New Kid this is your tape! by Sinister_Cookie

A literotic sexstories: New Kid this is your tape! by Sinister_Cookie ,
Brat lakeNew Kid, this is your tape. Side A.

I saw you at a party. My first one post split of the hosts. Summer was busy and I missed a couple. I thought you were cute. Crush? Yes, ill be forward here. I immediately told my husband I wanted you. I don’t usually play with new people first time I see them. No rule, just a me thing. I like to hang back. Get a feel for the vibe. Whole new crowd with a few old friends peppered in. Shot cups went Over well. We didn’t bring enough.

I wanted to make a dress entirely out of playing cards but I didn’t have time. I made card shark costumes instead. I held my own at the poker table. Socialized.

Next party was wet and wild. That bounce house has all of my inner child heart. The one where my girl got into the pudding cup shots and didn’t come back out until none were left. I didn’t play with you but I wanted too. Drunk me gave you my number on purpose. Kinda like the way werewolves imprint… maybe not that deep but I knew I’d be back for you.

October was swallowed up by my wanderlust. November was go time. Coming off a split myself, feeling at a weird place I went into this party with no expectations. I had that cnc free use bracelet on and I wanted to accept as many play offers as came my way. We come to these parties to play and “hoe around” lol.

Who’s idea is it to put me in charge? I seem to be stumbling into bigger roles in all areas of my life. I was playing tour guide when you showed up looking like a tall handsome drink of water in your black tshirt. I quickly agreed that we would play later. I kept giving tours. I socialized with my favorite people. Chatted up the new people. Had an enjoyable shop talk with nother guy who shares my clientele work wise. I thought It was sweet when you offered to make me a drink. I declined only because water. The brat drinks water? Yes because she wants to see if what goes in, will still squirt out.

Fast forward and we were definitely ready to hit a room. We found my husband and took him in with us. I didn’t have much to take off. Two flag bows, a glitter hat, and tutu. That tutu was micromini skirt length and I wasn’t wearing anything under it. Everything I had on had glitter. The party shop special. Whatever they had left juxtaposed on my mostly nude body. 2 erect nipples peeking out between flag bows.

You parted my legs and pulled me closer. I was expecting to jump right into foreplay but I wasn’t expecting to receive first. ? I was completely smooth from earlier at home laser hair removal session.

Waves of pleasure washed over me as your tongue danced all over my clit. It never takes long to start the ocean flowing. I get super wet super fast. Your tongue was exploring every bit of my wonton pussy as all I could do was lay there writhing and moaning in the moment. That clit action was right on the money. You are amazing.

Then you started in with your hands. I took a deep breath and thought to myself. This is when I find out if I’m a squirter for real or if magic hands was a fluke. Slowly and methodically you were fingering. You paid just as much attention to my clit as you did finding the g spot. Wasn’t enough. No magic. It felt amazing but no flood gates opened.

Now it’s my turn. I held your girth in my hands before playfully kissing the tip. I started out slow focusing on the head. My tongue was licking the rim. I was bobbing and sucking. Then I hoped off to go down to the balls. Licking and sucking as you started to moan.

He likes this, I thought. Time for the tongue trick. Set an exciting pattern. Build anticipation.

I took my tongue and flicked it Back and forth as I traveled the length of your shaft. As I worked my way to the tip, I could feel you’re anticipation building. Fast as I could I dove down deep. I took as much as I could, adjusted, took a bit more, gagged, and came up for air. Your primal moans and groans were driving me at this point. Vocals are so sexy. You do it so well.

Next I added in 1 hand twisting up and down on your shaft as I focused on the head sucking and rimming. I counted to 10 in my head and then went back down to the balls. I love the noises play pals make when I remember to suck not only the balls but the little flap of skin connecting them with the penis.

Back up the shaft I traveled with my tongue. You were probably hoping you knew what’s next. Again I deep dive. I think it Ada a layer of anticipation and excitement when I slowly go from bottom to tip and then drive it down. I take as much as I can, then I adjust and take more. I haven’t mastered the trick of swallowing while I’ve got one deep, so I just gag and slide up for air. I’m trying at home though.

I keep doing this rythum of counting and deep throating. I was going deep on different numbers though. Keep that excitement alive.

Then you said it. My favorite words. “If you keep going I’ll cum.” Excuse me while I just get a little more wetter down here. I smiled in brat and drove it down deep immediately. You groaned in pleasure. “I would feel it a missed opportunity if I didn’t get the chance to feel your pussy”

I again smiled in brat and went deep down on your throbbing cock. You moaned again. So hot when you do it. “OK, come on”.

I quickly pulled off so you could position me on the bed. I can be submissive sometimes. My husband positioned himself for the perfect spit roasting. I love sucking cock. I love including my partner in play adventures.

Your cock has a beautiful girth that fills me up perfectly. Just the right length too. Gentle, slower, not rough. Your thumb was rubbing my clit as you went. My hands in your hair. He’s going for the gold. I’m trying to focus on cock sucking but your hand is distracting. I’m going deep. Sucking the head as you pound me. Both of you pounding at the same time when I stop sucking.

You were alternating between slower deep/hard thrusts and somewhat faster shallower ones. Everytime you drive in deep I just crave that explosion. I didn’t come but you did. Your groans and moans and primal thrusting. You went deep. I wrapped my legs around you to drive you even deeper. I have an iud. Give me all the cum. I begged you to Fill every bit of me with it and you obliged.

When you finally pulled off for air you were saying something about how much you regret not playing with me sooner. Without missing a beat I hopped up and took your cock deep. Your eyes rolled back and you moaned my name. I could tell I was frying all the circuit boards. I wanted to clean you up a bit. Leave you better than I found you. You said, unless I want round 2, I’d better cool off. So I smiled with a twinkle in my bratty eyes and went right back down one more time.

Back to the social scene. Another Johnnie and Pepsi. Some doritos. Buzzed me, not anxious, just walked up and leaned into your ear. I explained to you that if you picked up the pace with the fingering, chances likely I’d squirt. Your eyes went wide. Who even is she? Do I know her? Thank you Johnnie, hello.

Quickly whisked away by the girls though, our moment broken. Birthday lap dancing commenced. I was ordered by my Master to do it. I can’t dance but I am submissive. So begrudgingly I fumbled around it. Motor boat the birthday boy. Grind him. Mount him. Whisper happy birthday in his ear with my best seductive voice.

Even less of me to undress. Like two magnets we found our way right back in the room together. You went in right away with your fingers and like magic there I went. Squirting away. Not a fluke. I was dying to get your cock in my mouth again. I fumbled with your belt a bit before you slid your pants and boxers off. I started in just like before.

This time when I gagged I squirted some. I was working my hand twisting and sucking your head. I was sucking and gently licking your balls. I was trying my hardest to do that thing where I go deep and pop my tongue out to lick the balls at the same time. I was also gagging alot. I was completely enthralled with your moaning, dirty talking, and groaning. I was trying for the prize.

I’m not the biggest load swallowing fan. I keep trying though. Everyone is different and I just take what I can before coming up for air. No, not with this one. He wouldn’t let me. I was trying hard but he stopped me. I went deep again as I wasn’t willing to give up. Again I ended up on the bed at his mercy.

Back to spit roasting. I was trying to give my husband 110%. I was deep throating him. At 15 years we’ve become very easy and free. I was testing the limits of my gag reflux. He will hold my head down while I continue gagging. It’s hot. It doesn’t always end well but it feels good for him. I love the assertiveness.

I have sensitive nipples but I love having them played with. You could tell you twisted them a bit much but I didn’t say the safeword (red). Don’t worry, I’ll tell ya if you do real damage.

This time its doggy style. Just couldn’t help but cut loose and let the pleasure take control. My husband’s cock in my mouth I was moaning loudly all over it. I was enjoying every deep thrust you gave me. Back arched down. Sucking, being pounded, being loud right with you.

My hubby says lots of friends popped by to see who the good time was. We even had another guy waiting in the wings watching. No dice. I was captivated. All consumed.

My favorite part is feeling balls slap against my clit. So buzzed me says. Tell him. I don’t know what overcame me in that room. I was dirty talking like it was my profession. You tugged my hair and my eyes rolled back to exctasy. I can handle it rougher. If you wanna pull my hair, bite my neck like a modern day lost boy, choke me, or pin me, do it. Let your inner primal beast mode out. I come to these parties to be an object of lust. A peice of meat. A cum dumpster. A sub In the playroom, a social butterfly in the rest of the house.

You release and can’t drive it in deep enough. I love creampies. Fill me up. I want all of it as absolutely deep as it will go. When you pull out for air I again clean it. Circuts fried again. ? your again moaning my name. It’s so sultry the way you say it.

Back out again mingling. Lots of conversation in the kitchen. I made another drink. I pulled you in closer, leaned in to your ear, and said very directly “round 3 should be me sucking out your soul”

My husband was deep in conversation with one of my girls when I quickly found myself needing a bathroom. My toxic trait is that I always need a bathroom lol. I excused myself.

I told him I was going to the bathroom. Which was my honest intent. I figured I’d come back out for you both. When I came out, there you were. Tall glass of handsome and the dam wind just blew us right into the bed again. Funny how that happens. ? ?

The voyeur in waiting form earlier was pacing the hall. I know he wanted to ask to join. Sometimes I’m too friendly and it gets mistaken as interest. To avoid rejection sensitivity I just try to passively avoid those I don’t want to play with. I closed the door. I was hoping my husband would come find us but he didn’t. All good though. No rules broken.

Just two of us. I broke my own rule. I kissed you. Tongues dancing. Then I sucked your tongue a bit as I would your erect penis. I wanted to do it. I wanted to see if you were just as good at that as you were with everything else. I briefly pondered what it would be like if you just pinned me against a wall and kissed me like that, maybe bit my neck a bit and pushed your package against my throbbing clit. What a beautiful daydream. “I’m going to suck out your soul. That’s my mission”

I went straight to work. This time I was licking just barely inside the hole on the head of your penis. I was running my tongue around the rim and flicking it around a bit. I was using 1 hand to stroke your cock twisting as I went. I was going deep. I was gagging. You had your fingers in me. It was like a dam had burst. I was just spilling out like flood waters. You were making that kitty purr with your “good girl” every time I’d let loose.

Time to go for the gold. I added a 2nd hand to the 2 hand twist and you groaned louder as I worked. I was trying so hard to suck your soul out. “You are an absolute expert at sucking my cock. You like this don’t you?” yes I do. I love when I go so good a play pal is swimming in pleasure waves.

I flooded that bed. Flooded is an understatement. I can’t say enough how euphoric squirting is for me. It’s not an orgasm but dam it’s heaven. It’s happening so easily for you. Then more squirt cums out every time I gag at this point.

I gagged a little too hard and you ordered me up for air. Except, I didn’t come all the way up. I went back to double handing it and sucking the head. “If this is your idea of coming up for air. Oh God! If you keep this up I’m going to cum. I don’t want to cum yet.”

“I’m going to keep going.” I said dominately as a bratty grin crossed my face.

“Do you really want to play this game?” You growled.

“Yes I do” I said confidently before taking you as deep as possible. I adjusted and keept going deeper till I gagged, made another puddle.

“Oh fuck that feels good” but you wanted what you wanted. So you flipped me over and pinned me down. Yep, as soon as you put your hands on mine to hold me down I gushed a little more. Yes, take what’s yours in this moment. Oh sir, daddy, Master, play pal, whatever your chosen title is, your getting whatever you want.

My husband was loading the car when the conversation outside changed from small talk to, everyone asking who was in the private room getting railed. My husband smiled. “My wife. Same wife that was getting railed in there twice before.” How many houses over could I be heard. At some point you had made a comment about my noise. I didn’t care. Pure carnal pleasure unbridled and free flowing out of me. Fuck what the neighbors here. They can go for a smoke too when we’re done.

You put me on top. I’m grinding it deep just like you like. *smack*

Your hand hit my bare ass cheek.

“Thank you sir, may I have another.” *smack* “1… thank you sir, may I have another” *smack* “2, thank you sir, may I have another” yeah, we made it to 4 before I tired out a bit.

You suggested a break but I lowered myself to a different angle and found a 2nd wind. I was rotating in a sort of c motion on your penis and you were eating it up. Lost in the pleasure. “What’s that the kids are doing these days? What’s that meme? Spell what on his cock with your hip movements?” “U” I said as I changed to making u movements. You were just as loud as me. “N” and I began making an N. I’m never this loose or coordinated. Who am I in this moment? You lost it. Moaning, groaning and loving every bit of this. I didn’t make it to T.

“Where do you want my cum?”

“In my mouth so I can win this one and suck your soul out.” I replied playfully. *smiles in brat*

“Oh no, I’m not letting you win this one” you said with power.

you drove in deep spilling all out in me. I again clean your cock as you moan my name once more. God your voice is beautiful when you do that. I rarely do that once, clean it, but the flavor we make, salty sweet. Easy to keep doing it. I may have lost but dam my glitter looks amazing all over you. We shared a chuckle over that. Your pretty great kid.

I checked. What’s bigger than a dinner plate? Big enough to be picked up by Google maps? The lake a brat makes when she’s dominated Into submission by an excellent play pal. A good sized large section of the bed was thoroughly soaked. I even got it all over my skirt on the floor. Did we check for flood victims?

We walked out to a mostly empty house. We chatted my husband a bit. Having relised I was a girl with multiple different roles/sub***********ions, you asked me to send you a menu. You again told me how glad you were to have played with me. How you wished you had done it sooner. You mentioned a miami trip. I jokingly invited myself. I can’t though, blurred lines never end well. I pulled you in again. “I’ll send the menu but first I’ll send you a story. I want it to ruminate on your brain for a bit before you get back to me”. Excitement washed a cross your face. Butterflies filled me.

For those wondering. I sent the chocolate story. The one where I make a whole evening out of sexualizing and sensualizing a bar of fine chocolate purely for another partners pleasure.

Fast forward to the morning after. I’m just opening my eyes. My husband has a rock hard cock. Who was I last night? What came over me? What heaven of a naughty night.

I came over quickly and started sucking it. The reclaiming. He’s going to take what’s his. He put me on top. We put the buzzy where it goes. He made me beg him to suck and lick my tits. He knows how much I love what he does. He started spanking and I went on counting. It wasn’t long and I was Cumming all over him. He put his hand in my mouth to quiet me. Can’t be loud here.

Then he went. Fast, rough, wild eyed. I am his property. He was dirty talking about the night before. What a good girl I was. How much he knew I loved the other cock. It wasn’t long before he was spilling into me. So I drive down on him. He comes alot and I wanted it all as deep as it is able to go. I kind of grind and wiggle up there to see if there is any deeper it will go.

3 times in 1 night with the same partner. A different side of side of me. A longing to run into you at the next party. Is it December yet?

This is why we do what we do. You can get different things from different people. Different experiences. It’s what makes life beautiful. ?

This story was sponsored by Johnnie walker double black and orange Jello. This concludes side A. Please turn over the cassette for side B.

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