Canine Therapy – Chapter 3 by Chilean Gold

Introduction: Knowing she was now officially a patient under Dr. Conseil Amy felt herself shudder at the thought of continued therapy. Try as she might, she couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for her on Friday. It was gnawing at her, filling her with a morbid curiosity. , Amy woke up at ten in the morning feeling well-rested. For weeks she had woken up tired, from restless nights full of night terrors, but ever since she indulged in her masturbatory exercises she felt energised again. Oh how she had missed those lazy Saturday mornings where she could sleep in, uninterrupted by fear or paranoia. She started her weekend with some light stretches, followed by a healthy breakfast.

Knowing she was now officially a patient under Dr. Conseil Amy felt herself shudder at the thought of continued therapy. Try as she might, she couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for her on Friday. It was gnawing at her, filling her with a morbid curiosity.

Throughout the week she kept up with her normal life as best she could. It was a struggle to attend her Sports and Physical health lectures as well as gymnastics training, but she was doing her best to at least show up. That was already an improvement since she was unable to attend at all a few weeks ago. However, Amy found it difficult to keep focus during lectures, wary of any potential attack dogs entering the classroom. During gymnastics practice it was difficult to pay attention to her movements and she found herself unable to stay up on the balance beam for more than a few seconds. Her coach could tell she was still in the same rut she had been for the past few months, and picked her up from the ground to talk to her.

“Still a bit rusty, eh? I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it again soon enough.” He said, patting her on the shoulder. His name was Coach Matthews, but everyone simply called him Coach. He was a stocky, clean shaven man in his fifties, dressed head to toe in grey cotton fleece. He’d been teaching gymnastics at the university for decades, and had a knack for churning out world-class gymnasts. He was the main reason Amy even applied to university, but she had only managed to join in on one session before taking her mental health break. Luckily, Coach Matthews already knew about Amy given her previous awards, and in that one session she had impressed the coach, who saw true olympic-level potential in the girl.

“I know things have been difficult lately with the whole dog business, so I was happy to let you take some time off. When you came back today for the first time in over a month I was all smiles, but the higher-ups are not pleased with your lack of progress. I’ve got multiple people from the gymnastics board asking about replacing you on the team this past month, and I said no every time. I think you’ve got what it takes to make it big, and I want you on the team, but in a few weeks it won’t be my choice come the review period in November, so you need to show them that you are in tip top gymnastic shape. Now, I know you can do it, but I need you here to practice with me every day to make up for lost time.” he said. Amy appreciated the support from her coach, he’d really been sticking his neck out for her while she was away.

“I’ll do my best, Coach. I’m more committed than ever, so that board will have no choice but to keep me on.” she answered, and Coach beamed at her optimism. In truth, Amy was concerned: if she didn’t go back to the star athlete she was in a few weeks she would be kicked off the team. She hadn’t done any training in over a month, and her mental state still wasn’t strong enough to handle the focus required for training, so she would have to really push herself both physically in training and mentally in therapy to secure her place.

She went home feeling defeated by life, going around the estate and hopping the fence into her back garden. If only that damn neighbour of hers could just keep his dog inside! She went into her room to cool down after such a long day. It was hard to be so tense all day long and she needed to unwind. Almost immediately she thought about masturbating; it had quickly become the time of day where there were no worries and she could just lose herself physically. In fact she had been masturbating every night that week, to the same fantasy of her attack. One of the benefits of a damaged psyche like hers was that she could turn her worst fears into something sexually stimulating, it really did feel like a kind of therapy. Soon after stripping down and untying her hair, she was under the covers and playing with herself. Her conflicting morality on the issue made it difficult, but knowing they were instructions prescribed by her doctor helped reassure her that fantasising about dog cocks was actually beneficial for her. As she had done every night that week, Amy played with herself until she came, her juices running down her legs, and tried to ignore the immediate shame that came after.

In the past few days she had tried watching human porn, but it was just as Conseil had said: absolutely no physical response. She hoped one day that she could eventually enjoy regular porn again, but it didn’t seem likely at this point in time. As per her treatment, she had begun looking online for bestiality porn, and found plenty of videos of women getting down and dirty with their pets. It was fascinating to Amy, who poured over her screen for hours in a state of dark curiosity. She watched video after video. Each one had millions of views. ‘Do people really like this stuff?’ she thought to herself, watching various women in masks get on their hands and knees for a huge dog to mount them. Amy watched as their canine cocks disappeared into their pussies, some of them even taking the knot. ‘Knot’. That was a new word for Amy to add to her vocabulary. While watching the videos she felt a similar twisting in her stomach accompanied by the urge to masturbate, which she often found herself doing now. Something about the act of bestiality was just so *naughty* to her and had become mandatory if she wanted to masturbate. Coincidentally, one video featured a small redhead like herself getting mounted by a rottweiler, and was a video she found herself returning to frequently. Watching the girl ease the canine cock from its sheath, licking it, sucking on it, before finally letting the beast fuck her until she went limp with pleasure was riveting. She always came to that video. Amy found it especially curious just how happy the woman was, how all the women in the videos were, to be having sex with a canine. They didn’t seem overly demented or traumatized, just perverted and a little too curious. Perhaps what she herself felt towards dogs physically wasn’t as taboo as she thought it was? She decided to sleep on it.

It was Friday again, and Amy woke up bright and early. She stretched, showered and made a healthy breakfast, before pulling on a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a coat. Her bun tied atop her head in the usual way, she set off over the fence and through the convoluted bystreets to get to university. There she managed to attend her lecture but her thoughts were occupied by today’s therapy session. After dazing through it she took a bus to NAR’s office.

Nervously, Amy knocked on the same hardwood door, and saw it open to reveal Laura Linton, completely nude apart from a silver necklace and heels.

“Good Afternoon, Amy!” she chirped with delight, her bosom swaying as she opened the door. Her body was tinted a shade pinker than her usual ivory complexion.

“Good afternoon.” squeaked Amy, still surprised by her daring attire.

She welcomed Amy inside without a thought and took her upstairs to Dr. Conseils office, her hips swaying with each step. Between Laura’s cheeks glimmered the hand of what must have been a butt plug, which Amy could help but stare at from behind. In the office, Amy quietly sat down on one red sofa while the doctor sat on the other ready to begin their session.

“First things first, Amy. Have you been following your instructions to masturbate to canines?” he asked, getting straight to business.

“Y-Yes, doctor. It was difficult, but I made an effort to watch more bestiality content online. I actually watched it every night rather than three nights per week.” she answered, a bit of smug creeping in from her embarrassed tone. Being an overachiever, Amy revelled when it came to reporting homework, but she still found it uncomfortable to admit to watching dog porn.

“Very good, Amy. Tell me more about what you’ve found.” He said, and Amy spoke of the videos she watched, in particular the one featuring the redhead and the rottweiler.

“It feels odd, but I think I’m getting used to masturbating again.” She said, going a shade of red. The doctor smiled. She was making progress.

“Once again you’ve proven your success with therapy, Amy. I believe you are ready for the next step.” he said, pulling out a box from beneath the table. Handing the box to Amy, she opened the package to reveal a rubbery dog penis, around six inches long in total. pointed at the end, widening at the shaft with a knot two inches in diameter. Her eyes went wide. The object was red and grey with veins throughout the design. The whole thing sat on a base mimicking a dog’s bollocks. It looked just like the real thing that Amy had seen in videos, and a bit smaller than the rottweiler she encountered last month. Amy looked at it in shock. “This is a special device Laura and I ordered just for you Amy. Whenever you masturbate we will require you to use this to simulate real sex wth a canine. Obviously this is a toy, far from the real thing, but it should be close enough to tap into your mental state and confront your anxiety.” Amy found her voice again and asked,

“You want to put this inside me?” she whispered, going white.

“Not me. I want you to put this inside yourself, over and over. It’s a masturbatory aid; consider it a reward for your hard work masturbating with your hands only. In fact, we want to move away from masturbating with your hands in general, it is too… human, for our efforts.” He replied.

Amy inspected the dildo and looked underneath, the words 'property of Amy Macdonald’ were engraved into the plastic which made her feel uneasy. She felt the urge to leave, but then thought back to her conversation with Coach; how she would be putting in real effort to make the therapy work in order to stay on the gymnastics team. Amy looked hard at the dildo, and while she did want to protest, she swallowed her pride.

“I’ll do my best.” she managed to squeak out. “But

“Wonderful to hear, Amy. There are just a few things left for us to do today.” he said. The doctor called Laura into the room and she entered with a collar in her hand. “We would like you to wear this.” Laura handed Amy the collar to look at. It was made of thick black leather with a soft lining, and came adorned with a gold, bone-shaped tag with ‘Amy’ engraved on the front. Amy held the collar in her hands and looked up at Dr. Conseil with an annoyed expression.

“I’m not a dog, doctor.” she explained.

“I can see that, Amy.” he replied.

“I’m not sure you do. This is a dog collar. For dogs. I’m a *human*.” She explained in an annoyed tone.

“It may seem strange, but there is a reason I want you to wear this collar. Your physical and mental states are misaligned, and this causes tension within you. As you know, exploring your physical attraction to dogs is our main channel of therapy, but I recognize this can be damaging to your mental state. By wearing this collar, you can adopt the role of a canine. Now, you are obviously a human, but playing the role of a dog will make the therapy more agreeable in your mind, and allow you to get the full benefits of our exercises. Lowering your status to that of a dog will help to align your mental and physical states to make the process smoother.” he explained. Amy’s face altered, going from annoyance to worry.

“Do I have to?” she pleaded.

“Well, the other way would be to raise the status of a dog to that of a human, but that is impossible, since they don’t have the capacity for such higher thinking. You always have the choice not to wear the collar, Amy, but it is highly recommended you listen to your doctor’s advice.” he answered emphatically.

“Fine.” she relented, defeat in her voice. Laura stepped behind Amy and fitted the collar around her neck with a click; the lining soft against her skin. “Is this everything?” the girl asked, feeling her new accessory.

“Not quite, we still have the actual exercise to do,” said the doctor. “I would like you to meet Baxter.”

Laura left the room and returned with a large black labrador on a leash. Amy screamed, jumping back into the red sofa and hiking her legs up to her chest as Laura led the dog up to the foot of the sofa.

“It’s alright, Amy. It’s only a dog, Labradors are actually very gentle pets.” explained the doctor, but Amy was going into a panic. The doctor tried to reassure her but the girl was having none of it, so he mentioned to Laura who unclipped Baxter’s leash. Baxter stayed still, awaiting Laura’s order.

“Baxter, Pin.” commanded Laura, and Baxter leapt into action. The dog jumped onto the sofa and held the screaming girl’s arms to the seat with his forelegs, and sat down on her stomach, constraining her underneath his weight. Amy went silent with shock, retracting her head into the sofa and shutting her eyes tightly. She hadn’t touched a dog since her rottweiler attack, and it was as if she had been dragged back to that day again.

“Surprise!” Laura sang, “I’m the expert handler!” she said beaming, her hands on the sides of her hips, swaying them in excitement.

“Laura was raised on a farm up north, which gives her the appropriate technical skill in dealing with animals. Most importantly, she can be trusted to keep a secret. She has assured me that Baxter here is the most well-behaved dog in her possession, and that he would make an excellent start to your healing journey.” while Amy heard the words coming from the doctor’s mouth, she was too panicked to make any sense of them.

“Just get the dog away from me. Please.” she grimaced, gripping into the sofa cushions around her. She could feel its claws poking into her shoulders, the heat coming from its body pressed against her. Worst of all, that awful smell of dog burning into her nostrils.

“No can do, I’m afraid. This is an important part of your process, Amy, and we haven’t even started yet.” replied the doctor. Amy groaned in dismay.

“Let’s begin with some introductions,” said Laura, “Amy, meet Baxter. Baxter, kisses!” she commanded, and Baxter lowered his head and began licking at Amy’s face. She screamed through her nose, still keeping her eyes and now her mouth shut tight. She wanted desperately to turn and run but her body was frozen stiff with fear, and Baxter’s weight held her down anyway. Laura continued without hesitation, “Baxter here is just the friendliest doggy in the whole world!I have a few connections with a local shelter, and was able to pull a few strings to arrange a day out for Baxter to meet a potential owner. He’s had a lot of trouble finding a family, he gets picked up and then returned after a few days because he just can’t stop licking everything. It doesn’t help that he drools so much either. A bit impractical, but his tongue definitely has its uses. He’s so well behaved in every other sense that the staff decided to keep him on as a ‘stress reliever’. Before you ask, he is completely clean. The doctor and I figured it would be best to start testing your boundaries slowly, with simple licking at first.” Laura kept talking as Baxter continued to lick at Amy’s face which was now covered in a layer of slobber. While disgust flowed through every bone in her, she couldn’t help but become aroused. She felt so dirty being licked and handled like this. The way he pinned her down and took her like the beast he was just made her feel a certain arousal that wouldn’t go away as much as she wanted it to.

At Laura’s command, Baxter stopped licking, leaving Amy still pinned with a coating of drool around her mouth and cheeks. The slobber felt thick and heavy on her face and the smell of drool made her gag in her mouth.

Baxter climbed down from Amy who lay there in shock. She slowly awoke from her state to Laura fanning her face, before again jumping away from the sofa and behind Dr. Conseil’s desk. She wiped the slobber from her mouth with her sleeve and suddenly started to cry. Both Conseil and Laura went over to console the girl, while Baxter was ordered to sit at the other end of the room.

“You did very well, Amy. It was a real step forward in your exposure to dogs, and I know you weren’t fully expecting it.” said the doctor. He tried to pat her shoulder but she shrugged him off.

“This is your fault, you and your insane therapy tactics. Are you two both just perverts? What kind of people would get off on humiliating me like this?.” she said through her tears. Amy was now curled up under the desk, and Laura felt sympathetic to what she was going through. Doctor Conseil started.

“You must be feeling quite confused, Amy. I understand it can be difficult to engage with this kind of extreme therapy, but know that it really is what’s best for you. Before today, did you think you would ever get that close to a dog again? You just did that. You touched a dog, and it even licked you, and you’re still alive. I call that a resounding success.” he said in his all too soothing voice. Amy’s tears kept flowing but she took in what the doctor said. It was true, she had gone through the fire and come out again in one piece. She remained huddled under the desk.

“I don’t like this kind of therapy, I don’t want to do- ‘close contact’ with dogs. Am I going to have to have – you know – with a dog? I’m still a virgin!” she said, feeling a bitter arousal at the thought of her first time being with a canine.

“No one is making you do anything, Amy.” replied the doctor, “It is entirely down to you if you want to continue therapy here, but it is my opinion that you need to address this imprinted fetish and get it out of your system to truly move on with your life. That means doing things you find uncomfortable, like licking. If you could have sex with a human male you wouldn’t be here, so unfortunately I can’t say you won’t need to have sex with a dog, but we will try some other things before we get that far: kissing, fellatio, second hand stimulation, et cetera.”

Amy grimaced.

“Am I normal?” she whispered.

“Completely normal.” Dr. Conseil instantly replied. “You’re just dealing with trauma in the way that suits you best. Besides, plenty of normal people have strange fetishes. Take my beloved Laura, for example. She was a compulsive exhibitionist, but through my help she is now able to express herself and still enjoy everyday life.”

“It’s true,” said Laura, “I used to feel awful about my behaviour, but Lucius taught me how to be comfortable in my own skin.” she smiled and gave Dr. Conseil a peck on the cheek.

“When he licked me, I- felt myself enjoying it.” said Amy, slowly crawling out from the desk. “I’m not sure if I’m supposed to. I mean, I thought therapy was meant to stop this fetish.”

“It is, but resolving you fear of dog sex requires exposing yourself to it and eventually getting over it. Standard exposure therapy. We want you to get used to the subject until you get bored of it, at which point your sexuality should be realigned. As of right now, leaning into the enjoyment will make therapy much smoother. This will mean sitting with Baxter again and letting him lick you.” said the doctor. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” said Amy. She felt better, but she could see Baxter looking at her from across the room, and the smell of wet slobber on her face was still strong. A strong moral revulsion took over her at the thought of him licking her again. She knew what to do, but felt uneasy about what she was about to say.

“I want to continue the licking therapy, but I just can’t sit with him. The way that dog looks at me gives me the creeps.”

Doctor Conseil thought for a second.

“I know just the thing. You can sit with him, Amy, you just need some insurance to stop you jumping away again. Amy, sit on the sofa. Laura, get the restraints.” he said.

“Absolutely!” gleamed the woman, who made a beeline for the supply closet, her breasts jiggling in step. Amy watched with apprehension as she pulled out a few items before laying them on the table. A rope, ring gag, and a small chain around ten centimetres long.

Amy allowed Laura to work her mastery as she sat back against the red sofa. Laura tied each end of the rope around her hands and to the sofa, leaving her arms stretched out and pulled tight. Then she fitted the ring gag to Amy’s mouth to open it wide. The girl tried to protest but her arms were held back, and with the gag in place she couldn’t speak.

“Don’t fret, Amy. These measures are here to make sure you get the most from today’s session. And I believe you need to get even closer to Baxter’s tongue.” explained the doctor.

Finally, Laura took the chain, which had clamps on both ends, and attached one to her tongue and the other to her collar, pulling her tongue out to her chin. Baxter was now staring at her intently, his tongue out and dripping with drool. Amy noticed his cock had even come out of its sheath, and she was beginning to get cold feet.

“I’ve just had a thought,” said Laura, inspecting her handiwork, “something to make things more enjoyable for you, Amy.” The woman fiddled with Amy’s jean zipper before pulling down her bottoms, revealing a fiery bush and wet lips. Amy went white. They weren’t going to pop her cherry *now*, were they? The frightened girl tugged at her restraints and shut her knees, looking at Dr. Conseil with desperation in her eyes, but he did nothing. Laura smiled.

“We aren’t doing that yet, but I like the way you think.” she said, picking up the doggy dildo and gently rubbing along her slit before easing the toy in. Amy felt herself quiver under the older woman’s skilled hand as she widened under the rubbery cock. The girl’s breath quickened, her eyes locked on the toy cock entering her. It was an unreal sight to her, it looked so… unnatural. Laura slowed as the knot touched her labia, rotating the thing with constant pressure. Amy felt the knot part her lips before sinking in deeper, being swallowed into her. Amy felt full, her pussy right against the toy bollocks, and moaned with arousal. Her chest heaved, she was panting like a real dog, her own saliva trailing down the chain to her collar. Laura looked her in the eye with a knowing glance before securely hiking up her jeans, fastening the button. The doggy dildo pressed even more into the girl, who felt already close to orgasm. Amy shifted in her seat feeling the new accessory inside her. She was stuffed.

“On with the show,” she winked, “Baxter, kisses!”

Baxter practically leapt up to the girl and started to lick at her exposed tongue. Amy screamed in fright and felt the animal’s weight on her: it’s hind legs on the floor while it’s front legs propped up on her shoulders. She could taste his thick doggy drool as it coated her taste buds. So gooey and not quite salty. She felt the instinct to turn her head but Laura was stood behind the sofa, holding her by the hair. Amy could feel his hot dog breath against her nose, the animalistic sounds of his soft grunts and growls as the two engaged in the longest french kiss of her life. She groaned into her gag as Baxter frantically licked the entire inside of her mouth. His tongue lapped her teeth, inner cheeks and gums, thoroughly covering them in saliva. The sight of the dog's face so close made her tremble, the smell and taste revolted her, and she struggled against the restraints hoping for release. Yet, her pussy was on fire. It was just so… physical; raw sexual energy dominated her nerves and stopped her from pulling too tightly against the rope. Baxters shifted closer, moving Amy’s legs apart to lick even deeper. His cock, now fully erect, was pressed against the front of her jeans, parallel to the toy inside her. Baxter was practically dry humping her, staining her jeans with precum. The commotion continued to stir the toy inside her and sent Amy into a frenzy, guilt flooding her as she experienced a very intense orgasm. Her groans became moans and juices squirted from her pussy, further staining her jeans. The two tongues had sandwiched an unholy mixture of drool which flowed down onto Amy’s chin, neck and upper chest. Beads of spit even flowed between her breasts and to her stomach. Most of Baxter’s saliva actually flowed the other way, down Amy’s throat, try as she might to spit it out. The way Laura held down her head meant gravity forced most of the drool back, which Amy swallowed with a wince in order to move the taste away from her tongue.

Dr. Conseil sat on the other sofa, watching Amy intently, It was clear she was now onto her second orgasm, a sign that the therapy was working and Amy was continuing to respond positively to sexual treatment. He decided to let the session continue until Baxter got tired, but after fifteen minutes it still didn’t seem like Baxter was close to finishing. Laura wasn’t kidding, the labrador was insatiable. Another few minutes passed before Conseil finally gave Laura the order to end the session, and she let go of Amy’s hair and moved Baxter away.

With Baxter out of the way, Dr. Conseil had a full view of his patient. She was absolutely soaked, her face was sheen with spit, as well as most of her neck and chest. Her t-shirt was soaked through, revealing the outline of her toned stomach. Her blue jeans were noticeably darker and damper at her crotch and inner thigh, with unmistakable off-white blotches around her zipper. Laura returned to untie the ropes and remove the gag. Uporn release Amy slumped onto the sofa defeated. Her tongue was rubbed raw, her jaw ached from being held open for nearly a half hour, and her whole body was covered in her own sweat, as well as her’s and Baxter’s cum and saliva.

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