Faith, Hope and Charity : 3: Charity Breaks Down by badbabysitter

Introduction: Charity dates her dream beau which is killing her , Hello again faithful readers. When I last left you in my memoirs, I had just started dating my new boyfriend Chet. I was on the cheerleading team and having a great start to my school year. My best friends Faith O’Reilly and Hope Jenkins … Read more


Introduction: That was a month ago just as I was about to blow my man Roger while Suzi watched. “You owe me baby, your turn to watch me blow another man in a month’s time. Would you like to masturbate for me while you watch?” I tease as I kiss the sides of his cock. … Read more

Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 3 Re-Issued by gregorthegrant

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Watching Sue (part 2) by Ben storyteller

Introduction: This time I listen to my wife having sex with my friend. , This a continuation of my story. I have seen some negative comments that Sue should have let me fuck her, but I'm now a cuckold, I take what I can get and what Sue decides, thats a cuckold's lot, like it … Read more

Welcum to the Neighborhood by zig074

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Two White Sluts, One Black Cock by J Stewart

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The Contract (Brittany's assignment) Part 2 by CourtneyKitten39

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Trixie's Big Case Chapter 6: Trixie Serves Monobo by ErosViper

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A literotic sexstories: FOUR BOYS FOR MY LADY AND ME by CecilBCK , On a wonderful sunny morning my lady Sarah and I were sunbathing mid-morning in the dress optional area near our condo swimming pool. “Far too long since we had two boys, we haven’t shared two boys for weeks,” she told me. “Have … Read more

Inevitable Rape by Jenny_Slut

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The Family BBC – Chapter 8 by DiscipleN

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My Best Friend Turns my Boyfriend into a Slut by MeishX3

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The Devil's Pact Chapter 5: The Talk by mypenname3000

The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 Chapter Five: The Talk Mary and I exited Victoria's Secret. We just had the most pleasurable time inside, when Mary had arranged for the beautiful salesgirls, Aurora and Heather, to pleasure me while Mary and our sex-slave, Allison, modeled lingerie. Mary was wearing the red-and-white striped pencil skirt … Read more