new slut by gonzosoldier

Introduction: A new girl in town used by a new master , Imagine, if you will, that you have been taken as a collared Sub by a very strong, caring, understanding and Dominant man who will firmly guide you, introduce you and expose you to the things that you have only dreamed about and have … Read more

Backyard Trouble by DarkThunder

Introduction: I wrote this within a few days. It probably could have been better, but this is a story I tried to do without re-writing or re-reading too much. I know I can't make it perfect, at least not the way I'd like it to be, but.. eh. , Today is Saturday, May 13th, and … Read more

Brenda, Kennel Bitch – Part I by VictoryD

Introduction: Journalism student gets kidnapped and used when she tries to get a story , There was still ice on the puddles in the alley, black tipped piles of snow crunched under her shoes. Brenda looked around again and shivered. It was getting dark and she could hear the vicious snarls, yelps and growls coming … Read more

Beastful Mind by DogLover

My name is Dwayne and I like to fool around with dogs. I'm 5'10″ and weigh 185 pounds. I lift weights regularly and I run during good weather. I have blonde hair and blue eyes with very fair skin. I consider myself a fairly regular guy…well aside from my fascination with bestiality. The following is … Read more

Me and Billy and a crazy doctor by Jughead1117

Introduction: chapter 1 , THIS IS ALL FICTION DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE NOT INTO WEIRD THINGS HI my name Is Mat. I was a student In middle school and was on my spring break when this happened to me. It started on a Saturday morning and my mother told me to wake up … Read more

mind controller chip 5 by One-red

Introduction: Problems with the new device , It was getting dark by the time I got home. I pulled into the garage and walked through to the kitchen. Sue came to meet me and gave me a hug. HI Babe I see you have been enjoying yourself while I was away. She went bright red. … Read more

Deal with the devil 2 by Peter_Löwenbräu_Griffin

Introduction: boy made a deal with the devil…. , When they leave, I change into a bird, then take off. “Whew, that was something.” I think. “I can’t wait to try some other animals.” I fly down to the zoo, and only then do I realize a flaw to my plan. There are people at … Read more

Doberman protector by Ray.Smith573000

Introduction: Wife and husband separate, husband takes the kids and wife takes all the fun , My husband and I had regular fights over any thing and every thing and he did not know that I knew there was another woman in his life. Last time we fought, he said to me that I don't … Read more

Sex on the beach. by Bear66

Introduction: Comments and advice welcome. , It was a hot spring day and he was layiing out on his lounge chair. He was wearing his oversized black shorts and a white sleeveless t-shirt. His aide had just shown up and saw he was sleeping in the shade in his back yard. She was a young … Read more

Sarah, Down and Dirty with the Dog by manticore

Introduction: My wife loves to fuck. Mostly men, very occasionally women, now she would learn to be fucked by the family pet. , It was our wedding anniversary. Sarah and I had enjoyed a quiet, candlelight, meal in and had consumed a couple of bottles of rather potent red wine. This always made us both … Read more

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 53: Rudolph the Red Cocked Reindeer by barbielez

Introduction: A quick and kinky bestiality fantasy! , Author's Note 1: These short fantasies started off as weekly mini-stories for my readers, but the newsletter was shut down because autoresponders do not accept adult content. I thus decided to publish these fantasies for free for my readers to enjoy. It is meant to entertain, so … Read more

IT Never Happened: Did it?? by ed the red

Introduction: Hi, my name is Zeno, and this is my story, hope you enjoy it , It Never Happened: Did It?? We all have a few dark secrets that we want to keep hidden; some of us manage to retain those secrets to the grave, others…well who knows? These are my secrets, I never wanted … Read more

From Under His Nose… by revan927co05

Introduction: Will he come to her in time? , It was the end of summer, when the temperatures should have started their annual decline. This year, it was different since the Pacific Northwest was in one of the longest heat waves in it's history. Still, the golden leaves danced in the wind as they fell … Read more