I Was Waiting for it to Happen Pt. 02

An adult stories – I Was Waiting for it to Happen Pt. 02 by LJA644,LJA644 Part Two This will make no sense unless you read Part One. Part one was a LW story, this is the outcome and is more of a Rom follow-up I know very little about golf. So please excuse any details … Read more

How To Rekindle That Spark?

An adult stories – How To Rekindle That Spark? by Chootkaanashaa,Chootkaanashaa “Priya Bhabhi, is everything fine? I see you lost in thoughts these days.” “Kamal Devar Ji, thanks for noticing my predicament. I am in need of help.” “Feel free. Is it about?” “Well, it is about a taboo topic.” “A taboo topic. Such as?” … Read more

Mimi’s Daddy Ch. 10: Rehab

An adult stories – Mimi’s Daddy Ch. 10: Rehab by WillowBern,WillowBern Sullen, his mother sat in his truck with her pocketbook in her lap. Unsurprisingly, her car had been on empty. As he fastened his seatbelt, she flipped down the sun visor and looked at herself, frowning. “You should have given me time to do … Read more

Marcie and Leo Ch. 89

An adult stories – Marcie and Leo Ch. 89 by Azuldrgon,Azuldrgon It is common knowledge that one thing about the Lion is that he would rather sulk in silence. This was one of the things that those who have read about me have figured out. Before my late wife passed, my life was work and … Read more

My Wife Wants a Date

An adult stories – My Wife Wants a Date by sizemedium,sizemedium My Wife Wants a Date sizemedium Today started out as a great day but it ended badly. Background (If you don’t want to know all this, then skip down to the story) My name is Jim and my last name is not important right … Read more

Marcie and Leo Ch. 105

An adult stories – Marcie and Leo Ch. 105 by Azuldrgon,Azuldrgon There are times when we write stories that seem off for whatever reason. This one felt like it needed to be here in the larger story because it illustrates a truth about relationships of all kinds. I am leaving this in the Romance heading … Read more

Broken Heart on Valentine’s Day

An adult stories – Broken Heart on Valentine’s Day by UpperNorthLeft,UpperNorthLeft © 2024 by the author using the pen name UpperNorthLeft. This story was submitted for the Valentine’s Day Story Contest 2024, and features characters from one of my previous longer stories, “Cyrano de BOTgerac”, which has also been submitted to this site. This is … Read more

Summer of an Older Woman Pt. 03 by Rabbitman55,Rabbitman55

By the end of this chapter, Linda and Dennis are going to have to face a big decision. What will Dennis do? Will he still go to Albany? It’s going to be very difficult for them. Let’s see what happens… XXXXXXXXX After camp, I followed Linda home; it was Friday and her kids were with … Read more

Letters to Vanessa Ch. 001 by ApexErotica,ApexErotica

Dear Vanessa, I know I haven’t been in touch since I left your country. I’m sorry for that. I tried to pull myself away. I didn’t want to get caught between you and him any more than I already was. I knew he was your first and only for so long. But I can’t help … Read more

Mistakes Were Made Ch. 02 by Cee2ShiningCee,Cee2ShiningCee

Debbie’s Story I fell hard and fast for John. Every time we were together, I found something new to like about him. Yes, he was my type physically, tall and blond, but there are plenty of guys like that. It was everything else that came with him that attracted me. He’s humble. Smart. Funny. Kind. … Read more

Filling a Void

An adult stories – Filling a Void by Carl_Junior,Carl_Junior Melina’s eyes were closed, lips pursed. She was laying naked with her back on the bed, head on a pillow, her knees up and feet softly planted on the mattress, legs spread apart. Her right hand held the Rose, her favorite sex toy, as it began … Read more

Lunch & Sex by sexyjason1985,sexyjason1985

Disclaimer: my stories are fictional in nature. The smell of great pizza, the lovely waitresses, and coolness of a pleasant evening is the way this sexual encounter starts. There’s many great pizza places in New Jersey. One of those places was Anthony’s 99. I always found the waitresses pleasing to look at, but I had … Read more

Second Chance At Love by SirAuthor,SirAuthor

Author’s Note: This is a departure from my usual topic and format. Hope you enjoy. * Life isn’t always fair. Sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. And they can destroy you — rob you of the resolve, the strength, and the heart to persevere — to go on, to overcome. I’ve witnessed those … Read more