Sibling Road Trip

An adult stories – Sibling Road Trip by NewIn57,NewIn57 Day 1: Las Vegas to Albuquerque

A little about my brother and me. My name is Amy. I’m 18 years old, brown hair, green eyes, 5′ 5″, 120 pounds. I just graduated from high school where I was class valedictorian, captain of the girl’s swim team, chess club, debate society, drama club. You know, the usual. I ‘m very studious, obviously, and preferred to concentrate on my studies rather than partying. Because of that, I was never one of the “in girls” and never really popular with the boys. I never really dated much and never really cared if I did. I had a few close friends and that was enough for now. I knew my time would come.

I’m honest enough with myself to know that I’m not exactly pretty in the ways that teenaged boys view pretty but I think I have promise. I saw from old pictures that I look just like Mom did at 18 and she’s aged into one of the most beautiful women I know. Think Cate Blanchett and you’ll be in the ballpark.

My brother, Peter, will be a senior this year. He’s also 18 – I think they used to call it “Irish twins” – also on the swim team, also at the top of his class. Unlike me, he IS popular — especially with the girls — and he dates a lot. He’s 6’ 3″, 180 pounds, brown hair, hazel eyes, with the perfect swimmer’s body and an easy air. Think Ryan Lochte’s body with George Clooney’s personality and you’ll be in the ballpark.

We’ve had very, very privileged lives. My father is a vascular surgeon with his own practice. My mother is an attorney working for one of the major casinos here in Las Vegas. They have a great marriage and they’ve been super good parents. Also, as an aside, Mom’s pretty well connected, so Peter and I have seen just about every big-time show in Vegas in the past five or six years.

My grades were good enough to get me a full-ride scholarship to Cornell, Mom’s alma mater, in Ithica, NY where I’ll be pre-med. Dorm life isn’t for me so one of Mom’s classmates still in Ithica helped me hook up with three other undergrads to share a four-bedroom house off-campus. Unlike the dorms. The house had plenty of parking so I wanted to take my car, a two-year-old Subaru Forester that would be ideal in winter weather.

Per Google Maps the trip would be just over 2,500 miles and would take about 37 hours on the road. Dad was too busy to go; Mom was in the middle of a big litigation. So, my brother offered to go with me — to share the driving and help me move in.

Mom and Dad were skeptical; that’s a long, long way for two new drivers to go. But they ultimately agreed under three conditions. That we limit our driving to ten hours per day. That we drive only during the day, never at night. And that we stay in national brand motels in large population centers — never a Bates Motel in the boonies. They agreed to pay for Peter to fly back to Vegas afterward. The “rules” dictated not going through Denver — it was over eleven hours away — so we planned a southern route through Albuquerque and Tulsa before finishing with a final stop in Indianapolis. On the chance that we might make better time than planned, we both brought our passports to give us the option of a side trip to Niagara Falls.

We got a little bit of a late start on day one, arriving in the outskirts of Albuquerque nine hours later at 7 pm. We were tired. Yes, we’re young but it was a late night with friends the night before and a hard drive today. We found a Holiday Inn Express just off I-40 and asked for a room with two beds, but all of their vacancies had a single king-sized bed. We were too exhausted to hunt for a different motel; we just wanted to stop driving. We checked into our room, got directed to a half-decent Mexican restaurant for dinner and were back in the room by 10 pm. I showered and put on my pj’s then Peter did the same. We lay on the bed, watching TV for just a little while and then turned off the light.

I was a little chilly; the air conditioner was on too high. I asked if I could cuddle for warmth and, of course, he agreed, so I spooned him, sharing his pillow. A while later I rolled over and he spooned me. It was a bit strange but I wasn’t even a bit uncomfortable with it. It was just Peter and I was nice and cozy.

It was 2 am when I got up to pee. I came back to the bed and there was Peter, asleep on his back, with his erect penis tenting up the covers. I didn’t know what to do. Should I get back into bed with my brother’s erect penis? That felt wrong. Should I stay out of bed even though he was sound asleep and oblivious? That didn’t feel right, either. Either way, I was curious; I’d never seen an erect penis. I sat in a chair for a few minutes hoping it would go away but it didn’t and I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

I decided to crawl back into bed and face away but two minutes later I turned to face him so I could see it. Five minutes later I couldn’t help myself. I lifted the covers up a little bit to sneak a peek. I was disappointed; he was wearing pj’s and there was nothing to see except something different being tented.

It was killing me. I have no idea why, but I was obsessed.

I took another chance and reached out to gently touch him, all the time watching him in case he started to wake up. He didn’t stir. I gave the shaft a gentle squeeze. He was rock hard — I had no idea penises could get that hard — and he still didn’t wake up. I ran my finger along the length of him and heard him say “Why are you touching my dick?”

I was startled and jerked my hand away. I was ashamed shamed of myself. “I’m sorry, Peter. It was hard and it was tenting the covers, and I was curious. I’ve never seen a penis up close. I couldn’t help myself. I’m so sorry.”

He didn’t seem angry; in fact, he had a quizzical look on his face. He scooted up to lean on his elbow and he studied my face for a few seconds. “There’s no way you’ve never seen a penis before.”

“No, honest. I never have. I’m sorry. I was totally out of line.”

“I’m really surprised. You’re a pretty girl.”

“Do you really think I’m pretty?”

“Well, duh! All the guys at school think you’re pretty. But you kind of intimidate them; they know they’re mental children compared to you. And you were always so busy.”

I was surprised but secretly happy to know that I wasn’t as plain as I’d imagined. “Thanks for telling me. And I’m really sorry for what just happened. I was just curious; I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“It’s fine, Amy. And, really, if you’re that curious I don’t mind if you look. It’s just a dick and it’s not like we’ll be having sex or anything.”

I didn’t know how to respond. My brother had just suggested that I look at his penis — which, to be fair, is exactly what I just tried to do. I nodded. He stripped of his pj’s and lay back, his dick jutting into the air above his navel. “It’s all yours.”

I sat on my knees between his legs. I lifted his balls and felt the testicles roll around. The scrotum, itself, was large enough to fill my hand and I wondered how a man could sit without crushing his balls.

I touched the tip and his dick twitched and I heard him take in a breath. I investigated the little patch below the tip. “What’s this called?”, I asked.

“It’s the frenulum. It’s the most sensitive part, almost like a girl’s clit.”

I wrapped my hand around the shaft. It was thick enough that my fingers barely wrapped around it. I angled it straight up and saw that it extended above his pubes by 6 or 7 inches. I pulled further towards me, surprised by how much muscle it took. I squeezed open the little hole at the end and saw a drop of fluid gathering there. “What’s this fluid?”

“It’s called ‘pre-cum’. It leaks out before a man ejaculates.”

“I’ve heard girls call that ‘jizz’, is that right.”

“Like everything sex-related it has a hundred names but, yes, ‘jizz’ is one of them.”

I expected him to be hard all the way to the tip but the head was strangely spongy, sticking out past the hard part. I was astonished at how freely the skin slid effortlessly up and down the shaft, seemingly disconnected from the meat underneath and I played with that for five or six strokes.

“That feels really nice, Amy. Be careful.”

“Is this what’s called a hand job?”

“Yes. That’s a hand job and it feels incredible. Careful or you’ll make me cum.”

I wasn’t really sure why I kept at it; this wasn’t the plan. I just wanted to see a dick but now I was giving my brother a hand job. I realized that I really, really wanted to see what would happen next. “Do you want me to keep going? To make you cum?”

“We should probably stop before it goes too far.”

“It’s fun, Peter. Do you want me to keep going?”

He said, “Suit yourself.” But the smile on his face said “Oh, Hell, yes!”

He put his head on the pillow and enjoyed what I was doing for the next few minutes, all the while breathing heavier and heavier. The pre-cum was now flowing liberally out of his dick and was running down the shaft, lubricating the whole works. I shifted my grip and put my thumb on his frenulum — his sensitive spot – rubbing the pre-cum into him. Almost instantly he moaned “Oh, Amy! That amazing. That feels so fucking good. A little faster, please.”

I quickened the pace. “Oh, God! Like that. Yes. I’m close. I’m so fucking close, Oh! Fuck! I’m gonna cum!”

His penis started convulsing and the jizz shot straight up, a foot into the air, and splashed back down onto my hand. I laughed with surprise and turned to look at him. His eyes were glazed, his mouth was open, his face was contorted in pleasure. I turned back to his dick and watched the jizz shoot everywhere — on his belly, his chest, the bed. I kept stroking; he must have squirted half-a dozen times before the cum stopped shooting out and it dribbled out for a little while after that. I was still stroking and still laughing when he put his hand on mine and asked me to stop, that it was too sensitive.

I stopped stroking but I sat there, holding him as he went soft. I was amazed to see the transformation. What had been a rock-hard monster a minute earlier was soft and limp, about half the size, cum leaking out of the end as he shrank. I milked the shaft to get even more out of him.

“Thank you, Amy. That was fucking mind-blowing! You’re amazing!”

“That was fun! Did I do okay? Did you like it?”

“All I can say is ‘wow!'”.

With my curiosity satisfied, I ran to the bathroom to get stuff to clean up. I tossed him a wet washcloth and a towel. Then he put his pajama pants back on and lay beside me on the bed.

“Do you give yourself hand jobs?”, I asked.

“It’s called jerking off and, yes, all the time. Ever since I was 14 or so. When did you start masturbating?”

“I’ve never masturbated.”

“You’ve NEVER masturbated? Ever had an orgasm, like on a date?”

I shook my head. “It always seemed naughty to touch myself down there except to wash or…you know, a tampon. And, like I said, I’ve never let a boy go past second base.”

“I’d love to reciprocate. Would you like to try to have an orgasm?”

Having just watched him cum, I was really aroused and I could feel my vagina getting wet at the thought of what he’d just offered. But I knew I shouldn’t start an incestuous relationship with my younger brother. We’d already gone too far, and it was time to back away before we went any further. Maybe we already had.

“No”, said my brain.

“Yes, I’d really like that.” said my mouth. I stood up and removed my pajamas. His jaw dropped.

“Jesus, Amy! You’re stunning! I’ve seen you in your swimsuit so often that I thought I knew what to expect but, oh, my!”

I lay down next to him. “What do you want me to do?”

“Lay back and relax. Concentrate solely on your own pleasure. If you don’t like something, just say and I’ll stop. If you really like something, just say and I’ll know. If you feel yourself starting to get really aroused, surrender to it; don’t hold back and don’t feel you’re being selfish. This is all about you, after all. Okay?”

I nodded. He held my face and kissed me. “You’re beautiful, Sis.”

He nuzzled my ear with his lips; I felt a jolt in my crotch when he kissed me on the neck, just below the ear. My nipples were so erect that they actually hurt and I almost screamed when he rolled one of them between his fingers as he ran his lips down my neck, and, again, when he put his lips on the other nipple, flicking it with his tongue.

“You have great tit’s Amy. They’re perfect. I love your nipples; are they sensitive?

“Yes, they’re like cattle prods. Peter, I’m getting really hot down there.”

He slid down and kissed my tummy, putting one hand on my inner thigh. I was no longer hesitant about being with him; I craved the moment my brother would touch me down there. “Please touch me.”

But he had other ideas. He moved me to the edge of the bed and crawled between my legs. He pushed my legs apart and kissed my inner thighs and then he licked and sucked my labia. I was crazy aroused. My clit was on fire, and I could feel the juices flowing out of my vagina. He pushed my legs farther apart and used his thumbs to open me wide.

“Your pussy is beautiful, Amy. It’s pink and wet and it looks so fucking delicious.”

I was about to scream “PLEASE TOUCH ME!” when I felt the tip of his tongue sweep the length of my slit. Then again. And again. I shuddered each time his tongue raked the tip of my clit.

“That feels so good. I like it at the end.”

He stopped with the long, slow licks and, instead, concentrated on the tip, flicking his tongue over it, quickly and softly. It was heaven. “Please, just a little harder.”

I felt something stirring behind my pubic bone. A strange tension, a tickle, an energy. It was getting stronger, expanding into my belly, then my chest, then my limbs, and there was no doubt about it being an orgasm when it hit. I never imagined it could be like this. I never dreamed I could have this much pleasure. Peter was steady, relentless, as I reveled in my first-ever cum. I took his advice and surrendered to it. To him. To my brother. Oh, my God, this was so fucking good! I loved Peter for the joy he was giving me, and I hated myself for waiting so long to experience it. A minute or two in, it subsided a bit. He backed off, allowing me to come down a little bit.


“Oh, God, yes! Please!”

He took another long lick from my urethra to the hood of my clit. I loved the first part, but now the tip was too sensitive. “It’s too much, too much. Please stay lower. I want it lower, There. There. Yes!”

“A little harder.” He did.

“A little faster.” He did.

He lifted my ass off the bed for better access and, as he did, I was slammed with a massive orgasm that totally dwarfed the first one. I thought I’d lose my mind. I needed him to stop but there was no way to tell him; my brain was unable to form even simple thoughts, let alone intelligible sentences. I grabbed his head to push him away, but my traitorous hands pulled him harder into me and the orgasm intensified. I started to scream “Peter Peter Peter”, totally unable to add the word “Stop”.

And, suddenly, it got BIG! The orgasm was no longer centered on my clit. It was everywhere, all at once, the orgasmic energy blasting every nook and cranny of my body, my mind, my soul. I was no longer even aware of my brother’s mouth and tongue; there was nothing in the world except this orgasm which had a life of its own. “Stop” is the last word I wanted to say.

It did stop eventually, though, and Peter was up, beside me, holding me close while I came back to Earth.

“I’ve never seen a girl cum that hard. Are you okay?”

I couldn’t answer. I was dizzy. I was stunned. I needed to breathe.

“Amy? Are you okay?”

I needed to laugh so I laughed; then I needed to cry so I cried; then I needed exactly what my brother gave me. I needed to be held.

Day 2: Albuquerque to Tulsa

That first night with Amy was the most sensuous night of my life. I’d been with a lot of girls, most of them inexperienced like I was, but, still, young girls with young girl’s bodies and energies and stamina. I’d never seen a girl respond like Amy did. Not so much to the mechanics of the sex — I know I’m an amateur – but to the emotional aspects. She radiated pure, unadulterated love and joy.

We slept curled together. The alarm at 7:00 am was jarring; we’d only been back asleep for a few hours. Amy killed the alarm and saw that I was erect. I’m 18years old; I’m always erect n in the morning.

I said, “It’s called ‘morning wood’. It’s normal. Sorry. I should have thought of that before sharing a bed.”

“‘You treated me really nice this morning, Peter. I also want to reciprocate. I’d like to try with my mouth. May I?”

I took my pajama bottoms off in a micro-second and lay down on my back. She got between my legs, and with a little trepidation, she licked the tip of my dick. Then she licked the entire length and put the first inch in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head.

“Oh, Amy, that’s fucking amazing. It feels so good.”, I said, as she lowered her head, taking as much as she could. I felt the tip of my dick hit the back of her throat and she gagged a little, but she didn’t quit. She pulled her lips back to the tip and, again, lowered her head, her tongue working every inch of the shaft on the way down. She lifted my balls and gently rolled them as she concentrated on the frenulum and the head, punctuated every 10 seconds or so by stuffing as much of me into her mouth as she could. Her hand grabbed the base of my dick and stroked in time with her mouth and tongue. Three or four minutes in I was very, very aware that my inexperienced sister was giving me the best blowjob of my young life.

“Jesus, Amy! Oh, my God! You’re amazing. It’s never been this good. How do you know this? Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! OH! FUCK! You’re making me cum!”

I tried to lift her off me so I wouldn’t cum in her mouth, but she pushed my hands away and shook her head “Uh, uh” and kept fellating me. I had to give her warning; she must not know about pulling out.

“I’m going to cum. I’m cumming NOW!”

She pulled her head back, her hand furiously stroking my dick. Thank, God! She DID know.

I exploded, spasm after spasm, cum pumping out in four then five then six long ropes. Amy was giggling with joy as she watched, fully and completely satisfied with the results of her work. As she did earlier, she caressed me as I went soft. Then, she crawled up beside me for a kiss. It was as soft and gentle as it was full and sensuous. I could taste myself on her lips.

“I think you should shower first. Let’s get on the road.’

We showered, dressed, had a quick breakfast, and got back on the road at about 8:30. Today’s target destination was the Tulsa, about 9 hours of driving. We settled onto I-40 East.

“Thank you for last night. I never imagined it would be like that.”

“Thank you for this morning. How did you know how to do that?”

“Seemed like the thing to do. Did I do it right?”

“It was the best blowjob I’ve ever had. By far.”

She drove on for a while in silence.

“How many girls have you had sex with?”

“I don’t know. Six or seven.”

“You’ve fucked that many girls?”

“No, not fucked. Had sex with. Like what we did. I’ve never actually had intercourse with a girl, unless you count anal. I dated Wendy for almost eight months but she’s saving herself for marriage. We did everything else that two people could do in bed, but her vagina was off limits. I almost fucked Debbie, but she chickened out at the last minute. And at Ben’s party Janet — you know, the promiscuous Janet – was begging me to do her but we didn’t have a condom. By the time I could round one up, she was in a different room fucking Bob without one.”

“That sucks.”

“Sucked for Bob. She gave him the clap.”

Ten hours later we were in Tulsa in a Staybridge Suites. We’d talked a lot along the way about what happened, trying to figure out what would happen next. We decided that it was a one-off thing that we could both remember and be grateful for but that we needed to go back to being brother and sister.

We got a two-bedroom suite; not just two beds but two separate bedrooms. Amy called Mom to give a progress report while I grabbed some Chinese take-out to bring back to the room. We ate in the shared living room while watching the news, checking emails and such. I asked if she wanted to go out but, no, she preferred to stay in, so we played a couple games of chess and decided to call it a night.

“Good night, Amy” I said. “Good night, Peter”, she said as she gave me a strangely lingering kiss on the lips.

I climbed into bed but couldn’t sleep; 20, maybe 30, minutes passed but I wasn’t close to sleep. Memories of the night before — that very morning, in fact — had me too aroused. I’d no sooner considered rubbing one out than I heard a knock on the door and, without waiting, Amy came into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. Her face was flushed; she was clearly worried and agitated.

“Will you eat me again? I loved it so much. I want it so much. I can’t get it out of my mind.”

Sister or not, there’s no 18-year-old boy on the planet who would say no to the opportunity she was offering. I got out of bed and pulled off her pajamas, then I dropped my own. She sat on the edge of the bed and, like earlier that day, I crawled between her legs. She was already soaked; her clit was already engorged; her labia already swollen. I brushed aside a wisp of pubic hair that was in my way and pushed my face into that gorgeous, horny, virgin pussy. She pulled me in even harder and said “Eat me. Eat my pussy, Peter. Make me cum again.”

I licked and flicked and sucked with abandon, feeling every twitch, allowing her response to guide me. I took no more than a minute for the first orgasm to start. Her arms and legs were flailing, her head rolling side to side, her eyes staring into space as she moaned over and over “It’s so good, it’s so good, oh my fucking God it’s so good. Eat me, eat me, eat me…”

It was so fucking hot! SHE was so fucking hot!

Her orgasm lasted a minute or two then, with a very brief pause, a second one slammed into her. I remembered from earlier that the tip got too sensitive after a cum, so I lowered my tongue to concentrate on the swelling closer to her vagina. Her voice lowered as she started screaming “eat me” again but she couldn’t form the ‘t’; her voice was husky as she chanted “eemee eemee eemee, eeeeeemeeee”. Her legs clamped and unclamped against my head as her hands pulled my tongue hard into herself.

I knew I could intensify it by attacking her G-spot but I didn’t know if I had permission to enter her with a finger. What are the rules with a virgin? With a girl who had never explicitly said “yes” but who’d begged you to eat her? I tested with just the tip, rubbing the entrance just behind her urethra. No response. A little deeper, rubbing a bit harder. No response. I entered to the second knuckle and found the rough patch that signaled the G-spot and rubbed with the necessary “come-hither” motion while slowly moving my finger in and out half-an-inch at a time.

Her entire body began to shudder, then convulse. Her vocalizations were guttural nonsense, her arms and legs were limp, quivering, worthless. The vocalizations suddenly stopped but the orgasm hadn’t. Her head was lolled to the side. 20 seconds in, I heard a ragged breath followed by a high-pitched plaintive whine, then a few agonized grunts, and, still cumming, she pushed my head away.

I sat back and removed my finger and she immediately raised her legs onto the bed, turned away from me, and started to sob. I was suddenly filled with dread.

Oh, Jesus Christ! Had I just sexually abuse my sister? I knew better! I knew I shouldn’t have done it!

“Oh, my God, Amy! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! What can I do?”

She stopped sobbing and started bawling, tears streaming, almost unable to breathe she was crying so hard. I’d never seen anyone cry like that and I was devastated that I’d caused that much pain to my sister. I hated myself. I crawled behind her and held her close, hoping she could calm down enough for me to apologize, hoping she wouldn’t push me away before then. I took almost two minutes for her to gather herself.

“That was so beautiful! Oh, my God! It was so beautiful. Thank you, Peter.”

She started sobbing again. I held her closer, knowing now that I hadn’t lost her. She was okay, again, in 30 seconds or so. I heard her sniff and clear her throat.

“Peter, I pushed you away because I want more. I’m crying because I’m terrified to ask. I want to have sex with you. I’m so fucking horny and I want you inside me. Please say ‘yes’.”

“Are you sure we should go down that road?”

“We’re already so far down that fucking road…”

“We don’t have any condoms.”

“It’s okay. I’m on the pill.”

News to me but, okay… She moved to the head of the bed and faced me.

“I’ve been on the pill since I started menstruating; the hormones help with cramping.”

More news to me.

“Please, Peter. I want this. I want it so badly. Please fuck me.” She lay back at the head of the bed and spread her legs.


I put the pillow under her ass and got between her legs. I couldn’t believe that I was about to fuck my sister. That I would be taking her virginity. That she’d be taking mine. I lifted her a little with one hand and guided myself to her with the other.

“Are you sure, Amy?”

“Yes. Do it now, please.”

I put the head of my dick against her, pushed in about two inches and stopped.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh! Yes! I feel so stretched but I’m fine. Keep going.”

I pushed in another two inches.

“Are you all the way in?”

“No, just over half way.”

“Jesus! I’m already so full. Keep going. Put it all in. Please.”

I pushed again, sliding my entire seven inches to the hilt. It was glorious; wet, tight, warm but the greatest joy was the look of pure desire on Amy’s face.

“Tell me when to start.”

“Now. Please now!”

And, so, I began with long, slow strokes. Almost all the way out, then all the way in. Long and slow. She wrapped her legs around my waist and helped push me back in on every stroke. I could feel myself hitting the back wall of her cunt and watched her twitch each time I did. She was getting even wetter, and her nipples were sticking out like bullets. I let her support her weight with her legs and reached up to roll her right nipple as my right thumb pressed on her clit.

“Peter! You’re fucking me! You’re fucking me so good. I’m so stretched, so full. I never imagined anything like his. Oh! My God. Pinch my nipple. That’s it. It’s so good.”

“Amy you’re beautiful. You’re so fucking smoking hot. I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

She started grunting on each thrust. “I’m gonna cum. I’m cumming. Fuck me harder.”

Her first scream coincided with my first hard thrust. “YES!”.

She was obviously cumming hard. Each thrust was accompanied by a “YES!”


I felt her pussy flood, the juices running out of he as she locked eyes with me and started crying out “HARDER! HARDER! HARDER!”

I was pounding her as hard as I could. She stopped crying out just as her eyes rolled back and her head rolled to the side. I didn’t know what happened so I stopped pounding and felt her pussy clenching my dick, spasming around it. Her head rolled back to near-center and she took a deep breath.

“Oh, for fucks sake, don’t stop. Fuck me.”

I started up again but now I changed to small, two-inch strokes, staying buried as deep as I could. It was obvious that she’d been responding to me hitting the back of her cunt. I must have been right because within 10 seconds she exploded with an intensity that stunned me. As much and as hard as I seen her cum already that day, I was literally scared for her. No one could go through what was happening to her and remain sane.

Every part of her was shaking, like she was being electrocuted. Her eyes were rolled so far back I could only see the whites. Juices were flooding out of her cunt like a river. She didn’t seem to be breathing. Her mouth hung open. She was drooling. And it was all eerily quiet. She just lay there, shaking, drooling. I knew I should stop but it was so fucking erotic so I kept pushing my dick into her again and again and again.

Suddenly her eyes flew open, she gasped for air, still obviously cumming but she was back to reality at least. She put her legs around my waist again and, pressing her heels against my back to keep me in, she cried “Enough. Please! Enough!”

I held still, waiting for her to stop cumming. She did, soon enough. She was panting as she reached up to caress my face. It was such a simple, honest gesture that it needed no words. I reached my hands behind the small of her back and leveraged her up. We kissed softly and she put her head against my chest as I held her. We stayed that way quietly, just holding each other, breathing for several minutes.

“I don’t know what to say, Honey. Words aren’t sufficient.”

Did she just call me “Honey”?

“I’m glad you’re okay. And did you just call me ‘Honey?”

She giggled. “‘Bro’ just doesn’t seem to work at a time like this.”

I smiled. “I suppose not.”

I added, “I really like it, hearing you say that. Thanks.”

She put her arms around my neck. “Well, Honey, if we go some more, can you cum?”

“Yes, but can YOU go more? That looked pretty intense.”

“You have no idea. I’m down a little bit now. I want to make you cum. I want to feel you cum inside me.”

Without further delay, I lay her back down and fucked her for MY pleasure — fast, strong strokes. Her pussy was soaked, hot, tight. She put her feet on the bed beside me and thrust herself back at me, rolling her hips so that every new thrust was hit a new spot in her pussy. She arched her back so that my dick was grazing her cervix and G-spot.

“Oh, God, that feels so good. Yes! Fuck me hard. Use my body. Use my pussy. Make yourself cum inside me.”

I saw her face convulse as a new orgasm started and I felt my balls starting to boil. “I’m going to cum. I’m almost there, Amy. Oh, fuck! I’m cumming.”

I buried myself to the balls and shot jet after jet into her as her pussy squeezed my dick It was like I was being milked. It seemed like it would never end.

“I can feel your cock pumping! I can feel the spurts! Oh, God, this is amazing!”

My dick finally stopped convulsing and I was about to pull out but I could see she was still shuddering, still in orgasm, so I went back to gentle stroking to try give her whatever chance she had to finish. But I was softening quickly and had little choice but to pull my no-longer-virgin penis out of her no-longer-virgin vagina. I flopped down next to her, exhausted and satiated.

Day 3: Tulsa to Indianapolis

We slept the sleep of the dead that night, our bodies tangled together, both of smelling of sex.

I’d never paid that much attention to sex before — I was aware of it but it wasn’t a priority – but now that I knew what I’d been missing, I craved it. I craved it with HIM. I’d heard so many things about selfish boys and brutish men but Peter had been generous and loving. I could fall in love with him — not because of the sex but because it was clear what kind of man he was becoming.

But my god! The sex! That one orgasm was mind-bending; it taught me what physical love could be when truly felt. It was like I’d plugged my brain into a light socket that discharged pleasure instead of electricity. Every nerve was firing everywhere all at once (note to self: that would be great movie title!). No part of my body was under my control, including my brain.

We got up at 7 and were on the road by 8:30, after showering and a quick breakfast. We drove 9 1/2 hours, with an hour for lunch and gas, getting us to southwest Indianapolis at 7:30 pm. We checked into a Hampton Inn that had a room with a single king-sized bed.

We were done with the pretense; we were both absolutely sure what our sleeping arrangements would be for the rest of the trip. We were no longer just brother and sister who stumbled into a night of inadvertent, guilty sex; we were willing, eager lovers, eyes wide open, who wanted to continue what we’d started.

We had two slack days built into the schedule, so we decided that day to go to Niagara Falls even though we could finish the trip the next day. We wanted a night together where we didn’t start already tired; where we could check out a little late and still reach our destination. We also decided to tone it down just a bit; we were both getting a little sore!

We dressed up that evening and found a table at a nice Brazilian grill. Whether he was oblivious to our ages or just didn’t care, our server asked if we wanted to see the wine list. It was a relative no brainer to nonchalantly say “Yes, please.” We enjoyed our steaks with a nice Cab but I enjoyed the company more than I’d enjoyed the sex the night before. It was my first real clue that I might be falling in love with my brother.

We had flan for dessert and recorked the last half of the wine to take with us. We arrived in our room shortly after 10. We undressed each other slowly, taking our time as we’d promised, only to find that doing so actually increased the heat in the room. By the time he got to my bra my nipples were fully erect. By the time I got to his shorts, I had to pull the waistband out a long way to not snag is penis. My panties were soaked when they hit the floor.

For two days Peter had been exploring my needs, my desires. I needed to emulate him and I knew something he might enjoy. I sunk to my knees and ran my tongue around the head of his dick, then took him into my mouth as far as I could, stroking the shaft with my tongue as I went. With about two inches left, the end of his dick hit my tonsils and I gagged a little, mostly because it wasn’t ready for it. I backed off to the tip again, flicked his frenulum and, again, took his length.

When he hit the back of my throat, I expected it and I didn’t gag. I was able to hold him there for a few seconds. I noticed that he was an inch deeper than before and I was determined to take his entire length.

“Amy, that’s so nice.”

Back and forth, three four, five times, each a fraction of an inch deeper, my throat slowly relaxing as it became accustomed to the intrusion and, finally, I felt his pubic bone pressed firmly against my lips, this dick twitching two inches down my throat.

“Oh, holy fuck, Amy. Oh, my God, that feels so good.”

I loved to hear that; loved to know that I was pleasing him, that I was giving him this pleasure. Back and forth, deep, flicking, rolling, sucking the head, then deep, holding him there as long as I could. It may have been my imagination, but I felt his dick start to swell and get even harder than it had been.

“I’m almost there. I’m going to cum any second. Oh, Jesus, here it is! I’m cumming. I’m cuming NOW!”

Instead of backing away, I buried my face into his pubes as he pumped his seed into my throat.

“Amy! Oh, fuck! Oh, God!”

I couldn’t handle more than the first few spurts — I was starting to gag again – so I backed off, keeping the tip in my mouth and drank his jizz while I furiously stroked him with my hand. It was thick and sweet and nutty. It coated the entire inside of my mouth and tongue. I can’t exactly say I liked the taste but it was okay and I knew that this was giving him pleasure; that simple fact was the only thing that mattered. After six or seven spurts he was slowing down so I sucked on the end of his dick like it was a straw, drawing out as much as I could.

He’s stopped oozing and pulled my head away. ‘It’s too much.” Dropping to his knees in front of me, he kissed me, gently, sincerely. He moved back a few inches and said, “No one’s ever done that for me before. Thank you.”

“No one’s ever loved you as much as I do.”

He stood up and pulled me up with him. He turned toward the bed, obviously meaning it was my turn but I wanted something else. “Lie, down, Peter. I want to try something.”

He lay back on the bed, his head on a pillow,

I started rubbing his flaccid penis. “I want you inside me. I want to be on top. How do I get you hard again?”

“That’ll work. Or more fellatio; either one.”

I sucked him back into my mouth while rubbing the base of his shaft with my fingers and thumb, flicking and sucking on the head, then the shaft. It took three or four minutes, but he was finally erect. I climbed aboard and positioned his dick at my entrance.

“Are you sure you’re lubed enough, Amy?”

I lowered myself fully in one swift stroke. “What do you think? I’m fucking soaked.”

He laughed and started to thrust. I said, “No, Honey. Let me do the work.”

I started to explore. I moved my hips up and down, fucking him into my pussy. I rocked my hips forward and backward and loved how the top of his penis scraped my fully engorged clit. I ground myself into his pubic bone, pushing him even deeper into me and when I rolled my hips in a circle I was rewarded with a jolt of pleasure on each circuit as his dick raked my cervix and G-spot. I gasped each time.

“I love, this, Peter. It’s so nice to just go slow. Do you like it?”

“Oh, hell, yes. I love to see your face. You’re starting to flush. I can tell you’re getting aroused. So am I. This is unreal.”

I ground and ground some more, every once in a while raising myself off him and sliding back down to grind some more. Peter reached up and caressed my tits, rolling my nipples, pinching them, pushing them down into my breast tissue and rotating them. I was getting so fucking horny. I could feel an orgasm starting to build, but rather than coax it, I wanted it to come to me, to force me, in its own time. For now, I was in heaven; I was fucking my brother — my lover — looking at his face as the heat built.

He took his right hand off my left breast and pressed that thumb against my clit, giving me something else to grind on. It was electric. My clit was swollen and burning. My pussy was spasming around his cock. My right nipple was sending electric shocks through my body. I realized I was in full orgasm, a quiet one, one that I was conscious enough to fully feel, to enjoy, even to control.

“You’re cumming, aren’t you. You’re cumming right now!”

“Oh,God! Yes! It’s beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful, Sweetheart. Keep going. I want you to keep going.”

It built suddenly and my body quaked, but I was able to quiet it by simply lifting myself half-an-inch, then went back to the grinding and the quiet orgasm continued. I remember crying out a few times but I have no idea if there were thoughts or words behind them; I was in ecstasy and I needed him to know. I needed to share this with him.

“God, that’s so hot. I love to watch you cum. Keep going. Look into my eyes.”

I did. He was looking at me with encouragement and joy and love.

“Stay in in, Sweetie. You’re gorgeous when you cum.”

I continued to look at him, his eyes, his face, as I rolled my hips and ground my pussy on his dick and my clit on his thumb. I quaked again and controlled it again. A third time. He pinched my left nipple, hard, and without warning I was slammed by a tidal wave of energy. It wasn’t a new orgasm; it was a sudden intensification of the one I’d been in for five minutes. My brain wasn’t shutting down like yesterday; it was expanding. The pleasure wasn’t lust; it was complete, unadulterated love.”

“Oh! My! God! It just got so big! So fucking big! Oh, Peter, I love you so much! So much!”

“Jesus, Amy. Your pussy just flooded; you’re so fucking wet! And so fucking beautiful! I love you.”

I tried to stay in it — the big quiet one — but I couldn’t. The need was just too great. I started to pump him in and out of myself and, withing a few strokes, a massive orgasm took me. I was quivering and limp and would have fallen to the bed if his strong arms hadn’t grabbed me. He pulled my head into his chest and rolled us over and started fucking me with long, powerful strokes. The orgasm intensified yet again, sending shockwaves through me, before it ultimately subsided.

Peter wasn’t done. “I’m sorry Amy; that was too hot. I’m going to cum. Oh, God, I’m cumming again.” I felt his penis start to pulse and I felt his seed splash into me. He was poised above me, a look of total happiness and love in his eyes as he gazed down at me.

After, we rested for a few minutes, both breathing heavily.

“How about if we finish that bottle of wine?”

We each visited the bathroom, poured the wine into a some disposable cups, and returned to bed, him propped with his back against the headboard, me propped against him.

“Peter, you apologized when you came. Please never do that again.”

“I wasn’t sure you were finished.”

“So… You think that has to be the end? I know you’re looking after my needs but, really, don’t pressure yourself. If you cum first, we’ll fuck again in 15 minutes. It’s okay. In fact, I like it when you cum. It’s fun for me, too.”


“I’ve been thinking that we should have a rule between us. Not sacrosanct law but maybe a guiding principle.”

“I’m listening.”

“You know how disappointing it is to give someone a gift that you think they’ll love only to get a mediocre response? That’s FAR worse than getting a mediocre gift, yourself. On the other hand, if they absolutely love it, they’re reciprocating with the gift of their joy. Right?”

“I agree.”

“Well, we’ve both worked really hard so far to give each other gifts and, so far, we’ve repaid each other by enjoying them. I worked really hard on that blowjob this morning — I had to learn to deep-throat and I had to swallow semen – but I was repaid when you gleefully – selfishly – shot it into my throat.”

“I’m sorry., Amy. I didn’t realize you thought I was selfish. I won’t do it again.”

“NO! You’re not getting it you moron! Your selfishness at that moment was what made the whole thing wonderful for me. Your selfish glee was what made my selfless efforts worthwhile. Without it, I would have just been sucking a dick.”

He laughed out loud; he finally got it. “I understand, now, and I promise you both best effort and wild abandon in everything — sexual or not. Okay?”


We snuggled quietly for a while as we finished our wine. He got up to toss the glasses. When he got back to bed, he kissed me and asked, “Are you ready for bed.?”

“Actually, Honey, I’m still a little horny. I need another cum. Will you go down on me before bed?”

He smiled as I lay back on the bed, legs spread. I accepted his best efforts with wild abandon.

Day 4: Indianapolis to Niagara Falls

We were on the road at 8, and with only eight hours drive time to Niagara Falls, we’d have a long evening to play. We passed through the border at Detroit into Windsor, opting to get off I-90 and onto smaller roads in Canada. For a while we were on ON-401, a divided highway with light traffic. Then, at a tiny town named Woodstock, we turned onto ON-403, an honest-to-God dirt road all the way to Lake Ontario. The road was practically empty; we would go several miles without meeting an oncoming car.

I was daydreaming about the night before and I was getting both a little bit horny and more than a little bit wet. I could see in front of us an old, abandoned gas station — one of those with round–topped pumps– a mile or so in front and, as we got close, I had an evil idea. I slowed and pulled into the parking lot.

“What are you doing, Amy?”

“Shh. I want to check something out.”

I drove slowly to the back of the building, driving through the grass growing out of the crumbling concrete. I realized how foolhardy this was; it was the last place I wanted to have a flat tire. When I was fully in the back, I stopped and asked, “Do you think anyone can see us back here?”

“Doesn’t seem like it.”

I opened the door and said, “Okay. Jump out and come around.”

He walked around the back of the car and when he got to my side, I was standing there bottomless, my shorts and panties hanging from the rear-view mirror. He grinned as he stepped out of his pants. I jumped up into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist, kissing him. He backed me into the side of the dilapidated building and kissed back, while he waited to get erect — which didn’t take long. In those few seconds he shifted his grip, hooking his forearms under my thighs my thighs, spreading me even wider.

“Get that thing in me.” I ordered. “Fuck your slut sister.”

“You want fucked, you little slut? Then let’s fuck.”

Without warning, he dropped me onto his dick. I gasped at the sudden intrusion, not ready to be stretched that wide, that quickly. But, oh, my! When he started pounding me I went from zero to sixty in about five seconds.

It was so naughty, fucking him like this, outdoors, in public (such as it was), pinned to the side of a building, rutting. Last night had been beautiful and loving; this was just fucking. I had to admit that I liked this, too, and I loved him for playing his role.

“Fuck me, Peter. Fuck your slut sister.”

I felt an orgasm building and building. It should have exploded by now but it just kept building.

“I’ll fuck you, you filthy slut. Give me that pussy. Cum on my big, horny dick.”

I came like a rocket. I was 30 seconds into it when I felt him cumming, too.

When he’d drained himself, I expected him to put me down but, no! My brother is strong and, before I realized what was happening, he’d raised his arms above his head and placed them high on the wall. I was now sitting on his biceps, my pussy was jammed into his face, his thrashing tongue was tormenting my clit. The cum was enormous as I seemingly hung in the air. The only thing I could grip was his head and gripping it shoved him harder into me. I came and came and came, not caring if I ever made it off that wall.

Eventually I tired and I realized he must be exhausted. I tapped him on the head and asked for down. He slowly lowered me, my thighs sliding down his biceps to his elbows to his hands. I was still shaking when he gently lowered me, upright, to the ground.

We both leaned against the wall. I joked, “Thank you for fucking your slut sister, Honey.”

He smiled broadly and laughed. “Thank you for being such a slut, Sweetheart! That was fun!”

We got to Niagara Falls and found a room with a view of the Falls. It wasn’t cheap but Mom and Dad were paying and we knew they wouldn’t might too much. I was just coming out of the shower when Peter stood in front of me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and said “I’d like to take you on a date. A REAL date. Wanna?”

I hugged him. “There’s nothing I’d like more.”

We did a few errands. I had had another evil idea and went out to find a pharmacy while he checked emails and texted our parents to let them know where we were. We got directions to a nice steakhouse in town with live music and a great menu. We had a really nice meal — I had Duck Confit, Peter had Tuscan Chicken and we shared a chocolate cake for two. And, once again, we were offered a wine list and took advantage with a nice Chardonnay. We talked about school, swimming, the trip, normal things; Peter was attentive and charming — a lovely date. We carried out the remaining half bottle of Zin that we’d ordered to go with dessert which we stored in the room then we walked down to the Falls. It was beautiful at night, all lit up with colored lights. Standing there, at the head of the falls, Peter wrapped me in his arms, spooning me, as we watched one of the great wonders of the world.

We got back to the room at 11:30. We left our pajamas in the suitcase and cuddled naked on the bed, sipping the rest of our wine, watching water pour over the cliff. We talked once in a while but, mostly, we were content to be there together. As I swallowed the last sip of wine, Peter took my glass, put it on the nightstand and turned off the light. He kissed me, thanked me for a lovely evening, and cuddled me while we fell asleep.

If this had been a test — which it wasn’t — he’d have passed with flying colors. I wasn’t just his fuck toy; he truly loved me like I loved him.

Day 5: Niagara Falls to Ithica

She got up at 6 AM to use the toilet and when she came back I was laying in bed with the usual morning erection. She pulled the covers off and said, “Come on, Honey. Let’s have some fun; let’s play! I want to be on top.”

She straddled me in the 69 position and took my dick into her mouth. I was staring at that delicious slit but couldn’t reach it; our height difference was too great. I pulled her back a little and gave her a lick but she couldn’t stay on my dick. After a few minutes of pulling ourselves on and off each other we were both laughing at the stupidity of 69. “Well THAT’S over-rated!”, she said.

She spun around to kiss me, stroking me with her right hand as I began rubbing her clit with my left. It felt good for both but not great for either. Each of us was concentrating so hard on pleasing the other that we couldn’t enjoy the pleasure the other was trying to give. After another few minutes, I said, “This isn’t working. Lay back. Enjoy.”

She put her head on the pillow and spread her legs a bit. We kissed as my fingers spread her labia and rotated on the tip of her clit. She finally began to respond as we’d both hoped. I dipped down to collect some lube from her vagina, then back to the clit, rubbing in quick circles, pressing firmly, rolling her clit up, down, side to side.

“It’s better this way. Yes, like that!”

I ran my fingers along the length of her clit, from tip to hole to tip and lined up a few fingers along her and rolled her back and forth, then in circles again, trying to find the thing that would set her off. She was starting to moan and I knew she’d get there but she was more orgasmic than this; I was doing it wrong somehow. I kept trying. High, low, fast, slow. She was slippery with her own lube and my fingers glided easily but they weren’t making her cum.

I lowered my head and sucked a nipple into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue, pinching it with my lips. She clearly liked that but no big response.

I slid down between her legs and glued my mouth to her beautiful cunt. I licked the length of her and started flicking the tip. She cried out “Oh, yes! Oh, yes. That’s amazing. Just like that. Oh, my God!”

I thought to myself “Wasn’t I just doing that with my finger?” but I decided to forget about that for a few minutes. I kept flicking and slid a finger into her, finding and rubbing her G-spot.

“Oh, my God. That’s it, that’s it. I’m almost there!”

I slid in a second finger and pushed a bit deeper. I felt a bump with my middle finger and figured it was her cervix; she let out a guttural moan when I pressed it.”

“Did that hurt, Amy.”

“No. Do it again. Oh, God! This is so fucking good!”

I curled my index finger so it could massage her G-spot and straightened my middle finger so it could reach her cervix and began pumping my fingers in and out, an half-inch at a time. She arched her back and started to whine. I glued my lips aver the tip of her clit, sucking it into my mouth then lashing it with my tongue.

Finally, the atom bomb. There was a plaintive moan, two octaves lower than her normal voice as her body convulsed. Her legs where shaking, her arms were flopping around worthlessly, eyes rolled back in her head as her spasming pussy flooded my hand and chin.

It took a minute but she started to come down a bit. As I had before, I lowered my point of attack away from the tip, rolling her clit from right to left, stiffening my tongue to add some pressure. The ensuing orgasm made the first one look like a warmup exercise. It was massive; I was just holding on, trying to keep up with the thrashing without accidentally hurting her or getting hurt, myself.

As it had in the past, it ended abruptly. Her body had seemingly reached its limit for now. I removed my fingers, wiped her juices off my face, and lay next to her, waiting for her to become coherent. I was still curious, though, why the tongue but not the fingers? I put my hand on her mound and, as closely as I could mimic, I did with my middle finger what I’d just done with my tongue.

The response was simply spectacular. Her eyes flew open, her mouth dropped open, she tried to scream but nothing came out except a primal grunt, as her head raised up until her chin hit her chest. She looked like she was trying to do a sit-up and was locked in position halfway up. Her butt and legs were shaking violently, her right hand clamped onto my thigh and squeezed. She suddenly arched her back, slamming her head back into the pillow as her entire body started to shake. I could see her belly convulse as fluid squirted out of her cunt almost to her feet. She was squirting! I’d heard of this but never imagined I’d ever see it. Jesus it was erotic; I almost came, myself. Twenty seconds later, it was over. I waited for her to come back to reality, to catch her breath. The only thing in the world I wanted more than to slip my dick into her was to watch her wake up.

She smiled at me. I lay on my back, and she curled into my chest. We lay there quietly for several minutes as her breathing slowly returned to normal. “You said you had anal sex with a girl once?”

“Won’t say who but, yes, several times.”

“Did you like it?”

“Oh, yeah! It’s great.”

“Did she like it?”

“She did. A lot, actually; she thought it was amazing.”

She shrugged free and hopped off the bed to grab a plastic shopping bag. She reached in and handed me a tube of Surgi Lube. “I bought this at the pharmacy. Can we try it? Anal, I mean.”

A few minutes later, she was on all fours as I prepared to slide a well-lubed finger into her virgin ass.

” Relax, Sweetheart. Let me know right away if anything hurts, even a little. Okay?”

“I promise. I’m ready.”

I pressed my index finger into her anus and pushed n to the second knuckle. “Still okay?”

“Yes. I’ll let you know if anything changes. No news is good news.”

I spun my finger a little to evenly spread the lube and slowly pushed all the way in.

“That felt weird but I’m fine.”

I pulled the finger out and added more lube, this time going all the way in in one motion. I thrust gently in and out for a minute; I could feel her sphincters relax ever so slightly. “I’m going to add a second finger.” I said as I removed the one finger.

I added lube to my middle finger and slowly inserted both to the hilt. She was really tight.

“That’s stretching me hard. I don’t know if I can do it.”

I said, “Give it just a minute before you quit.”, as I spun my fingers around, hoping she could relax.

“Okay. It feels a little more comfortable, now. I still don’t understand why people like this; it just feels strange.”

“Like you have to poop?”

“No, not that at all. I feel violated.”

A minute later and I could feel that her ass had relaxed around my fingers. She was still tight but wasn’t clenched on them like a vice.

“I think you’re as ready back here as I can make you. Do you want to try?”


I lay on my back and spread a generous amount of lube on my penis. I said, “You’re on top so you can control the speed and depth. Take your time. Go slow. Back away if you feel pain.”

“I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“The only way you can disappoint me is if you hurt yourself. This is about your exploration, not my pleasure. Agreed?”


She positioned herself across my stomach and raised herself while I positioned my dick at her anus. She pressed down just a little, just enough to trap the head of my dick in her ass.

“This is a lot bigger than the fingers.”

“Take your time, Sweetheart.”

She lowered herself a bit farther and I felt her outer sphincter give way.

“I feel like I’m being split in two.”

I smiled at her. “I’m in only about an inch. There’s one more sphincter to get past — another inch — and then it gets easier.”


She lowered herself again. I could feel in the compression of my shaft that the inner sphincter wasn’t budging.

“Try raising and lowering a little to tease the sphincter open.”

She did that and I felt myself just a fraction of an inch further along. God, she was tight!

“That’s working. Do it again.”

Another eighth of an inch. She knew what to do now. Up and down, up and down, and suddenly I slid in about two inches. She’d gotten me past the last barrier. My dick was being squeezed hard. My, God! Her ass was like a vice!

“Jesus, I feel so full and you’re only halfway in.”

“It’ll be easier now. When you’re ready try to keep going.”

She looked me square in the eyes, backed out about an inch and, in an act of trust, slowly, relentlessly dropped her butt to my pubic bone. She’d taken all of me. I was balls deep in my sister’s ass.

“Oh, Honey, this feels so strange. I can feel you in my bowels. I’m stretched so far; I need to rest.”

“As long as you want. No rush.”

She stayed there, still for about 15 seconds. She lifted just an inch, then back down. Then two inches and back down. Then four. Within a few strokes, she was fucking her ass onto the length of my dick, looking into my eyes all the while.

“Do you like it?”, I asked.

“Not really. Mentally it’s pretty hot but physically It’s just okay.”

She kept working it. I reached up to massage her breasts and nipples, then dropped a hand to find her clit. I tried some dirty talk. But a few minutes in she stopped.

“I don’t think I like this. I’ll keep going if you want, if you’d like a cum, I really will, but from now on it’ll be about you, not about me.”

“No, Sweetheart. There are lots of ways for me to cum; I don’t need it this way if it’s not good for you. It’s okay if you get off me.”

“You’re sure?”

I nodded. “Go slow, though. You don’t want to create a vacuum, if you know what I mean!”

She raised up slowly, sliding me out of her ass. I went to the bathroom for a wet washcloth and a towel. “Give me your ass.”

“I just did!”, she laughed as she got on all fours again. I carefully cleaned her, dried her off, and headed to the shower to clean myself.

I came back out five minutes later to the most erotic sight I’d ever seen. Amy was on the bed, legs spread, knees bent, head arched back, moaning, clearly close to orgasm. Her left hand was molesting her tits while her right was absolutely abusing her pussy. She had angled herself toward the bathroom so that I’d have an unobstructed view of the action. My sister was masturbating for the first time in her life and she’d invited me to watch. I would witness the first orgasm she ever gave to herself.

I stood beside the bed and started stroking myself, my eyes glued to that magnificent pussy and those thrashing fingers. I saw what she was doing and I knew what I’d done wrong. Her fingers weren’t on her clit; they were on her outer labia and she was absolutely mashing them to stimulate the clit, below. I saw a motion and looked at her face. She’d lifted her head and was staring directly at my dick, watching me masturbate.

I looked back at her dripping pussy and maintained the pace. I’d not cum yet today and I was desperate for this one but I didn’t want it to happen before her cum.

“Amy, this is so fucking hot! I want to watch you cum. Please cum for me.”

Her other hand came off her tits and she plunged two fingers into her dripping cunt, flashing them in and out as she bore down even harder on her labia. Suddenly, she changed her tactic; she slid her middle finger between her labia and raked it back and forth over her clit. She cried out once and started to shudder. It was too much for me; I felt my urethra fill and I started shooting jet after jet of jizz in long stringy ropes all over her legs and the bed. I saw her start to convulse as the first jet hit her leg. I watched her cum as I came and I kept stoking as long as I could just in case she was still watching.


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We cleaned up, got dressed, and walked to breakfast, her on my arm. It was a beautiful day, and I was in the company of a beautiful woman. She was radiant in the morning light.

After breakfast, we walked back down for one last look at the Falls, finally checking out just prior to 11. Three hours later, we were in Ithica, her new home.

We’d left home only a few days ago, siblings embarking on a long road trip. We reached our destination as lovers; the true journey having nothing to do with the road.

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