A Birthday Ski Suit by mandywoods,mandywoods

~~~Author Note ~~~~ All the actors in this story are adults (18+, as they say here). Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction. There are elements of “fantasy”, “futuristic suits”, machines, and other electrical devices that don’t exist in stores — yet! ~~~end Author note~~~~ ————————————————— Chapter 1: A Special Birthday Present —————————————————- “So, … Read more

Alexia’s Midnight Swim by Lauralinii,Lauralinii

Alexia’s Midnight Swim A young college girl has some naked river fun Heyy guys! First ever post, a bit mild but it is based off a true story, and I hope you like it! Feel free to leave feedback! Alexia was frustrated. It was the very end of spring, but already unusually warm for this … Read more

The Cleaner

An adult stories – The Cleaner by ThisWillBeFun,ThisWillBeFun Another fantasy, i am afraid. This one isn’t a true story The Cleaner Her heart palpitates a little too hard as the nerves kick in. The wonder of what she could be about to find always became a touch too much to stay completely calm at this … Read more

FSU Ch. 01: Katelyn

An adult stories – FSU Ch. 01: Katelyn by KatieWrites95,KatieWrites95 Note: This chapter is the first entry in what I hope to eventually turn into a short series with multiple characters. It’s inspired by a number of unconnected stories I came across on a Yahoo group many, many years ago, and something that kickstarted my … Read more

Video Chat

An adult stories – Video Chat by yellowjacket66,yellowjacket66 VIDEO CHAT “You asshole. You fucking asshole. I can’t believe you did that.” Boy, was I pissed at my husband. David had posted photos of me on an adult website where guys advertise to have another guy screw their wife. He said he was just kidding, that … Read more

New Neighbor by lusterday,lusterday

I’ll start off with a little bit of background to provide some context for the story I’m about to share. My name is Jen and I live with my husband, Mike, in a town just outside of a big city. We recently married, a little over a year ago, and shortly after made a move … Read more

Oz Beach Boy’s Quick Window Strip

An adult stories – Oz Beach Boy’s Quick Window Strip by MyBareTorso,MyBareTorso This story was written for the 750 Word Project 2024, below this line are exactly 750 words: ————————————— It was a warm summer’s night a few years back in Sydney, Australia. I was home on a Saturday night, debating whether I should stay … Read more

Girl Friend Stories by jon_4_fun,jon_4_fun

These are true stories from the past few years where my girlfriend and I were active in swinger clubs around the U.S. I (Jon) am 6’4″ 230 lbs, in decent shape, very thick cut cock that is 7″, she (Tracey) is 5’10” 175, beautiful green eyes, B cup tits with lovely nipples and shaved smooth … Read more

Naive Teacher in Winston Ch. 06 by potatoHead42,potatoHead42

Foreword Everyone in this story involved in any sexual activities is at least 18 years old. This story is not real and probably could never be real in 2021, so any correlations with real-life are mere coincidence. This story is a slooooow burn. And no editor also, so bear with me 🙂 This is the … Read more

Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 04 by m_storyman_x,m_storyman_x

Day 4 – Wednesday The next morning was as normal a morning as we’d had in several days. Other than my wife picking another short dress she hadn’t worn in years and pulling down my pajama pants to play with my dick while I was making lunches, yeah, it was a normal morning. I also … Read more

Simon on the Beach Pt. 02

An adult stories – Simon on the Beach Pt. 02 by Drmaxc,Drmaxc Part 2 Simon gains experience Who are your friends?” asked his mother. Simon had met Daphne and Julian again at the ice-cream kiosk later that day and had sat with them chatting and eating the ices. “Just some people I’ve met.” Tiresome to … Read more

The Volly Pt .01

An adult stories – The Volly Pt .01 by MarriedScribe,MarriedScribe Kyle had lived in his townhouse for little over a year, now. In that time, he has seen families, college students, single men, single women, and couples just starting out, move in and out of the twelve units that were available. These were your typical … Read more

The New Bodyguard by doriancaine,doriancaine

Author’s note: anything inside of [brackets] is a fantasy section. Literotica’s limited formatting makes this story a bit hard to make legible. Hopefully it’s clear enough ^^ * * * Florian Lazarescu never saw humans as anything more than pets or possessions — despite the fact that he was, indeed, half human. Being raised by … Read more