Spy Games Ch. 01 by Aaroneous,Aaroneous

Spy Games is a multi-chapter story that is both prequel to Realtor Games and sequel to Realtor Revenge. While Spy Games can be read as a stand-alone book, for the full effect, I recommend reading the trilogy in alphabetical order… Realtor Games, Realtor Revenge and then Spy Games. *** Spy Games Chapter 1 Moscow. Eighteen … Read more

Alternative Trio Pt. 1 by rickred

A literotic sexstories: Alternative Trio Pt. 1 by rickred In the middle of my tenth grade year in high school, my family moved to a new town. My Dad got a promotion, and we could now afford to live in an area that was a little more affluent. I was glad to leave the redneck … Read more

Valentine’s Day: The First Step

*Note: be sure to read part one of this series first* Our new hobby began to border on obsession for all three of us. Our friend was all but begging for more photo sets and videos, and with each new set, her confidence sky rocketed. Both of us were getting off on knowing what he … Read more

Best Clean Up Ever! Pt 2 by dylan7

Introduction: 2nd story 2nd part , I awoke in a bed that wasn’t mine; I looked over to my side for a great deal of pain from my ass, “What the fuck?” I looked over and it was Kris in all of his naked glory. My mouth started to water just looking at his amazing … Read more

My Virgin Summer

This is the second stop on my Tour of Literotica, where I plan to write something for every category. Currently, I have several pieces in the Erotic Couplings category, all part of my series called: Portmanteau. My first category was a visit to INCEST/TABOO with a twisted tale called: MY MOTHER’S WICKED GAME Warning: That … Read more

Her First Old Cock by teddyWOOD,teddyWOOD

His true story goes back to the early 1970s. We had been married for a couple of years, I was 23 C was 22. She was such a shy and sexy girl when we met. 5’9″tall, long black hair and 8.5 stone with sexy pert 34 boobs, and great nips. Ever since we married I … Read more

She had to do it -part two. by TeenWiz

A literotic sexstories: She had to do it -part two. by TeenWiz , A school girl is tricked into sex. She had to do it-second part Karen woke up from her petty sleep. She vehemently pushed her blankets aside then wore her flip-flops and hastily walked through the hallway to the shower. As she undressed, … Read more


Karie was the child of an unwed teen left on the doorsteps of the Whitehall First Methodist Church. Matilda Peabody, the church cleaning lady, found her one Monday morning when she arrived to clean after Sunday Services. Matilda immediately called for Pastor Tom. Pastor Tom rarely visited the church on Mondays as this was the … Read more

Highest Bidder by DivineGoddess

Introduction: If you like it, I'll make more. This is a kinky fetish of mine, of being dominated and owned, but I've never had the nerve to actually do anything about to or mention it. WARNING: This contains underage sex. If you don't like it, tough. I can make this into a chapter story – … Read more

Father and daughter by JessiRae

Introduction: this is just the first isntallment… there's more to cum… 😉 , One day Martin was with his daughter Taylor, who just turned 20, while she was away at a nearby college. He couldn't help but notice how she’d turned into a beautiful young woman. Watching her go about the dorm she was sharing … Read more

Little Mermaid Ch. 05

Cease-fire was maybe too strong a word; they hadn’t been at war, really, had they? But there was peace anyway, kind of. They could talk and laugh. At times, Carl even asked things. There was no more pushing, no more unannounced entering, grabbing, kissing. Ariel wasn’t dragged to dubious parties anymore — not without being … Read more

The Girl from the Ouachita Ch. 10 by Texican1830,Texican1830

The Girl from the Ouachita, Chapter 10 All usual disclaimers – No sex among those younger than 18; I edit my own work; my characters speak to each other and to others (dialogue). I paint pictures of locations, people, and events with words, which is TMI for many; and this story involves Americans from several … Read more

First Time with Mom by JDecker

A literotic sexstories: First Time with Mom by JDecker , A mother instructs her son. — ALL CHARACTERS DEPICTED IN THIS STORY ARE 18+ YEARS OLD — It was yet another discussion I had with my mother on the constant source of my youthful distress. Young women, that is, and their apparent lack of affection … Read more