My Neighbors Ch. 5 by shawnababy

My Neighbors Ch. 5 by shawnababy

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The Neighbors find out.

I was walking down a driveway back to the alley. It was after midnight and I had just fucked one of my neighbors dogs. It was the big chocolate Lab. His owner usually kept his gate locked, but for me that was no problem. I just hopped over the fence. I was in great shape. It had been about a year since I started taking these nighttime soirees into my neighborhood in search of a canine lover. In that year I had started working out with a vengeance. I had joined a gym and had basically transformed my body.

I was very lean and muscular now. My arms had definition and my stomach was flat with a six pack. My legs looked like a runners, toned and strong. I guess the only thing out of place was my boobs. They were still huge, especially since I was still lactating. They didn’t sag as much since I worked on my chest. When I went to the gym in my little workout shorts and a sports bra I got constant looks from the guys. I caused quite a few bulges to form and could have had my pick. I liked to tease them knowing none of there cocks could compare to what I could get.

I was in heat this week. Over the last year I had been pregnant two more times. One was very short but the other lasted almost two months. I actually went to get a sonogram on that one. I went to a free clinic and used another name. The inexperienced nurse said it looked like I was going to have triplets, but that they were very small and she wasn’t sure they would make it. They didn’t, but I figured out it was the Rottweiler who was able to get me pregnant. There must be something about his seed and my eggs that was a close enough match to cause temporary conception.

I walked down the alley toward my house. I was naked of course and I felt great. The Lab had knotted me and pumped me full of his cum. I could feel some leak out as I strutted my stuff down the alley. I was still in heat and still horny. Maybe I could find another suitor tonight. I had to walk past my next door neighbors Mike and Sues house. Their male Doberman had been my first dog lover. I still loved to fuck him on occasion. I thought maybe if he was in the backyard I would make him a lucky dog tonight. They still had the female back there too but she very sweet and left us alone.

I walked up their driveway hoping to find the gate to their backyard open. I tried it and it was. Very quietly I opened it and slipped in the yard. It took me a minute to take in the scene before me. It was a shock and I thought about turning around and quietly leaving. In the middle of the yard was the male Doberman. He was fucking a female. The female was my neighbor Sue. She was naked on her hands and knees and her big male dog was humping her like crazy. I knew how thick and long his cock was and he was giving it all to her. It was amazing to see him fuck another human female.

What was even more amazing, not ten feet from that pair was Sue’s husband Mike. He was naked on his knees and he had the female Doberman backed up to him and he was fucking her. I couldn’t believe it. He was stoking what looked like a good size cock in and out of the females pussy. She seemed to be enjoying it because she wasn’t trying to get away. Here before me was this amazing scene. What was I going to do? I could leave, but now I had found some people that like to do the same thing I did.

I decided to risk it. I slowly walked out of the shadows toward Sue. Mike saw me first and looked my toned naked body up and down and smiled, but didn’t say anything. He continued to fuck the female dog. I walked around and stood in front of Sue. She had her head down, but picked it up when she saw my feet in front of her. She had a look of pain and pleasure on her face as she saw who it was. Our eyes met and I smiled and nodded my head. She knew then I understood. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and her mouth formed an O. The male dog stopped humping her and I knew he had knotted her. The scene before me was pure sex. It was making me very excited. I wanted to join in but I didn’t know how just yet.

The Dobermans knot was fully seated in Sues pussy. He had turned around on her and I knew they would be hooked up for awhile. I decided to take advantage of her position. I walked closer to her. Her face was now only a couple of inches from my pussy. I knew she could smell me, smell the Lab on me. I looked down at her. She wasn’t shying away from me. She moved her face closer to me. She stuck her nose into my bush. She pulled back and looked up at me. I could see the look of lust in her eyes. She was in the same sexual fog I get into. I turned around and spread my legs. I pressed my firm tight ass back into her. I felt her hot wet tongue lick my pussy once, then twice. I wasn’t sure she had ever done this to a woman before and I knew I hadn’t let another woman do this to me. Seeing the fact that we both enjoyed fucking dogs I guess this was no big deal.

She really started to lap at my pussy. It felt so good. I could feel the Labs semen leaking from me and Sue was drinking it down. She didn’t leave my clit alone either. She would suck it and nibble on it sending me shock waves of pleasure. Sue and I were so into this while the big dog was knotted in her I forgot about Mike. I guess he had been watching us because he pulled out of the female dog and walked over to Sue and me. I was bent over with my hands on my knees and Sue was eating me out. Mike walked in front of me and stopped. I looked at his cock. It was quite large and rock hard. It was also dripping from the juices of the female dog. I looked Mike in the eyes and smiled because I knew what he wanted me to do.

I reached out with one hand and grabbed his cock at the base. I pulled him closer to me and placed the big head to my lips. It tasted and smelled different. It smelled more like a dogs cock then a mans. I sucked the big spongy head into my mouth. I could here Mike groan as I took more of him in. I felt Sue shudder with an orgasm as the Doberman tried to pull out but was still stuck in her. She went back to licking me as I sucked her husbands cock. I had my own orgasm as muffled moans came from me. I was able to get about half of Mikes cock in my mouth, but no more because of it’s size. I was using my hand to help stroke it in and out. He had great stamina, so unlike my husband.

I felt his cock start to swell a little bit bigger and his balls drew up some. I knew he was getting close. It had been a long time since I had let some man other then my husband come in my mouth. It was rare for me to give my husband a blow job, but I really wanted Mikes load down my throat. I started sucking harder and faster. Sue cried out as the dog pulled his knot free of her and collapsed on the ground. At the same moment Mike unloaded into my waiting mouth. It was very powerful and there was a lot of it. I tried to keep up and did pretty well. I swallowed most of it the rest dribbled down my chin on to my breasts. I let go of his softening cock and stood up. I smiled at him as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. We both helped Sue up and walked over to their patio and sat down down on some lounge chairs.

After we all caught out breath we looked at each other and started giggling then laughing out loud. Though a little awkward at first we started talking about what just happened and what we obviously shared in common. I explained what I had been doing for the past year. I admitted to Sue that when they had gone on vacation that one time and I watched their dogs I had sex with the male. I said it had started as an accident but I liked it so much I could not stop. I admitted to them that my desire for canine sex had progressed to other dogs in the neighborhood. I left out the part of getting knocked up, but I did tell them my husband didn’t know about any of this and asked them to please not tell him.

They promised me and said now that this had happened they would like to be included on some of my adventures. Sue said that soon after they got back from that vacation the male Doberman kept trying to sniff her crotch. When she had started ovulating he tried to hump her. By accident she found herself in a position to let him penetrate her. She let him and they had been fucking ever since. Mike had caught them once and was so turned on by it he encouraged it. He had fucked the female dog a few time while watching them.

While we were all sitting there relaxing after the sex the male dog came over too me and sniffed around me and tried to lick my pussy. We all looked at him then each other and started laughing again. I knew it was late and I thanked them for a great time. I stood up and walked to their gate and waved. I walked next door to my house. Going inside the house was quiet. I quickly showered in the spare bathroom. I slipped into bed with my husband who was sound asleep.

It was a couple of days since my encounter with my neighbors, Mike and Sue. I decided I needed to go talk with them to make sure things were going to be OK between us. It was mid afternoon and I knew Sue was home because her car was there. I walked across the lawn up to her front door. I was dressed to go work out in a sports bra and tight cotton shorts. The bra was stretched tight across my chest and was really too small. I liked it this way and so did the guys at the gym.

I rang the doorbell and Sue opened it. She smiled at me and invited me in, but I could tell she was a little embarrassed. We went into her kitchen and sat down. She offered me some iced tea and we sat there a little nervous and not knowing where to start the conversation. I reassured her that anything we talked about would be kept in confidence. I told her how much I enjoyed watching her mate with her dog. Even though I had done it many times with lots of dogs I hadn’t seen another woman do it before that night. She started to feel more comfortable and she asked me about my experiences. She wanted to know what other dogs felt like.

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