Mark and Chloe – Not Just Friends by OzRedHeadLover,OzRedHeadLover

This is a cliché however true; this is my first attempt at writing, period. Please be kind with your comments and if you like my style and content this could become a series. All characters are fictional however the storyline is based on actual events of the past. Hope you enjoy. —— Mark’s day at … Read more

Jordy’s Great Adventure by Lunaris

A literotic sexstories: Jordy’s Great Adventure by Lunaris , An average teenage guy gets his brains fucked out. Jordy’s Great Adventure Ch.1 Taking Jessica Now you may be wondering who exactly is Jordy. Jordy is my best friend, and this is the amazing tale of how he got some, and its true. Jordy is your … Read more

Broken Birds, Part 4, by Deneb

Part 4 Rachael’s Youth Beth woke and reached for her new lover only to find empty bed. She realized that the shower running had woken her, so she groaned softly and began to get up. She felt the wetness beneath her. The night had ended with Rachael’s discovery that Beth squirted! Beth smiled at the … Read more

Tina, the Tease

I was 24 when I lost my virginity to my BFF’s boyfriend. She told me it was about time and that I was too hung up on meeting the perfect man and she was tired of being the only one with good stories to tell. I mean she was right. I don’t know why I … Read more

Kimmy’s Adventure – Timmy’s Virginity

This is the second entry in my “Kimmy’s College Adventure Series. Although this can be read as a stand alone, you may want to read “Kimmy’s Adventure – The Locker Room” first. I’m a sucker, metaphorically speaking, for the nerd becomes popular movies such as “Can’t Buy Me Love and “She’s All That”. This story … Read more

Lusty Gingers & Rusty Drawbridges

It was that damnable red hair, Leif reflected as the cluster of workmen puzzled over the network of drawbridge gears thirty feet below. Twelve summers of peace in the kingdom made for lax routines and little necessity for the drawing it closed each night, only to be let down the following day. “What’s all this … Read more

Becky’s after school surprise (The full story) by Rebeca Lewis

A literotic sexstories: Becky’s after school surprise (The full story) by Rebeca Lewis , Dipping into the school bathroom, and rubbing one out after her last class had sure seemed like a good idea to fifteen year old Becky Morgan. After all, what could go wrong? “Oh god!” I yelped fearfully as Dr. Roberts pulled … Read more

Assigned Seats

My longtime crush, Nina, was finally assigned a seat next to me. The dark blonde with green eyes and pouty lips was seated in front of me in my English class, looking as calm and indifferent as ever. Her indifference to everyone and everything was what attracted me to her, making her nearly unattainable. I … Read more

Erin's Wild Week Pt. 06 – Erin's Performance

Erin’s Wild Week Part 6: Erin’s Performance. Peter reveals another fantasy to Erin. She makes it come true. On Sunday night, after their parents had gone to sleep, Peter snuck out of his house and climbed in the window of Erin’s bedroom. By midnight they were catching their breath after hours of torrid sex, the … Read more

Love is Being Stupid Together Ch. 02

Kait and Nick continue their quest to prove that even geniuses do stupid things. All characters in the story are 18 years old or older. It had been a week since Beth shot the videos and Kait and Nick had intercourse for the first time. … They had enjoyed the minor risk-taking of having Beth … Read more

A Dating App Paid My New Lingerie!

This story can be read as a stand-alone. Still, I can recommend, if you have the time, to read the other previously published stories first. Simply follow the dates of publication in the Series. It will give the reader a better picture of the character and the steps she has taken while discovering her sexuality. … Read more

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

This is my next story how my g/f helped her friend Dolly to get her desires fulfilled. —————————————– My g/f Chitra whom I was fucking regularly, had a fast friend Dolly with whom she shared her each and everything including her sexual life with me. On hearing Chitra’s sexual life she was also feeling horny … Read more

Mountain Bachelor Ch. 03 by theyRule,theyRule

Note: I couldn’t decide on the correct category, so I am using the First Time category, which is the starting category of this series. ———————— Greta and Rupert were silent during breakfast, more silent than usual. They weren’t a very chatty couple because Greta was getting nervous if she didn’t understand Rupert. Normally, he was … Read more