Travis Gets Some Pt. 03 by RandyPanda

Travis Gets Some – PT 03: Erotic Tale by Randypandarandypanda | XNXX-Stories

Pt. 03 – Janelle


It was only a matter of time for Janelle to find out I slept with Harry, Janelle’s bff. Like a real gutless wonder I tried to avoid Janelle for the past week. In that time I felt guilty for having fucked her bestie, guilty for trying to avoid her, apprehensive about Janelle’s reaction when she finds out, worried about Harry’s reaction though in truth her morals are pretty loose, and also worried this might affect Janelle and Harry’s friendship. I felt like real low level scum. It was eating at me. I was moody with my co-workers and not much better when I was alone. So now I’ve come to take my medicine, face the music, or cop a slap in the face as the case may be.

“You fucking arsehole!” Janelle came at me. “You dirty fucking piece of shit. How could you do that!?” then slapped me fair across the face. I thought it was a good hit and the end of her rant but no, her arms kept flailing around trying to land more hits. I half heartedly dodged and blocked. The stinging slap to my face combined with my embarrassment has left a burning sensation on my cheek.

“I’m sorry,” even that sounds weak to me but I’m still trying to dodge those flailing arms so it’s the first, no the only thing that comes to mind.

“Sorry!?” Janelle says exasperated and stops swinging. “Sorry!? You get my best friend pissed as a nit, then take her home and fuck her like she’s some kind of pub slut.”

“It wasn’t like that,” I say a little defensive.

“Then what was it like? Tell me?” She stares me down, waiting for a piss poor excuse to come out so she can start hitting me again.

Fuck. I’m not going to tell her, simply because there’s no polite way to say we were drunk and fucked like bunnies. No matter what spin I might come up with, it won’t change the fact that Janelle wants to take to me with a cricket bat.

“It was an accident. It won’t happen again,” I screw up my face like I just ate a sour grape. I always hated guys that said that. Like really? You couldn’t control your own dick? And here I am now, saying those same words. What’s really fucking twisted is I’m saying it to my aunt like I cheated on her. Which is ridiculous given our platonic relationship.

“Men are fucking pigs! Why are you like this? I honestly thought you were different Travis.”

Yep, low level scum right here.

“To think I helped you lose that wench at the pub and this is how you repay me…? You should’ve just fucked that slut instead of going after Harry. Get out. Just fucking get out!” She raises her hand to the side of her face. I’m not sure if she’s just rubbing her temple or trying to hide the emotions on her face. She turns away from me and stands at the kitchen bench, silent but agitated.

“I didn’t think my sex life was that big of a deal for you. It’s not like I’m in a serious relationship like you and Gary. You guy’s got sex on tap.” As soon at the words left my mouth I regretted it.

She turned to me. “You think I stay with Gary because he’s a good fuck!?” She said incredulously. “Besides that’s not the conversation we’re having here.” Err maybe I was wrong to assume they have a good sex life. “You degraded Harry and you disrespected me.”

“Harry is a big girl and can make her own decisions….but as far as you… I really am sorry.”

She turns away again and stays silent.

I don’t know what to say. I stand there in limbo, trying to come up with something, anything that can lessen the seriousness of the situation but I’m stumped. So with heavy feet and 10 ton on my shoulders I trapes out of there. Coming out the front door I smell weed. Gary is sitting on the verandah smoking a spliff. He’s got a stupid grin on his face and I want to punch him and wipe that grin off.

“Nice going dickhead,” he’s getting way too much pleasure out of this.

“Fuck off arsehole,” I step off the verandah and leave before I really do punch him. Later that day I ring Harry.

Travis: “I went to see Janelle this morning”

Harry: “I know. After you left she rang me and we spoke for about an hour”

Travis: “Is she as angry at you as she is with me?”

Harry: “She’s got a right to be angry”

Travis: “That didn’t answer my question”

Harry: “Look Trav, she’s angry at both of us. Does it matter who she’s more angry at?”

Travis: “No I guess not. I just can’t figure her out lately. There are times when she’s like my partner in crime then there are times when she’s angry at me….not the usual bluff angry, more like angry angry.”

Harry: “One of these days you’ll figure it out”

Travis: “Figure what out?”

Harry: “Sigh, you’ll figure out how to get along with her”

Travis: “You make it sound like I don’t get along with her…? Like I’m missing something.”

Harry: “Get used to it. She’s a girl so if you try to ‘figure her out’ or think there’s some magic formula to get her measure or pigeon hole her into a persona that suits yourself then you will always fail.”

Travis: “I’m not trying to pigeon hole her, I just want to understand her. If I had known sleeping with you was going to make her fly off the handle like this I might’ve not done it.”

Harry: “and what about me? Were you willing to leave me high and dry?”

Travis: “That’s the real sucky part. I know you guys are not colluding but it kinda feels like I’ve been set up.”

Harry: “Travis!! That’s a shitty thing to say.”

Travis: “Yeh I know I know. It’s just frustrating.”

Harry: “Imagine how Janelle feels then. She loves Angus to bits and wouldn’t give him up for anything but her social wellbeing is suffering.”

Travis: “Well she’s practically married with a kid.”

Harry: “…aand she sees us, free as a bird, going out and doing whatever, whenever we like, fucking whoever we like. I don’t think Gary is all that good to her but that’s who Angus’s father is.”

Travis: “So err what? I should go round there and give her a good fucking so she can relieve some stress?” I’m being facetious.

Harry: “Yeh that should do the trick” she’s also being facetious.

Travis: “I’ve got shit to do. Thanks for the chat Harry”

Harry: “Don’t dwell on this like I know you will. I’ll talk more with Janelle.”

“Okay bye” we ended the phone call.

A few days rolled into weeks. It’s been three weeks and I’ve had next to no communication from Janelle. The last conversation with Janelle didn’t go well so I took Harry’s advice and gave Janelle some space. It was Angus that got me in the door to see Janelle. Since I hadn’t been visiting like I usually do he started to ask for me. To placate him Janelle would ring my number and hand him the phone as soon as I picked up. Eventually Janelle gave in and asked me to come visit Angus. After all he’s my favourite kid in the world and I’m his besterest adult friend.

So here I am in their backyard having water pistol fights with Angus. It’s a whole lot of fun. Well it’s not ‘super’ fun for me but seeing Angus peaking with joy makes me happy. We even chased Janelle around when she stepped into the backyard for a bit. It was funny seeing her getting chased by Angus, her comfortable and loose one piece dress flowing as she ran. Other than those brief moments, Janelle was still giving me the ‘I’m not talking to you’ attitude. I wished she would give up the shitty attitude but really I was there for Angus not her. The fun, for me at least, came to an abrupt halt when Gary appeared and announced he was taking Angus for some dad and son time at the motocross track.

“You could’ve told me you had this planned,” Janelle was a little taken aback.

“Yeh, well it just came up” Gary replied as he gathered up Angus. Angus seemed happy to go watch the motorbikes so it was clear my time with him was over.

“You’ll be gone for ages, let me pack some food before you go,” Janelle’s mother mode was kicking in.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll buy something if he gets hungry.”

“At least buy something healthy for him,” she coerced.

“Yeh okay, whatever.” Gary left with Angus in his arms.

I stood there awkwardly in my wet clothes. “You should leave,” Janelle said without looking me in the eye.

I had lingering effects of playing with a five year old. “Give me goodbye hug then?” I raised my arms and made like to chase after her but when I got close enough she didn’t budge and instead slapped me….again.

I had been thinking a lot over the last three weeks. How could I not. Thinking about things Janelle had said and about what Harry had said. It seemed to me Janelle was in a rut, maybe even post natal depression. Does that last for five years??? Did she feel suffocated? Unloved? Maybe ‘unwanted’ was more apt. She was needed but not wanted. Fun and excitement, or at least mature fun and excitement for her is pretty limited nowadays. If she’s suffering from some kind of social stress, does that give her the right to treat me like a scumbag? Or like a punching bag whenever I get close enough? We’ve had our arguments in the past but it wasn’t like this. No matter which way I mull it over I just cannot think of a way to get back my connection with her. Previously when I didn’t understand something she would eventually tell me even if it came out as an argument. Arguing is infinitely better than silence because she’s expressing ‘some’ kind of communication. The silent treatment leaves me in the dark and I have no idea where I stand or what she’s thinking and it pisses me off. For three weeks I’ve been frustrated and I’m no closer to working things out with Janelle. Even now she keeps pushing me away but I want to work through this and move forward. It’s irritating the crap out of me that she can be so immature. I’m about ready to slap her back but I can’t do that due to my up bringing. Slapping a girl in the face just isn’t in my nature. I don’t know what to do but I am fucking pissed off.

“Did you not hear me? I said fucking leave!” she repeated.

SNAP! Something in my brain snapped. I can’t take this anymore. She needs a lesson in manners. She wants some excitement in her life? Coming right up. She wants someone to take the pressure from her so she can let go? Coming right up. Does she have daddy issues and need to be spanked? Coming righ…I grab her and throw her over my shoulder. I do it so fast that she’s stunned for a second before she starts kicking and yelling. I carried her over to one of the outdoor chairs. I drop her so the front of her waist is over the back of the chair and her arms fall forward to grab the arm rests. She starts to struggle but I smack her arse, hard, three times.

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