The Dog by Mackenzie

This story is about a girl named Allison. Allison was not your normal girl. She had DD boobs and a hairy pussy that was always wet. Allison preferred not to have boyfriends, you are about to find out why. “Hunny, I hope you will be fine over the weekend by yourself,”Allison's parents said. “I will. … Read more

The Journey_(5) by Misty_Tiratzo

Introduction: “How can I summarize all that in a few sentences?” , Honi (pronounced like 'honey') rocked on her wide spread knees, her shoulders pressed against the base of a reinforced icy cold transparent glass revolving dais. The pose flattened her normally perky breasts against the glass. Subtle, muted light shone up through the transparent … Read more

Joan my wife a kennel bitch 2 by nimrod atlas

Introduction: Joan has continued to live as a bitch and has spent two years in kennels , If you read the first story of Joan My Wife Kennel Bitch you will know my wife who got hooked on Zoophilia sites decided she wanted to be a dog. We answered a request on the web for … Read more

Sexcraft Chronicles: Book 1: Caroline's Quest – Chapter 1 – Rescue by Super_Knight

A literotic sexstories: Sexcraft Chronicles: Book 1: Caroline's Quest – Chapter 1 – Rescue by Super_Knight , A witch gets rescued by her long-lost brother and whisked away into a world of sex and adventure like never before! Author’s Note: As a brief warning, this story contains explicit, graphic and not always pleasant sex. There … Read more

Doing It Doggy Style!! by katie

———————————————————————————————— INTRODUCTION: Kristy and her dog were best pals and always did stuff together. Sometimes when she was sitting in the shower or reading a book she would start to finger her self and think of her dog, she wanted more than anything to loose her virginity to her dog. then one day it happened … Read more

Feeding the Flow (part 10 of the Business) by wolfboyurges

Introduction: Now that Carla has induced a flow of lactation, she needs to feed to protein requirements with a special diet , Feeding the flow The first time Carla felt the flow from her nipples, she was on the goat milking machine. The next suckling session was a few hours later when Bruce joined her … Read more

daddy's bad girl_(0) by nancy

Introduction: i hadn't listened to daddy earlier in the day, and no it was time for my punishment , all i can do is wait,,,,,,wait and hurt and think,,,,,,,,,,,,,earlier in the day i had not responded correctlyand you decided i needed to learn a lesson,,upon entering the bedroom i saw a harness hanging from the … Read more

The Berkeley Coed's Assault by rodeotexas

Introduction: Two Coeds Encounter The Nieghborhood Dog , The Berkeley Coeds Assault Synopsis: Two Berkeley coeds get assaulted by the neighborhood Rottweiller and discover their own sexuality as a result 51 pages, 20693 words It was a sunny and already hot late May California weekday afternoon, like many ones before it she had experienced for … Read more

Chicken Chicken by Peter_Löwenbräu_Griffin

Introduction: a brother and sister bump into the towns witch , “Patty! I’m open I’m open!” Screams Patty’s twin brother Jacob. Patty throws him the football, and he makes a spectacular catch. They’re playing outside of the small, local grocery store, and they’re walking out with the new football their mom had just bought them. … Read more

Karen Sex Slave by silver643

Introduction: Karen was kidnapped by a gang and sold into a life of slavery , Karen is a twenty – eight, year, old blond housewife, five foot five tall, with a thirty-eight, twenty -six, thirty-four figure that turned heads where, ever she went. She and her husband Jack had been married seven-year’s and had decided … Read more

Roman times by styxx

Introduction: A slaves unhappy life. , Roman Times “Slave” Her master bellowed from the confines of yards of silk wrapped around him cocoon like. Miriam froze in trepidation and felt the wine slop around in the amphora she was carrying. She feared what was to come next and hoped that she wasn’t in trouble. “Put … Read more

My New Masters by Bondage Slut

I met a guy in the park who invited me to his house. The way we had been looking at each other's crotches I thought we both wanted the same thing, I was to find out differently. As we walked into his house he told me he had two big dogs and both were friendly … Read more

A Kinky Young Women From The UK by

Introduction: This story was re written from an earlier story about a kinky young woman also from the UK! , A Kinky Young Women From The UK As an old guy, who has resisted a bank card, a cell phone and the internet, I finally have all three! The internet wow, what can I say, … Read more