Vicki Tries a New Cock (3) by Dukebolla

Introduction: A married woman can not control herself and fuck another man , The state baseball tournament was over and the team had won the championship game. Most parents and players decided to make the long drive back home even though it was late in the day. Vicki had volunteered to help the coaches and … Read more

The Marquis by Pg69x

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Finding Happiness by GideonBard

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Introduction: The first time a lady requested my services while her male partner watched and participated was a revelation for me. Today’s assignment promises to be very exciting, with just one woman and three men. , Today my associate, Sebastian or Seb as he likes to be called, a year younger than me and very … Read more

Fraternity Bonfire: Part One by j4fstories

Introduction: *All characters are of legal age and all encounters are consensual. Names, dates, and locations have been altered to conceal identifying information. This story is based on true events, with alterations made only to conceal identifying information and simplify the sequence of events.* , The warm, salty breeze from the bay blustered through the … Read more

Kassidy by Red Czar

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My First Male-to-Male Experience by Divided Father038

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Free Blowjobs @ The Beach by Dave Speedo Evans

Introduction: Eventually they all exchanged waves and then the New Slave Boy disappeared up in to the dunes. The two guys followed him and disappeared as well. I wanted a piece of whatever was going on up in those dunes. The next wave couldn't come fast enough, I walked up the beach, dumped my surfboard … Read more

One late night at the gym with a young stud by Sabrina32

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Training a friend’s dog by canemont

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Voyeur by ypglloyd

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Introduction: I am Andrea a still very attractive forty-four year old woman. Lots of men and women claim that a woman in her mid-forties is at her sexual prime and I am in total agreement with that claim, especially when I look back on some of my recent sexual adventures and escapades. , “If you … Read more

19 year old seduces me by perfect20

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