Lost Empire 78 by pars001

A literotic sexstories: Lost Empire 78 by pars001 , Things heaty up 0001 – Tempro 0003 – Conner- Thomas 0097 – Ace – Zimmel 0098 – Lucy 0101 – Shelby (mother ship) 0125 – Lars 0130 – Gillese 0200 – Ellen 0250 – Tendra 0301 – Rodrick 0403 – Johnathon 0778 – Jan 0798 – … Read more

The Fall of Paradise: Chapter 4 by Karax

Introduction: Chapter 4 , The Fall of Paradise: Chapter Four Chapter Four: To Conquer with Kindness Avriel tiredly leaned back against the door and studied her new guest with curiosity. The Lios looked like a panther-headed woman with a short black pelt, she was dressed in a leather dress that was split up both sides, … Read more

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Introduction: A girl begins to wonder what’s going on at her high school Prospects by Virtual Scott PrologueThe conversation was carried on in a language few people would have been able to understand, let alone speak. Translated into colloquial American English, it might have sounded something like this: “But it is possible? Originally you said … Read more

Leben 16 by pars001

Introduction: A new ally? , Angelika – Like an angel Truda – Fighting woman Varick – Protecting Ruler Harman – Man of the army Angelika ran to Alan as soon as she was sure it was him. “My god Alan! Please stop doing that! If the worry doesn't kill me the apprehension will!” Throwing her … Read more

Revenge on Rachel by curiositykilledthecat

Introduction: A couple take revenge on an ex-girlfriend. Warning: This story is extremely graphic and violent. If you are easily offended by these things, please do not read on. , He smiled nervously at her. “Are we really doing this? I thought it would never happen.” Will shook the long, dark hair out of his … Read more

SoF: Friday the 13th by The Midnight Shade

Introduction: 18 year old Tiffany Cox is by herself. And need to come up with a solution quick before Jason finds her. Fan made. I own nothing. , 18 year old Tiffany had seen most of her friends get killed. The camp was quiet, and she had no clue if any of her friends were … Read more

Truths and Betrayals of a Young Man's Heart Chapter 10 Final by Hawkrider

Introduction: This is the last Chapter to the series, I hope everyone has enjoyed the story, thanks for reading…Peace , I'm in my squad car listening to the radio and nothing eventful is going on. With my coffee in hand i'm watching as pedestrians are walking by waving at me nicely. The years have gone … Read more

Caught You Looking: Chapter 3 by 19YearsYoung

Introduction: Please read chapter 1 & 2 first to get full effect , We lay on that spot for almost an hour, although given the chance I would have chosen to stay longer. We got dressed and parted ways as Colin said I would see him soon, his parents were staying in a hotel in … Read more

Cat Fight 5 (Execution) by pars001

Introduction: One major traitor caught , specton – 2 1/2 minutes minton – 2 1/2 days quant – 2 1/2 years heckson – 2 1/2 miles Toton – 2 1/2 hours Bill – Lion clan King Tobias – Bill's dead brother Twitty – Grey Tabby clan Glenna – Bengal clan Mikos –  Chartreux clan Commander … Read more

Monster Lab by The Midnight Shade

Introduction: Monsters made and captured are for sale on the black market, Venessa, a buxom woman who show cases them, must survive as all of the monsters are set free and are trying to kill everyone in the building. Venessa has a little more then just a run in with one. (I will be continuing … Read more

Justin's Story by

Introduction: Sex Crazed Bad Boy. , Justin's Story By Chris “Nasty” Hicks Part 1 (Love at 1st Gigabyte) My name is Justin Polton, but I go by J.P. I'm 31 now, but the story I'm about to tell you started when I was only 23. I'm a half white, half black, handsome Motherfucker. I'm about … Read more

Lost Empire 51_(1) by pars001

Introduction: Things move forward more. , 0001 – Tempro                                             0403 – Johnathon                      0003 – Conner- Thomas                              0667 – Marco – Brown                   0097 – Ace – Zimmel                                    0778 – Jan                     0098 – Lucy                                                  0798 – Celeste  –  Shelby (human) 0101 – Shelby (mother ship) – Derrick      0908 – Tara – Mara               0125 – Lars                                                   0999 … Read more

Unforgettable Rape by LittleBlackDress22

Introduction: Sometimes, being raped isn't always a bad thing. , The grandfather clocked chimed two o’clock in the morning, but all the rest of the world was quiet. Normally I could sleep through the clock’s annoying chimes, but on this particular night it woke me up. I laid there listening to the pendulum as it … Read more