June : A new life. by Fatman50

A literotic sexstories: June : A new life. by Fatman50 ,
June discovers her husband is not the man she thought he was.
Wednesday had started out just like any other work day, June had got up, showered and dressed ready for work, she was on a nine o’clock start at the local supermarket.“Anything you want me to do today,” Frank said, propping himself up in bed. Frank was a trucker and he was taking two days off to comply with his driving hours. “I was thinking of sorting out the shed.”

June said that was fine and that she wouldn’t be home until her shift finished at ten.

June was forty two, five foot six, light brown hair, shoulder length, a good figure for her age even if she did say so herself, her 34 C breasts were starting to sag a bit but nothing serious and her bum and thighs were so far free of cellulite. She still got plenty of admiring glances and rather more attention than she wanted from the store manager but she was able to keep him at arms length with just a little mild flirting, that meant that she was never allocated to the more menial tasks, all she had to do was make sure she never ended up alone with him at the back of the store room.

Frank was forty five, he’d been a trucker for twenty years, often spending periods away from home. He was just a shade over six feet tall, just a little over weight but muscular with it.

If you asked June to describe their relationship she would have to think long and hard to come up with an answer. She honestly didn’t know if she loved him, she wasn’t even sure she ever did. She couldn’t say he ever made her go weak at the knees. They had just seemed to drift into a relationship at school which had carried on for a couple of years after, then June had fallen pregnant with the twins, she’d been having trouble with her periods and had stopped taking the pill, Frank had been using condoms but neither of them enjoyed it that way, Frank wasn’t particularly big in that department and more than once the condom had come off inside her, that had happened once too often and some of the little buggers had ended up swimming upstream……bingo.

So they decided to get married, they managed to rent a small flat at first but things had to change when the twins arrived. Frank managed to get on the list with a housing association and they ended up in a little three bed semi, in a nice little cul-de-sac near the park. It was a part rent part buy deal and they were now just a few years left before they owned it outright.

The twins, David and Peter were a different story, June’s love for them was total and unconditional, she nurtured them all through the early years like a mother hen. Once they started school she took a little job in a chemist in town, that helped a bit with the finances, Frank had drifted from job to job after school then decided to get his truck driver’s licence, from then on things became much easier financially, they even managed to get a small second car for her although she hardly used it in town, she was a nervous driver and more often took the bus when going into town.

The twins flew through school and on this particular morning were both safely ensconced in University, a fact that made June very proud. She had moved to the supermarket ten years before and enjoyed working there, she was popular with everyone and would be hard pushed to remember a really bad day.

It was just after ten fifteen that morning that her name was called over the tannoy for her to go to the manager’s office. Once there Kevin the manager handed her the telephone.

“Is that Mrs. James?” a female voice said. June said it was. “My name is Karen Williams, l’m a nurse at the General Hospital.”

June immediately felt her heart sink, her legs went weak and she had to sit down.

“Sorry to bother you,” the nurse said, “it’s just that your mother has had a bit of an accident, she stepped off the road and was hit by a bus.”

“Oh my god!” June said.

“Oh, no,” the nurse said, “it wasn’t like that, the bus was hardly moving but it did knock her off her feet and she banged her head on the pavement, it’s nothing serious, just a few scratches but the doctor wants to keep her in overnight, she should be fine in the morning but she thought you aught to be told.”

June told her that she would go to the hospital as soon as she could and the nurse gave her the details of where her mother would be. She ended the call and told Kevin what had happened.

“I caught the bus this morning,” she said.

“No problem,” Kevin replied, “get your coat and l’ll meet you in the car park, l’ll take you to the hospital.”

“Can you run me home first,” she said, “l need to change into proper clothes.”

Kevin readily agreed and five minutes later they were in his car on their way to her house.

June noticed a strange car parked on the road outside her house but dismissed it. She entered the house and went straight upstairs to change. Entering the bedroom the sight before her caused her to scream.

Frank was on the bed, he was naked apart from some thing that looked like a series of straps. He was on his knees, he had some kind of ball in his mouth connected to what looked like a horse’s reins. There was another man behind him he was naked, he was holding the reins in one hand, in his other had he held a riding crop, he was hitting Frank’s buttocks with the crop and judging by the way his hips were jerking, his penis must have been deeply embedded in Franks arse.

Both men almost jumped off the bed when June screamed. The man on top pulled out of Frank’s arsehole, he was wearing a condom and it was clear that he had cum. Frank pushed him away then struggled to try and rid himself of the rig he was wearing.

June’s head was fit to burst, she just turned and ran down the stairs and back out to Kevin’s car.

“I thought you were going to change,” he said.

“Just drive please,” was all she could say.

He sensed that something had happened in the house but could tell that she was in no mood for conversation. June meanwhile was in turmoil trying to fathom out just what she had walked in on. She tried to think of any sign Frank had given her in the past that could have indicated that he had any homosexual feelings. She knew he had never been the most passionate of lovers but she had just brushed that aside, he was a good provider and a good father, she accepted that she couldn’t have it all but to see him as she just had turned her world upside down.

“Do you want me to wait for you?” Kevin said as they pulled in to the hospital car park.

“No thank you Kevin,” she said, “l have no idea how long l will be, l’ll catch the bus home.”

It took what seemed like an hour before she was able to locate the ward her mother was in, when she finally found her she was sat up in bed like a queen tucking in to a full cooked dinner.

“Oh hello,” her mother said brightly, “isn’t this lovely, the food is wonderful and the nurses are so nice, you wait till you see the doctor, Oh he’s a real dish June, if only l was a few years younger, l can tell you, him and me could have some fun on this bed.”

“Mother!” June said, “l thought you were supposed to be injured.”

“Oh that was nothing sweetheart,” her mother laughed, “they were all so nice and making a fuss of me so l admit l laid it on a bit thick. Now they’ve put me in this private room, l’ve even got my own telly, pass me the remote baby, let’s see what’s on, move your chair round here so you can watch it with me.”

June wanted to scream, to tell her mother she had more important problems to deal with than watching tv but she held back. Her mother had been on her own for ten years since her father passed away, she could hardly disappoint her by walking out and leaving her. She decided to give her mother an hour.

One hour turned into two, then her mother fell asleep So June knew she couldn’t just walk away. Right on cue her mother woke just as the food trolley was arriving with the tea meal, despite June trying to make her excuses her mother insisted.

“They’ll give you a cup of tea,” she said, “l’m having sandwiches and l’m still full from my lunch so you can share mine.”

By the time June finally left the hospital it was seven o’clock and the November night was getting dark. Thankfully it wasn’t too cold so her coat was sufficient over the thin material of her work uniform. The first bus that came along meant that she could get off and walk through the park to get home.

It was half an hour by the time she reached her stop, she was surprised that it had got much darker but she could see her house across the park so wasn’t concerned. The journey had given her time to collect her thoughts about what Frank had been doing. June was not a person with any strong views about sexuality, there were a couple of gay men on the staff at the supermarket and she got on very well with them so didn’t considered herself prejudiced in any way. But this was different, this was deceit and betrayal.

Halfway through the park she was suddenly hit with a wave of emotion, she burst into tears and her legs felt weak. She staggered to a park bench and sat down her head in her hands as she cried bitterly.

Gradually the sobbing stopped but she could still see that vision. Jack on all fours, trussed up in some sort of leather strap contraption, a gag in his mouth attached to horse reins and that other man on his back riding him, whipping him with that crop as his penis plunged into his bum hole. The more she envisioned it the stranger she felt.

June was no prude, she had learned plenty about sex from the magazines the boys stashed under their bed. She always took great care to replace them as she’d found them but there were many afternoons when she would like back in a hot bath with a glass of wine and a magazine, gently rubbing her pussy as she read of one wild sexy adventure after another, often wondering if she could ever raise the courage to enter that world.

Those afternoons had been the only times she experience an orgasm, she had certainly never reached those heights as a result of Frank’s clumsy fumbling. “Is that why?” She asked herself, “is that why he never excited her, did she not excite him? Was he always thinking of some man he wished he was doing it with?”

Suddenly she felt a heat between her thighs. It shocked her but not enough to stop her from pressing her hand between her thighs. Of course she had read about men doing it with men, she had also read of women watching men doing it together and doing it in threesomes.

She found herself pressing harder against her pussy. She looked around and saw she was totally alone. She put her hand under her skirt then inside her panties. She discovered her pussy lips were swollen and wet, her little button was hard and sensitive. She started rubbing her button, leaning back on the bench and spreading her legs. She closed her eyes and the vision returned only this time she was also in the room standing beside them naked, she had a dildo in her hand and was fucking herself with it as she was telling the man to fuck Frank harder.

She came with a loud gasp, liquid pouring over her fingers and soaking her panties. She opened her eyes and looked around, terrified that someone might have crept up on her but she was safe. She sat there as her body calmed, she had to adjust her bra as her nipples had become very sensitive. She realised that she had just experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life.

“It’s not fair,” she said to herself, “why should he be able to get satisfaction and l stay frustrated until l become too old and ugly to attract a man that can do those things that l’ve read in those magazines.”

Things had to change, she decided. Slowly a plan started to form in her brain, she had to use the situation to take herself into a world where she could get satisfaction as well. She wasn’t sure if she could trust her legs to stand up, she stood up, holding onto the bench for support. She felt her soaking wet panties clinging to her and that excited her even more.

Once she was confident enough to stand unaided she resumed walking home. It wasn’t far but as she walked she became more and more determined that she intended to take control of the situation, she was determined that Frank should know that any future they had together would be on her terms. The feeling of power built inside her and she felt a flutter in her tummy and more liquid warmth between her thighs.

She entered the house and put her coat on the hall stand. There was a light on in the lounge so she went in there. Frank was sat in his armchair, he was fully dressed, his eyes were red and puffy, he had been crying. He looked up at her as she entered, his face had the look of total devastation.

“I don’t know what you’re crying for,” she said, “it’s me that should be crying.”

“I’m sorry,” he muttered.

“Sorry for what?” She snapped back, “Sorry for cheating on me or sorry for getting caught with another man’s dick up your arse.”

His expression turned to shock, he had never heard her use language like that.

“How long,” she demanded, “how long has this been going on?”

“I tried,” he blurted, dabbing his eyes with a tissue, “for years l tried, l tried not to give in.”

“What do you mean you tried,” she said, “are you saying that you’ve always been like that, that all of our married life you have wished you were in bed with a man. I know you’re pretty useless in bed but is that why, were you wishing it was a man you were fucking and not me?”

She could see the power of her words were dragging him down even more and she felt a surge of excitement knowing that she was completely in control of him.

“Do you want me to move out?” He said.

“I did,” she replied, “all the time l was with my mother l was anticipating kicking you out of the front door and throwing your clothes after you, but where would that leave me, we’re not exactly we’ll off financially and it would be even worse for me if we had two lots of living expenses.”

“I do love you,” he said.

“Bollocks!” She replied, “l don’t believe you, in truth l’ve never believed you and l’ve never felt any deep love for you, it was convenient that was all, and once the twins came along it was easy to pour all my feelings into them.”

“So what are we going to do?” He said.

“Well as l see it,” she replied, “we have three options. One, we try to ignore it and go back to where we were, well that’s a non-starter. Two we get a divorce and go our separate ways but that would leave me worse off financially and the boys would have to learn they had a pervert for a father.”

She felt a thrill when she saw how the word ‘Pervert’ had stung him.

“Three,” she continued, “we find a way for us to stay together but live separate lives.”

“What, you mean you would be happy to let me do my thing?” He said.

“Not exactly happy,” she said, “and there would have to be rules. Full disclosure for one, you tell me everything, what you are doing, who you are doing it with, no secrets, and you keep your perverted hands off our boys.”

“I would never!” He shouted, “how could you think l would touch them like that.”

“Because you’re a pervert,” she shouted back, “and that’s what perverts do, but if l ever suspect you are touching them l will cut your cock off, do you hear me.”

Frank looked up at her, he had never seen her like this, never seen her as a figure of authority, despite the shame at being discovered and the uncertainty of his future, he felt a reaction in his groin, he felt his erection growing and that just added to his uncertainty.

“Also,” she added, “if l’m going to put up with you playing with your arse fiddling mates, you have to accept that l can look elsewhere for my satisfaction.”

“You mean you want to go with other men?” He said, “is it that Kevin, do you fancy him, is that why you are prepared to let me…..you know.”

“Don’t you try to turn this on me,” she said, “l have never been anything else but faithful to you, all this is on you, on you and what l saw when l walked into our bedroom.”

Frank slumped back in his chair.

“Well, do you accept my terms?” She said.

“It would seem l don’t have any option,” he replied.

“Well you win on the deal as well,” she said, “you get a cock up your arse without having to worry if l find out. And there’s another condition,” she added, “there will be times when l want to watch.”

June surprised herself that she had said that but the look on his face caused her to have to clamp her thighs together.

“Now l’m going to get a glass of wine and you are going to tell me every little sordid detail of your perverted life.” She said.

She managed to make it to the kitchen maintaining control of herself, once there she had to grab the worktop for support. As her body relaxed she felt another hot flush in her pussy, now her panties couldn’t absorb any more and the liquid began running down her thighs, she grabbed a handful of kitchen tissue and wadded it between her thighs. She was breathing heavily, her head was spinning, she realised it was the feeling of power over him that was causing her body to react so violently.

With shaking hands she managed to pour a glass full of red wine then downed it in two mouthfuls. She poured another then collected herself, removed the sodden tissues from between her thighs and dropped them into the bin. She took a can of beer from the fridge then walked back into the lounge. Frank hadn’t moved.

“Here,” she said, passing him the can then sitting on the sofa facing him. “How long? “ she said, “when did it start?”

Frank realised he had no option but to tell her the full story.

“It started not long after we were married, you were heavily pregnant and…..”

“Oh no!” She stopped him, “don’t give me that, don’t put this on me. Don’t try telling me that you couldn’t fuck me so you went and found a fella to fuck.”

“No it wasn’t like that, l’m not blaming you, l’m not blaming anyone,” he said, “l was away on a run, l had unloaded in Rotterdam and my return load was delayed so l was parked up for two days. I went into town, it was the evening, l ended up in this street, all the properties had big windows and in each window there were scantily clad women, obviously prostitutes. I didn’t go in but l was feeling frustrated, l saw a shop selling videos and magazines, l decided to buy a magazine and go back to the cab and masturbate. I started looking through some mags and by chance l saw one that featured men dressed up in latex outfits doing oral and full sex, l started looking through it and it started to excite me. There was a man working there, he saw what l was looking at, he came over and put his hand on the front of my trousers, l know l should have walked out, l can’t explain why l didn’t. Then he took me into a cubicle, he dropped his trousers and before l realised what l was doing l was on my knees with his….er…”

“Cock in your mouth,” June finished for him.

“I’d never done anything like that before, never even contemplated it but suddenly it felt good. Then he told me to drop my trousers, l was in a daze, he told me to bend over a chair, l felt something cold on my bottom, it was some kind of lubricating cream, l knew what he intended but all of a sudden l didn’t want to stop him.”

“Did it hurt?” June said, taking a mouthful of wine and trying not to show her own excitement.

“It did,” he said, “despite the cream, but soon the pain subsided and it felt completely strange but l began to enjoy it.”

“Did he cum in you?” She said, pressing her thighs together.

“Yes,” He replied, “and so did l, without even touching myself. When he had finished he went back into the shop, l sorted myself of and hurried out of the shop, l didn’t know what to do, l went back to the cab, l couldn’t rest, l kept remembering how it had felt and l…….l couldn’t wait to do it again.”

“How often?” She said.

“I was back in Rotterdam two weeks later, l arranged it so l had an overnight stay and went round to his shop, he knew why l was there without me saying anything and we did it again. Then he took me to a club it was all gays there, some of them dressed up in leather and latex, he’d brought a sort of latex cat suit for me to wear, it had holes for my nipples, cock and balls and my bum hole.”

“What happened?” She said, feeling herself getting worked up.

“It was crazy,” he replied, “they passed me round, making me suck their cocks then three of them took turns fucking me.”

“So after that you ended up coming home and did it to me,” she said, “didn’t you think for a moment what diseases you could be bringing home.”

“No, it wasn’t like that,” he protested, “after that first time in the shop everyone used condoms, it was all safe.”

“So how did it start with that fella you were with earlier?” She said.

“I started on a chat room on the internet,” he replied, “it’s a porn site with a section for gays, we started chatting and it turned out he lived local, just the other side of town. He told me of a gay club in town, l met him there, it was very similar to the one in Rotterdam. We met up a few times, l went back to his flat, then he took me to that big sex shop on the industrial estate, l bought some sex toys and the outfit you saw me wearing.”

“Where do you keep that stuff?”

“It’s all in a box in the shed,” he replied.

“Go and fetch it, l want to see it.”

He hesitated but then went out of the back door and down the garden. While he was gone June tried to work out what she was feeling. She knew she should be angry, revolted and seeking some kind of revenge, but there was another emotion deep inside her that confused her, there was no doubt that she was excited, her nipples were hard, her pussy was wet.

Frank returned carrying an old metal ammunition box, he put it on the floor between them. He opened it and took out a bundle of leather straps joined together with some patches of leather.

She took it from him, studying it, trying to work out what went where. She handed it back to him.

“Put it on,” she said.

He stared at her.

“I mean it, put it on,” she said, “go into the kitchen and put it on then come back in here.”

Frank took it from her then left the room. June looked down into the box. She remembered that when she had been looking through the magazines the boys had that there had been advertisements for sex toys. She saw a dildo in the box, it was about eight inches long, quite thick and black. There was another one the same size but pink and had a switch on the bottom, she knew that was a vibrator, her best friend Carol was always talking about her vibrator, telling June she should get one. June picked it up, it was firm but the outer covering was quite realistic. She switched it on and when it started vibrating she almost dropped it.

There were a few other items in the box, a metal ring like a bangle that snapped open, a couple of things that looked like spring loaded clips, a couple of pairs of ladies panties and a strange egg like object, it was made of metal and had a flange at one end.

Frank came back into the lounge, June wasn’t prepared for the vision he presented, she almost burst out laughing. The straps criss crossed over his body, digging in to his flesh. There were two rectangular pieces of leather that covered his man boobs, each had a hole for his nipple to poke through. The situation must have been having an effect on him as his cock was fully erect.

June picked up the metal ring. “What’s this for?” She asked.

“It goes round my cock and balls,” he replied, “it makes them stand out and keeps me hard.”

“Put it on,” she said, handing it to him.

He slipped it under his balls then snapped it shut over the base of his cock, it was a tight fit and made his cock and balls stand out.

She picked up the two clips. “Are these for your nipples?” She asked.

Frank nodded.

She walked over to him, opening one clip then fastening it onto his right nipple, the spring was very strong and the clip flattened his nipple. He gave a groan as she fastened it, then again when she did the same with the other one.

Frank reached out and tried to grab her breasts.

“Oh no you don’t,” she said. She meant to slap his hand away but missed, her hand travelled down and she ended up hitting his cock with a forceful slap.

Frank groaned and for a second his knees buckled.

“You like that do you?” She said, “is that why he was hitting you with this when l walked in?”

She bent down and picked up the riding crop from the box. She studied his face, he was fully flushed and his eyes were glazed.

She picked up the metal egg-like thing. “What’s this for?” She said.

“It goes in my bum hole,” he said, “sometimes l put it in when l’m driving or walking round town.”

“Have you ever done that when you’ve been out with me?” She said. She didn’t need an answer, his face betrayed him.

“Bend over,” She said.

Frank turned with his back to her, he bent forward, holding onto the arm of his chair.

“Spread your legs.”

“I’m not lubricated,” he said, “there’s a bottle of baby oil in the box.”

She looked in the box and found the bottle. She poured a little into her hand then smeared it all over the butt plug.

“You know what l’m going to do?” She said.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Show me your arsehole.” June felt dizzy with excitement, she had never dreamt of a situation like this but all of a sudden the feeling of power over him was driving her on.

He put both hands on his buttocks, pulling them apart. She looked at his anus, she had expected to see a tight, puckered hole but Frank’s was gaping slightly.

“It looks like it’s been well used,” she said, “you really are a dirty pervert, all these years you’ve humped over me when you were dreaming of some big cock pounding your arsehole.”

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Bollocks!” She replied, “you’re just sorry you got caught, well from now on you never do anything without telling me and if l want to watch l will.” She pressed the plug against his anus and pushed it right in. He groaned in response and had to steady himself on the chair as his knees buckled again.

She picked up the riding crop and swished it through the air. His face was turned towards her and he groaned again when he saw the whip.

“You want this don’t you?” She said.

He didn’t reply but his expression betrayed him. There were tears running down his cheeks.

“This is how you get your kicks isn’t it?” She said, “you get off on humiliation, well l know what humiliation is like, l know the frustration of having a man screw you when you can tell he’s not interested, having to play with myself after you have rolled over and gone to sleep, well now this worm has turned.”

She swiped the whip down across his buttocks, Frank cried out and she saw a red line appear on his flesh. The sight of his thighs quivering as she hit him again spurred her on to strike harder.

“Stand up,” she ordered, “turn to face me.”

He did as she commanded, standing before her, his body quivering. The ring around his cock and balls was forcing his erect cock to look bigger than she had ever seen it.

“You’re pathetic,” she said, “a pathetic, dirty pervert.”

She swished the whip down striking his cock hard. He cried out loud, doubling forward and putting his hands over his cock.

“Stand up straight,” she said, “put your hands behind your back.”

Slowly he stood up but his hands were still holding his cock. She swiped him hard across his buttocks.

“I said put your hands behind your back,” she repeated.

Tears were pouring down his cheeks, he was sobbing uncontrollably. He moved his hands holding them behind his back.

“I’m going to hit your cock again,” she said, “and your balls, and if you try to cover up again l will hit you harder, do you hear.” He could only nod in acceptance.

“This is what you could have,” she said, undoing the top of her dress then pushing it down over her hips, she kicked it away then removed her bra and panties. “You could have had me like this, you could have done things to me that l’ve only read about in magazines but no, all you ever wanted was some fella to stick his dick up your arse, well you can have that but only with my permission, and l’m going to find a man, maybe more than one, who can give me the kind of sex l deserve, we might even let you watch if you behave.”

She struck his cock again hard, followed quickly by landing a stroke on his balls. He cried out and his hands went to cover himself but he managed to stop them and reclasp them behind his back. She hit him again, this time balls first then a hard blow across the head of his cock. Suddenly his whole body went into spasm, his cock started bucking and pulsating and he came, ribbon after ribbon of white semen shooting out across the floor.

“Now you can wank yourself,” she said and as his hands went to his cock, pumping and causing him to shoot more of his spunk, June put her own hand between her legs, she rubbed her clitoris hard and in seconds she sighed deeply as her own juices poured over her fingers.

She looked down at the mess on the floor.

“A good job we have a wooden floor,” she laughed, “Get down there and clean it up.”

Frank looked at her.

“You heard me,” she shouted, “get down on your knees and lick the floor clean.”

Slowly he sank to his knees, hesitated for a second then bent forward licking the mixture of his cum and her liquid from the floor. She placed the tip of the whip between his legs, tickling his balls, tapping them gently.

“You’re mine from now on,” she said, “l am your mistress, l am the one in charge now, l will fuck whoever l want and if you behave l will let you lick his cum from my pussy. I will watch while men use and abuse you, l will watch you being humiliated, do you hear.”

“Yes Mistress,” he said, then returned to licking the floor.

Once she was satisfied she threw him the box of tissues for him to finish cleaning up.

“Now go upstairs and shower you filthy pervert,” she said. “You can take that stuff off but then come back down naked and l will tell you how your life is going to change from now on.”

He completed mopping the floor with a wad of tissues then went upstairs. June sat back on the sofa, wondering how she had held herself together, she had read of things like this in magazines but never as intense as what she had just done. She looked down at the box and saw the dildo and vibrator lying together.

She picked them both up, studying them. Frank’s was the only penis she had ever seen, both of those objects were much bigger than his cock, she wondered what it would feel like to have one of them inside her. She opted for the vibrator, placing the head between her labia. She was so wet that it slipped in easily, it felt so good as it filled her, reaching parts that Frank’s cock could never reach.

She flicked the switch at the end and the vibrations resounded through her body, she gasped loudly and immediately came, her back arching off the sofa. She felt the vibrator slipping from her cunt so pushed it back in, holding it there with one hand. She picked up the dildo, she had read that black men had bigger cocks than white men, she wondered if that was true, did they feel different inside, did they cum more, what did cum taste like. She’d read about women sucking cocks and swallowing cum, she’d just seen Frank licking it up off the floor. She wonder what a cock would feel like in her mouth.

She brought the dildo to her lips, she moistened the tip with her tongue then parted her lips and took the first inch into her mouth. It felt bigger than it looked, she took an inch more and found herself sucking on it automatically. It felt good, she wondered how realistic it was, how would a real cock feel, should she try it with Frank?

No, there was no way he was going to get that sort of satisfaction, if she was going to suck a cock it had to be with someone else. She felt her pussy responding to the vibrations deep inside, the dildo in her mouth felt as if it had come alive, her mouth was working on it and although it was firm there was also some give in the material so that as she sucked it seemed to be pulsing with her. She felt a squidgy feeling deep in her tummy, she knew she was going to cum, she wished that dildo was real, she wanted to feel it blasting cum into her mouth. The wave hit her full force, she bit down hard on the dildo as the tremors of her orgasm wracked through her body.

As she calmed she let the vibrator slip from her pussy, she took the dildo from her mouth and saw her teeth marks. “Better not do that with a real one,” she said to herself, giggling, “mind you, if it was Frank’s l would be tempted, it would serve him right.”

Frank came back into the room, he was naked as instructed, he put the strap costume and nipple clamps back in the box.

“What about the plug?” She said.

“I’ve still got it in,” he replied, “can l keep it?”

“No,” she said, “take it out and clean it then put it back in the box.”

He went back upstairs, returning a few minutes later and placed the plug back in the box.

“Right,” she said, indicating for him to sit back in his chair, “we need to get some things straight. First off, you will no longer sleep with me, you can have the spare room, and just in case you have a sudden burst of normality, my pussy is out of bounds for you, l’m not having you driving around Europe shagging any fella you fancy then coming home and giving me some dirty disease.”

“But l told you, we use condoms,” he protested.

“I don’t care,” she snapped, “if you want pussy you will have to find a whore.”

Frank sighed and accepted his situation.

“In the morning,” she continued, “we will have to go and fetch Mum from the hospital, we will act as if things are perfectly normal, she must never guess what is going on, neither will the boys. After we take her home and get her sorted l want you to take me to that sex shop, l doubt if l can afford to buy anything but l want to look.”

“I’ve got a separate card l use for stuff like that and for when l go to the club,” he said, “now and then l do a cash in hand job, nothing strictly illegal just a bit of a tax fiddle, l put that money in a separate bank account.”

“That’s why l never noticed any strange payments going out,” she said, “well no more secrets. When are you back to work?”

“Tomorrow night,” he answered, “l have to pick up a load for Zurich, then back to Brussels.”

“Will you be going to one of your clubs?”

“Probably in Zurich,” he replied, “there’s a gay bar there l use, is that okay.”

“I don’t care what you get up to when you’re away,” she said, “you can fuck who you like but you tell me about it after, right.”

“Okay,” he replied.

“Right well l’m tired now,” she said, “l’m going for a shower then bed.”

If June thought she would have a restful night she was mistaken, she tossed and turned all night. Twice the excitement built to the point where she had to rub her clit to orgasm. She was up early, preparing breakfast when Frank walked into the kitchen. He didn’t say anything and kept his head down, just sat at the table eating his breakfast.

“Did you masturbate in the night?” She said.

He looked up at her, not sure how to treat this new woman.

“I did twice,” she said, “l’m so looking forward to finding a man who can fuck me properly, l might even try and find a black one, they are supposed to be good fuckers. Have you ever had one fucking you?”

He couldn’t believe she was talking to him like that but couldn’t deny that he was getting an erection.

“A couple,” he mumbled.

“Speak up,” she said, “l asked if you’d had many black cocks up your arse.” June was enjoying this new role and felt her pussy getting wet in response.

“Yes,” He said, “l’ve had a couple and they were very big.”

“Ooooh l will have to get one to fuck me,” she giggled, “Do you know where l can find one, you must show me some porn sites, somewhere that l can meet someone who would like to fuck me.”

June could see how uncomfortable he was, she decided to rub it in.

“You clean up out here,” she said, “l’m going into the lounge and having a play with that vibrator, you can come and watch once you’ve done the dishes, then you can show me some porn sites before we go and get Mum.”

She had dressed in a knee length skirt and a blouse. She had decided to go without panties and felt very sexy. She sat on the sofa and spread her legs, she picked up the vibrator and switched it on. It was like an electric shock when it came into contact with her clit. She opened her blouse and pulled her left breast out of her bra. She used her left hand to play the vibrator against her clit while her right hand pulled and twisted her nipple.

Frank came into the room, stopped and stared at her.

“Go and fetch a drinking glass,” she said.

When he returned she said, “Take out your cock and wank into the glass.”

She could see the excitement on his face as he undid his trousers and took out his cock. June felt the first tingle of her orgasm and had to remove the vibrator for a moment to slow things down.

“Now wank it hard,” she said.

He didn’t need any more encouragement, he pulled back his foreskin then wrapped his hand around his cock and began wanking.

June picked up the black dildo, it slipped easily into her soaking wet cunt, she clamped her thighs together to hold it in place then pushed the vibrator between her thighs, her body jerked as it made contact with her clit.

“Wank it pervert,” she said as she pulled hard on her nipple. “Shoot your cum into the glass, l want to see you drink it.”

Frank groaned as his hand worked harder.

“This is how it’s going to be Frank,” she said, “you’ll perform for me whenever l say, l’m going to watch you being fucked, sucking cocks, watch you being abused. I’m going to watch porn for ideas of what to do with you and you will obey.”

Frank groaned and June watched as he shot jet after jet of white cum into the glass. The orgasm surged through her body and her back arched, her whole body trembled. She watched as he lifted the glass to his lips, watched as the thick liquid slid down the glass into his mouth, watched as he swallowed.

Later they sat side by side in front of the laptop that Frank used for his work. He showed her the sites he used, she read the messages he had exchanged with other men describing acts he had done and things he would like to do. June felt increasing excitement and put her hand under her skirt, gently playing with her pussy. She transferred the sites to her laptop and signed in with her own details.

Her mobile rang, it was the hospital to say that her mother was ready for discharge. They had to leave what they were doing but June was happy that she now had some kind of plan for what she intended.

They picked up her mother and took her home. June made sure everything was okay, she prepared a meal and set her mother up in front of the tv knowing that she would spend most of the day there. Frank had kept up a conversation with his mother-in-law and June was surprised how easily he had slipped back into his normal persona.

“Right, now take me to the sex shop.” She said when they were back in the car.

Frank drove across town to the industrial park, they pulled up outside a large grey unit, there was no outside indication of what the property was and no windows in the building. There was a big roller door at one end and a small pedestrian door beside it. There was a plate on the wall next to the door with a keypad. Frank tapped in some numbers and the door clicked.

June was surprised that the interior did not seem as large as the building suggested, it only seemed to take about three quarters of the area, there was a wall on the far side with a series of doors. There was a counter immediately to the left of the entrance. The man behind the counter appeared to be in his early thirties, blond and handsome and smartly dressed.

“Hello Frank,” he greeted them.

“Hello Con,” Frank replied, “this is June my wife. June this is Connor, he owns this place.”

Connor gave Frank a quizzical look.

“It’s okay Con,” he said, “she knows.”

“Yes l know about his perversions,” she said.

“Well we don’t judge people here,” Connor said, “a pleasure to meet you June.”

“Is this place just for gays?” She said.

“Oh no,” he laughed, “we get all sorts in here, it’s members only, people find us through the internet, we get singles and couples. The doors on the far side are rooms for those who need places to meet away from the home.”

“Do you use them to get fucked?” She said to Frank. He went bright red in response. “Silly question,” she laughed, “sorry Connor, you’ll have to excuse my ignorance, l only found out about my husband’s preferences yesterday, can l have a look around?”

He told her to help herself and she wandered off. Immediately there was a group of mannequins both male and female displaying a variety of costumes from schoolgirl uniforms to males wearing leather outfits with strategically placed holes. There were shelves of magazines and DVD’s each with pictures depicting a series of sex acts. Everything was categorised into areas, group sex, gay porn, bdsm, and others.

June ***********ed a magazine from the bdsm section. The front cover depicted a man bent over a vaulting horse, his legs and hands were attached to the legs of the horse. He was naked. Beside him was a woman, she was clothed in a skin tight cat suit that clung to every contour of her body, her breasts and pussy were visible through holes in the suit. She had her arm raised, she was holding a whip that consisted of a number of thin straps, the man’s bottom showed the evidence that he had been struck a number of times.

June studied the woman’s outfit. “Do you have one of those that would fit me?” She turned to Connor.

“Certainly,” he replied, “they are all one size, the material stretches.” He turned to a series of drawers behind him and removed a package. “If you would like to try it on you can use the first door, it is a changing room. Would you like to try these as well,” he held up a pair of ridiculously high heels.

June took the shoes as well and went into the room. Once inside she leaned against the wall for a moment breathing deeply, she had never felt more excited in her life, she was proud of the way she was keeping it together. She removed all her clothes then opened the box and took out the suit. The material was very thin and smooth, she held it against her body and felt the a tingle through her body.

There was a small container of talcum powder with instruction that a light dusting would assist when pulling the suit over arms and legs.

She worked out the best way to put it on the applied a small amount of powder to her arms and legs. She soon saw the benefit when her legs slid easily into the suit despite the fact that it was very tight. The arms followed. The main body had a zip up the front, she positioned her breasts through the holes then did up the zip. There was a full length mirror, she looked at herself and had to admit she looked good. Her breasts, pussy and bottom were totally exposed.

“Mmmmmmm,” she said to herself, turning and twisting, “sex on legs.”

She put the shoes on, she was used to high heels but these were at least two inches higher than she had worn before, she looked at herself and saw how the shoes had altered the way she stood, her back was straighter which tended to push her breasts out. She touched her pussy and her lips were wet. She decided to buy the outfit and reached for the zip to take it off.

She stopped herself, looking straight into the mirror.

“This is it,” she said to herself, “decision time, are you brave enough?” She studied herself for a few seconds. “Fuck you Frank!” She said, “this is my time now.” With that she opened the door and stepped out into the store.

Immediately she hesitated when she saw a much older man was stood talking to Frank and Connor, he had his hand inside Frank’s trousers and was playing with his cock. June steeled herself and strutted over to them, conscious that the high heels were causing her breasts to bounce.

“Wow!” The old man said as she approached, “Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes, Frank tells me you’re his wife, what a waste a beautiful woman like you being shackled to someone without the equipment to give you what you need.”

“Well you seem to be enjoying it,” she said, feeling braver by the second.

“Oh l swing both ways,” he said, releasing Frank’s cock and stepping towards her, he reached out with both hands, cupping her breasts. “These are beautiful,” he said, bending forward and kissing both nipples.

June had to fight her automatic urge to step away but once his lips touched her nipples she felt the flow of heat deep in her pussy.

“I take it you are fully available,” he said, moving his right hand down and between her thighs. She parted her legs for him and he slipped two fingers into her cunt. She looked at the other two and saw that both of them had their cocks out and were stroking them. Her eyes fixed on Connors and her cunt pulsated, he was huge, his cock curving upwards, the big purple head oozing pre cum as he stroked it.

The old man undid his trousers and pulled out his cock, again June was taken aback by the size of it, it matched Connor’s for length but was much thicker, she thought how pathetic Frank looked holding his tiny cock with thumb and finger.

“I’m Henry,” the old man said, “it’s a pleasure to meet you, which one of us would you like first.”

“Well l think it’s only fair if Connor has me first,” she said, “owner’s privilege, but l can suck you and you can have me after.”

“That sounds reasonable,” Henry said, “where would you like to go, there are beds in the rooms.”

“Oh l think here is fine,” she giggled, “that way if anyone else turns up they might like to join in.”

June couldn’t believe what she was saying but the excitement had taken over, all limits were removed.

“Frank can watch and wank while l get properly fucked for the first time in my life,” she said. She bent forward, holding Henry’s cock and taking the head into her mouth. She sensed Connor moving and then felt hands on her bottom. She parted her legs and felt the head of his cock resting against her labia. She lifted her head from Henry’s cock.

“Make it a good one,” she said over her shoulder, “fuck me deep and fuck me hard.”

Suddenly she was pulled backwards and her cunt was filled by what felt like a tree trunk.

“Oh Jesus Yes!” She sighed as she came, holding onto Henry to keep her balance. Connor was deep inside her, his body pressed against her bottom.

Henry grabbed her by her hair, forcing her down onto his cock again, she took him willingly, his cock filling her mouth, she gagged slightly when he reached the back of her throat but fought it and tried to relax.

Connor began fucking her, his body slamming against her with every thrust. Henry had her by her hair and was moving her up and down on his cock. June was grateful that Connor had a good grip of her waist as her knees buckled with the force of his thrusts. Henry forced her down hard on his cock, she felt it swell then fill her mouth with his cum, at the same time Connor rammed hard into her cunt and she felt his cock pulsating wildly as he pumped his seed into her.

She swallowed hard on Henry’s cock but when her own orgasm burst she lost control and she was unable to take it all.

“Time to switch,” Henry said, June managed to maintain her balance as Connor pulled out then swapped places with Henry. She couldn’t believe that Henry was still hard but within seconds she felt her cunt being stretched even wider as he rammed his cock up her.

“Oh dear god!” She sighed, her knees buckling as she came again, it was only both men holding her that kept her on her feet. Connor guided her mouth to his cum covered cock and she took it hungrily.

“She’s a great fuck Frank,” Henry said, “what a waste all these years when we all could have been enjoying her.” He was fucking her with long deep thrusts and she pushed back to meet each one trying to flex her cunt muscles to grip his cock. “She’ll be great for the parties, we could make her guest of honour on Saturday.”

“I’m away in Europe this weekend,” Frank said.

June lifted her head from Connor’s cock and looked at him, “he doesn’t mean you,” she said, “it’s me he wants, l’m looking forward to it.”

Henry pulled out of her cunt. “I have to apologise,” he said, “l can manage to keep my erection but l’m afraid, at my age, my store of spunk is sadly depleted.”

“Oh don’t worry,” she said, standing and kissing his cheek, “You’re very sweet and l’m sure you can build up more ready for Saturday.” She managed to gather enough strength to totter back to the changing room where she leaned against the wall as her body recovered.

“Well that was something,” she said to her reflection in the mirror, “you’ve started something madam, there’s no going back now.”

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