Cuckoldress Mom Ch. 02 – The Talk by ElConejo,ElConejo

Jason woke up and stretched as he got out of bed. Had yesterday really happened? It had all been so surreal. He looked over to the messy, stained sheets. Yep. It had really happened. He pulled on some clean clothes, and groggily made his way downstairs to the kitchen.

Layla had already been up and made big breakfast for her son. There were pancakes, eggs, bacon and a steaming cup of coffee waiting when Jason arrived at the table. “Morning hon!” She said in a perky, lively tone. As Jason sat down, Layla walked over and planted a big kiss on his cheek with an exaggerated ‘mwah’ sound.

“Good morning Mom. Thanks for making breakfast.” Jason said as he looked hungrily at the display in front of him.

“Well, I kind of had to after you were such a big help yesterday!” Layla said as she sat down across from her son. She took a sip from her big mug full of tea.

Jason looked her over. She was once again wearing her comfy white bathrobe, tied tightly enough he couldn’t see any of the cleavage she’d had on display yesterday. Her hair was tied back in a bun, but still looked messy and she wore no makeup. This was the mother he was used to! It was hard to reconcile that she was the same woman who had had sex with three different men just one day earlier!

“I have, a LOT of questions about yesterday…” Jason began.

“I know,” Layla replied with a smirk. “You go ahead and eat and I’ll do my best to explain everything.” She took a sip of her tea. “So, as I’m sure you noticed, your father and I don’t exactly have a normal relationship. I know we are… estranged at the moment, but I’m hoping we can get back together someday. I… have a thing where I really like being watched. Like, during sex in particular. And it’s more meaningful if I’m watched by someone I love. Someone like your father… or you.”

Layla begins her story:

It all started on the wedding day. Layla had been dating Fred, her soon to be husband, for a few years and they were finally tying the knot. Lots of family arrived from all corners, old friends and acquaintances started coming out of the woodwork. They had agreed to do a traditional western style wedding, and then the next day, an Indian style reception. Layla was thrilled she got to go dress shopping twice!

Her deep brown skin looked incredible in a white, lacy dress. Her makeup was perfect, her hair was done, and she was just about ready to move onto the next stage in life. Still, as she looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help but feel a little trepidation. Fred was a great guy, and she knew she’d be financially taken care of for the rest of her life, but still there were nagging thoughts at the back of her head. Just one guy for the rest of my life? She asked herself.

She heard a knock on the door. Turning towards the small dressing room entrance, Layla called out for the knocker to enter. She figured it would be a bridesmaid coming for a last minute check. She was surprised when her ex boyfriend, Chris, walked in.

“Chris! So glad you could make it!” She said, standing up and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “I wasn’t sure if you’d get the day off from work, and I know it’s a little awkward going to your ex’s wedding.”

Chris smiled and held her hand. “Yeah I’m surprised I was invited, but glad I could come. How are you feeling?”

“Well, I’m pretty nervous.” She replied.

“I know you’re pretty, but why are you nervous?” Chris replied, moving in behind her and massaging her shoulders.

“Chris! You shouldn’t be flirting with me, I’m just about to go say my vows!” She chastised, but secretly was happy she was still able to get this kind of attention from him.

Chris just smiled and kept rubbing her shoulders. “Well, you haven’t tied the knot just yet…” He hinted. “I wanted to ask you by the way, who was bigger?”

“Oh you for sure.” She replied without thinking. “Fred is great but he’s not that great in… Wait a minute!” She turned to look at him. She must really be out of it to actually reply to a question like that! “Come on, let’s behave!”

Chris just looked into her deep brown eyes, and she looked right back at his blue ones. Without thinking about it, Layla leaned in and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Well…it would be a shame never to experience a big dick again…”

Moments later she was on her knees pulling out his dick. “Just how I remember it she said, somewhat longingly. She put it into her mouth, and he moved her hair out of her eyes. She almost immediately went down all the way on it, but got stuck partway down the shaft. She was used to just going straight to the base on Freds smaller cock. This would take a bit of effort.

She looked up at him with her brown eyes and locked contact with him as she worked the shaft. She sucked on the tip and drooled just enough to lube his cock. She realized soon she’d have to redo her lipstick and decided to end the blowjob early.

“I’m going to have to take you in my vagina.” She said matter of factly, and pushed her frilly white dress aside as she mounted his lap. She pushed aside her white panties instead of taking them right off and slowly lowered her body onto his waiting prick.

She started riding slowly, not wanting to make any noise, or get too sweaty right before the ceremony. She gave Chris a kiss again, and looked into his blue eyes. They reminded her of Fred! Suddenly she felt guilty, this wasn’t technically an extra marital affair just yet, but it was as close as you could get!

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Don’t come in!” She called out. She slowed her pace up and down on Chris’s cock, but didn’t stop. “It’s, uh, bad luck to see the bride ahead of time!” She called out, knowing it would be bad luck mostly for her!

“Are you almost ready honey?” Of course it had to be Fred!

She turned to Chris and mouthed ‘Let’s make this quick’ Chris nodded and picked her up without warning! He laid her down on her back on top of the makeup table, knocking a couple bottles over.

“Is everything okay in there?” Fred asked.

Chris pulled Laylas dress straps and bra down, revealing her breasts as he continued to thrust into her. “Everything is fine!” She called back. “I’m just, uh, rearranging the makeup table!” She wasn’t exactly lying, just leaving out the part where she was also slowly being plowed into an orgasm!

Layla felt Chris’s hand around her neck, softly squeezing her. He knew she liked to be choked, and it took her another step closer to an orgasm.

“Okay, I’ll see you in a few minutes then.” Fred said through the door, and started to walk away.

“Wait!” Layla choked out, barely able to speak with the strong hand around her neck.

“Yeah?” Fred called back.

Chris loosened his grip on her neck enough for her to respond. “Do you love me?” She asked. Chris tightened his hand again.

“Of course honey.”

“How much?” Layla felt the grip loosen when she spoke, then tighten back up. Chris’s cock was close to coming too, and he didn’t have a condom on!

“I love you so much honey!”

“Do you love me no matter what?” Layla asked as Chris moved his face down to her breast, and began sucking on the nipple. She could barely contain herself. Her head rolled back as waves of pleasure washed over her.

“I love you no matter what!” Fred replied.

Laylas legs began to shake, and she rolled her eyes back. There was something about this all that was making her orgasm in a different way than she knew possible! Chris could feel something too, and he started cumming deep into her vagina. After the first shot, Layla heard Fred call out again. “Are you okay then?” She was more than okay! The feeling of being filled with semen while her fiancé told her how much he loved her…she broke into the longest most pleasurable orgasm she’d ever felt.

A second and third shot entered into her. “Yes Fred, I’ll see you in a few minutes.” The cum kept pumping into her and she giggled as she heard Fred walk away.

Chris took his hand off of her throat and his mouth off of her nipple. He pulled out slowly, revealing a cock soaked in fluids, some his and some hers. The semen was oozing slowly out of her. Thinking quickly, Layla grabbed a tampon from inside her purse and stuffed it up. There wouldn’t be time to clean herself properly, but at least she would stop people from noticing that she was full of cum at her own wedding! She’d make an excuse later.

Layla pulled her bra and dress back up and fixed her panties. “No one can EVER know about this Chris!”

Her ex smiled as he pulled his dress pants back up. “Don’t worry, I think this is going to be an easy secret to keep!”

They made sure to exit the room separately, and Layla made her way down the aisle to where Fred was waiting patiently. She felt the semen inside her still, and wondered if any other brides had done something similar?

When it came time to kiss, she suddenly remembered she hadn’t properly cleaned her mouth and reapplied lipstick! Would Fred know he was tasting another man on her? She could always claim she was using some kind of special lipstick for the occasion. His lips brushed hers, and they kissed passionately. The family and friends applauded, and the new couple turned to face their guests. Layla chanced a glance towards Chris, who gave her a wink. She was surprised at herself when she grinned back. It had been exciting to be that naughty after all…

Later that evening at the family dinner, Layla sat next to her husband. She’d already ‘explained’ how she was ‘on her period’ and that they’d have to wait until it was finished before they could have a proper wedding night. Suddenly, she felt a small wet spot on her leg between her thighs. She looked down and saw a small dribble of Chris’s cum leaking out!

The milky white liquid had a stunning contrast on her brown legs, and was sure to be noticed if anyone took even a glance! She must have put the tampon in too deep, and missed some of the cum near the opening of her vagina. It had likely not been noticeable yet.

Thinking quickly, she spilled a drink in her lap with a patented ‘oops’ that many women have used in the past when faking clumsiness. Her dutiful husband immediately grabbed a napkin and started mopping up the spill in her lap. Layla smiled. She picked a good one! But then, she had another thought. Was she not a ‘good one’? She had been very naughty earlier that day…

The next day was the Indian reception portion of their wedding weekend. Layla tried to put the previous days events behind her, and focus on the day they had planned. She knew that she had another chance to be the perfect wife, in her traditional Indian dress. She looked just as stunning as the previous day, with the long light blue dress and dark blue sash. Her makeup was done in a traditional style too.

Just like the previous day, there was a knock at the door. She opened it and found Chris standing there again. This time, his presence annoyed her a little. “If you think you can just come in here again!”

Chris didn’t wait for an invitation. This time he had a friend with him, who also entered.

“What’s all this?” Layla demanded, with her hands on her hips.

Chris just grinned. “Show her, Chad.”

Chad, who Layla had never even met before, pulled down his pants. Layla gasped. His cock was even bigger than Chris’s! It was just a little longer, but quite a bit more girth!

Without even thinking, she got onto her knees for a better look. Her big brown eyes were wide. “Chris, why didn’t you introduce me to this guy before I got married?” She couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

“Well, you’re still kind of halfway married right? Like the traditional Indian stuff hasn’t happened yet.”

That was all the affirmation Layla needed. She knew she had to taste this cock! She put her mouth around it, the head slightly stretching out her lips. She couldn’t even get the tip all the way into her throat, so she just slobbered and worked her mouth and lips over the head as best she could. She felt Chris behind her lifting up her dress.

She popped the cock out of her mouth. “Uh-uh, you had it yesterday. Now get over here and switch positions with your friend.”

“My name is Chad.” Chad replied, as he moved around behind her.

“I don’t give a fuck. I only care about your dick.” Layla said in an uncharacteristically aggressive tone. She liked the sound of her voice though, and wondered where she had been hiding this dominant side.

The guys liked it too, both of them chuckling as they moved in to mount her. Chad, from behind and Chris from the front. She felt Chad’s giant, thick cock spreading and stretching her, and for a moment she wondered if she’d be able to take it all. As he slowly began increasing the speed and depth of his thrusts, it felt amazing. At the same time, Chris began to thrust into her mouth and throat.

Not satisfied with a simple blowjob this time, Chris was full on face fucking her! Layla felt herself give control over to the two men who were pounding her from both ends, all the while she was still in her full wedding dress!

She hadn’t had a threesome in years, not since she was first dating Fred. It felt amazing to be pleasing two cocks at once! Then there was another knock at the door. She took Chris out of her mouth, as Chad kept plowing her from behind. “Yes?” she called out.

It was Fred again. Of course! He either had the best timing or the worst timing. Layla didn’t know which. “Almost ready Layla? The photographer is going to be here soon.”

Layla smiled. “Just about, I’m going to do some touching up of my makeup!” She put Chris back in her mouth and was surprised to find he was already coming! The first couple loads caught her by surprise, but she managed to still catch most of it in her mouth, just a small amount dripped down the side of her lips and onto her chin.

“Okay honey, we’ve got this! We’ll make today just as great as yesterday!” Fred called out, unaware that his new wife was with two other men.

“Oka-” Layla started to reply but choked on another shot from Chris, right into her throat!

“Are you alright in there honey?” Fred asked, sounding concerned.

Chris was finally done, and pulled his wet cock out of Laylas mouth. She swallowed the semen. “I’m great, I was just going to say today can be even better than yesterday!” She called back, all the while Chad kept pumping her with the same rhythm.

“Love you more than anything hon!” Fred said.

Once again, hearing those words sent Layla into an orgasm. She felt so full of cock and full of love that she didn’t have a choice as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. When she could, she replied “Love you more than anything too!”

Fred walked off and Layla pulled herself from Chad’s cock. She looked at it, all wet and practically pulsating with semen about to blast out the end of it. “I want you to dump that load in my mouth!” She said as she kneeled and stroked his dick. Once again, she could only really fit the head into her mouth, and managed to go down on him just in time to catch his first shot. It was huge! Fucking another man’s wife must be a turn on for guys like him. She caught several more shots, before Chad finally was spent and fell back into a chair.

“Sorry, I couldn’t have you finish in my vagina this time.” Layla said, then explained about what had happened yesterday. Both men were hard again.

“Thanks for bringing me this big dick.” Layla said to Chris.

Chris smiled. “No problem. To be honest I wish I’d done this when we were dating. I’ve found watching a girl with someone else and sharing is a huge turn on. Layla hadn’t thought men would like watching a girl with someone else, but then again, isn’t that what porn is all about? Maybe it’s more fun when you’re girl is the one involved.

Layla smiled. “I noticed.” She looked at both men hungrily. “Alright, come back over again.” She said. The two men grinned and walked back to her as she kneeled on the floor.

“Do you mind if I take a photo? No one is going to believe this.” Chad said, pulling out his cell phone.

Layla stroked the two cocks next to her mouth and thought for a moment. “Alright, but make sure this just goes to a couple of close friends, my husband better not ever find out about this!”

Chad snapped a photo, just showing Layla with the two big cocks in her hands, and cum dripping out of her mouth. Little did she know, that photo would change her life forever.

Back in present day:

Layla had almost finished drinking her tea as Jason was finishing up his breakfast. He had listened to the whole thing without interruption, but she figured he had some more questions building up. She was surprised when he asked. “Did you remember to clean up this time before kissing him?”

Layla smiled. Her son seemed very engaged in the story. Good. “Kind of. I remembered that I should clean up, I just did a really bad job of it on purpose. I gave him a deep french kiss with two other mens cocks having just been in my mouth. They both had cum inside it twice each too.” She paused. “I had to pretend to be on my period again too, this time just because that cock had stretched me so much, your father was sure to notice.”

Jason stopped eating for a moment looking shocked, but something else was also coming over him. Layla laughed. She’d seen that look before, on his father more than once.

Back to Laylas story:

Several years after the wedding, Layla had been a completely faithful housewife since that one time thing that had turned into a two time thing. She knew her marriage had started in a non traditional way, but was determined to do everything right after that. She had learned everything about being a homemaker, but was also casually pursuing a career at the bank, putting her business mind and education to good use.

She’d had lots of co workers and clients hitting on her, even a few that had seemed attractive, but she was determined to be faithful. One day, she forgot to charge her phone, and that accidentally led her down a very different path.

As Layla gathered her things to go shopping, she noticed her phone battery was super low, so, as always, she just picked up her husbands phone. “Hey honey, I’m taking your phone to the store!” She grabbed his phone from its charger and headed out the door.

When she got to the store, Layla started her usual routine of walking the aisles and picking out things from her list. Vegetables, fresh meat and dairy, she always tried to keep the healthier stuff in the house. She fully intended to age like a good trophy wife. She heard her husbands phone buzz. Probably Fred was texting using her phone now that it had charged. She was surprised to see it was a notification from a dating app! Apparently someone named Jessica had ‘matched’ with her husband!

Time stood still for a moment, as she took the information in. Had Fred been stepping out on her? Why the hell else would he be using one of those apps?

Layla was practically sleepwalking the rest of her shopping trip. She hardly noticed when she bumped into her co-worker, Miles.

“Hey, you okay there Layla?” Miles asked.

“Uh yeah, sorry I didn’t notice you there Miles.” Layla realized. She was happy for the kind words, and had run into Miles here before. He was one of her oldest co-workers, and they got along well. He had actually hit on her before, until he found out she was married.

“I was just lost in thought for a second.” She thought for a second. “Can I ask you a question? Do you use these dating apps?”

Miles nodded. “Yeah, it’s a pretty efficient way to meet people when you’re as busy as I am.” He thought for a second. “What’s going on Layla?”

“Nothing…I mean well, maybe something but I”m not sure.” She shifted her stance uncomfortably. “I should get going.”

“Okay. Well, let me know if you need anything. See you at work!” Miles replied.

The whole drive home Layla was on the verge of tears. Hadn’t she always been true to him? Well, except for right at the beginning of their marriage. She looked over at the groceries. Years of eating right and exercise to stay beautiful for him, all for this? She wasn’t sure she’d be able to look him in the eyes again.

When she walked in the door Fred was waiting for her. He helped take in the bags of groceries and put stuff away like always. He’d always been a devoted and helpful husband. Why would he be on that app?

She decided to cut right to it: “Fred, why is there a dating app on your phone?”

“Well.” Fred stopped putting away the vegetables. “I guess it’s because of something else on my phone.”

What? Layla thought to herself as Fred took the phone and started looking for something. What could possibly be used to justify-oh. That. Fred was holding up a photo of her in her wedding dress with two cocks right next to her face. White semen splashed all across her mouth and chin, making a contrast with her deep brown skin.

They sat in the living room and talked. It turned out that Laylas two lovers that day had kept to themselves mostly, but then Chad, the one with the thick cock, had shared the photo with a couple friends. Years later, someone had shared it again and this time it ended up on a fetish site. Some kind of ‘White guys with Indian Brides’ forum. Since Fred was a white guy with an Indian Bride, he’d been checking it out and stumbled across it.

Thinking first about leaving her, then about stepping out himself, he figured he’d try a dating app.

“You didn’t think to talk to me about it first?” Layla asked, genuinely hurt and surprised, despite the fact that she knew she was responsible. “I’m sorry about what I did, but I never wanted to hurt you! I have been completely devoted since!”

“I know… but still this makes me wonder. I know I won the lottery when you agreed to marry me, but there are so many other guys into you!” Fred paused. “When we started dating, you already had 4 other guys you were seeing. You stood out so much above all the other girls I knew at the time, and you still do.”

Layla was touched that he felt this way, even after what he learned.

“It makes me wonder how I could have done if you weren’t here, like would I have found anyone?” Fred confessed. “If you cheating on our wedding day was enough to end it, would I find someone again?”

Layla had a plan. She helped Fred take some better photos and used her knowledge of him to craft the best profile possible. They decided to call it an ‘experimental open marriage’ to get things even. After a few days, Fred got a date! Things weren’t easy though, it was tough to explain to women the situation, and most weren’t down to go out with a married man. Still, he eventually got his hookup.

One night while doing the dishes, Fred said off handedly: “I bet you’d do really well on those apps.”

Layla laughed. “Yeah but it’s not about me, remember?”

“I’m serious. I got to have my fun so you should too. It’s an ‘open marriage’ experiment, right?”

“You sound pretty excited about this idea.” Layla stopped drying the dishes and turned to face Fred. “Have you been thinking about this a lot?”

“Oh yeah.” Fred said without hesitation. Layla always loved that he was so readily honest, even about things most guys would find embarrassing. “I have to admit, after I found that photo of you I was mad, but then I got turned on by it. Just seeing you with two guys, and so much semen… it did turn me on.”

Layla thought about it for a moment. She was surprised that the amount of guys and semen was what stood out to him the most. But, lots of things turned guys on, right? “Well, how about instead of the apps, I bring home a guy I already know? You remember Miles from work?”

Fred nodded. They’d met a couple of times at Laylas work events. Seemed like a solid guy. It didn’t take too much effort for Layla to convince Miles. Soon, they had a date for drinks lined up.

They made it through exactly one drink before rushing home.

Turns out, Miles had a huge crush on Layla the whole time. He was a perfect gentlemen and opened the car door for her as they arrived back at Laylas house. Fred opened the front door and let them inside the house.

“Good to see you again Miles.” Fred said as he closed the door behind them.

“You too.” Miles said. He quickly scooped Layla up, causing her to squeal and giggle. “Which way to the bedroom?”

Miles took Layla upstairs in his powerful athletic arms and tossed her onto the bed. She bounced once with a giggle, then quickly started to take off her little black dress. She watched as Miles opened his dress shirt, revealing a toned, muscular body. One of the reasons she’d picked him was due to how athletic he was! She knew that he’d be able to give her a great time. She wanted to make the most of this, in case it was a one time thing.

Miles took down his pants, and a rock hard cock sprang up. “Wow! That’s way bigger than my husbands dick!” She exclaimed. She put her hands around it and started stroking it while sitting on the bed. Her underwear was still on, so Miles reached back and unhooked her bra.

“You can tell him that later.” Miles said with a laugh.

Layla had an idea. “Or I could tell him now.” She turned towards the closed bedroom door. “Hey Fred, honey!”

Fred called back from down the hallway. “Yes dear?”

“Come next to the door! In case I want to talk to you!”

“Okay, I’m here.” Fred said, right next to the door.

“Great, first I just wanted to let you know how much bigger his cock is!” She stifled a laugh. “I need two hands just to work the shaft!” She put her lips around the tip of the cock. Miles smiled and ran his hand over her hair while she sucked.

It had been a while since she had a cock this big, so she took her time working the shaft preparing to take the whole thing. Eventually, she worked her way down and got the tip and part of the shaft into her throat with a gag. She pulled back all the way and took her mouth off of it.

“Have you face fucked anyone before?” She asked, with one eyebrow raised while stroking the dick with both of her hands.

He smiled. “Put your hands behind your back and I’ll show you.”

Layla did as she was told, and put the head of his thick member into her mouth. Miles put his big hands on the back of her head, holding her hair out of her face as he started to thrust. At first he went slow, hitting the back of her throat. Then, when he was sure she could handle it he started putting the tip right into her throat.

Miles started thrusting faster, relishing the gagging sounds that Layla made. His cock was slippery wet with her spit as he rammed himself down her throat. Soon he felt her opening up, and it was almost like fucking a vagina. Her throat was perfect for taking his shaft.

As Miles felt himself getting closer to an orgasm, he slowed down. He didn’t want this to be over too quickly. He edged his way down her throat until her lips were right at the base of his cock. Her drool covered shin resting against his sweaty ball-sack. She looked up at him and gave him a sweet, innocent look with her deep brown eyes, almost causing him to cum. He leaned his head back and moaned as he slowly removed himself from her mouth.

Layla stood up and moved to kiss Miles, but he turned his head. “Sorry, I don’t think I can kiss your mouth right after you’ve done that…”

Layla pouted, but then she had an idea. There was one person guaranteed to want to kiss her. She went to the door and opened it. Fred was on the other side, looking sheepish. Layla gave him a big smile and then kissed him on the lips. She gave him a long smooch, with her full lips wet with slobber and sweat from another mans cock. She pulled back and gave him an almost drunken smile.

“Enjoying yourself honey?” She said, gesturing to the erection growing in his pants. She smiled. “It’s okay, I’m getting pretty aroused too.” She slipped off her panties and brought them up the his face. “See how big this wet spot is?” She gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Smell them.”

Without a word, Fred moved his nose to the wet spot on her panties and gave a long sniff. Layla smiled even more broadly and gave him another long kiss on the lips before moving her mouth right next to his ear. “That’s how wet he gets me.”

Suddenly, Layla had another, even dirtier idea. She took her panties and put them around her husbands neck. “There, now that’s as close as you’re getting to my pussy tonight. His thick cock is going to stretch me out and pound me until I’m too sore to do anything with you afterwards.” She glanced back at his erection once more, which seemed to be standing up even more than before. She smiled and gave his cheek another kiss and a couple of playful slaps.

“Enjoy the show.” She said, closing the door in his face and giggling all the way back to Miles who was sitting at the edge of the bed. She straddled him and gave him a kiss. “Oh now you’ll kiss me? After I use my husband to clean up your mess?” She teased. Miles grinned and gave her a longer, more passionate kiss as a response.

Layla slowly lowered herself onto his thick cock, feeling her pussy stretch to take the girth of his shaft. It was incredible. Between how good the sex was, and the fun she’d had teasing Fred, she was enjoying this a log more than she had expected!

After a while of slowly riding, Miles stood up and, without taking himself out of her, managed to turn her around and lay her on her back on the bed. His cock thrusted slowly still, and he kissed her passionately while he did it. Layla could her him softly moan and the realization of how good this felt for him aroused her even more. Her head rolled back and she gasped as she felt a slow, powerful orgasm overtake her.

Soon after, Miles reached his peak too, and Layla loved the feeling of shot after shot of his semen filling her deep inside.

After lying together for a while, Miles got up and started to dress. Layla seemed to snap out of the trance like feeling she’d had, and politely said goodbye as well. As Miles left the room, Fred came back in, with Laylas panties still around his neck.

Layla laughed. She’d forgotten about that part! Had it all gone too far? Judging by the look on Freds face he had enjoyed it too. He came to the bed and started to remove the panties.

“Wait. I don’t see any reason for you to take those off just yet.” Layla said teasingly. She gave him a long, passionate kiss and the two lay together until falling asleep.

Back in present day:

“So Dad liked it?” Jason asked, partially confused but mostly just impressed! How had his mother hidden this side of herself for all these years?

“Yes.” Layla said plainly. “In fact, he enjoyed it even more than me I think. Before long, he’d forgotten all about his side of the deal, and wasn’t pursuing anyone. It became a completely one sided open relationship. He even bought me a premium subscription to one of the dating apps to get me even more guys.”

Jason was stunned, but also…somehow aroused. This was his mother he was looking at, but finding out she’d been so slutty, and such a tease was so exciting. The previous day made sense now. His own devious mother had come up with different ways to tease and entice him all day.

“So, after a while it became almost like a challenge. Fred would give me a task, like hooking up with 3 different guys in a weekend and then reward me with a fancy dinner, or a new dress. Then I’d use the dress to get more photos for my dating profile or flirt with some other guy at the restaurant in front of Fred. It became just a cycle of naughty playtimes.” Layla paused and took a sip of her tea. “He even gave me these implants to help me meet more guys!”

This was the craziest story Jason had ever heard. My Dad helped my Mom go from being a perfect housewife to a slut?

“Theres just one thing I don’t understand.” Jason started. “If Dad was the driving force behind all of this, why did he leave?” Layla looked down, clearly she’d been expecting this question but it still saddened her.

“That’s a story for another day.” She said composing herself. “And I think there is a chance he’ll come back.” She brushed her brown hair back with her hand. “He gave me a credit card he calls the ‘slut card’. I use it for stuff like lingerie, plane tickets for myself or a guy I’m going to sleep with, my gym membership and personal trainers. He’s still paying it off so…Well I think it means something at least.”

Jason nodded. It made sense. His parents had said they were one a separation, but no one had mentioned divorce just yet. He looked at his mother, and felt like he knew her better than ever before. She was still the kind, caring and dutiful parent she’d always been. But there was a lot more to her than met the eye.

“So Jason.” Layla said, clearly winding up for the big question. “Now that you know everything, I have a proposition. Would you like to carry on where your father left off. I really enjoy being watched and appreciated, but it has to be by someone I love. Someone who loves me.” Layla swallowed and then continued. “Yesterday I tested the water a bit. I’m not sure if you noticed, but I started the day by having sex right next to the room you were in. After that, I made sure you had the opportunity to look in, but you’d have to seek it out. I made sure you wanted to see it at least a little. I think I can satisfy your curiosity, and also help me be fulfilled at the same time.”

Jason had figured this was coming. He thought for a moment. It was so wrong on multiple levels, but at the same time, that seemed to make it even more alluring. It wasn’t like he had been raised in a very traditional household, and he was sure his mother wouldn’t do anything that wouldn’t benefit them both. Besides, after everything else it sounded fun. The previous day had been a wild ride, and he was sure whatever was next would be amazing too.

“Yes.” Jason said and nodded slowly. “I’ll take over where he left off.”

Layla smiled broadly, showing off her perfect white teeth. There was a look in her eye too, an excited, playful look. “Great!” She stood up from her chair. “Now, I’m going to have to come up with some custom rules. But rule number one is: Always do what I say. No matter whether or not you understand why, no matter how humiliating it is either.”

To emphasize this last point, she took Jasons coffee mug and spat a huge gob of spit into it. She passed it back to him.

“Drink it.” She said in a stern voice.

Jason hesitated for a second, but did as he was told. He could sort of feel the slimy saliva on his tongue as he gulped it down. He looked up and saw his mother smiling in a naughty, domineering way.

“Now was that humiliating?” She asked.

Jason nodded.

“Kind of gross?” She continued.

Jason nodded again.

Layla paused and her smile grew more broad. “Good. You’ve got rule one down already.” She slowly walked around Jasons chair, running her hand across his shoulders playfully. “Rule number two: I like younger guys, athletic guys, black guys…guys with big, meaty cocks.” She looked down and saw her son was getting an erection quickly. She loved how fast she was able to make a young mans cock hard, even her own son!

“I fuck whoever I want, whenever I want. You’re lucky if you get to watch or look at photos and videos after the fact.”

Jason nodded his head. It made sense. He figured there would be a lot to learn but his mother would make it easy to understand.

Layla stopped next to him and leaned in towards his face. “Rule number three” She gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “I’m still a wife, and I’ll always be your mother.” She threw one of her legs over his lap, almost straddling him, but keeping slightly above his erection, which by now was a tent pole in his pants.

She moved her face towards his, very slowly. Her deep, big brown eyes looking directly into his blue ones. Neither of them broke the eye contact. Then, she looked down towards his mouth and slowly pushed her lips right next to his. She brushed her lips against his, almost but not quite kissing him. She pulled her head back a little bit, then moved back towards his lips again.

Jason could feel her breath on his mouth, and he knew she could feel his. He was so close to kissing her, but didn’t want to move and ruin the moment. Layla took her face back a little big from his, once again looking into his eyes. “I’ll always be your mother.” She said again.

Then, she slowly moved her mouth right next to his ear, brushing her big, pouty lips against his earlobe and whispered: “But I’m also a whore.”

Jason heard himself moan softly, completely out of his own control. He felt his erect cock empty a load right into his pants. Layla slowly moved off of him and noticed the wet spot at his crotch. She put her hand over her mouth and laughed.

“Wow! I knew I was a good tease but I wasn’t expecting that!” She said in-between laughs. She ran her fingers through her hair and kept smiling, clearly proud of herself. “You’re such a naughty boy! Your own mother? All I did was spit in your drink and almost kiss you!”

The young man began turning red. He knew this was exactly what he’d signed up for, but it was still so much to take in!

“Okay,” Layla started, regaining her composure. “New rule: Anytime you finish in your pants you have to wear them the rest of the day…” She thought for a moment. “And anytime someone else fucks me and makes a mess, you have to clean up and do the laundry.” She laughed again. Jason had never seen his mother looking so giddy! He felt flustered but had to admit he was enjoying himself.

Layla knew the rest of her day would be fun, teasing her son while doing chores around the house and planning her next move. “Alright hon,” She said, giving him another peck on the cheek. She was back into ‘Mom’ mode. At least as much as was possible now that their relationship had fundamentally changed. “Better get to the rest of your homework or whatever.”

As she turned to leave the room, Jason found himself staring back at her ass as she walked away. There was a little more sway to her hips than usual. He wondered what could possibly come next.

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