The Salon, A CFNM Story Ch. 12 by cheesyguy,cheesyguy

Author’s note: This story also strays a little from CFNM, but I couldn’t help myself. I have a few more things I want Greg to “accomplish” before wrapping this up. There will be more CFNM experiences along the way as well. At this point, I don’t want to change categories for the sake of the … Read more

So This Man Asked Me Out Pt. 04 by VanessaEvans,VanessaEvans

When it came to put some clothes on I was spoilt for choice, I liked all my new clothes instead of having to choose one drab outfit or another. I brushed my hair trying to decide then I slipped on one of the summer dresses and some shoes on and went looking for John. “I … Read more

Carl and June's Nude Challenge! by inafantasy,inafantasy

Just a short story meant to be a fun story of two people fulfilling their exhibitionist fantasies. All characters are over the age of 18 and are fictional as the story. Proofed and edited with the help of software. A few mistakes are likely. Enjoy! I always had a desire to be in public without … Read more

Maggie's Slutty Fantasies Ch. 07

An adult stories – Maggie's Slutty Fantasies Ch. 07 by thesecretslut,thesecretslut My dreams had grown more and more, deranged, since this all started. I had a dream that night that Derek walked me to the video store, like a dog crawling on all fours, with a collar attached to a leash, naked like an animal. … Read more

Rita – Gulf Shores Ch. 02 by KnightlySeducer,KnightlySeducer

I know it was terribly risky, but that also made it very exciting, so I choose a chair — a lounger, really — along the far side of the pool and dropped the luxurious towel I’d gotten from the basket near the entrance to the pool across it. There were two pools, one for families … Read more

Doctor Appointment by johnthomas19692,johnthomas19692

“But I thought Dad was taking me to the doctors today,” Jackson complained. “He had to work, so I’m taking you,” His mother Helen said. “You’re almost twenty, quit acting like a baby.” “I’m not acting like a baby,” Jackson mumbled. “What?” Helen asked, reaching over and pinching the inside of Jackson’s thigh. “Ow, Mom … Read more

Neighbor Next Door

An adult stories – Neighbor Next Door by Bart18,Bart18 Neighbor next door When you read thru stories, people describe older women as a MILF. I am very fortunate because my next door neighbor is a true MILF. Many people also state that the women in the stories are tall, blond, long legs and a huge … Read more

“I Really Want to See It!” by writemarksmith,writemarksmith

My girlfriend Ning was feeling a buzz by the time we arrived at the party. We had gone out to celebrate our 4 month anniversary and after two glasses of wine she was already tipsy. After the 3rd her face was red and she had become a louder, more extroverted version of the girl I … Read more

A Cold Night in Paris by james_judicata,james_judicata

A Cold Night in Paris As the stock indicators on his computer screen filled with red, John Anderson heaved a heavy sigh and gazed out over the woods outside his office window. At the bird feeder were three or four doves, a few chickadees, and a cardinal alarmingly bright against the snowy backdrop. The birds … Read more

Wife’s Holiday Adventure Pt. 02

An adult stories – Wife’s Holiday Adventure Pt. 02 by Old_Holborn,Old_Holborn I’ve spoken about my wife, Danni, in a previous holiday story, but this one is about the first time she went on a ‘girls only’ holiday without me. Not that trips abroad without me were a new thing, when we were younger she had … Read more

A New Position by pal1ndr0me,pal1ndr0me

Disclaimer: This story is set in 1930’s America and reflects cultural norms for that time/place. Some of the characters here act and speak in a manner that is sexist/racist. I promise they’ll learn better by the end of the story. 🙂 Also, a couple of the characters here are based on real people. Please don’t … Read more

Dr. Zoptic Pt. 02 – A Nun's Story by thomas_dean,thomas_dean

Short, round bottom Sister Roxanne surveyed the gaggle of young ladies in the corridor. Standing behind her concealing my hands in my robes, I chuckled to myself when I thought of her pet name, Zaftig. The pronunciation of the loan word Zaftig — Zoptic — catches the sense of an eye-catching curvy woman, with bulbous … Read more

Murder in the Nude Ch. 02

An adult stories – Murder in the Nude Ch. 02 by HStoner,HStoner This story is a continuation of my most recent attempt at mixing two genres which I like: erotica and mystery. While I hope that this story is entertaining on its own, it is a continuation of my “Murder in the Nude.” Some of … Read more