Imogen's Perfect Bumhole by Jack_Stanton,Jack_Stanton

The door was a minor work of art in itself; with three nearly opaque large glass panels, irregularly cut, in yellow, blue and red set into the door. I looked down the hall. All the doors in the block had a different arrangement of glass. In front of me, on the door frame, there was … Read more

Cul-De-Sac Ch. 5 by Shoreguy,Shoreguy

My next-door neighbor arranged for me to hang some curtain rods and blinds at her house. Her husband never seemed to have the time or patience for this type of work I think that the dummy didn’t know how to read a ruler or a level. Well, anyway, it was work and the opportunity to … Read more

Newly weds love nest by Yvonne

Newly weds love nest by Yvonne A tale of deception and betrayal. , Rob and Yvonne were so happy to at last have found a suitable house to rent. Their marriage was just a week off and they’d been beginning to despair at the possibility or finding something affordable. Having looked all through the house, … Read more

Pretty Panties by CandyXLove

Pretty Panties by CandyXLove A horny father masturbates with his daughter’s panties , James was in the kitchen when he heard his dog barking in the front yard. It was a faint sound compared to the pouring rain that pelted the roof and the wind that whipped the windows. According to the forecast, it was … Read more

Office Fuck Buddy by Katie_Johnny

Office Fuck Buddy by Katie_Johnny , Reggie enjoys my sissy pussy I started a casual relationship with a younger man who lived near my workplace, and we explored the boundaries of what could be considered an “office romance.” Reggie, who is significantly younger than me, and I met on a hookup site where his profile … Read more

A Wolf goes hunting – Part 2 by TheDevilsOwn

A Wolf goes hunting – Part 2 by TheDevilsOwn Cammy woke up slowly, sore between her thighs from the intense pounding she took and with a deep ache in her shoulder from His teeth. The graphic events of the night before came rushing back to her as she lay safely in his powerful arms, he … Read more

The Show (Masochism Experience) by LilyJinis

Explore the provocative depths of desire in “The Show (Masochism Experience)” by LilyJinis. This enthralling anal adult story plunges readers into a world of passion, power dynamics, and exploration of boundaries. With vivid storytelling and intricate character development, LilyJinis crafts a narrative that not only ignites the imagination but also celebrates the art of consensual exploration. Discover the allure of masochism through a unique lens, where pleasure and pain intertwine in a captivating dance. Perfect for those seeking an immersive and thrilling read, “The Show” promises to challenge conventions and elevate your fantasies. Dive into this unforgettable experience today!

Deep and Lovely Dark Chapter 8 by Batman79

A literotic sexstories: Deep and Lovely Dark Chapter 8 by Batman79 , Rachel and Lisa have fun of their own Deep and Lovely Dark – Chapter 8 Lisa awoke early in the morning. Smiling to herself as she remembered the events of the previous evening. She looked at herself in the mirror and giggled, seeing … Read more

Fucking while Trucking by metalkitten

Fucking while Trucking by metalkitten ,Introduction: Introduction: Based on a real life story a friend told me. , Sitting in this dark space, I still can’t believe you’re making me wait. At least this bunk is comfortable I reason to myself as I sit in the sleeper compartment of this semi-truck, waiting for you to … Read more

Whoa! Jason Attends Cheer Practice V by Lucky Mann

Whoa! Jason Attends Cheer Practice V by Lucky Mann ,Introduction: Introduction: Sharon invites Jason to cheerleader practice where he finds new girlfriends. , Whoa! Jason Attends Cheerleader Practice Wednesday afternoon Sharon called. “Jason, would you like to attend one of our cheer practices? The coach said it was okay, and I can point out which … Read more

The Morning by darkheart69,darkheart69

Story Info Sexy thoughts lead to sexy acts. 798 words Font Size Font Spacing Font Face Reading Theme Detect Automatically You need to Log In or Sign Up to have your customization saved in your Literotica profile. PUBLIC BETA Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the … Read more

First Time Photoshoot

An adult stories – First Time Photoshoot by JandA123,JandA123 This story is absolutely true which I still can’t believe. Lets start with my lovely sexy blond wife I’ll just call her Ann for obvious reasons. She is 5/7 blond hair 52 years of age and as I keep telling her with a Marilyn Monroe like … Read more

Fucked Up Little Twist Pt. 02

An adult stories – Fucked Up Little Twist Pt. 02 by fainting_goat,fainting_goat Cori was bored. She had been watching nature documentaries on the national Geographic channel on television in her and Cheryl’s basement suite. She loved watching the powerful and exotic animals. She envied them, their lives, though harsh, were simple, lions and zebras never … Read more