with these two beautiful young women walking around the kitchen all day? All I could think about was the incredible body hiding under Laila’s chef’s coat and pants and I was guessing Janelle was hiding just as nice of a body under her clothes.

I headed back to the bedroom to find Amy still laying in bed. By the time I got there, the fantasy of Laila cooking dinner naked had invaded my perverted mind and my cock was past the chubby state and almost fully erect which didn’t go unnoticed by Amy.

“Is that a banana in your pants or are you going to fuck your horny wife some more?” Amy said as she pulled the covers off and spread her creamy white thighs.

Amy hadn’t asked who was at the door. She just fingered her very wet pussy and gave me that smile that makes me melt and brings my cock to full attention wanting to show off for her.

Never one to disappoint the love of my life, I dropped my shorts and climbed on top of my lovely wife.

Walking into the room and seeing the look on Amy’s face, I knew she was horny, and in my rush to get my cock inside my wife’s hot pussy I hadn’t closed the bedroom door all the way.

Amy hadn’t asked who had rung the doorbell as she had more pressing matters at hand.

As I entered my wife, Amy grunted out, “Fuck that hot cunt stud. Give it to your dirty whore of a wife. Fuck me like the horny slut bitch I am. I want to feel you shoot your hot load deep inside my wet cunt and paint every inch of my fuck canal.”

In the short time it took me to answer the door, Amy had taken the bullet train to Slutville.

When we finished we were both panting and sweating. Amy knows how much it turns me on when she talks dirty and refers to herself in the third person. But, today she was exceptionally vocal.

As we lay on the bed recovering Amy said, “Who was at the door?”

Not wanting to give away the surprise I said, “It was the chef and her assistant. They brought a lot of food it looks like, plus dessert.”

Amy rolled out of bed and headed to the shower and said, “Good. Your whore of a wife is famished.”

We showered together and Amy told me she couldn’t stop thinking about Laila. She has been sexually attracted to lots of women, but she felt overly attracted to Laila and not just sexually. She admitted to me that those feelings confused her.

I had to bite my tongue the entire time, knowing that Laila was in the kitchen.

We finished showering and got dressed. Amy had packed extra clothes for me and I quickly figured out she planned on us staying here for the week all along. We both needed a break from our crazy work schedules and this was just what the doctor ordered. Not to mention our new sexy friends that were coming over tonight.

Amy and I headed out of the bedroom with plans of hanging out on the deck until the guest arrived. It was a beautiful day.

Amy let out a squeal of excitement when she saw Laila in the kitchen and wasted no time grabbing her and planting a long open mouth kiss on her. The smile on Amy’s face was priceless.

When they broke the kiss, Laila in a somewhat shy voice turned and said, “This is my assistant, Janelle. She will be here to take care of you and your guests tonight.”

In Amy’s excitement of finding Laila in the kitchen, she had completely overlooked Janelle.

“It is nice to meet you, Amy. Please don’t hesitate to ask anything of me. I am here to not only help Laila in the kitchen but to serve you and your guests,” Janelle said as she stuck out her hand to shake Amy’s hand.

Laila smiled at Amy and said, “She means anything too, so don’t be bashful around her. She has been completely distracted since hearing you in the bedroom.”

I have rarely seen Amy blush, but she did when Laila commented on Amy’s vocalness during our recent sex.

Changing the subject I said, “Laila, we are both starving do you have anything we can nibble on until dinner?”

Janelle jumped in and said, “Yes, you two go get comfortable out on the deck and I will bring you some food and drinks. It is a beautiful day out.”

As Amy and I left the kitchen and headed out to the deck I heard Janelle ask Laila, “Should I change now or wait for the rest of the guests to arrive?”

I didn’t hear Laila’s response and wondered what that was all about. But the thought of Janelle in a sexy little maid’s outfit popped into my head and once again I had to tell myself to calm down. It was going to be a long night if tonight was anything like the after-party.

Amy and I settled into the large lounge chairs out on the deck. The sun felt good and it was helping recharge my depleted batteries. I am sure Amy was feeling the same way, as she looked like she was about to fall asleep.

Amy lazily looked over at me and said, “I am starving, I hope she brings us something soon.”

Just then Janelle came out on the deck and both Amy and my eyes shot open.

Janelle was carrying a tray of food and several glasses of blush wine. But the eye-opening part was that she was wearing a tiny see-through white tube top that showed off her dark brown nipples atop an amble set of dark brown globes, that jiggled as she walked. The white mini-skirt she had on wasn’t see-through but it was barely a skirt. It was a micro skirt, it barely covered her pussy and didn’t cover the bottoms of her round brown butt cheeks. It did show off her mouth-watering thigh gap though.

When she bent over to put the tray of food down, Amy and I got an eye full of her puffy brown hairless slit.

Amy smiled and said, “My, that looks yummy.”

“I hope you like everything I brought out for you two. I selected this wine, especially for today. Is there anything else I can do for you right now?” Janelle said with a smile that lit up her face and suddenly she didn’t look so sweet and innocent.

“You could….” Amy started but was cut off by Laila.

“Hey you two, you can’t have dessert until after dinner. Janelle, please go set up the dining room table. Amy and John’s guest should be here in a couple of hours,” Laila said.

My cock was already pushing at my shorts after seeing Janelle’s puffy pussy.

“That little bitch is a tease,” Amy said with a smile.

“I am surprised to see you both wearing clothes out here. It is a beautiful day to sunbathe naked. That’s what I would be doing if I wasn’t so busy in the kitchen.” Laila said and then turned and head back into the kitchen.

Amy got up from her lounge chair and took off her top, then moved over to me, and with the all too familiar fire in her eyes, she said, “It looks like I need to take care of this big fat cock. I can’t have my man suffering.”

Before I could say a word, my gorgeous wife pulled my shorts down and proceeded to give me one of her mind-altering blow jobs.

When she finished me off she kissed me, making sure the taste of my cum was still on her tongue.

“Now babe, you best hydrate. I think you are going to need to be fully hydrated for our guest as well as the chef and helper,” Amy said as she went back to her lounge chair and settled in with her book.

I settled in and tried to read my book but I quickly found myself dosing off.

“John, John, you should go get ready, the guest will be here soon,” Janelle said as she woke me up from a sound sleep.

I opened my eyes and saw Janelle standing over me and my first thought was I was still dreaming or dead because a beautiful brown angel was smiling at me. As I shook the sleep out I sat up and looked around for Amy.

“Amy is getting ready, she said to come wake you up and tell you to go get ready, they will be here soon,” Janelle said with a smile that could stop a train.

Janelle was still wearing the sheer see-through white tube top and her tits looked even better than they did a couple of hours ago. Luckily she didn’t bend over in front of me, because I wasn’t sure I would have been able to control myself and not grab her and shove my growing member into her.

She must have read my mind as she turned and head back to the kitchen but not before stopping at the door and pretending she dropped something. She bent over to pick it up giving me another peek at her puffy brown smooth slit.

By the time I got to the bedroom, my cock was pushing at my shorts to get out.

Amy laughed and said, “Janelle flash her cunt at you again, Babe? It is nice I must say.”

Amy was already dressed otherwise I would have bent her over the bathroom counter. The fact that Amy asked about Janelle’s cunt didn’t go unnoticed though, she still had her feet firmly planted in Slutville. My mind was racing with where tonight would go and I hesitated to get into the shower.

Amy picked up on my hesitation and said, “If our guest weren’t about to get here, I’d bend over and let you shove that fat cock of yours in your dirty slut of a wife’s wet cunt. But I want to be fresh for everybody Babe, so you will just have to wait. I am sure you will get all the hot wet cunt you want tonight, just make sure you save some for your cum bucket of a wife.”

Amy was past being a tourist in Slutville, she had apparently elected herself mayor.

As I stripped and got in the shower I said, “Hey, how come you’re not wearing the tube top and mini skirt like the other night? I thought we were all going to dress like the after-party. Janelle is.”

Amy looked at me and furrowed her brow and said, “Do you think they meant that? I thought it was said in kidding.”

Now it was my turn to furrow my brow as I said, “Hmm, I think they meant it, that’s why Janelle is dressed the way she is already.”

Amy looked disappointed.

“But I just bought this dress and wanted to wear it tonight,” Amy said.

“You look amazing in it babe. It shows off your gorgeous figure, No way they will be upset if you wear that.” I said.

I got in the shower and Amy said something as she left the bathroom but I didn’t hear her.

She came back to the bathroom just as I was drying off.

“Well, you were right. I asked Laila and they are all going to show up in the same attire as the afterparty. I guess we need to follow suit,” Amy said as she dug through the clothes to find her tube top and mini skirt while I pulled out a kilt and shirt. I wasn’t sure it was the one I wore to the party, but it was the kilt and shirt I grabbed off the floor as we left the after party

I laughed as I held it up thinking I would never wear this thing again the first time I put it on.

The doorbell rang just as we both finished getting dressed.

“Babe, go answer the door, I will be right out. I need to fix my hair,” Amy said.

As I left the room I mumbled to myself, “Women and their hair, geesh. No one is going to be looking at your hair when they can see your tits through that top.”

“What was that babe?” Amy asked.

“Nothing my love,” I said.

I opened the door to find Paul and Jasmin standing there fully dressed in their regular clothes. No tube top, no mini skirt or kilt.

I was just about to say, “What the heck” when Jasmin flashed me that smile that made me go weak in the knees.

“Hello handsome, I see you are dressed and ready for the party, Paul and I need to change we just came from the office,” Jasmin said and leaned in to hug and kiss me.

When her lips touched mine I felt like a bolt of electricity shot through my entire body and into my cock, which quickly began to stiffen under my kilt.

Amy came out just as Jasmin and I broke off our kiss.

Her eyes narrowed when she saw Paul and Jasmin dressed in street clothes and not the afterparty attire.

Paul said, “Hello sexy lady, you look good enough to eat, Jasmin and I just came from the office, we need to change. Are Finn and Shannon here already?”

That brought a smile to my wife’s face.

“No they’re not here yet,” I said as Jasmin continued to hug me. She smelled amazing and her scent was once again intoxicating.

Paul passed by the two of us and quickly grabbed Amy and the two of them embraced and locked lips.

Jasmin leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear, “I have been soaking wet since the other night. I can’t stop thinking about having you inside me. I had to masturbate twice at the office today you have me so worked up.”

My cock which had started to jump to attention when Jasmin kissed me was now close to fully erect and pressing against Jasmin’s stomach.

Before I could respond Jasmin whispered, “MMM I am getting the feeling you will make me a very happy girl tonight.”

“Easy big fellow, the night is young. You two need to go change. There is a dress code to attend this party after all,” Amy said with a bit of a giggle in her voice.

Jasmin walked over to Amy and gave her a long passionate opened mouth kiss.

When they broke off the kiss Amy said, “John, show Paul the guest room so he can change, I will help Jasmin change for the party.”

As Amy lead Jasmin past me to the bedroom I heard Amy whisper to Jasmin in a voice a little too loud, “Is your sweet black cunt as wet as mine?”

Jasmin said something in reply in a soft voice and all I was able to hear was, ‘Your husband’s cock’ before they left the room and closed the bedroom door.

The doorbell rang and as I went to get it I pointed out the guest bedroom to Paul so he could go change. It was kind of odd that they were changing in the bedrooms, seeing as I was more than sure we would all be naked before the night was over.

I opened the door and Finn and Shannon were standing there smiling.

“Hurry up and let us in, before the neighbors see my ass,” Shannon said as she walked in and hugged me, and then kissed me on the mouth.

“WOW you look amazing Shannon,” I said as we broke off the kiss.

“Oh, this old thing? I just threw on whatever I had,” Shannon said with a smile.

Finn laughed out loud and then said, “We had to go to three different stores yesterday to find a new skirt and top. No way she could wear the same outfit as the other night.”

Shannon punched Finn in the shoulder and said, “You bragging or complaining?”

“A little of both I think,” Finn said with a laugh.

Shannon looked stunning. I hadn’t noticed how attractive she was at the wedding. My attention was focused on Kate and then Jasmin, but now, I could see where Melody got looks from. Shannon was very attractive in that country girl next door way, although her boobs were much bigger than I am normally attracted to, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to bury my face between them.

My cock was already hard and causing a tent in my kilt and with the thought of titty fucking Shannon or motorboating her tits, my cock flexed causing my kilt to lift slightly, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Shannon.

Shannon gave me a wink and said, “I see Jasmin is here already. I hope a little of that is for me.”

Just then Jannelle came out from the kitchen holding a tray of drinks.

She had changed her top and was no longer wearing the white see-through tube top. She had put on a black halter top along with a black mini skirt. This skirt was much longer and cover her pussy and ass, even when she bent over as she did to put the plate of hors d’oeuvres down. I was a little bit disappointed the skirt covered her fat brown pussy.

Finn, Shannon, and I took a glass each and were about to make a toast when Amy came out of the room visibly flushed and said, “Hey, no toasting without me.”

Amy then proceeded to hug and kiss both Finn and Shannon.

Shannon said, “MMMM I love the perfume you are wearing Amy. I believe Jasmin has the same perfume between her legs.”

Amy giggled and said, “It is a delicious scent, I must say.

Jasmin and Paul joined us after they changed and we ventured out to the deck to enjoy the setting sun.

It was a bit uncomfortable until the first cocktail went down then Amy blurted out, “Ok, I have a ton of questions, are we allowed to ask them now?”

Shannon laughed and said, “Oh my God, it took you long enough.”

Janelle brought out more drinks and as she was setting them down Finn said, “Janelle be a dear and get my bag by the front door.”

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