Imogen's Perfect Bumhole by Jack_Stanton,Jack_Stanton

The door was a minor work of art in itself; with three nearly opaque large glass panels, irregularly cut, in yellow, blue and red set into the door. I looked down the hall. All the doors in the block had a different arrangement of glass. In front of me, on the door frame, there was … Read more

Cul-De-Sac Ch. 5 by Shoreguy,Shoreguy

My next-door neighbor arranged for me to hang some curtain rods and blinds at her house. Her husband never seemed to have the time or patience for this type of work I think that the dummy didn’t know how to read a ruler or a level. Well, anyway, it was work and the opportunity to … Read more

My Girlfriend Loves Cock Pt. 02 by NerdySex,NerdySex

Part 2: please read part 1 to get the context of this story. “So you would like to invite someone to join us?” “Someone with a big cock to fuck my married pussy while you watch. I would like us to do all sorts of things if we found the right guy.” “That could be … Read more

Road Trip to Remember by Lukesmitty

Introduction: After Luke’s grandmother Kathy sells her home, he’s given the task of helping her drive her car to his family hometown. Unexpected events can really lead to unexpected situations…… , >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CHAPTER 1: INTRO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -Are you kidding me?? Just come home already!! Luke screams angrily into his phone as he pulls into the … Read more

1976 A Summer of Loving My Mother Pt. 15-19 by Motherlicker

1976 A Summer of Loving My Mother Pt. 15-19 by Motherlicker Part 15 Back in the bedroom, mum went to her panty drawer and put on a pair of black silky knickers with a lacey frill around the top. I looked at her inquisitively as she winked and said, “Your mother needs her virtue protecting. … Read more

An adult stories – by 1Eli is a new student in a kinky class. 2Ms. Tawnee’s assignment is for Eli to masturbate in public. 3Eli brings his assignment to class for a grade. 4Eli must have sex with a stranger for a class assignment. 5Eli is caught lying and punished by Ms. Tawnee. 6Eli hopes … Read more

Best Friend's Journey Pt. 01 by forestofjack,forestofjack

I lucked out when I started uni and managed to share a room with my childhood best friend, Carl. We were neighbours when we were kids and although I moved house and we went to different colleges, we managed to stay fast friends. Throughout college, obviously, we made other friends and got to know new … Read more

The Sweet Taste of Forbidden Fruit Ch. 02 by KaraSweet,KaraSweet

Read Part 1 first, it’s a long one but worth it. EXCERPT FROM PART 1 The throbbing between Melissa’s legs wasn’t going to go away overnight and no matter how long of a shower she took, soap could never wash away the memory of what she had done. Her husband was going to be gone … Read more

Hires Lover For His Wife by Nakedcraving,Nakedcraving

Back when I could hold an erection for as long as I wanted, until it was no longer necessary after a come-shooting orgasm, I had plenty of interest in fucking. Believe me it never occurred to me that may ever end. After medication, age, and medical conditions reduced the time I could desperately keep it … Read more

My Daughter’s Last Birthday by Dinner

My Daughter’s Last Birthday by Dinner If you squick easily, my stories aren’t for you. Consider yourself warned. , A short disclaimer (because people seem to ignore the Introduction section): This story contains rape, slavery, cannibalism and snuff. These things are listed in the tags above. If you don’t like reading about those things, then … Read more

Kidnapped and Horse Raped by alcaira

Kidnapped and Horse Raped by alcaira A girl with many guys and horses , This was originally from but since they are deleting my and other’s posts I am putting this here to “save” it from deletion. Sandra walked through the party a heavy sigh of boredom escaped from her lips. It was late … Read more

Daddy’s lil whore by horny25

Daddy’s lil whore by horny25 Dad catches son crossdressing and uses him for his pleasure , Note : This story is completely fictional! I had always been fascinated by the feel of womens clothes against my skin, and today was no different. Mom was away on a business trip to Canada, and dad was away … Read more

My Mom’s Friend by maxam

My Mom’s Friend by maxam 12 year old’s first try is wonderful , My Mom’s friend I was almost 11 when it first happened. My Mom owned a small two room summer cabin in an older resort beach area. Her best friend, Anne, who lived at our house, also had a young son, Rob, he … Read more