Heroine Addiction

An adult stories – Heroine Addiction by Choppedliver,Choppedliver Just a hopefully amusing four parter before life gets terribly busy again. All parts are written and should be posted on subsequent days. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoy! Heroine Addiction Part 1 My name’s Barry. My wife is Kari. Yeah, cute rhyme, … Read more

Delightful Dana by rockparker,rockparker

As always, a hat tip and a serious word of thanks to my friend and editor, MS. You do this for me. You do it quickly. You do it with class. And you are always correct. My deepest appreciation to you. While based in fact — we had friends at one of our military assignments … Read more

The Teacher’s Husband

An adult stories – The Teacher’s Husband by offkilter123,offkilter123 This little tale is not designed to advance the LW genre in any form or fashion. It’s my attempt to get back into the swing of writing after taking the last couple of months away for a self-funded study of the validity of the claim that … Read more

The Hotwife Games Ch. 10 by KingFlow,KingFlow

THE HOTWIFE GAMES – CHAPTER 10 I was wrong. ‘The Hotwife Games’ was originally to contain a total of 10 chapters, but this last section ran so long that the series will in fact be 15 chapters long. These final chapters are complete, and I’ll release each in quick succession. I can’t tell you how … Read more

Hiking Partner Swap Ch. 02 by AnonymousRobin,AnonymousRobin

Individually, she accepts her desires Only a week ago, Val and Brad spent a weekend hiking at the nearest national park. Hiking had been that one physical activity that was part of their early dating. Fifteen years later, with the independence of teenage kids, they returned to this special dating activity. Sharing a physical activity … Read more

Luck of the Irish by Fredoberto,Fredoberto

The second brightly coloured ball dropped from the big basket and was rolling along the steel track to join up with the first one as Isla came storming out of the kitchen, hurriedly unfolding a little pink ticket. “Why didn’t you tell me it had started?” my wife angrily demanded, plopping herself down on the … Read more

Tip of the Spear Pt. 02 by saddletramp1956,saddletramp1956

Tip Of The Spear, Pt. 02 A Sheriff Ryan Caldwell story I would like to thank QuantumMechanic1957 for giving this a beta read, as well as those who have offered comments and constructive criticism on my previous stories. And now, the disclaimers: For those who want to say this or that would never happen, remember … Read more

Wife Peed on me While I Ate My Meal

An adult stories – Wife Peed on me While I Ate My Meal by catlover19991,catlover19991 I love going down on my wife, even if she pees on me. She is a bigger woman. She is 5-4, and weighs about two-hundred pounds. She carries her weight well, and she is pretty. She is no super model, … Read more

Changes – Her Story Ch. 02 by BenJacnov,BenJacnov

Shortly before Tim was due home I took a shower and got ready for the evening. I used a scented body wash that I knew he loved. Thinking of the possibilities of the evening’s outcome I found my hand in my crotch; my fingers stroking my clit. I stroked myself until I was ready to … Read more

Ascending Lauren Ch. 15 (3.38) by SimpleEnigma,SimpleEnigma

This narrative is part of a multi-part story that explores the sexual exploits of a Midwestern couple who wanted a change in locale, but are experiencing much, much more. Warning: subject matter includes hotwife/cuckold/group sex topics. This story is tagged as such, so if you do not care for these types of tales, move on. … Read more

The Spy Who Almost Loved Me Ch. 02 by SirAuthor,SirAuthor

THE SPY WHO ALMOST LOVED ME PART TWO OF THREE ~~~ ONE WAY TICKET I. THE PLAN At 8:30 that morning, Sara called her handlers. “He’s in the shower…Yes, it’s going well. We made love…I blamed Alex for everything. He still has feelings for me…Yes, it’s all set. He’s agreed to go away with me … Read more

A Gift for Samantha

An adult stories – A Gift for Samantha by Sweetlydreaming,Sweetlydreaming Barry had a surprise in mind for the lovely Samantha. Barry completely loved Samantha more than anything else in this world, he desperately wanted to do something a little different and special for her but their lifestyles and work schedules made it a little difficult. … Read more

The Valentine's Day Couple by darrellb709,darrellb709

The familiar apprehension began the instant I hung up. From the very beginning, the right words never came to mind when dealing with Linda. Our relationship began with me handing her a valentine card because I couldn’t find the words to ask for a date. From our backyard resting high on the hill south of … Read more