Kim Possible 1 by dwightry

Introduction: The First Part of a Kim Possible Series , Chapter 1 — Kim's wet dream Kim Possible was lying naked in her bed. Her face was a little red, her breath was shortened, her nipples were pointing straight up in the air and had a familiar wetness between her legs. The same moisture she’d … Read more

Delta County Mississippi Pt. 05

An adult stories – Delta County Mississippi Pt. 05 by Schaka,Schaka In the segregated South of the 1940s, blacks were relegated to the least desirable sections of the community. In Delta City, it was by the Little Sunflower River and was called The Bottoms. The houses were built on supports, so the Spring floods went … Read more

Cupid and Psyche Play a Game

An adult stories – Cupid and Psyche Play a Game by kchinson,kchinson Sitting on a balcony overlooking the city street, Cupid and his beautiful wife Psyche watched the people below. Their passion had only grown over the countless years. They still enjoyed each other’s company and challenging one another. They looked much as they had … Read more

An Indian girl’s first Black Cock by madiha

A literotic sexstories: An Indian girl’s first Black Cock by madiha , I came to USA on a work related trip and on my last day,I got drunk and had sex with a stranger MY Name is Madiha and I’m a software engineer from India who got a chance to visit USA for a work … Read more

Why I am a Bull Ch. 02 by BullNumber1,BullNumber1

Humiliation *** At first, I had no conception that humiliation could be sexy. It simply hadn’t occurred to me that being taken for a mug or intimidated might be a turn-on. But that changed on my next meeting with Eva. I’m pretty open-minded, and in hindsight, I’m surprised that I hadn’t thought that someone would … Read more

He Gets What He Wants by Finger-Licking-Good

Nicole was sitting in darrens BMW, she had been out celebrating his birthday but had drunk way too much. Her long blonde hair, blue eyes, slim figure and d cup breasts were starting to get too much attention from other guys who knew she was way too drunk. Darren was her friends dad, Louise was … Read more

Inevitable Rape by Jenny_Slut

Introduction: Pam was gang raped in the early part of our senior year. It was a traumatic experience. Five tough boys from school caught her cutting through a wooded lot. I thought she'd recovered from that experience, but when – after we were married – when she met the ring leader of that earlier assault, … Read more

The Pleasure Boy 02 by Denker42,Denker42

The Pleasure Boy 02 The ‘tape’ I was to watch was actually a DVD disc with about four hours worth of miscellaneous porn. It was professionally made, with a variety of body types and costumes, doing many activities that I knew about, and others that I didn’t. The collar that mom had me wear was … Read more

Began in Anger, Ended in Shame by Blickwinkel

Introduction: A young man's crush gets out of control. , People have always said that my temper would get me in trouble, but I never guessed how right they’d turn out to be. I’m usually a pretty nice guy, keeping my head down and trying to treat everyone with respect. When I get angry, however, … Read more

The Salon, A CFNM Story Ch. 12 by cheesyguy,cheesyguy

Author’s note: This story also strays a little from CFNM, but I couldn’t help myself. I have a few more things I want Greg to “accomplish” before wrapping this up. There will be more CFNM experiences along the way as well. At this point, I don’t want to change categories for the sake of the … Read more

“The Extinguishing Sister” by EDK

A literotic sexstories: “The Extinguishing Sister” by EDK , Stuff and things. Warning: This story contains themes which some might find disturbing, such as snuff. “I’m taking the car,” Cindy said, picking up the keys off the kitchen counter, as her twin sister Vanessa was right next to her, looking into cupboards for food. “I … Read more

The Mind Control Device Chapter 15: Enjoying His Mind-Controlled Students by mypenname3000

The Mind Control Device Chapter 15: Enjoying His Mind-Controlled Students by mypenname3000 ,Introduction: Introduction: Dean is enjoying mind-controlling the students at his school! , The Mind Control Device Chapter Fifteen: Enjoying His Mind-Controlled Students By mypenname3000 Copyright 2020 Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this! Dean Michaels My cock spurted into my student's hot, … Read more

One Of Us Did It – Prologue

An adult stories – One Of Us Did It – Prologue by Dragonspine,Dragonspine Prince Dominic As Prince Dominic had expected, the party was not his style. The dancing was too intimate for him and was a very good reminder of how no one in the entire school other than his sister was willing to share … Read more