Always Pull Your Curtains – Chapter_10 by Shady Lady Julie

Always Pull Your Curtains – Chapter_10 by Shady Lady Julie ,Introduction: Introduction: This brings together two series I have been writing and also is in some ways a follow up to another story. So technically this story becomes The Chico Tales Chapter 8 (featuring Michelle) as well as Always Pull Your Curtains Ch 10 (featuring … Read more

Devil Inside by Homealone_447

A literotic sexstories: Devil Inside by Homealone_447 , Three young friends play with a pentagram awaking the darkest entity! Devil Inside by Droid447 Scarlet and Dolores arrived at Leah’s house and hurried to the basement. They were on edge about the upcoming event. “Okay girls, I spent three hours doing this pentagram. What do you … Read more

Co-Worker Fantasy Pt. 12 by TheOldLady,TheOldLady

———————– A beginning note for my readers, especially one. To the one who has inspired all and experienced some of these stories, the one who has taken everything I have to give, including these stories, and given nothing in return. Thanks for the memories. To all of my other readers, Thank you for your continued … Read more

Dr. Rojas by Ed0613,Ed0613

“Okay, take off your clothes and let me have a good look at you.” I was standing in Dr. Rojas medical office aboard ship preparing to undergo a preemployment physical examination. I had passed the blood and urine tests for drug use and sexually transmitted diseases a few weeks earlier. Dr. Rojas was not only … Read more

Cautious Smiles Ch. 03 by xiola-blue,xiola-blue

“Bend over,” Alex said forcefully as he moved toward the nightstand. Fumbling around for several moments he found what he was looking for; a new bottle of lubricant. Chloe’s eyes were wide with anticipation. She grinned when she saw the bottle in Alex’s hand. “I’m already soaked,” she coaxed. “No more talking,” Alex commanded as … Read more

My First Threesome Pt. 02: Rose

An adult stories – My First Threesome Pt. 02: Rose by El_Fazee3,El_Fazee3 My husband and I have been married for almost seven years. After all that time and two children, life becomes rather routine; housework, dropping the kids to school, picking them up, etc. My only consolation is that while my husband is at work … Read more

Step Daughters' Desire chapter 13 by jb_funn

Step Daughters' Desire chapter 13 by jb_funn ,Introduction: Introduction: Frank gets three run-away slaves back, uses Sandra hard in the play room with bondage pain and pleasure. He fucks three of the other slaves to orgasm. He punishes the twins for breaking the rules before they are slaves. , Step Daughters' Desire chapter 13 Angela, … Read more

Hotel Fun

An adult stories – Hotel Fun by SeekerRaen,SeekerRaen I moaned as the slick appendage slid down my collar bone, the wet trail it left behind cooling on my sweat soaked skin. It dipped down into the valley between my breasts as deft fingers plucked at a sensitive nipple, wringing a groan from deep in my … Read more

Kate Pt. 02

An adult stories – Kate Pt. 02 by LukeWrites,LukeWrites I didn’t see Kate for two weeks. I started to get bummed out, then I realized: finals. December was coming up hard and fast. I spent that time revisiting our session, masturbating to it, wishing I could remember every moment. It was a wholly satisfying fuck, … Read more

Mind controlled Janice Pt. 02 by janicegoodall

Mind controlled Janice Pt. 02 by janicegoodall ,Introduction: Introduction: The follow up to Mind controlled Janice Pt. 02 Janice's mind is placed a trance by Mea wih the help of a mind control box and memories are completely changed. , 8 Followers The next day at college Janice found a bag on her desk with … Read more

The Violation Of Lena Giovanni Ch. 5 by kiya4men,kiya4men

Chapter 5: $2300.00 In Just One Night! Lena finally found the energy to leave her parent’s house. She walked slow & deliberately. Her as was still swollen from being gangbanged in it. Once in her red BMW convertible, she drove to the mall & did as Rusty instructed. She purchased eleven different sets of lingerie … Read more

Sibling Tussle: Part 2 by sandstorm3636

Sibling Tussle: Part 2 by sandstorm3636 ,Introduction: Introduction: Recap: Aaron and Christina Lawrence are siblings who have recently crossed a line in their relationship. While their parents were out, they made a home video which became a film of them performing sexual acts on each other. Despite promising that it would not be the last … Read more

Lola Lands The Job by soflabbwlvr,soflabbwlvr

“Mrs. Perry, your resume is very impressive,” said Alex Cabrera. “You graduated from Barnard. You have worked for two Fortune 100 firms. You are proficient in the entire MS Office suite–including Excel–you are proficient with Quickbooks, you are familiar with Disco, Lexis, and Relativity. You may be over-qualified for this position.” “Thank you, sir,” Dominique … Read more