___________________________BACK TO THE PRESENT_______________________________
So here I am, at home writing my tales of sexual endeavors, and nothing I have within my sexual reaches is good enough…

Within my ottoman, I currently have two vibrators, one butt plug, a set of nipple vibrators, and a bottle of KY lubricant. Sometimes I would come home and go to town on myself so hard, I would barely be able to stand the next day.

I love porn. Porn is like my life. I spent my time as a young tween looking up porn, so that I would know exactly what to do if I had sex, and GOD did I want to have sex so bad when I was 12. For some reason, I loved looking up incest porn. It wasn’t because I had the hots for my family members, no. It was the opportunity to have sex at a younger age that turned me on so much.

My phone started to ring in the dead of night. I picked up my vibrating phone, rubbed in on my clit, and answered it. “Hello?” I asked innocently into the phone. “Hey Taylor.” It was Aaron.
“Hey Aaron what’s up? It’s like 12 at night.”
“You sound awake to me.”
“What do you want silly?”
“Are we still on for your mom’s birthday party in a couple weeks?”
“Yes sir!”
“K, I just wanted to make sure…”
“Alright Aaron, goodnig_” “Taylor wait…”
Everything grew hushed.
“I’ve been meaning to tell you something. These past few months together at school have been amazing… but what I want to know is…”
“…Is what?”
No response came through the phone.
I heard some yelling in the background and I got scared. I
“I have to go Taylor, my grandma is telling me to go to sleep. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”
“Ok, I hope everything is ok Aaron. Goodnight.”

I started to worry about Aaron a bit, but it’s just his grandma. I met her a while back, and his smoking hot dad, who was secretly in a biker gang and liked to bang young chicks my age. He was like forty though, so fuck that.

Suddenly I get a couple texts from Gordon.
‘I’m right outside’

I got up from my bed, and running out of the house in my nightgown, I saw Gordon out on the street in front of my house bleeding and struggling to get up. “OH MY GOD!” I ran to help him up and into the house. It was late, and my family was already asleep, so I had to be quiet. Gordon was gasping in pain. “What happened to you?!” I whispered as I sat him down on the couch. “I was coming here to surprise you, and I tripped over your stupid cat…” There was a huge gash near his knee where he had fallen on a jagged rock it seemed. I rushed to get the first aid kit in the bathroom. I noticed myself in the mirror as I grabbed it from underneath the sink, and fixed my hair a bit. I rushed out into the living room. Uncapping the antiseptic spray, I dove in to spray down Gordon’s wound. “AGH!” He cried out whispering in pain. His eyes started to tear up. “Sorry…” I then put the cap back on the spray and set it neatly back into the box. I took out the gauze and unraveled it and began tenderly wrapping it just below Gordon’s knee. “You know this is what you get for wearing shorts all the time.” I said jokingly. Gordon laughed along too. I finished dressing his wound and I looked up at him. “Thanks for helping me angel.” He said in a very grateful tone. “You’re welcome.” I said, as I kissed the boo-boo, and sat on the couch beside him. “Why did you decide to come all the way over to my house, in the middle of the night anyway?” I asked him sternly. “Well…” He pulled out a rose from within his pocket. It had been mangled and bloodied during the fall, but he gave it to me anyway. “A lone rose, from a lone wolf.” He continued to pull a note out of his pocket, and read it aloud to me:


You are the most stunning, gorgeous woman I’ve ever had the pleasure to know, let alone love. Your eyes are pools of ever loving, ever caring compassion. They are the windows to your beautiful soul. Your face is the only proof of God I’ve ever seen, shedding light on an undeserving world. Your hair, it tumbles down your shoulders and back that makes you even more lovely. You are the inspiration to artists, the unknown beauty that comes to their hands is you. I could go on, and on… but someday I hope you see how much I care for you.

Love always,

He folded up the letter back into his hand. I was tearing up. “Can I have it?..” “Absolutely my angel.” He gave it to me, and I held onto it tight. “I still love you Taylor. I always have and always will.” He said, kissing my forehead. I had loved Gordon ever since I had met him in person, and I’m not one to stop loving anyone.

I stared into his amber brown eyes. They were filling with tears just as mine had been. “You know I love you more than anyone, including Tony, and you still stay with him…” I started to actually cry. “Taylor… I’m always gonna love you, no matter what happens or who you’re with. My heart is yours.” He hugged me tight and breathed onto my neck. I could feel his tears streaming down his face. They began to wet my shoulder. I pulled him back to catch his falling tears. I stared into his eyes again, holding his jaw in my hands. I drew his lips to mine, and the memories cam rushing back to me. I was instantly smitten once again. I grabbed the back of his neck, and unlocking my lips I led him into my room. He limped.
I sat down with him on my bed, and kissing him we both laid down together. One kiss evolved into a French kiss, and the French kisses evolved themselves into touching each other. There had been this kiss I had been wanting to try for a while, so I spelled my name on his tongue with mine. T…A….Y…L… “Wow… you’ve gotten even better.” He said as he giggled. I finished the kiss. O…R… “Watch what else I can do with this tongue…” I replied. I gently slid down his body and unbuttoned his shorts. As I started to unzip them, I grew excited. My breath grew heavy and my fingers grew steady and precise in their movements. I removed the barrier before me, and slid off Gordon’s boxers. ‘Oh my…’ Gordon had grown a couple inches in length since I last saw his magnificent cock. ‘How will I be able to fit all that in my mouth now?’ I thought, but I looked up at him and all I said was “You grew.” Grabbing his shaft I started to circle my tongue around the tip. I enveloped the top half of his hot cock in my mouth before I started to lick, suck and jerk. Gordon laid back in pleasure as I said, “…wait…” I stopped mid-suck, and Gordon sat up. “What’s wrong?” he asked with worries in his eyes. I paused for a moment and said, “I think I have a better idea…” I grabbed the baby oil from my dresser and squirted a generous amount into my hands. I looked at Gordon’s cock and under my breath said “Cmere…” I rubbed his shaft down with the lubricant, straddled myself over him and sat right down on his rock, slowly sliding it within me. When I got him all the way inside me, I began to ride him. Gordon had a surprised look on his face. I kissed him and put his hands on my waist. I bent over, and unstopping my motions, whispered in his ear, “I hope you like anal….” and giggled a seductive giggle as he started to pump his cock into me. It went slow for a while, until I had another idea. I jumped off of him and bent myself over my bed. I beckoned him over, asking him with my eyes to fuck me doggie style. He gladly agreed. He entered me, and as he thrusted, I pushed my hips back, as to beg him to go faster and deeper. As he got faster, I moaned; I moaned LOUD. Something about the adrenaline rush of the fear of being caught, the fact that I was cheating, and the sadism knowing Gordon was hurt excited me ever more, and made me ever more wet and excited to fuck. God his dick was so huge, and it hurt so good. I became parallel with Gordon, and then his dick started to hit my g-spot inside me. I felt the feeling of an orgasm built up, and he said “Oh baby I’m gonna cum…” I said “Come in me baby, mmmmmmmmmm…” as he grew harder and shot his load in me, I had an orgasm as well. I stopped, and flopped down on the bed. He was breathing heavily, and we were both sweating. “I’ll be right back.” I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself out. I looked at myself in the mirror. I never thought I could look so fucking hot without makeup. I walked back into the room to find Gordon sitting up on my bed. I went up to him and kissed him. I sat in his lap and wrapped my legs around him.

“You know that was my first time right?” He said.

“I want more…” I said.

“Me too…”



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