It’s What You Deserve by Eccho

A literotic sexstories: It’s What You Deserve by Eccho , Here’s a gay vtuber story because no one’s ever done that before. Hope ya like it. If so and you want more, there’s early/exclusive content waiting for ya at Just so you know. Alright, how much time’s left?…Three and a half hours. Sure. Just … Read more

Pre-emption by Denham_Forrest,Denham_Forrest

Thanks to LadyCibelle and my friend SH for sorting my foul-ups and editing for me. This tale has been slightly modified from its original 2008 posting to move the language firmly back into British English. All Denham Forrest and The Wanderer stories are copyright and must not be posted elsewhere on the internet or distributed … Read more

Butterfly, Ch. 01 by Antin0my

A literotic sexstories: Butterfly, Ch. 01 by Antin0my , Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction that involves latex, orgasm, parasites, symbiote, experiment, and mind control. If you’re not into any of that, this is your last chance to navigate away. Enjoy the read! It sounded simple enough on the surface: Spend some time over … Read more

Why We Fight by mirafrida,mirafrida

* * * * * This is a work of sheer fantasy in all respects, and is intended for the purposes of erotic entertainment only. All characters are over the age of 18. * * * * * Taliya peeked over the window-sill. Dawn was near, and the last of the enemy were pulling back–shadowy … Read more

Incestuous Flesh Massage Chapter 6: Brother's Dominating Instructions by mypenname3000

Introduction: A sister is wet to watch her dominating brother in action! , Incestuous Flesh Massage (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Six: Brother's Dominating Instructions By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! I loved the shock in Mr. Armstrong's eyes as he witnessed what a lying bitch his wife was. … Read more

My dancing pt. 3 Autumn pt 1 by chance52

A literotic sexstories: My dancing pt. 3 Autumn pt 1 by chance52 As my teaching went on both in the studios and independently, I joined a social ballroom dance club not far from where I lived. I met a lot of interesting people and a lot of great dancers. Most of the people there were … Read more

The Origins of Granola Girl

An adult stories – The Origins of Granola Girl by TxRad,TxRad Gerry Gardener or Gigi, as her friends called her, had been an outdoor enthusiast all her life. She had been born and raised on a farm and spent as much time outside as possible. She had learned at an early age that she was … Read more

Raped Before Dinner by curvytrucker

Introduction: Woman gets raped from behind by a rough stranger , The music pounded in my ears following the rhythmic chopping of red-skinned potatoes. Lightly tossed in oil, herbs and placed in the oven to join the already cooking chicken. The smell of the freshly baked bread lay heavy on the air as I finished … Read more

Spy Games Ch. 01 by Aaroneous,Aaroneous

Spy Games is a multi-chapter story that is both prequel to Realtor Games and sequel to Realtor Revenge. While Spy Games can be read as a stand-alone book, for the full effect, I recommend reading the trilogy in alphabetical order… Realtor Games, Realtor Revenge and then Spy Games. *** Spy Games Chapter 1 Moscow. Eighteen … Read more

Blackmailed Bride by Lucky Mann

A literotic sexstories: Blackmailed Bride by Lucky Mann , A new wife’s past comes back to haunt her. Blackmailed Bride Lori was a very beautiful young bride as she walked down the aisle toward her soon to be husband. Her white gown helped accentuate her deep blue eyes and long blond hair. Her breast filled … Read more

Atta boy 2 by Jamie

Introduction: The saga continues… , I slept soundly for the next several hours after having my dog Barney have his way with my body. Eventually, I had to drag my persistent dog outside in my fenced-in yard. I was worn out. Never had my pussy and asshole experienced such desire as when Barney licked and … Read more

Alternative Trio Pt. 1 by rickred

A literotic sexstories: Alternative Trio Pt. 1 by rickred In the middle of my tenth grade year in high school, my family moved to a new town. My Dad got a promotion, and we could now afford to live in an area that was a little more affluent. I was glad to leave the redneck … Read more

My Pretend Sex Slave 07

An adult stories – My Pretend Sex Slave 07 by EroticCupcake,EroticCupcake Jett stopped exploring the limits of Lisa’s pain and went back to painting. She made offhand references to incorporating her sadomasochistic experiences into her art. It sounded good to me. I was just tired of violence and guilt. I didn’t see her quite as … Read more