The Origins of Granola Girl

An adult stories – The Origins of Granola Girl by TxRad,TxRad Gerry Gardener or Gigi, as her friends called her, had been an outdoor enthusiast all her life. She had been born and raised on a farm and spent as much time outside as possible. She had learned at an early age that she was … Read more

Adventures in a Sex Club 02

An adult stories – Adventures in a Sex Club 02 by ccitydude,ccitydude If you recall from Adventure 01, I’d eaten Myra to an exhausting orgasm and she needed a break, so I went out to the bar to have a pee and get some more drinks. Walking through the bar I saw the woman in … Read more

Carmen by Williamdark963,Williamdark963

Carmen By William D’Arc 2022 An evening with Sandra, my sub-in-training at the time, at the San Francisco opera Sandra had two very good seats for the opera Carmen, lower section just right of center, at the well-appointed San Francisco Opera House. Though I am not usually an opera fan, I agreed to accompany her … Read more

Side Effects

An adult stories – Side Effects by ReclaimingLostTime,ReclaimingLostTime Consciousness started to filter into my brain, I was slowly becoming aware of noises around me, a steady beeping and the low sound of voices. Someone was holding my hand and I realised I was lying in a bed, half propped up. It wasn’t my bed though, … Read more

Buttons Game

An adult stories – Buttons Game by yellowjacket66,yellowjacket66 My wife Jo and I were Christmas shopping at the local mall. We each had a list of things and people we were shopping for. We’d done some shopping on-line, but we always liked to spend a day doing old-fashioned shopping at the department and specialty stores … Read more

The Proposal Ch. 04

An adult stories – The Proposal Ch. 04 by tzzzr,tzzzr The aroma of fresh coffee and frying bacon stirred the brunette from her sleep. Looking around the bedroom Ross had put her in Kristi was impressed at the luxurious furnishings, pulling back the covers Kristi slid out of bed wincing. Ross had given her a … Read more

A Christmas Caroling

An adult stories – A Christmas Caroling by TheJoker33,TheJoker33 Winter Holidays Story Contest 2023 Submission Please kindly rate my story and leave me comments, I would like to hear what you all have to say, constructive criticism is welcome. If you want to troll and be nasty in your comments I will ignore them and … Read more

Teenager Gets Detention

An adult stories – Teenager Gets Detention by subversivesex,subversivesex Lissa knew how to hem up her skirt, with her seam ripper and thread remover in hand. Everyone would just assume she was getting taller, but at 18 years old, she didn’t have the remaining three years of growth that the childish boys at her school … Read more

The Girls of Villevieux Ch. 01 by firstdisobedience,firstdisobedience

Everyone in Villevieux knew the Ledoux girls. Those shameless Ledoux girls, some might say, gossiping on their way back from church. Those little sluts, a bitter middle-aged woman might spit as she adjusted her screaming child in her arms while struggling to load the greengrocer’s tomatoes into her bag. And if the Ledoux girls happened … Read more

I've Been Very Naughty by JulietGolf,JulietGolf

Eighteen months ago, I would never have believed I could do this. In fact when I left home this morning, I never thought I could go so far. It was a toxic relationship. He was very controlling, not violent to me but, he controlled as much of my life as he could. When we first … Read more

Propose She Fuck Someone New by Nakedcraving,Nakedcraving

I first thought of it after about five years of being married, and after reading scores of articles and letters about wife sharing I began to fantasize about making it a reality. When I first mentioned the possibility to Claire she simply laughed, then said I was just trying to justify my being with another … Read more

Read all about it!

An adult stories – Read all about it! by CatoriSinopa,CatoriSinopa This mainly involves M/M sex with a female watching, Arlo and Gabby are Bi. I love this pair, and may write more someday. Because every girl needs an Arlo 3 Read all about it! Gabby sat at their favorite tea and cake shop, near enough … Read more

Niha has an Indecent Exposure

An adult stories – Niha has an Indecent Exposure by madisonridge,madisonridge It was a tranquil night as Manuel lounged on the couch, basking in the warmth of the room. The soft glow of the dimmed lights illuminated the space, creating an intimate ambiance. The sound of rain tapping against the windows added a soothing rhythm … Read more