Beach Party by shadysweet,shadysweet

Readers, I decided to challenge myself and write a very short story in 1,200 words or less. I hope you enjoy it. Edit: It ended up being way longer than 1,200 words. Enjoy. *** It was a beautiful Saturday, with sunny and blue skies. Perfect day for a birthday party on the beach. One of … Read more

Meeting Jake ❤️

An adult stories – Meeting Jake ❤️ by SaphireEyes78,SaphireEyes78 When Jake met Melinda online he never expected to feel anything real. Everyone knows it’s just fantasy, an escape from your everyday life…right? Then why can’t he stop thinking about her? She invades his thoughts during the day and his dreams at night. He felt like … Read more

Selected for Sport Ch. 18 by SmileWhenYouMeanIt,SmileWhenYouMeanIt

Late the following morning Alanna knelt before the Tahl-Mat, touching her forehead to the carpet beside the beaming patterns etched by the sunlight streaming through the carved shutters to the right. This surprise summons had her fully alert, given all that had passed only hours ago. Her left knee was smarting, bruised by a stone … Read more

Maple Street Revisited part 6

An adult stories – Maple Street Revisited part 6 by Kelliezgirl,Kelliezgirl Jeremy followed Jessica into the living room. She surveyed the wreckage of his breakfast and nodded her head towards the bedroom. “They both in there?” “Yes.” “Well, I guess we wait,” she continued, taking a seat on one of the couches. She stretched her … Read more

The Rabbi’s Daughter

An adult stories – The Rabbi’s Daughter by FrumSexStories,FrumSexStories I remember the last time I had been at the Rabbi’s house. I was too young to realize what was going on, but I remember my father taking me after prayers one day, stopping by on the way home. I remember him begging the sage for … Read more

War without End

An adult stories – War without End by OldHistoryGuy,OldHistoryGuy Author’s Note: this is my first story. If you feel the need to comment, please be honest but kind. “Hey Mister, you wanna lick?” I looked down at a freckle-faced, snot-nosed little cowboy holding up one of those all-day suckers. His other hand was attached to … Read more

A Cabin on the Lake Pt. 03 by TheOldTexGuy,TheOldTexGuy

The Cabin on the Lake III This is the last installment of the Cabin on the Lake. I have had fun writing it and I hope at least a few of you enjoyed it. This story is more of a love story than one that has a lot of sex. All people were over the … Read more

Paula the Perfect Pear Ch. 12

An adult stories – Paula the Perfect Pear Ch. 12 by TheGraduate88,TheGraduate88 When I woke the next morning his side of the bed was empty. I started to roll over, aware of my sore ass and sore pussy when I felt an odd pressure between my legs. When I looked down I saw the two … Read more

Someone Special

An adult stories – Someone Special by roastknox,roastknox Meet Oliver, an 18-year old man with high-functioning autism who recently graduated high school. His years in school were tough for him because he struggled to find the courage to socialize with his peers, especially during his later years. However, since age 13, Oliver had an autism … Read more

Second Chances

An adult stories – Second Chances by islandchica,islandchica SECOND CHANCES (Some dialogue may include Jamaican patois/creole. This does not take away from the meaning being conveyed.) *** The cool Portland breeze filled the vehicle as we descended the hill into the quiet seaside town of Port Antonio. Our destination was just five minutes away now. … Read more

The Blind Date

An adult stories – The Blind Date by handsolow11,handsolow11 You are wearing a loose skirt that barely covers your thighs. A snug button up the front white shirt covers the push up shelf bra you are wearing underneath. You can feel the fabric of your shirt gently rubbing your gorgeous nipples left exposed by your … Read more

Check Out Girl Ch. 03 by uk_writer_53,uk_writer_53

Liam and Maddison continue to explore their sexual inclinations suggesting darker fantasies and feeling, however, I still feel that considering the story as a whole it belongs in the Romance category. As always constructive criticism is welcome however, I will moderate and delete spiteful comments that are made simply because the story or the way … Read more

Devour the Moon

An adult stories – Devour the Moon by WinsomeWeb,WinsomeWeb Trigger warnings: murder/(non-spousal) violence, brief talk of a deceased child, descriptions of burning ******** I wrote this as a historical romance novel for a friend. It took me about two and a half years, but I finished it, and that makes this a miraculous endeavour. Now … Read more