Into The Wild – Taboo Desires Unleashed

An adult stories – Into The Wild – Taboo Desires Unleashed by Dirtyoldman1979a,Dirtyoldman1979a All characters are over 18 years of age. ***** Chapter One: Around the Fire The sun has just gone down and all three are sitting around the camp fire drinking beers and smoking some weed. “Man, how long has it been since … Read more

It was in the Cards Pt. 06 by RDJohnson,RDJohnson

Day 4 Waking up was starting to be my favorite part of the day. Though as I cracked my eyes open, it was still dark. A fact that I promptly ignored, in favor of focusing on the very intense sensation of my sister’s tongue swirling around my glans, that was currently inside her warm wet … Read more

Adventures with My Mexican Mother by Messy_Stephanie,Messy_Stephanie

Hello, my name is Stephanie (last name redacted). I wanted to speak on the wild and crazy adventures that I’ve been on with my mother, Maria. Other than the occasional (but necessary) details that I may have changed in order to ensure our anonymity, everything I’m about to speak of is 100% true and I’ve … Read more

Sharing a Bedroom with my Sister Ch. 02

An adult stories – Sharing a Bedroom with my Sister Ch. 02 by chris99999,chris99999 If I’d put my mind to it, like I always did with my college work, then I would have realized that this outcome was highly likely. Perhaps even inevitable. But foolishly, I hadn’t thought about it. Instead I’d been reckless, living … Read more

Remote Control Mother

An adult stories – Remote Control Mother by HeyAll,HeyAll Most employees are heading down the escalators, but she’s heading up. It’s late afternoon and Janet has been called to the CEO’s office. Women like her don’t usually get that kind of invitation. She’s with the accounting department, there is never any reason for the boss … Read more

Every Schoolboy’s Dream Ch. 07

An adult stories – Every Schoolboy’s Dream Ch. 07 by TrampsAnThieves,TrampsAnThieves ~~~ Saturday Morning ~~~ I awoke to two hot mouths nibbling up & down the sides of my morning wood. I opened my eyes to see my wife and her mother fighting over my cock like it was Hill 210 in the movie “Thin … Read more

How My Sister Took My Virginity by slave_boy69,slave_boy69

19 year old virgin me was nothing but a pervert. No, I didn’t watch porn and jerked off all day long. Actually, I never watched porn. I was constantly spying on my 22 year old sister. Always peeping, trying to get a glimpse of her naked body, always with my rock hard dick in my … Read more

Me, Jillian and Stepdad by raybishop185,raybishop185

This past November, my stepdad had another conference in the mountains, West of Denver, where we live. I heard mom talking to him and she made it clear she was not gong to be able to go with him, as she had a commitment in town, a conference of her own. His conference ran from … Read more

Living with my Aunt at College by pujo1950,pujo1950

From my room I can see co-eds practicing soccer and lacrosse in what was once a pasture on my grandparent’s farm. Originally the farm adjoined the small state university. As the school grew it eventually almost surrounded the farm. At their death, the farm and farmhouse were bequeathed to the university with the stipulation that … Read more

Mom, Dee, Nicole & Me Pt. 03 by wose,wose

Liam: We barely exchanged a dozen words between us, until Mom parked the car in the driveway and stepped outside: “Heck of a day. I could do with some R&R.” “Sure,” I said, sneaking glances at my phone. Swiping away all the other useless notifications, I found no messages from Dee and a single message … Read more

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

An adult stories – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas by PapaRomantic,PapaRomantic This story is my submission to the Literotica “WINTER HOLIDAYS STORY CONTEST 2023.” If you suspend reality for a while, I think you’ll enjoy this fun little Christmas Eve romp! Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas! I hated the cold. When you travel as … Read more

USAF Lawyer Finds Love with DIL Ch. 02 by JohnLaw1950,JohnLaw1950

This is part two of a story I previously posted. If you haven’t read it, I would strongly recommend you do so before reading Chapter 2 so you will understand all the characters. I received several comments about Chapter 1. I was called an asshole for fucking my son’s wife while he was deployed to … Read more

I Inherited My Aunt, My Slave Pt. 04 by mrfluffer,mrfluffer

This is chapter four of a multi-chapter If you haven’t read the previous chapters, I would recommend doing so. As I write these chapters, the ideas keep growing from what I had originally planned for them. In this chapter, I needed a down and dirty transition from Chicago to Las Vegas as Jake begins … Read more