Building a Dream: Part Eighteen by Steveandjay

Introduction: “ACTION.” Patty shouted, a little too loud I thought considering the enclosed surroundings. Sonia sat on the sofa flicking through the magazine; her long legs stretched out in front of her and low cut top showing an ample cleavage. , Building a Dream: Part Eighteen Continues on from part seventeen. The group are at … Read more

Educating Melissa by Wilderness Cry

Introduction: Julie knows her teenage half-sister, Melissa, has a crush on her husband and wants him to take her virginity. She decides to make it happen for her. , Educating Melissa Dominic had always been a bit of a heart-throb; six foot four, good-looking, well-built and well-endowed; he had it all. And he was still … Read more

Vodka: Caramel & Green Apple by JimBob44,JimBob44

*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age. Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, utilizing Microsoft Spell-check. You have been forewarned; expect to find mistakes. I dedicate this story to Morebrand, an author and frequent commenter on this site. You will be missed. … Read more

Sarah's New Year's Gift Part 1 by gdc1588

Introduction: Her first time , Sarah looked around the large pool area feeling lost and very out of place. It was New Years Eve, and the room had been closed off to swimmers and decorated for the holiday party. The lounge area next to the swimming pool was so filled with people getting ready to … Read more

Incestuous Harem 18: Bred by Our Brother by mypenname3000

A literotic sexstories: Incestuous Harem 18: Bred by Our Brother by mypenname3000 , Everything changes when two of Clint’s sisters turn up pregnant with his child! Incestuous Harem Chapter Eighteen: Bred by Our Brother By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Clint Elliston Shock and pleasure shot through me, my cock unloading a final squirt of cum into … Read more

Father and daughter by JessiRae

Introduction: this is just the first isntallment… there's more to cum… 😉 , One day Martin was with his daughter Taylor, who just turned 20, while she was away at a nearby college. He couldn't help but notice how she’d turned into a beautiful young woman. Watching her go about the dorm she was sharing … Read more

How Firm a Foundation Ch. 01 by lustdarkly,lustdarkly

Showing how our friends supported my wife during her pregnancy. Chapter 1 of 3 Kay. There’s nothing more disappointing than waking up in the middle of a dream. Especially a nice dream. Especially and erotic dream like the one I was having! Reality hits us like a sledge hammer normally leaving us deflated, disappointed and … Read more

Our Family Adventures Pt. 03

An adult stories – Our Family Adventures Pt. 03 by RDiamond,RDiamond Yeah Yeah, all persons were/are over the age of 18. Yada Yada Yada and Blah Blah Blah. To understand the full context of this story, you should read part one and two first. Sunday, Day 3 of Our Family Adventure……. I did not reply … Read more

Life Redone (Part 1 of 10) by TripleAcesHigh

A literotic sexstories: Life Redone (Part 1 of 10) by TripleAcesHigh , A chance to redo ten moments of your life. What would you choose? [Started a new series, but this doesn’t mean the Sisters By the Pool is done. As always, I welcome all comments here. Love hearing from readers. Thanks for reading everyone!] … Read more

Lisas Transformation 17-18 by tpwmuc

Introduction: Do not read this if you have a problem with any of the themes in that story. Some themes selected will occur at a later point. , —————————– Chapter Seventeen – The wrong hole As she woke up again, she was tied to what seemed to be a wooden horse. Also she felt, that … Read more

Heroism – the Oggbashan Memorial Event – Coming Soon

An adult stories – Heroism – the Oggbashan Memorial Event – Coming Soon by Literotica,Literotica One of Literotica’s longest-standing authors Oggbashan (also affectionately and familiarly known as “Ogg”) has passed away after a long, hard-fought battle with cancer. Over his two decades at Literotica, Ogg was not only a prolific writer of tales, but also … Read more

Mistress Sicily Ch. 02 – Ranch Business

An adult stories – Mistress Sicily Ch. 02 – Ranch Business by DirtBoss,DirtBoss Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction and none of this should happen in real life without full consent. Most of the characters in this story are committing criminal acts. If the idea of human sexual slavery, blackmail, nonconsensual sex, animal … Read more

An adult stories – by Comments and feedback are welcomed and appreciated “Come on baby isn’t this what you wanted? My big cock stuffing your tight little pussy full?” His teasing words as torturous as his cock, making me want more, making me become a needy slut desperate to be fucked and used until I … Read more