A Gift by harder,harder

The holidays had been impossible as far as them getting together with each other with out of town guests and family around at both of their homes. Added to that was that both of them were also traveling out of town during this period. This all added up to frustration for both and a period … Read more

This and That

An adult stories – This and That by cerection,cerection We’d been playing around, doing this and that, when she slowly rolled over and gradually pulled her knees up under her tummy, head down on the pillow. “What are you waiting for?” She was just itching for it. “I’m just looking.” She glanced back and gave … Read more

A Perfect Ass by damonX,damonX

Kari was hot. Not playboy hot, but attractive nonetheless in a natural, wholesome kind of way. She wasn’t one to dress up. In fact, she’d often come to class in nothing more than sweatpants and a t-shirt. If I was lucky though, she would wear shorts And I’d get a view of her perfect, well … Read more

Screwdrivers and a little 9- ball by VampirTARA

Screwdrivers and a little 9- ball by VampirTARA ,Introduction: Introduction: This is a story of a day that my brother helped me pick up an antique car, that I had received from my uncle. Well after doing so, then getting back to my place, it started to thunderstorm. So while drinking screwdrivers, me and my … Read more

And Baby Made Three by Leezy,Leezy

This is my story about how I learned to have sex in a new and exciting way. I am not including names for obvious reasons, and I am not going to create any names either, although many writers do. To cut to the chase, my boyfriend and I had been living together for almost two … Read more

My Birthday Date with Mr. Hankey by BigToysForBigBoys,BigToysForBigBoys

Today is my birthday — and I plan to celebrate. It’s been a good day, so far. My wife, who is menopausal and has lost all interest in sex, still spent a half-hour on the couch with me this morning with my dick in her hand. Licking her palm and rubbing her thumb along the … Read more

Naughty Boy by Dirt Wednesday,Dirt Wednesday

Have you ever slept with an acquaintance whose name you did not know? Well I had an interesting experience last week. I was at the poolhall, where most of my adventures begin, chatting with friends when the acquaintance in question entered. She’s taller than my normal type, my height in fact. Her body slender, ass … Read more

What I Did On My Christmas Holidays by cmau,cmau

This story is true as related to me by my wife. Obviously I have enhanced the language. One of Charlot’s more recent adventures occurred in the 1999 New year period. We were staying at our Jim’s place in North West Victoria. This particular Saturday morning Jim’s wife, Mary, went into town to do some shopping. … Read more

Seven Years by Johnny_Canuck,Johnny_Canuck

Seven years since our paths had crossed and we had stopped ourselves short of having a tumultuous, passionate affair. The chemistry between had been tangible, almost measurable. We ended it before it consumed us both. She had been young, innocent, and passionate. I had been married at the time. Now, years later, she took a … Read more

Nikki's special someone part 2 by nicholas-f1992

Nikki's special someone part 2 by nicholas-f1992 ,Introduction: Introduction: hope you enjoy the continuation of Nikki's story , the night time air sent a chill over my shaven legs and my little balls moved inside me to find what little warmth they could. daddy took my hand and walked in front of me at a … Read more

Bob, Sue and Anita’s holiday romance – 2 by Nellymcboatface

Bob, Sue and Anita’s holiday romance – 2 by Nellymcboatface ,Introduction: Introduction: Bob was a red-blooded heterosexual but had never had a holiday romance in his 55 years, but now he was going to get one. But one he wouldn't have expected in a million years. , Dear Reader, hopefully you will enjoy my story. … Read more

I Never Thought Susannah Fancied Me by raindance,raindance

I had no idea that Susanna fancied me. We work for the same company, in different departments, and we’d only met a few times before, at various business functions. We’re both fairly senior, but we do very different jobs. We knew of each other’s existence, and from my point of view, that was about the … Read more

Quid Quo Pro Ch. 02

An adult stories – Quid Quo Pro Ch. 02 by oomycota,oomycota “Billy, I don’t expect you to be perfect, just to be honest, communicate with me and not to take me for granted.” She said softly looking into my eyes. “I can forgive a very occasional indiscretion, just be up front and honest with me … Read more