Father and daughter by JessiRae

Introduction: this is just the first isntallment… there's more to cum… 😉 , One day Martin was with his daughter Taylor, who just turned 20, while she was away at a nearby college. He couldn't help but notice how she’d turned into a beautiful young woman. Watching her go about the dorm she was sharing … Read more

Little Mermaid Ch. 05

Cease-fire was maybe too strong a word; they hadn’t been at war, really, had they? But there was peace anyway, kind of. They could talk and laugh. At times, Carl even asked things. There was no more pushing, no more unannounced entering, grabbing, kissing. Ariel wasn’t dragged to dubious parties anymore — not without being … Read more

The Girl from the Ouachita Ch. 10 by Texican1830,Texican1830

The Girl from the Ouachita, Chapter 10 All usual disclaimers – No sex among those younger than 18; I edit my own work; my characters speak to each other and to others (dialogue). I paint pictures of locations, people, and events with words, which is TMI for many; and this story involves Americans from several … Read more

First Time with Mom by JDecker

A literotic sexstories: First Time with Mom by JDecker , A mother instructs her son. — ALL CHARACTERS DEPICTED IN THIS STORY ARE 18+ YEARS OLD — It was yet another discussion I had with my mother on the constant source of my youthful distress. Young women, that is, and their apparent lack of affection … Read more

Runaway Fantasy Pt. 03

Runaway Fantasy * Tuesday * (middle day of the trip) I hear some rustling coming from the kitchen, but unlike yesterday when I woke up, I’m not confused or surprised by where I am. It sounds like Mike might be cleaning up a little or putting away some dishes, but I can’t see him from … Read more

Family Discovery by chinookwind

Introduction: A mother, daughter and son bond to each other and their pets. , 1.01 Sara and Sean, Discovery: 1.02 Sara and Sean, A Guided Mating: 1.03 Sara and Prince: 1.04 Sean, Preparation: 1.05 Sean and Prince: 1.06 Amanda and Sara: 1.07 Amanda and Rapture: 1.01 Sara and Sean, Discovery: It was Saturday and Amanda … Read more

Love in Strange Places

I throw my bag down next to Mackenzie’s. He looks about as tired as I feel. “You look like shit,” I tell him bluntly which gets the intended reaction of a forced chuckle out of him. He takes a moment to scope out how everyone else seems to be setting up camp for the night … Read more

Surprisingly Agreeable

My story begins years ago after my wife Beth and I had a few years of marriage beneath our belts. We were very active sexually but pretty vanilla, so one day I said I wanted to try a big dildo on her as an experiment to see if she’d enjoy fucking a bigger cock and … Read more

Leonie invites Fynn to the camping washhouse_(1) by

A literotic sexstories: Leonie invites Fynn to the camping washhouse_(1) by , Every holiday, she find’s a new special playmate I entered the somewhat hidden back-entrance of the wash house. God knows why the thing had two entrances, to two non-connected parts, and one was in the back where no one ever went. Sand and … Read more

Maria and Joe Pt. 03

PART 3 Back in her room Maria found herself alone. She tossed her clothes onto the bed and dropped her towel. Maria stared blankly at the wall. The morning sun through the window shimmered against her damp skin. She felt lost. She hated that things so far were not going as she had planned. She … Read more

Sally: My Slutty School VP

Hi all, its Ali here! I’m here with another exciting adventure. Today, I want to describe how Sally Parera, my sexy ex-school vice-principal. She is one of the sexiest mature women I’ve had the luck to fuck. Growing up, she was the focus of many students’ Stylish-MILF fantasies, including mine. Though she was an extremely … Read more

Consensual Sex by Sunadmire,Sunadmire

Title: Consensual Sex Description: It was meant to be a literature study only… TAGS: Interracial, White male, Black woman, Creampie, Swimming pool, First time, South Africa Disclaimer: The characters, involved in this story, study at a South African University and are older than eighteen. Acknowledgement: I would like to thank kenjisato for looking at the … Read more

Not Worth a Wank

James, mid twenties, worked in an open plan office writing code for industrial 3-D printers and CNC machines. The nearest person to his desk was Alice, three years his junior. Alice did the same work and was a high performer. However, James found her naïveté and unworldly outlook highly amusing and often left him with … Read more