My Fiancée and the Black Bodyguard – Parts 08 – 09 by StagWithHotVixenWife

Introduction: Further adventures of my fiancée and the black bodyguard , Part 8

Here I am listening to how my fiancée had earlier in the week done drugs with the bodyguard of the famous rapper that I was working with and then proceeded to blow him to a double orgasm while cumming all over his fingers in the back of the artist’s stretch limousine.

“After he came so hard down my throat, I was still half-swallowing his snake down my throat while breathing shallowly and fucking his hand. I unexpectedly started orgasming so deliciously, that I didn’t stop shaking for a few minutes afterward. Honey, isn’t this exciting,” she demanded to know while jerking my near-bursting cock beneath the dinner table.”

“Ok, picture this,” she said as she lowered her head down to my throbbing dick, “I’d just snorted a huge line off his black cock and then licked up his shaft from his balls to his head and he drops a little more white powder on the tip of his dick so I open my mouth wide and swallow his big mushroom head and swirl my tongue around it like this…!”

My fiancée Susan then lowers her mouth onto my exposed dick. Sucks the head into her mouth and starts twirling her tongue around. I cum so hard I almost start to cry. Our relationship had changed forever. I love Susan so much. I have so many conflicting feelings but I’ve never felt more turned on and alive in my entire life.

Susan pulls her lips off of my softening dick and giggles, “Um, honey, I had no idea that me having sex with another guy would excite you so much. Pay the bill and let’s get back home. I can’t wait to fuck myself with my vibrator.”

I got the bill and handed our waitress $50. The waitress scowled at me contemptuously so I pulled up my zipper and handed her another $50 and left quickly. When I got to the car, Susan was waiting in the passenger seat busy texting someone.

“Darnell?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” she responded.

“What’s up?” I questioned.

“I told Darnell that I just described to you how I sucked his cock and how much I loved it,” she replied.

“What’d he say,” I mumbled.

“He told me to tell you how I invited him over and what he did to me that afternoon. He told me it would be good for you to know everything we did,” Susie continued.

“Susan? What are you talking about? You told me you were going home to our place,” I meekly questioned her.

“I’ll tell you everything tonight in bed, honey. You are so wonderful for understanding. I love you so much!”

I didn’t answer her and drove home quietly while she continued texting on her phone. My mind was in a lustful haze. I was so confused. I felt angry, jealous, and petty, but I never wanted to fuck my fiancée so hard in my life. I was hoping she would let me fuck her before she started to play with her dildo. I didn’t want to hear any more of her story. I didn’t want to act uptight in case this was just another of her teasing sex stories and this was all a story she made up for her amusement.

I quickly showered, took a few Viagra, and joined her on our bed. She was wearing her flannel pajamas with the sexy butt flap that was held in place with two buttons and she was lying on her tummy with her bubble butt sticking up in the air. She had one hand under her pj’s while softly rubbing her pussy.

I walked over to her naked sporting a hard erection. Unsnapped her bottoms. I saw her fingers rubbing her clit and laid on top of her quickly inserting my dick into her hot wet cunt. I pumped inside her a couple of times and came in her pussy and rolled off of her.

She teased me, “Aww honey, you just can’t hold it, can you, baby? Did your little cock cum already? I could barely feel you this time. Are you sure you were inside me, hahaha?! We’ll go get me my vibrator from my drawer. I’ll take care of myself.”

I reached into her bedside table and saw a huge black dildo vibrator. It was larger than the pink one I bought her last year. “Did you buy yourself a new sex toy, Susie?”

She smirked, “No baby, you bought it. I put it on your credit card. It fills me so much better than that little one you got me. Darnell helped me pick it out that first day after I gave him a little head for getting me high in the limousine. He was so sweet and generous. It was only fair.”

He told my Susie he had to run back to the studio for a minute. He asked his boss if he could have a few hours off. I remember him coming back into the studio that day and whispering something in the rapper's ear. Both the rapper and the bodyguard looked my way and snickered I recalled. I remember trying to laugh along for some reason and then laughing harder and then the bodyguard left and didn’t return for a couple of hours.

Part 9

Susan laid back on our bed and turned on the power of her old pink vibrator. She pulled it under the covers. I could see the movement of her hand pulling the dildo into her pussy. Her eyebrows furrowed and she intently concentrated on fitting it inside her. All of a sudden the vibration sound got softer and muffled.

“Is it inside you,” I asked excitedly already knowing the answer.

Her eyes closed, “Mmmm.”

“How does it feel?”

“So good, honey. I feel so full. Ungh. Oh my god. It’s such a good one. It moves around inside of me. It feels like I’m getting fucked by a large thick cock.”

“Honey. Darnell is a very nice man. He asked me all about our relationship. I told him how much we love each other and how we understood each other sexually. He thinks we should finally end our engagement…”

My heart dropped and my mouth went dry and I stopped jerking off.

She repeated, “Darnell thinks we should end our engagement and I should get married to you.”

Phew. I think I audibly sighed. “Susie?”

“Yes, honey. Let’s just make it official. We already are living together. We are practically married already. Let’s find a same-day marriage place and just do it!”

I replied, “I love you, honey. What made you decide?”

“Well,” she continued, “Darnell and I had a long talk about you. He said you’re well-respected for your mixing skills. You make good money. You love me to death. And you and I are sexually compatible.”

“Darnell asked me a bunch of questions about our sex life and I was very honest. He asked how we usually made love and I told him we don’t often fuck. I told him how you lay next to me and tell me your fantasies until I cum hard fucking my dildo.”

She continued, “So when he offered to help us the other day, I just had to take him up on his offer.”

I stammered, “H-How did he help us, Susie? What do you mean?”

She looked at me with her sweet eyes and asked me, “Are you ready for another story? This one is really fun.” Read 36 times | Rated 0 % | (0 votes) Vote list (Close) :
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