What a day by marriedguy181

What a day by marriedguy181

my sisters first doggy three some , After our morning piss play, I told Pauline to ring Des, her boyfriend and tell him, she would stay with him in London, after she had dropped me of at the airport on Saturday, with a smile she quickly rang him and arranged that, then I told her to send Jane a message to say we would drop Jerry of Saturday morning also on the way to airport, save her driving out here to pick him up, again, all smiles and things were set.

Jerry was happy to see us, and we both got ready for another busy day, I had already set up a Skype meet with Sue and the kids Friday afternoon our time, as they would be having another group fuck in Australia too, I said nothing about Jerry, I wanted to see their face’s as Pauline took him.

We began to play, I used the toys and fist in Pauline, while she fucked and fisted me also, then mid afternoon, the door bell rang, Alf and Lee were wanting more fun, quickly following me to the bedroom to get going.

I had told them all to make sure if any day they could make it Friday for a real good send of, both guys said they were back again tomorrow, but had arranged several days of to meet us. It took about an hour, Pauline’s butt was filled by Alf”s cum, as Lee and myself fucked next to her, then I gave Pauline a sly smile, and went of to get Jerry.

As I walked back in they both looked at us strange, I got under Pauline and shoved my cock in her pussy, her butt near the edge of the bed soon got a licking from Jerry, both guys looked on with hard cocks.

I knew Jerry would now take the lead, he jumped up, and I could feel his cock against mine trying to find her pussy, I told Lee to aim it at her butt, he did, and we both began to feel him sliding his long cock into her hole, my cock held firm, as he got further into her butt.

I was watching my sisters eyes as Jerry began to fuck her hard, she was in heaven, her orgasm going strong, my cock filling her pussy tightened the feeling inside her body, as Jerry now fucked her faster than any guy could.

I gave her a good sniff, she immediately, began to go wild her body shaking as Jerry fucked her butt faster, I kissed her, she gave me such a horny look as Jerry and I now enjoyed her fully, Lee was fucking her mouth too, she was full, and when Jerry blew his wad of cum in her, I was going to empty my balls too.

It was a good long fuck, Jerry had knotted and my cock was having trouble staying in her pussy as it was so tight, Lee held of, and let Alf face fuck her now, then I could feel Jerry’s cock grow more, Pauline her eyes glazzed over, was so horny, we could and were doing any thing to her. then Jerry growled his cock jerked and Pauline’s butt was flooded with doggy cum once more, that was to much for Alf he shot his load in her mouth and over her face, I licked some up, as Pauline just stayed locked onto my cock.

Lee was behind, watching Jerry, it took some time, Jerry pulling against Pauline’s hole to get out, but his knot held him firm, as his knot began to soften, his cock dropped out, I saw Lee and felt him licking Pauline’s butt, he was eating Jerry’s cum from her, I told him to bring us some to share,

Pauline was only just coherent, as Lee brought up a big mouth full of doggy cum, I held her face to one side, as he dropped it in her mouth, then she turned sharing it in a kiss with me, my cum slut sister was sexually very happy right now, our tongues explored one another’s mouths.

Then Lee stuck his cock in her butt, and fucked her, I slid mine out of her pussy and pushed it in with him, as we both took her cum soaked butt. Her orgasm still going strong, as Lee’s longer cock found new pleasure spots inside her anus, my cock was close, but I held off still longer, knowing where I was going to drop my sperm.

Lee jerked, his cock swelled up and his seed started on its way up into Pauline’s bowels, my cock still locked inside got the heat from his juices, as Lee gave a butt full of human cum.

I waited till he went soft, then rolled Pauline over, and sat on her fist, that was all it took, my cock jerked as the first reams of white seed shot out, then 4 or 5 good long squirts hit Pauline’s face, she hardly had the energy to try and eat them, as I slowed, I went down kissing her and sharing my cum, licking it from her face and boobs. Alf and Lee also helping me clean her body off.

It took awhile, then Pauline just said thank you to me, her eyes still glazed over, she had been well and truly fucked.

I told Lee to use the douche as later I wanted to fuck him again, while we rested a bit, Alf lay with us, as we kissed our way around my beautiful sisters body, she just had this silly just fucked look on her face, she still wasn’t fully down from her orgasm’s..

Lee came out some 20 minutes later, Pauline now at least was talking, saying she had never felt so full, or so sexy, as when we were fucking her, and how her life had changed so much in the last few days.

Now she was able to move, I got her to sit on my mouth so I could eat the last of the doggy cum from her, a fair bit still ran out of her hole, as I licked her clean, then we took her in for a clean up, all three of us pissed on her and then she lay Lee down and pissed over him, He was a bit taken aback, as we rubbed it into his skin, and spread it over him, but then we all helped clean one another with a nice warm shower.

I took them back to the bedroom, and told Pauline to fuck Lee with the toys while my cock recovered, Lee took a good couple of sniff of poppers as Pauline got ready, she stuck the big vibe in the strap on and went behind him, with his butt sticking up high she went about fucking him hard,

Lee was loving his new found sexual fun, he now had anal orgasms too, with ever sniff he got more and more ambitious, pushing back to meet her thrusts, I got the small dildo and slide it in with hers, he liked the feeling, as Pauline proceeded to push all 12 inch’s in his butt, together with the huge vibe he was doing ok.

Alf wanted in, so Pauline moved back and let him fuck Lee, both guys going well as Pauline and I played next to them, I slid under him and sucked his cock, pre cum filled my mouth, as he had more anal orgasms, Alf was begin to make noises, then he unloaded his seed deep in Lee”s arse, Pauline and I took turns licking him dry, then I fucked Lee’s arse, the fresh cum made my cock slide easy, as Lee settled in for more anal fun.

I let Pauline fuck him again with the toys, while I fucked her butt, Alf was enjoying a blow job from Lee, when my cock was close to exploding, I moved Pauline away, stuck my cock deep in Lee’s arse once more and very quickly filled him with my cum, this near anal virgin had 2 loads in one day, Pauline lay under him, as he eased our juices out into her mouth. I kissed her lovingly sharing my cum.

I then lay on my back on the bed, Pauline pulled Jerry over, he licked my butt, then quickly jumped up, his cock going in my open butt, and I began to enjoy more of his k9 cock, he was happy to fuck me for some time, I love the speed, and heat from his cock, the others watched as he made me his bitch, knotting me fully, and soon the feeling of hot doggy cum flooded my hole, Jerry stayed firm, his cock seeding me long and hard, Pauline even said it looked like my tummy was swelling with the amount of cum going in me.

Jerry pulled and turned, most times a dog will only turn when they are doing it doggy style, but this time he managed to turn with his back to me, I could see his swollen knot inside my butt, or at least the bump from it. I held him tight not wanting to waste any cum, then after 10 minutes or so, he plopped out, I quickly held my hand over my butt to stop the cum leaking out.

I told lee and Pauline to lay down with their faces together, as soon as they did, I stood over them, moved my hand and let gallons of dog cum run out , covering them both, Pauline looked so sexy covered in so much dog cum, when the flow stopped, I kissed her licking up cum, then lead her into the bathroom.

By now the guys knew, Pauline and Lee knelt down, as Alf and I peed over them both, then we swapped around and let them piss on us, a nice warm shower after that cleaned us all up.

We played some more, then called it a day, saying we had better get some rest before tomorrow fun, I told the guys to bring along other guys who wold be into our kink, Lee said just guy’s?

I said “who did you have in mind then”, he said his wife was keen to meet us, and was as kinky as him, but didn’t know yet about him doing anal, he wanted to surprise her if possible, Pauline looked a bit unsure, as I said Please bring her along, its all fun and any one else to.

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