A Cheap Fuck

An adult stories – A Cheap Fuck by MATT_TRIEWLY,MATT_TRIEWLY I was a cheap guy in a cheap hotel. A cheap room. She was kind of cheap too, but I think I may have been a little cheaper. Now I think about it. I’d always fancied her. Always wanted to fuck her. Always wanted to see … Read more

Conversation Took a Left Turn Ch. 02 by Omegaman56,Omegaman56

Bobby works the Process THIS IS A RAAC You have to read Tnicoll’s story, or you will not understand the ending of this one. This is not a standalone story. I want to thank Tnicoll for allowing me to write an ending to his story, https://www.literotica.com/s/this-conversation-took-a-left-turn He is a far better writer than I am. … Read more

The Old Slave

An adult stories – The Old Slave by OneWhoAdores,OneWhoAdores The Old Slave My father died of a heart attack at age 46. I was 21, just as I was finishing my junior year in college. My mother had died in a car accident 10 years earlier. I was an only child, and I was now … Read more

Cindy_(4) by xsamuraix

A literotic sexstories: Cindy_(4) by xsamuraix Cindy This is a story in continuation of the “My first camping trip” series. it features the same main character, Cindy, but takes place a few years later. Cindy was 14 now, a freshman in high school. 3 years had gone by since that first trip into her sexual … Read more

Elise Ch. 15

An adult stories – Elise Ch. 15 by BillyTripp,BillyTripp “Elise,” Chapter 15 (MF old/teen18, forced striptease) Sandy It had started Sunday evening after dinner. In the beginning, everything was on the table. I considered all the various devices I’d used over the years to discipline Beth and bend her to my will. I considered taking … Read more

Sally Goes To A Photo Shoot 1 by Affable Oldster

Introduction: This story came to me as a request from an Internet friend for a story about his wife Sally and her submission. , 1 Andy loved taking pictures of his lovely wife, Sally. The pictures often drew praise from friends and family, and this led to Sally thinking about a career in modelling. With … Read more

Discord Pt. 01 by Lydra,Lydra

Author’s Note: This is intended to be closer the slow burn end of the spectrum than quick get-you-off. If you want a fast dive into sex, you may want to look elsewhere. This story originated as a treat for my online friends, as well as a chance to explore online play as different sort of … Read more

The Medallion – Chapter 8 by Sadistic_Dominant

Introduction: These stories are all fantasy. Don't try to turn fantasies into reality and ruin people's lives. Comments are always appreciated. , Monday night – part 2 Alicia Winters was glad to be home. It had been a long day at work and she wanted to rest. She knew her daughter, Emily, had some friends … Read more

Exposed by DNA – The Ghost Dad

An adult stories – Exposed by DNA – The Ghost Dad by chymera,chymera Since so many readers felt that the main character in the last story should have done DNA testing, I thought there should be one where testing was done. It doesn’t always come out like you think. ================================================================================== The baby’s blood type made … Read more

Heartening News

An adult stories – Heartening News by airair,airair Previous – “Another Kind of Celebration” Rachna returned to the site to oversee its advancement, and it was yet another busy day for the lady. Later that night, Rahul invited Urmi to his hotel. “You look beautiful as always,” were Rahul’s first words as she entered the … Read more

How I met a cam girl that changed my life. Part 1 by BadGirlFriends69

Introduction: While this is based on my real life, I have changed all names, locations and time lines to protect all parties privacy. If you like this story and want me to continue to writing the rest of it please consider voting on the story and leaving a comment. , (All names and location are … Read more

New Thing Ch. 01

An adult stories – New Thing Ch. 01 by EightyThousandEightyFive,EightyThousandEightyFive Jon ambled his way through the trendy little bistro with a dumb grin on his face. Call it naïve, call it foolish, but inspiration was inspiration, and when it hits you like a lightning bolt, your brain stops telling your muscles what to do. Right … Read more

Ladies Book Club Chapter 3 by aliveinpr

Ladies Book Club Chapter 3 by aliveinpr ,Introduction: Introduction: Wife likes husbands fantasy, but acts on her own to get gang banged. , Ladies Book Club Chapter 3 by aliveinpr In chapter 2, Secretly, Bill personally evidenced his wife, Alice, being gang banged by a group of black men and the joy she expressed. I … Read more