Imogen's Perfect Bumhole by Jack_Stanton,Jack_Stanton

The door was a minor work of art in itself; with three nearly opaque large glass panels, irregularly cut, in yellow, blue and red set into the door. I looked down the hall. All the doors in the block had a different arrangement of glass. In front of me, on the door frame, there was … Read more

Cul-De-Sac Ch. 5 by Shoreguy,Shoreguy

My next-door neighbor arranged for me to hang some curtain rods and blinds at her house. Her husband never seemed to have the time or patience for this type of work I think that the dummy didn’t know how to read a ruler or a level. Well, anyway, it was work and the opportunity to … Read more

My Girlfriend Loves Cock Pt. 02 by NerdySex,NerdySex

Part 2: please read part 1 to get the context of this story. “So you would like to invite someone to join us?” “Someone with a big cock to fuck my married pussy while you watch. I would like us to do all sorts of things if we found the right guy.” “That could be … Read more

Road Trip to Remember by Lukesmitty

Introduction: After Luke’s grandmother Kathy sells her home, he’s given the task of helping her drive her car to his family hometown. Unexpected events can really lead to unexpected situations…… , >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CHAPTER 1: INTRO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -Are you kidding me?? Just come home already!! Luke screams angrily into his phone as he pulls into the … Read more

Coming In Ep. 04

An adult stories – Coming In Ep. 04 by Kae_Bright,Kae_Bright ***If you’re reading this, please leave a rating and consider taking the time to leave a comment. Feedback always helps and is much appreciated. Thank you!*** When Ro woke up the next morning, they wondered about the Doctor Who poster hanging on the wall above … Read more

1976 A Summer of Loving My Mother Pt. 15-19 by Motherlicker

1976 A Summer of Loving My Mother Pt. 15-19 by Motherlicker Part 15 Back in the bedroom, mum went to her panty drawer and put on a pair of black silky knickers with a lacey frill around the top. I looked at her inquisitively as she winked and said, “Your mother needs her virtue protecting. … Read more

An adult stories – by 1Eli is a new student in a kinky class. 2Ms. Tawnee’s assignment is for Eli to masturbate in public. 3Eli brings his assignment to class for a grade. 4Eli must have sex with a stranger for a class assignment. 5Eli is caught lying and punished by Ms. Tawnee. 6Eli hopes … Read more

My Innocent Addiction: Chapter Two by AzraelNichole

A literotic sexstories: My Innocent Addiction: Chapter Two by AzraelNichole , Finally, his desire is fulfilled…but, he’s not yet satisfied Chapter Two: Destroying Innocence Lily ended up not being able to hold in her cries, so he duct taped her mouth, shutting off any sounds. Her eyes kept following her every mouth, frigtened and fearful. … Read more

Breaking the Barbarian: Ch. 01

An adult stories – Breaking the Barbarian: Ch. 01 by karina_jayde,karina_jayde Author’s Note: This takes place in the same fantasy setting as my Duchess of Lust series, about ten years after the finale. However, reading that prior series is not a requirement to enjoy this new series. Some places, events, and characters from that first … Read more

A Mother and Her Love of Her Son; Pt 3 by wife4hungblk

A literotic sexstories: A Mother and Her Love of Her Son; Pt 3 by wife4hungblk , Mom and Kenzie share an afternoon of discovery! It seemed so nice to be able to roam the house nude as she performed her daily routine, and even nicer to wake her daughter up by kissing her and rubbing … Read more

Best Friend's Journey Pt. 01 by forestofjack,forestofjack

I lucked out when I started uni and managed to share a room with my childhood best friend, Carl. We were neighbours when we were kids and although I moved house and we went to different colleges, we managed to stay fast friends. Throughout college, obviously, we made other friends and got to know new … Read more

The Sweet Taste of Forbidden Fruit Ch. 02 by KaraSweet,KaraSweet

Read Part 1 first, it’s a long one but worth it. EXCERPT FROM PART 1 The throbbing between Melissa’s legs wasn’t going to go away overnight and no matter how long of a shower she took, soap could never wash away the memory of what she had done. Her husband was going to be gone … Read more

Hires Lover For His Wife by Nakedcraving,Nakedcraving

Back when I could hold an erection for as long as I wanted, until it was no longer necessary after a come-shooting orgasm, I had plenty of interest in fucking. Believe me it never occurred to me that may ever end. After medication, age, and medical conditions reduced the time I could desperately keep it … Read more