Not Quite Family

An adult stories – Not Quite Family by FingerPrince,FingerPrince I grew up just on the edge of a major metropolitan area with two older sisters and a younger brother. My parents stayed together until I was about 15 years old, but split up fairly amicably. They both worked crazy hours, but lived a pretty social … Read more

Fiction – Lilly Ch. 02 by MemoirFantastique,MemoirFantastique

It had been three or four days since Dave had appeared in Lilly’s small screen escapades and they had not spoken since. There was no malice or ill will involved, it’s just that their paths has not crossed since. Life’s like that sometimes. In yesterday’s mail, Dave had received a parcel from his parents. They … Read more

Sophie's Medical Experiment by allmydirtylilsecrets,allmydirtylilsecrets

This is my first story, so I would love some feedback. English is not my first language so I’m sorry for any mistakes. This story is inspired by a lot of the stories that are in my favorites, a special thank you to their authors for the orgasms. I’m aware of my lack of medical … Read more

So This Man Asked Me Out Pt. 08 by VanessaEvans,VanessaEvans

I again woke to the feeling of John’s cock sliding in and out of me and our lovemaking continued from where it stopped the previous night but I was up, showered and had breakfast just before Adam arrived for my thrice weekly home workout session which included absolutely everything that it had the previous Wednesday. … Read more

College Library Pt. 02 by Freya3548,Freya3548

A little gesture of his head invited me to follow. I didn’t need convincing. I’d just soaked his face with a quaking orgasm sitting at a table in the central study area of the fifth floor of our college library, him under my table. I’d certainly never done anything like that before! Not by a … Read more

From Fantasy to Reality in the Naked City Ch. 03 by EdwardKalb,EdwardKalb

From Fantasy to Reality in The Naked City — Part 3 A shy but adventurous exhibitionist wife emerges, then questions her morals at a Nudist Resort NOTICE: Copyright © 2022 – This is an original work by EdwardKalb and is protected under copyright by U.S. copyright law. It is only submitted at and the … Read more

New Neighbor Ch. 03

An adult stories – New Neighbor Ch. 03 by Peachyyysky,Peachyyysky I’m mid way through my work day. By that I mean I’ve finished most of my work except a few things and I’m trying to look busy until then. It’s nice to work from home but sometimes I get stuff done too quickly and really … Read more

Jayne’s World Pt. 17

An adult stories – Jayne’s World Pt. 17 by westjayne495,westjayne495 Jayne’s World Pt. 17. Paying my rent with a most momentous fuck and orgasm. MAX “They loved it babe, they fucking loved it, and they loved you Marie, er sorry, Jayne. They already want another session ASAP,” I said to you after the session had … Read more

The Birthday Surprise by ArabethMora,ArabethMora

The Birthday Surprise Catherine awoke naked and alone in her bed, her body aching beautifully after the passion of the previous night and her husband’s side of the bed still warm from his recent departure. She stretched and purred and kicked away the bedclothes so that only her feet remained covered, lying on her stomach … Read more


An adult stories – Caught by BGJones,BGJones Authors note This is part one of a two part story. I will be releasing part two soon. This is a work of fiction. Please enjoy. Part 1 1 I’ll admit I have a problem. The problem is I like to watch people fucking and for said people … Read more

The Girl from Brazil

An adult stories – The Girl from Brazil by FluffMeatsStory,FluffMeatsStory No, not that Brazil, but the city in Indiana [Author’s note: all conversations are presented as English so I don’t have to deal with translation issues. Assume the native language is spoken where appropriate.] Back in grade school, my grandmother encouraged me to have a … Read more

My Wife and I Enjoy Watching Ch. 01

An adult stories – My Wife and I Enjoy Watching Ch. 01 by FunThoughts,FunThoughts A seemingly simple game changed the lives of my wife and I forever and in dramatic and wonderful ways. Our game grew slowly. I started it by my doing what most guys do which was to admire an attractive young woman. … Read more

Movie Theater Mishap

An adult stories – Movie Theater Mishap by Ashichilton,Ashichilton Story Info A couple enjoy a little public play at the movies. 1.7k words Font SizeFont SpacingFont FaceReading ThemeDetect Automatically You need to Log In or Sign Up to have your customization saved in your Literotica profile. PUBLIC BETA Note: You can change font size, font … Read more