Memoirs of a Shared Wife Ch. 12 by Pippa76

Memoirs of a Shared Wife Ch. 12 by Pippa76 This is chapter 12 of an ongoing series of true stories that i have moved from loving wives. When i told john he was very excited indeed, i had been trying now for weeks to coax a meeting out of alan. He is very shy and … Read more

Developing Friends Ch. 07 by orangecurious

Developing Friends Ch. 07 by orangecurious Anna and Robert have made friends with an older man, Sam. He introduced them to naturism and Robert got him back into photography, mainly as Sam wanted to get Anna to be his model. Anna stretched out on the bed and enjoyed the birdsong that wafted through the open … Read more

Becoming Goddesses by Bottom_side_up

An adult stories – Becoming Goddesses by Bottom_side_up Author’s Note: First of all, if you’ve found this story randomly, then welcome. Skip everything in this note and continue to the story. I hope you enjoy. However, if you follow me, or even if this is your second story of mine, I want to give a … Read more

Cheerleader and the Peeper by alohadave

An adult stories – Cheerleader and the Peeper by alohadave All characters are over 18 years old. **** Phweeee, Phwee, Phweeeeee. Coach Nichole’s whistle blew in the gym. The cheerleaders stopped what they were doing and turned to look at the coach. “Alright team, that’s enough for today. Hit the showers. I’ll see you tomorrow!” … Read more

Oz Beach Boy Tricks Traffic Control

An adult stories – Oz Beach Boy Tricks Traffic Control by MyBareTorso,MyBareTorso AUTHOR’S NOTES: This is an entry in the April Fools Day Story Contest 2024, so I’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to vote. This story features my recurring character Matt (a muscular, well-hung, twenty-something male exhibitionist) being (hopefully) amusingly … Read more

The Salon, A CFNM Story Ch. 11 by cheesyguy,cheesyguy

Author’s note: yes, I’ll be straying from pure CFNM from time to time, including this chapter. I won’t make any apologies; I’m playing out my fantasies. Future chapters will include CFNM. The six weeks in between each sexual encounter at the salon can feel like an eternity. Fortunately, I had a night to help take … Read more

Guest of Fire Pt. 03

An adult stories – Guest of Fire Pt. 03 by DevlinMea,DevlinMea Guest of Fire – Part 3 Even though I was pretty busy working on the proposal for the new client, I kept my eyes open now for the interactions between Sarah and Emmanuelle. Nothing again was singled out as significant in their budding sexual … Read more

Coasters and Casinos Ch. 01 by fearthisss,fearthisss

An old co-worker of mine recently moved back into town and rejoined my company. She had moved away to Chicago due to personal circumstances. We had kept in touch while she was gone. I was happy to see her back for a couple of reasons. She had a great personality, always fun and uplifting. She … Read more

At Whorey’s Piers

An adult stories – At Whorey’s Piers by EmilyMiller,EmilyMiller This is my entry for the Summer Lovin’ Story Contest 2023Life can sometimes be surreal. That was the thought that flitted across my mind as I stood beneath a giant, plastic pelican, catty-corner from The Blue Grotto, which was far less alluring than its name might … Read more

Short, Sweet & Against a Tree by ph33rsome_412294,ph33rsome_412294

“Hey, how about we take the game over to Em’s place?” Andrew gave the girls, two of them his cousins, his best uncertain smile as he pushed the cards toward them. “That way we won’t have to worry about keeping grandma and grandpa awake tonight.” After a few exchanged glances and consenting nods from the … Read more

The Bedroom Window Pt. 02 by introvertfan,introvertfan

I’m still shocked at what I seen occur in the Jones’ bedroom last week. I haven’t seen much of them since the show they gave me. I can’t stop thinking about Mr. Jones’s wink before closing up shop, closing their blinds and curtains. It was so sly yet so–enticing–like a nonverbal invitation– like a “Thank … Read more

Petra's Pictures – Art to Porn Ch. 06 by 1fastguy,1fastguy

Thanks readers. Petra’s Pictures Ch 05 was the highest rated Exhibitionism and Voyeur story for April. Petra Stanwick stood naked in front of the full length mirror on her closet door. The room lights were turned on. So was she! She’d been looking at computer images from Friday night at Professor Edwards’ apartment. Petra especially … Read more

The Wife and the Student Pt. 02 by Ribbleman,Ribbleman

Jane was in the throes of interviewing applicants hoping to fill the vacancy for the room on offer. Jed had moved on and after some thought she and Barry had decided to carry on having a student lodger. As before the offer came with strict conditions on attitude and behaviour. This was their home. Beginning … Read more