The Goth Part 3: The Crypt by RobinGoodfellowPuck

A literotic sexstories: The Goth Part 3: The Crypt by RobinGoodfellowPuck ,

Finally three is finished!!!!

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Ever wake up after a long night of heavy drinking and wonder how the hell you got to where you are? Well that is how I felt when I woke up laying beside Snow; without the hangover and the wondering whom the fuck was beside me. Looking over at her sleeping I cannot help but think over the chain of events that led up to me filling my own sister with my cum. As I think over last night events, my cock begins to grow erect. Against what Snow had planned during our sleep, we still ended up side by side instead of me laying over her. Still, she now lay with her legs wide open, as if she is just waiting for someone to fill her pussy with their cock. I’ll give you two guesses on who is going to do that, first guess does not count.

Moving slowly, as not to wake her. A watches minute hand moved faster then mine. Climbing between her legs sitting back on my knees I look down at her body, exposed for me to see. My eyes start at the calf of her left leg and travels up to her thigh. As my gaze crosses her beautiful pussy, it glistens with her juices. She must be having some amazing dreams. Smirking as my roaming eyes continue to travel up her body, following the curve of her hips up to her perfect breast. As I lower myself over her body, I could not help myself. Lowering my head, I ever so gently flick my tongue over her sensitive nipple.

A small moan escapes her still sleeping form. Freezing believing I had awaken her I watch her continue to sleep, watching for any sign that she woke up. After several minutes of inactivity, I realize that she is asleep. Now I can give her what she wanted. Reaching down between us, I grab my cock, aiming it to the entrance over her pussy. As I get my cock close to her, ready to plow deep into her, three loud bangs come from down stair.

The sudden banging makes me startle, waking Snow under me. As she looks up at me she smirks, “Well hello. May I help you with something Mister?”

I smirk looking at her and drag the head of my cock up her pussy lips; a moan escaping her lips, “Maybe later. I think someone is at the door.”

“Aww I guess we have to go see who it is. I might want to go get some clothes on first.” She teases as I climb off the bed and start getting dressed.

I laugh softly looking at her as I close the fifth and final button for my black bdu pants, “Unless you want to turn on whoever is at the door I would suggest it yeah.” She laughs and walks towards the door slowly, swaying her hips as she walks. Smirking my right arm swings around and smacks her ass cheek, leaving a nice red handprint on her right ass cheek, “Go on now” command filling my voice.

Her movements quicken as she moves through my bedroom door, “Yes Master.” Her tiny voice calls out as she disappears around the corner. I shake my head slowly and walk through the bedroom door, grabbing my cell phone and a shirt on the way.

I had just begun to descend the stairs when whoever was at the door decided it would be a good idea to slam their fist against the door again. “HOLD YOUR HORSES I’M COMING!” I yell as I descend the stairs. They must have heard me; they started banging on the door without pause. With a slight growl, I descend the stairs two at a time. After proceeding down the short hallway, moving past the doorways to the kitchen and the living room, I throw open the door planning to give whoever is there an ear full. As the door swings open the fist that was pounding on the door does not meet the resistance it was expecting, cause the fist swings downward narrowly missing my nose. “WHOA!”

Standing in the doorway, a serious expression on his, is the same person that had stopped the trash can. Kristoff stood there staring at me, “Vlad, where have you been. Both Ghost and I have been trying to get a hold of you.”

“Snow came home from college last night; we were up late watching movies. What’s going on Kris?” My voice obviously displaying my worry now. By this time, Snow had walked up behind me in a white band shirt and white Tripp pants with black stitching.

“Her father and his friends have been drinking. They are trying to force themselves on her. We are going to get her right now, and put an end to this bullshit.”

Snow pushes me in the back before I can respond, “Let’s go damn it, we need to help her.” Stumbling forward I can do no more then nod.

We three rush to the car and Kristoff jumps in the front of a midnight black 67 impala. Climbing in the back Snow goes in first followed by me. As I sit down I look over to the driver side to find an older version of Kristoff sitting in the drivers seat, “Josh, how long have you been back in town?”

Josh turns to me, “Man, I got back yesterday. I was the one that dropped off Snow. Kristoff and our folks treated me to dinner then I slept in my own bed. Then get woke up this morning to Kristoff banging on my door.” He states matter of fact and turns back forward and starts to drive, Kristoff point the way to Ghosts’ house. As we go, we lay a very simple but effective plan.

Seeing as how both Josh and Kristoff had been training in various Martial Arts since they could walk we thought it best that if any fighting started they would handle it. Josh, Kristoff and I would climb into her bedroom window; which is thankfully on the bottom floor of the house. Snow would wait outside and help Ghost out of the window. Things do not always go as planned however.

We pull up a few blocks from her house. As we climb out of the car, everyone takes a good look around at the surroundings. The baby puke green house surrounded on three sides by the woods. Josh motions for everyone to remain silent and starts leading us through the trees, following my instructions on getting to her bedroom window.

Getting close to the window we can already hear them banging on her door, threatening to bust it down to get to her. Ghost already had the window open, quickly packing her clothes. Without hesitation Kristoff climbs through the window, since Ghost knows him, with Josh following close behind. Climbing through the window, I notice that they are already in position. Kristoff and Josh standing between where Ghost is still packing all her clothes and the door. As I help her pack a bag, her father keeps banging on the door and yelling. Between the banging and the slur from being drunk, it was impossible to understand what was being said.

Just as we are shoving the last of her clothes into one of her bags the door bust open and her father stumbles in, two of his friends behind him. He stands their looking dumbfounded that he did not face his daughter, just two male teens. The sound of her bag hitting the ground outside must have caught his attention because he looked up. Stumbling forward he had almost forgotten the boys until Josh spoke, “Si tuleris unum cenabis apud inferos gressus nocte.”

Her father stopped, looking at Josh confused. Kristoff answered his unasked question, “It is Latin for ‘Take one more step and you will dine in hell tonight’.” Kristoff continues to stare down her father, who decided not to listen and stumbled forward, drawing back for a hard right haymaker. Kristoff just stands there waiting for her father to swing; knowing he will never get close. As her fathers’ right arm swings forward at Kristoff, Josh explodes into a blur of movement. Moving forward into the path of the swing, he brings both arms up catching her fathers swing on his forearms. The moment they make contact Josh throws a right backhand punch; the knuckles of his right hand slamming into her fathers jaw filling the room with a sickening cracking sound. As his head bounces out to the side, throwing him off balance, Josh brings his right leg up as if to put his knee to his own chest then brings it back down hard. The sound of bones shattering echoes as the downward kick connects with her fathers’ knee.

As her father drops down to his knees, screaming in pain, Josh disappears through the door dragging one of her fathers’ friends with him. Kristoff takes a single step forward with his right foot and swings a hard cross kick as he turns his body from right to left. His right leg whips around, striking her father in the tip of his chin. His body crumbles as if someone just hit a switch. Without checking on her father Kristoff rushes into the hallway just in time to tackle the third man as he tried to go after Josh.

Ghost looks confused for a second and mumbles something. Looking at her, I tilt my head, “I didn’t catch that.”

Ghost looked up at me, “There were four guys in total.”

No sooner then she finished speak then Snow started screaming, “SNOW!” I rush to the window and quickly climb through. Ghost tries to follow until I yell over my shoulder, “GHOST! GET THE GUYS!” She knew I was talking of Josh and Kristoff. Not looking back, I follow the sounds of someone struggling; suddenly coming to a clearing in the woods just as the man throws Snow to the ground. He leans over her and starts trying to undress her; the sounds of clothing ripping filling the air. Seeing no other option, I grab the first thing I can think of, a rock about the size of my fist. Running up behind him gets his attention focused on me instead of my sister just in time for me to swing and slam the rock against his temple.

His body crumbles and falls to the side; laying unconscious. Josh, Kristoff and Ghost break through the tree line looking at Snow and I, the blood still dripping from my hand. Snow stands and hugs me tight, taking the rock from my hand and dropping it to the ground. Kristoff runs over grabbing my arm, “Come one, we got to go. Someone heard the fighting and called the cops. I can already hear the sirens.”

I nod slowly and turn the direction I am being pulled. Running along behind the others as if in a dream. Seeing Ghost stop running long enough to grab her bag from the ground outside her window. Josh slides across the hood of his car and quickly climbs into driver seat as Kris entered the passenger side. I ended up in the back with Snow and Ghost clinging to either side with my arms around them. Kristoff jumps into the front seat and Josh floors it.


The next day I am sitting on the couch flipping through the channels on the TV with one foot propped up on the table while Snow and Ghost sit in the kitchen. They were cooking supper for us. Josh and Kristoff had stayed the night to make sure her father did not come after us. They had gone home when it seemed obvious that he was not coming.

Suddenly a series of three quick vibrations happen in my right pocket, scaring the prime mortal hell out of me “Oh shit!” I scream loudly and could not stop myself from laughing. Hearing my girly ass scream the girls come running. Stopping they stand dumbfounded as I fumble in my pocket “Sorry, my pocket vibrated and scared me.”

Ghost and Snow both started laughing watching me “You fucking pussy.” Snow and Ghost said at the same time.

Standing I walk over to them, a mocking hurt expression on my face “To hell with the both of you.” They laugh all the harder as I check the text that damn near made the room smell of piss. “Hey, go get ready. We are going out.”

Ghost raised her eyebrow looking at me as Snow spoke “And pray tell where are we going?”

“We are going to The Crypt.” The Crypt was a bar the next town over that serviced mostly Goth kids. However, Emo and Scene kids were known to come and go.

“Why are we going there?” Ghost ask as she steps closer. She loved going to The Crypt. Even though we were under age, we were able to go in because we were friends with members of some of the more popular bands that came to play there. We just had to endure this big ass black X on our hands. Well, except for Snow.

“Salem’s Lot is playing tonight.”

“I thought James said they couldn’t get booked this weekend. Some bullshit about another band threatens to pull out of the battle of the bands next month if they didn’t get to play this weekend.” Ghost replied quickly, Snow confused as hell looking at us.

As I go to respond, Snow cuts me off, “Okay hold up. Who the hell is Salem’s Lot and who is James?”

Ghost laughed as she looks at Snow “Sorry. James Salem is a friend of ours, about your age.”

“And Salem’s Lot is the name of his band.” I said to her without missing a beat.

She nods slowly looking at me “Sounds legit to me.” She smiles and grabs Ghost by the wrist and pulls her up the stairs. I could not help but stare at their asses as they ran up the stairs, my cock slowly growing semi erect as I think of the things I would do to those asses. Checking the text again seeing that we had about an hour before Josh and Kristoff showed back up to give us a ride. Shrugging I tossed my nightmarish phone onto the couch and walked up the stairs slowly, hearing Snow and Ghost talking in Snows bedroom. I could not hear it all, just them trying to decide what to wear. Slowly shaking my head, I walk into my bedroom. Deciding on a pair of black tripp pants, no chains, with toxic green stitching and a long sleeve shirt. Designed for the left side to be the same shade of toxic green while the other side was black. Moving quickly from the bedroom I head into the bathroom to go a head and get my shower over with while they decide what to wear.

Meanwhile in the bedroom of Mrs. Snow, Ghost is looking through her bag. The more she looks the more upset she gets. Snow walks over and gently puts a hand on her shoulder “What’s wrong?”

Ghost looks up at her, tears forming in her eyes “I truly have nothing to wear. Everything I had was dirty when I shoved it in the bag. The only thing that was clean was some clothes I laze around the house in.”

Snow smiles reassuringly to her “Don’t worry about it. You can borrow some of my old clothes tonight. We will make sure your clothes are washed tomorrow…”

Suddenly Ghost throws her arms around her “Oh, thank you!”

Snow smiles softly and hugs her, slowly stroking her hair “You are welcome Sweetie. Now, let us see if we can’t find something for us to wear.”

In the twenty minutes it took me to shower, they had set a new record. Two females had gone through closest and dresser drawers, coming out with two full outfits. When I stepped out of the bathroom, having to hold up the heavy pants because I had forgotten a belt, Snow stood there tapping her foot. As soon as I cleared the doorway, she rushed past me to get past me. Either by accident or intentional her breast had been pressed to my arm as she went by.

When we had gotten her to our house the night before Ghost had felt dirty so she had showered almost as soon as she got inside. Then again this morning. Looking through Snow’s bedroom door as I passed by wondering if she was feeling well, she was nowhere to be seen. That was when I heard movement downstairs in the kitchen and had forgotten they were in the middle of making supper when the text had come in.

Smiling softly I make my way into my bedroom to finish getting ready. Did not take much more. Socks, boots, little eyeliner and two pyramid studded leather bracelets. I was ready to go. My medium length black hair was hard to do anything with style wise so I just brushed out the tangles and let it have its way.

Finally finished I make my way down the stairs to the kitchen about to offer to help her with supper, however that was out of the question. She had it ready and on the table. It was not much, however it still looked amazing. Shells and white cheese, instant mash potatoes and chicken strips. Smiling to her, seeing that she had not gotten ready yet, I step up behind her just as she was putting the last plate of food on the table. As I get close, I slide my arms around her from behind. “Looks good enough to eat love.”

She smiles and turns her head to me, kissing my cheek as her hands cover mine, “I would hope so. Honestly, Snow did most of the work. I just watched and followed her instructions.”

“Never the less.” Smiling to her, I kiss her softly as I hold her to me. Enjoying the feel of the softness of her lips on mine. About that time, we hear the bathroom door open. Obviously, Snow was finished.

Ghost breaks the kiss and looks at the door to the kitchen before pulling, almost reluctantly, from my arms “I got to go get ready. Should not take long. Go a head and eat if you want, I will when I get done.”

I did not get the chance to respond before she was out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Smiling as she does I turn back to the table and pick up one of the chicken strips from my plate, regretting it instantly. It would appear that they were the last cooked because it burnt my fingers. With a grunt, I dropped the strip back to the plate and began to check that I still had fingerprints left.

With my dignity in shreds, I move back into the living room to retrieve my phone, making sure I got no new messages before depositing it into my pocket. With a small yawn, I fall down onto the couch and lay my head back, closing my eyes. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know Ghost is shaking me awake, “Come eat. They should be here soon to get us.”

Standing slowly I smile to her looking over her outfit. Snow and her had chosen quite well. She stood before me wearing a plain black t-shirt, a black thigh length skirt with her black converse. Under the t-shirt must have been one of Snows fishnet shirts because as the sleeves of the tight t-shirt ends fishnet covers the rest of her arms. Nodding approvingly, I smile to her, “I like it.”

Taking her hand in mine, I walk with her into the kitchen to eat. Seeing Snow in almost the same outfit, only her classic white, I know it might be an interesting night.


Walking into The Crypt was always like walking into a second home for me. Tonight was no different. Salem’s Lot had been booked at the last minute; however, they still had the place packed. Wading into the crowd, Ghost, Kris and I sporting fresh black sharpie X’s on the back of each hand, we make our way towards the front. We were running a bit late so the band was already in full swing. Currently they were playing one of their original songs “Lilys Of The Valley.” He had never explained what he had used as an influence; however, it was the only song written by the drummer. It was about a women being beaten by her husband until she could not take it any more and poisoned his food. Even without explaining it, it was still their most popular original song so the pounding beats had the entire place in a roar.

After about an hour of playing James announced that they were going to have a brief fifteen minute intermission so they could refuel. Most of the crowd walked outside, however we just moved over to a table. “Hey, the girls are going to use the powder room. Why don’t you three get some drinks for us while you go to the counter?” All three of us were about halfway through the process of sitting down when Snow said this. Obviously, we were not planning on going to the counter. She took Ghost away before we could point this out. However, we did anyway.

As Snow and Ghost get to the bathroom, they are both shocked and relieved to see that there was not a line. Ghost had finished before Snow did so by the time Snow came out of the stall, Ghost was already washing her hands. Snow looks at Ghost from where she was just outside of the stall door, biting her lower lip. She had been stealing glances at Ghost all night hoping she would notice. She had a girlfriend back at college, but that was a long way away. They were loose relationship however. As long as Snow shared every detail, she did not care.

Snow slowly moved in behind Ghost and wraps her arms around her waist, washing her hands in the same sink. As she feels arms go around her Ghost jumps for a moment before looking in the mirror and seeing Snow. Smiling to her reflect Ghost ask the obvious question, “What are you doing?”

Snow smiles to her in the mirror as she comes up with a response on the fly, “It is more eco-friendly if we use the same sink.” She presses herself closer to Ghost. Her breast pressing into her back and her hips pressing against her ass.

Ghost gives the faintest of a shiver from the closeness, hoping Snow did not notice. Truthfully, she had been stealing peeks at her for most of the night. She had never been with another girl before. She was curious. Very curious. However something stopped her from making the move right there. Vlad. While she had been thinking about this Snow had leaned her head in close and began placing soft kissing along the exposed flesh of her neck. Ghost closed her eyes and moaned softly. The thought of him brought her eyes back open to look at his older sister in the mirror. “What about Vlad?” Was all she could manage to ask.

Snow looks at her in the mirror before she slowly kissed her way along her jaw line, whispering softly to her, “I am quite sure he will be alright with his sister tasting you. Thrilled even.” As she spoke, her breath landed on Ghosts’ flesh, giving her words a gentle physical caress.

Another quiet moan escapes Ghosts’ lips as she speaks, pressing her ass back against Snows’ hips. “We shouldn’t disappoint him then.” She smirks into the mirror as she speaks.

Snow smirks over her shoulder, “We really shouldn’t.” As she speaks her hands come to rest on Ghosts’ waist, her lips finding their way back the younger girls neck. Slowly she nips at the young flesh as her hands begin to caress Ghosts’ sides and stomach, her hands working her shirt and fishnet upwards.

Snow feels the younger girl drop her head to the side giving her more access to the lovely flesh. Once the shirt is about halfway up her stomach Snow slowly slides her hands under the fabric of her shirts. Her fingers dancing along the flesh as they made their way upwards. Coming finally to their destination, Snows’ hands cup her breast through the lacey fabric of the red bra she had loaned the girl. Her fingers massaging and kneading the soft flesh. With a faint moan, Ghost arches her back, trying to press her breast more into her hands.

That was all the encouragement that Snow needed from Ghost as arched into her hands, making her grasp at he girl’s breast more, letting her fingers nails dig in through the red lace of the bra. She smirked against the back of her neck, feeling how Ghost’s breathing was picking up as Show began to grind against the girl’s ass. Running her right hand lightly down Ghost’s stomach letting her nails graze along her flesh, Ghost’s muscles tensed as another slight tremor moved through her body. Snow’s left hand still on her full breast kneaded and massaged more before she moved her hand down to cup it more as her index and middle finger moved up to pinch her nipple between them feeling it harden.

Ghost whimpered more feeling the pinch to her nipple but more so when she felt Snow’s hand traveling lower to the waistline of her skirt then down along the apex of her thighs and along her right inner thigh. Ghost raised her eyes to look at Snow in the mirror once more, her tongue peeking out across her bottom lip from both nervousness and lust. Snow looks back at her, watching her face as she nips lightly once more at the back of her neck before moving her head around more to the side and running her tongue along it. Ghost watches her do it as well as feeling the hot moisture of her saliva on her neck and bites her lip even harder, causing it to swell just a bit.

Snows left hand moves down more before finding the hem of her skirt, sliding her hand under it and back along her inner, grazing her pussy lips lightly before rubbing her fingertips across her mound. Feeling Snow’s hand moving up her thigh to her mound, Ghost lets out a soft moan, letting her eyes close partially, goose bumps following the path of her touch. Snow moved her fingers down over her mound to a lot her lips, pressing the matching red lace panties between her lips and smirking at feeling how wet Ghost was getting just from the light play.

Suddenly grinning, Snow drops her hand from her breast to wrap her arm around Ghost’s waist and pulls her backwards, walking her as Snow continues to tease her through the panties pressing hard enough to push the panties into her entrance just a bit, making them even wetter. She was pulling her back into the stall she had just come from and Ghost let her, her body trembling waiting for, wanting whatever came next. As soon as Snow had Ghost back into the stall, she pushed the door closed and locked it almost shoving Ghost into her, pinning her against it, which made Ghost whimper out in surprise and excitement.

Snow pulled her hand away from her wet pussy and bringing her damp finger up to Ghosts lips, growling lightly in her ear. “Suck it off, taste that cunt.” Ghost moans lightly again parting her lips to suck Snow’s finger into her mouth, moaning more at the taste of her own juices. Smiling now, Snow pulls her fingers from Ghost lips then runs her hands down along the girls’ arms to catch her hands and pull them upward to the top of the stall door. “Grab hold and don’t let go.” Snow whispers in her ear causing Ghost to grip the top of the stall door as Snow starts to move down along her body, pressing her breasts against her back then her ass as she squats in the floor.

Pushing Ghost’s skirt up she leans in more to run her tongue teasingly along her pussy through her panties, making the younger girl gasp and tremble more. “Oh fuck…” Snow knowing now how wet her panties were suddenly reaches up and yanks then down to her ankles, pulling to make her step out of them. When Ghost does, she stuffs them in her pocket. “I think my brother will love to have these.” Ghost tries to look back over her shoulder down to Snow with a blush staining her cheek just to cry out softly as Snow runs her tongue between her pussy lips and across her entrance.

Then Snow suddenly went at her, shoving her tongue deep in her waiting pussy, rubbing it along her walls just to find her sweet spot and flicking her tongue across it, making Ghost grip the top of the stall harder, making her rise up on her tip toes as a wave of pleasure hits her. Snow reaches up and places her hands at her hips pulling her back down just to start pumping her tongue in and out of her pussy, tasting her juices as the girl becomes wetter and wetter. It all so shocking and exciting that it does not take Ghost long to get really turned on. Here she was in the bathroom of the Crypt, with Vlads’ sister, having her first girl on girl experience.

Snow tasting her lust grins against her pussy and pulls her tongue out to run it up between her pussy lips and tease her clit, flicking it, circling it even grinding it across it making Ghost cry out more. The younger girl rocks her hips back, pressing more against Snow’s tongue just as Snow brings her index and middle finger up to push them inside of her pussy making Ghost stiffen and moan out more as they start moving inside of her hard and fast. The speed and friction as well as Snow’s tongue still working Ghost’s clit hard and fast makes her cry out more as her knuckles turn white as she grips the stall door hard. It hits her hard and fast, she climaxes, her orgasm making her almost scream out just as another girl starts to come in the bathroom. However, hearing her calling out she pauses and then steps back out with a laugh deciding to wait till the two were done.

Snow laps her juices that drip from her pussy as she still fingers her, pushing her excitement higher until she feels her coming down then she pulls back, licking her lips and then her fingers as she stands. When she does, she takes the panting still whimpering Ghost’s hair and yanks her head back to kiss her hard, rolling her tongue across her letting her taste her own cum. Before pulling back and smirking at her. “Good bitch.”

Snow walks out of the stall, spinning the wet panties on her finger. Looking at where Ghost was still panting hard in the stall she smirks, “Just wait until we get home tonight. That’s when the real fun begins.” He says to her as she winks, walking past the Raven-haired girl that had tried to come in before. The panties still in full view.

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