Laurel by Private Rickmers

A literotic sexstories: Laurel by Private Rickmers , This story is multi media. When music is mentioned, mention is followed by a link to a video. The reader can copy that and paste it to a command line and listen to the music. Fog covered the top of the Washington Cathedral that Sunday afternoon in … Read more

Toman of the Cherokee 4_(0) by pars001

Introduction: More danger appears , I jerked awake as the sounds of the village were starting to die down. Again a little disorientated I looked around for a moment wondering where in the world I was. Then everything came rushing back as I was suddenly feeling depressed. Even all the skills I had learned watching … Read more

Janes Calamity by

Introduction: A brutal rape/revenge tale set in the wild west. , The dirty, broken sign said “Welcome to Bloodstone”. Jane rode alone along the dusty track, into the small town. It didn’t look very welcoming. A few rough looking men loitered the street, they were all dirty and unshaven and just starred at her as … Read more

The Family from Redgrove, Chapter 2, version 2 by JapPainPrincess

A literotic sexstories: The Family from Redgrove, Chapter 2, version 2 by JapPainPrincess , The continuing story of a psychopathic father and his psychologically disturbed children The following story is fiction and should not be taken literally in any way. This story deals with very dark and perverse subject matter, and I do not condone … Read more

Legendary Shy by x1 Griff 1x

Introduction: this is a kind of love story, one guy with to many things happening to him. , this is another story im working on, its long, really long, not much sex in chapter 1 and 2 but i like to play things out, chapter two should be uploaded after this, then im working on … Read more

Damien Skylar chapter 3_(0) by

A literotic sexstories: Damien Skylar chapter 3_(0) by , The Master rises and revenge is so sweet. *Author’s notes-Again this is mine. Do not copy, characters and events are mine. This story get gory, if you don’t like blood and guts, then I wouldn’t read past part 8. I don’t like murder, so don’t do … Read more

voodoo slave part 1 by spiritofcrow

Introduction: a dark twisted story that will get more violent as it goes , my name is Aaron I'm a mixed skin 6'0 tall I weigh 145 pounds with brown eyes and shaggy brown hair my dick is 7 long 2 1/2 around. I'm also the school outcast why cause no one ever gave me … Read more

The Triad and the Gorgon's Hypnotic Gaze Chapter 1: Taking the Hot Wife by mypenname3000

Introduction: Fiona is upset that her husband is seducing a married women while Aoifa discovers the joys of a new monster to fuck–the barguest. , The Triad and the Gorgon's Hypnotic Gaze Chapter One: Fucking the Hot Wife By mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Aoifa – Southern Lesh-Ke Mountains, The Kingdom of Haz Reds, yellows, and oranges … Read more

The Storm_(1) by JohannahFan

Introduction: This is the beginning of a pornographic apocalyptic novel. There is a lot of sex, but also a lot of narrative and scene setting. The Earth has been 'infected' by organisms that can penetrate space and time and go in and out of dimensions. They work to break down the human race to their … Read more

Daddy's girl – Daddy's fuck toy by Bakers_dozen

Introduction: Tabitha smarts off to daddy and gets a forced fuck , James was a carpenter and a damn good one. He had been the shop foreman in a custom door and cabinet factory for seventeen years. Then came the housing crash of 2008. He watched his seniority, benefits, and retirement all go down the … Read more

New Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 6 – Capture! by lad91

Introduction: Harry and Hermione are captured by the Death Eaters. , This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author. Chapter 6 On a chilly, clear early spring morning, Hermione and Harry were once again packing up their tent in preparation to leave … Read more

Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 1 – Prom Night by Railfan1984

Introduction: There is no sex in this first chapter, but there will be in the 2nd chapter! , Finding Love Along the tracks. Chapter 1 – Prom night This is the first part of a new series that I am writing. It is all fantasy. The characters depicted in this story are all fictional and … Read more

Grandfather Death and Virgin Mary. by BlackRonin

Introduction: You always hurt the one you love. , Friedrich looked in the mirror. He had no reflection, of course, but he looked anyway. He ran his hands over his face, tracing the deep lines, feeling the papery flesh, outlining the hooked nose and wide brow, all the features he knew were there even though … Read more