Daddy & Princess' Day Out by DaddysLilVischiousAngel,DaddysLilVischiousAngel

Chelsea was home for the summer from her freshman year of college. Daddy loved to treat his little princess to anything she wanted. He agreed to take her in a shopping spree as she had kept a 4.0 GPA during her 1st year of school.

“Hurry up, princess!” Daddy yelled from across the house. “We are gonna be late… again!”

Chelsea came running across the house, “I’m ready!!” She stopped in front of Daddy, places her hands on the top of her thighs, and swung her dress from side to side.

“What do you think, Daddy?” Chelsea asked. She wore her white sundress with sunflowers on it along with her white Keds and white ankle socks. He could see the outline of her bra and it seemed to have a little bow on it as it pushed against the fabric. Her perfect 36B tits pressing against the fabric pushing the bow ever so tightly against the dress. She was so cute and adorable. Her hair in pigtails. No makeup, thank god. She was beautiful just like she was. He totally forgot why he was so impatient with her at that moment. She rose up on her tiptoes and kissed Daddy on the cheek then giggled while continuing to swing her dress side to side.

Daddy smiled and kissed her forehead. “Gorgeous as always, little one. Now let’s get going” he replied in a stern voice. Daddy was a stickler for time and Chelsea was late as usual.

Daddy and Chelsea had a fantastic day. They went shopping for a new purse, shoes, some new jeans, and a couple new dresses. Then he took her to a fancy restaurant where he gave her a sip of his drink. They ended the day by going to the Ferris wheel for an evening spin and an ice cream cone.

Chelsea laughed and hugged Daddy all day. She thanked him over and over again for all the things he bought her and for being such a cool Daddy. When they got home, Chelsea insisted on being a big girl and carrying her own bags. She dropped one of her bags as she was collecting them. She bent over to collect them right as Daddy was coming around the car. Her dress bent up above her butt and revealed her panties. She was wearing cute white cotton panties with frills on the side. She had the perfect ass and hips he could grab ahold of. He had occasionally thought of his princess like this but in that moment, he envisioned her bent over at the waist, his hands on her hips pulling her ass back against his cock buried deep in her pussy, fucking her, making her beg for him to stop. He wanted her right then and there.

She picked up her bags, smoothed her dress down, looked at Daddy and said: “come on silly. Let’s go inside. You promised me a movie night.” Daddy stood there for a moment recollecting himself, blocking the images of him and her fucking.

Chelsea made tacos for dinner and after dinner she went to the bedroom to get ready for movie night. She came back with a light pink nightgown on and no bra this time. Her perky nipples were hard and tight beneath the soft sheer nightgown. She still had panties on though. She brought her blanket too. She made popcorn for them.

“Daddy, I’d like to watch ‘Finding Nemo’. Is that ok?” Chelsea asked, sitting on the couch opposite of him. “Yes princess. That sounds like a great plan. Now come sit next to Daddy so we can share popcorn.”

She scooted next to him and curled up on his side. She laid her head against his arm. As the movie started, he ate from the bowl, pretending not to look down at the popcorn to grab it. About 10 min into the movie, he missed the bowl entirely and put his hand in her lap between her legs.

“DADDY!” Chelsea exclaimed. “Oh sorry princess. I wasn’t watching.” He replied. “Daddy, you cannot touch me there. No one is allowed to touch me there.” She informed him.

Daddy looked at her in a puzzled manner. “No one? What about you? Don’t you touch yourself there? I think I heard you moaning just the other night. So if not you, who was touching you?”

Chelsea’s face turned a deep deep red. “Oh! I’m sorry Daddy. I thought you had gone to sleep. Yes. That was me touching myself. Some of the girls at school were saying how good it feels. But I swear it’s the only time I’ve ever done that!! I’m a very inexperienced Daddy. I’ve never even been kissed. I mean… French kissed. Like boys and girls do. I don’t know if I would even do it right when it happens.”

The movie continued on in the background. Daddy asked: “and how did it feel touching yourself, Princess? Did you enjoy it?”

Again, Chelsea’s face filled with blood from embarrassment. She lowered her head when she replied very quietly, “yes Daddy. But I swear!!! I haven’t done it since. It felt wrong.”

“What felt wrong princess?” Daddy asked.

“I felt hot and tingly. My body shook. I think I … what do you call it Daddy… came?” She said, puzzled like she didn’t know the right terminology.

“Did you get wet, princess? Did you feel your pussy to see if it was wet?” Daddy asked.

“Oh god Daddy! I can’t talk to you about this!! I’m so embarrassed!!” Chelsea replied.

“Why lil one? Sex is natural and it feels good between 2 consenting people. Now back to this kissing thing… you never kissed anyone? Would you like to practice with me? I could teach you and it would be our little secret. The boys would never know you learned how to kiss from me. Girls too if you like them.” Daddy offered.

“Would that be ok Daddy? I mean, it is just a kiss, right? That can be too wrong. I do like girls too, Daddy. Is that weird? I’d like to kiss one of them some day. I think they’d be better kissers than the boys. Maybe even you Daddy.” Chelsea giggled jokingly. Daddy was wearing down her defenses.

“Come here, my perfect lil princess. Sit on my lap. Do as I say and as I show you. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to drive all the boys and girls crazy.” Daddy patted her lap. Chelsea timidly climbed on top his lap and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Daddy began his lessons. “Ok lil one, first thing is to tilt your head sideways just a little, open your mouth just a little, and close your eyes.”

Cheese did as she was told. “Good girl, princess. Now I’m going to lean in and slip my tongue into your mouth running it all over yours. I want you to do the same with your tongue. Got it?” Daddy instructed her. Chelsea nodded her head. She felt Daddy’s lips on hers and then his tongue against hers. She did what he did. Before long, she was swirling her tongue around his. It made her feel that same tingle sensation she felt the night before too. Her body felt like it was on fire.

Then she felt Daddy’s hand on her thigh slipping up her leg. She sat bolt upright breaking the kiss and said: “no Daddy. I don’t want you touching me there.” Daddy looked at her lovingly and said: “that’s ok princess. I will stop, but don’t you want to be ready for the boys…. And the girls… they don’t stop at kissing you know? Don’t you want to be experienced when they try something?”

Chelsea felt embarrassed that she didn’t think of that. She did ask Daddy for his help. “Ok Daddy. I will try. Please show me what comes next.”

They went back to kissing, Daddy slipped his hand between her thighs and slowly parted them. His fingers barely touched her pussy lips through her panties. Her panties were damp already. She whimpered and squirmed at his touch. He broke free of their kiss for just a moment and commanded her in a deep husky voice: “princess, I want you to show me how you pleasured yourself. That will help me to know what makes you feel good. I don’t want you to cum though.” Chelsea responded: “I don’t think that I can Daddy. It was very hard for me to do the first time. Doing it for you feels weird.”

Daddy placed a finger under her chin lifting her head so her eyes met his: “Do as I say princess or we will stop and you won’t know what the boys and girls like.”

“Yes Daddy” Chelsea replied in a whimpering soft voice.

“Good girl. That’s my good little princess.” Daddy responded.

Chelsea scooted a little to the side of Daddy, laid her head on the arm rest of the couch, and parted her legs. She took her hand and slid it under the liner of her cotton white panties. She stopped and looked at Daddy before speaking. “Daddy, the girls told me to dip my finger into the hole first to get it wet. Is that right?” Daddy’s cock jumped and pressed against his jeans, wanting to burst free. He wanted to reach out and touch her, but he waited patiently. “Yes princess. You want to make sure you are wet before playing with your clit.”

“Thank you, Daddy” was her response. “You’re welcome princess. Now please show Daddy what makes you feel good.”

Chelsea slowly dipped her finger into her pussy. She was so wet. She then slid it out and up to her clit. She slowly massaged her clit in tiny circles. It was so sensitive, she kept jumping from the feeling each time she’d stroke it. “I’m sorry Daddy. It’s so sensitive.” she told him. “No worries baby girl. You’re doing great. Please keep going. I’m very much enjoying watching you pleasure yourself.”

Chelsea beamed at Daddy’s admiration that all her fears went away and she focused on how her body was tingling with each stroke. She tilted her head back off the edge of the couch while she stroked her clit, slowly at first, then faster, flicking her clit more and more. She was gasping and letting out little yelps that pleased Daddy immensely. He watched, intrigued as his little girl worked her little clit vigorously. Her legs began to tremble and he knew she was close. She let out a loud yelp and her entire body shook, her legs clamped shut, She shuddered a few more moments before he grabbed her, scooped her up, held her, caressed her cheek, and thanked her for showing him that.

“May I show you something princess? Something that both boys and girls like to do to girls?” Daddy asked. “Yes Daddy” she said. He laid her back down on the couch and instructed her to lay still.

“I’m going to taste your juices princess,” he told her. She didn’t quite know what that meant, but she laid there like he commanded. He leaned forward and pulled her panties off; hooking his thumbs in her waistband and sliding them, down her thighs past her knees, and past her ankles. He laid them gently beside the couch. He then spread her thighs open and took in the view of her wet pussy lips that were engorged.

“You truly are beautiful, princess” Daddy told her. Chelsea blushed again. Daddy leaned forward and kissed her pussy lips. “I’m going to lick now. Lay still, baby girl. Be good for Daddy and lay here. I promise I won’t hurt you” said Daddy. He separated her pussy lips with his fingers and licked her from the bottom of her pussy to her clit. He leaned up and kissed her again. This time, she felt gross since Daddy had just licked her. Chelsea responded, “Daddy I don’t like this.” Daddy replied: “well I guess we can stop then.” Chelsea didn’t want him to stop, but she didn’t want to kiss him with her on his tongue. She shook her head no and told him “I’m sorry Daddy. I’ll keep trying and do better.” Daddy replied, “that’s my good girl.”

Again, he lowered himself between her legs and licked again, slowly. He did this many times and it felt good to Chelsea. He then took his tongue up and down her clit multiple times. She begin to squirm, but Daddy grabbed her by the legs and pinned her down. “NO Daddy! Stop! I mean it this time.” Daddy was so excited that he didn’t her her cries for him to stop. He kept licking and sucking on her clit. She tried pushing him away with her hands, but that made him restrain her harder. He was drunk off her taste, her innocence, and he was going to keep tasting it tonight. She was on the verge of cumming again. She hated him in that moment. She didn’t want this. She just wanted to learn what sex was like and if this was it, she didn’t want to do it again every.

She came hard again while he continued to lick her clit. Her body shook violently and she screamed from the intensity and pleasure. She hated her body was enjoying in spite of her mind hating it. He was now lapping up the juices from her pussy slowly. He lifted himself up from her and sat up on the couch. He was now unbuckling his belt. “What are you doing Daddy?” Chelsea inquired.

“Princess, have you ever seen a man’s cock? Touched it? Tasted it?” he asked her.

“No Daddy, I have not” she replied.

Daddy responded, “then you shall tonight.”

“No Daddy! No! No I won’t! You can’t make me do any more. I’m going to tell mom all about this!!! She will be so mad at you for making me do this” Chelsea told him.

Daddy looked at her with a big grin on his face and continued unzipping his pants. “Princess, do you think she will believe you or me? I will tell her you told me to take you shopping and to buy all these expensive things without her knowing. I will also tell her how you tried to seduce me but I declined and when I didn’t allow it, you told me you were going to fabricate a story of how I made you have sex with me. And by the way princess, if you don’t do as you are told from now on, I will just take it. So you have a choice, suck my cock, or deal with mom being told how much of whore you are that you begged Daddy to fuck you and to suck his dick. All of the things I bought you today; they too can be taken away. So keep on little girl. Now shut up and open your mouth.”

Chelsea was mortified. Daddy was lowering his pants and his cock sprung loose. It was hard and long. Chelsea didn’t know how to do what Daddy said she’d do. She’d never seen a cock prior to today. She kissed the tip gently with her lips. “Good girl, now open your mouth. Don’t make me tell you a 3rd time.”

“Yes Daddy” she replied and opened her mouth.

“Good girl. Really good girl for Daddy. Thank you princess.” he responded.

He slid his cock into her mouth and she immediately began gagging. She didn’t know what to do. He was rocking his hips and sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. There was slobber going down her chin. She was crying as this isn’t something she ever imagined doing with her Daddy. She tried to push against his thighs with her hands and he grabbed her back the head and shoved her down further. She gagged again but he kept pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Good girl. Take it my good little slut” he told her. Her mouth was so warm and wet. It felt like some of the finest pussy he’s had. He was watching his cock go in and out of her mouth. He watched as she tried to struggle to stop him, but he was going to blow his load in her mouth and make her taste him.

She wasn’t sure how much she could handle. He was going at a faster clip now and with every thrust she gagged. Then she felt it. His cock got thicker and his balls tightened. He was moaning and encouraging her while fucking her mouth. Then he grabbed the back of her head with both hands and plunged his cock down her throat, without mercy or warning. His cum slid down her throat. Her eyes were welled up with tears. She had cum in her mouth. She wanted to gag from him shoving his cock down her throat.

“Good girl princess,” he told her. “Very good girl for me. Now if you want to go on your next shopping spree, your pussy is the price. I will fuck your pussy until I cum.”

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