The Curse – Part Two by Artisan


The Queen falls in love with the Bull , The Curse – Part 2

The following morning I again woke earlier than was usual, and again I had dreamt of my bull and again my sex was moist with fluid. I called my attendants from their sleep and told them that I wanted to look most special today. They giggled and asked who the lucky fellow was, for they were sure it would not be for my husband, but I told them kindly – for I am very fond of my attendants – not to worry their silly little heads on such things, though I knew it would be their only gossip for the rest of the day.

They washed me and anointed by body with oil scented with peach blossom, then the two senior attendants arranged my hair, plaiting it around my head and weaving in it flowers and leaves from the palace garden. From the others I chose a white robe of the finest gossamer thread and around my waist I wore a golden belt resembling a serpent -a creature of great importance to my people- made with a thousand tiny scales linked together and the tail going into its mouth.

I wanted to be with my dear bull all day so instructed my chief handmaiden to collect from the palace kitchen a picnic of fruits, dried fish, bread and honey. When she returned with two baskets full, one for my attendants and one for myself, I slipped a white woollen shawl over my head and shoulders and with my attendants following behind, left my chamber. In the palace garden we collected more sweet fragranced flowers and strands of vine so I could weave a garland to decorate the mighty head of my beloved bull.

Leaving my attendants in the olive grove, I walked alone through the oak wood and found my bull grazing in the middle of the pasture. When he saw me, my bull raised his head and watched with his tender sweet eyes as I approached him. I placed the flowers on the ground and threw my arms around his neck, though I could barely reach half way around, and kissed and kissed him, telling him how much I loved and adored him. I could tell from the look in his eyes that he understood my words and nuzzled his head against my body. I held my arms around him tighter, my breasts crushed against his firm, warm neck.

During the morning, I weaved the garland which I placed on his head around his horns and sang love songs, and with my shawl discarded on the ground I danced for him, my fine robe flowing as I moved.

‘May I climb onto you strong back beloved?’ I asked him softly. My bull slowly lowered himself down and with a little bit of effort I was sitting on his back, gripping tight as he raised himself to his feet. I lay there all morning, resting my head on my bulls head between his mighty horns, singing songs of love.

Just as the sun was reaching its zenith and I was thinking of food, I saw my husband striding onto the pasture from the oak wood, his chief herdsman a few paces behind. There was anger in his eyes when he saw me on my bull and I sat up quickly a little frightened as he stomped towards us.

‘Get off woman, get off my bull’ he shouted across the pasture. This attracted the attention of my bull who turned his head to watch.

‘Get off, leave here’ he shouted again, waving his arms. My bull turned suddenly to face the King, so suddenly that I fell off his back onto the ground. The herdsman stopped when the bull turned, but my husband continued forward, shouting at me to leave and flaying his arms. My bull let out a roar so loud the Gods at Olympus surely heard it which stopped my husband for a moment then he walked forwards again more cautiously. My bull took a couple of steps towards the King and roared again, even louder and scorching flames shot from his mouth. My husband halted and shouted unkind things to me then stamped his way back into the wood, his herdsman running after him.

In the afternoon he returned with ten of his soldiers in their full armour, their long spears pointing forwards. I slide off my bull and hide behind him, terrified of what my husband would do. My bull had seen the men before I did and as they approached he turned and in an instant was charging at them faster than even the best athlete could run and the ground shook as I had known only once before when the Gods had caused the ground to quake with such force that whole buildings fell down. Now the soldiers of the King are brave and fearless warriors in battle, but at the sight of my great white bull thundering towards them letting out deafening roars and his searing fire threatening to engulf them, the soldiers and my husband turned and fled.

The following morning as I was leaving my chamber to go to my bull my way was barred by two soldiers of the palace guard. They stood each side of the door facing each other and crossed their spears, blocking my path. There are guards within the palace but I had never had them outside my chamber before.

‘What is the meaning of this?’ I asked them, ‘Why do you block me?’

One of the guards turned his head slightly to look at me.

‘The order of my lord the King. You are forbidden to leave your chamber.’

I stamped my foot and spoke in my sternest voice.

‘Forbidden? Away with you, I am the Queen and will come and go at my pleasure.’ The soldiers stood still and silent, their spears still blocking me.

I was a prisoner in my own chamber for two days. I told the guards to fetch the King to explain why I was held so, but my orders were ignored and I knew why I was held; to keep me away from my beloved bull. On the morning of the third day one of my husbands advisors came to me. He was a rather small, fat man who always seemed to be perspiring and was not averse to intrigue and other devious schemes to increase his own power and status. I had never liked him.

‘My Lord the King – your husband,’ I did not care for his not so subtle reminder, ‘…orders you to go to his great white bull. The beast has become violent and uncontrollable. It has already killed an apprentice herdsman, badly gored another of the Kings bulls and scattered the rest of the herd.’

Before the little fat man finished speaking I ran out of my chamber (the guards had now gone) faster than I had ever run before and out of the palace. At the furthest end of the pasture my bull walked in circles and even from across the field I could hear him grunting and huffing causing grey puffs of smoke to stream from his nostrils. At the edge of the oak wood were many soldiers and as I ran across the pasture the captain of the guard called.

‘No your Majesty, stay away, it is dangerous.’

I ignored him and ran to my bull. The moment I reached him he calmed himself as I held his head tight to my body and told him how much I had missed him and that it was not of my choosing to have been away from him. From then on no one dared interfere and I kept my bull far away from the rest of the herd which was finally rounded up.

* * * * *

That night, as my attendants were preparing me for sleep, I asked my senior handmaiden, who was brushing my hair, what the people were saying about me.

‘They are saying nothing Majesty.’

‘Please my child, I need someone to tell me the truth. I know there is gossip and people even seem afraid to approach me now.’

My handmaiden was silent for a moment then spoke, nervousness evident in her voice.

‘Some people say you are bewitched Majesty, cursed by the Gods, others say it is the great white bull that is bewitched and that you are the cause.’ There was a tremor in her hands as she brushed my hair. I turned towards her and took her hands gently in mine. My other attendants had stopped their work and were watching and listening to us carefully.

‘And what do you think?’ I asked her.

‘Please Majesty, I dare not say.’ I squeezed her hand and smiled as a mother would smile at a frightened child, for she was frightened and I could see tears begin to well in her eyes.

‘And what of my husband, the King?’ for I had not seen my husband since the day he approached with the soldiers.

‘I have heard tell that he is very angry with you. He wanted to mate the great white bull with some of the cows in his own herd, but now even his soldiers are afraid to go near the animal.’ I was happy my husbands’ plans were thwarted; my bull was destined to mate only with me.

My handmaiden began to blush.

‘Some people say you are in love with the bull Majesty, is it true?’

I did not answer her question, just smiled and took a thin, gold necklace from my jewellery box and placed it in the palm of her hand.

‘You have spoken the truth child, and for that I thank you. You may all leave me now.’ They each bowed low to me and left through the door leading to there own rooms.

* * * * *

Beyond the pasture where the king’s herd grazed was a narrow, little used path which led down to a small cove. I wanted to take my bull down to the sea to wash and groom him as his dazzling white hide had become marked with dirt from his nights lying in the field. I removed my robe and walked naked into the sea with my bull and began to wash him with my hands and rubbing him down with a piece of woollen cloth. I missed not a piece of him, beginning with his great horns until his coat quite blinded me with its radiance, then we walked onto the beach where I brushed him with one of my own combs. I paid great attention to his underbelly, to the sheath where his member was hid and to the large testicles between his hind legs which were magnificent, much, much larger even than those of a stallion.

I cupped one carefully in my hands, it was very warm, almost hot, and the white sack that contained them was the smoothest, softest leather I had ever felt. As I held it I could feel the orb inside moving slightly. I cupped the other testicle and held them both against my cheeks, my face buried in the sack between; their warmth, life and energy radiated through my skin and flowed through my body. Carefully I massaged them and kissed them and kissed them again and my bulls’ member began to grow out of the sheath. I watched in awe until it hung beneath his belly in a gentle arc towards the ground. I remembered that first dream I had and now my bull was presented to me in all his glory.

It looked almost like a man's penis, though much, much larger. I crawled forward beneath my bull who stood motionless as I gazed in wonder. His penis was almost the length of my arm from my shoulder to the tips of my fingers. At its base, where it entered the sheath, it was twice as thick as my wrist but tapered down to the head, which bore a similarity to a circumcised man, and was the length of a finger and the width of three.

I desperately wanted to touch it, to hold it, but being underneath his great body I did not want to startle him, so I spoke and asked if I could handle his beautiful member, my bull lowered his head and huffed softly. I touched the glistening, white shaft with my fingertips then traced them down the length to the bulbous head when the penis twitched and my bull gave a gentle snort. I wrapped my hand around the shaft. At the head I could barely get my fingers around its circumference and as I moved up its length, I needed both hands to grip him.

I rested my cheek against the shaft and drew his strong, masculine musk through my nostrils, a scent that on its own was enough to cause a deep, lustful tingle in my stomach.

Slowly I moved my hands up and down the firm shaft and began to kiss him and run my tongue along the hot, delicate skin. My bull moved slightly and snorted some more. I kissed the very tip of the head, opened my mouth and slowly took it in. The bulb slipped slowly between my lips and was all I could manage and so began to suck gently and lick it with my tongue. Suddenly my bulls’ body moved forward slightly and I almost chocked as the tip of the bulb touched the back of my mouth, as though my bull was trying to push the length of his penis down my throat. I moved back, but kept the head in my mouth and kept sucking and licking and stroking his shaft with my hands.

The ecstasy I was feeling was not just physical but deep in my very soul. To be with my bull and to share the unbridled bliss of physical love seemed now to be the sole purpose of my life, something I could not, and would not share with any other being. With his hot shaft in my hands and his glands in my mouth my bull and I honoured each other, an honour that could only be complete with the oneness of intercourse.

The shaft stiffened until it was almost as hard as wood and I could feel the warmth growing as my bull passed his love and his life to me. He snorted loudly and his penis twitched and suddenly my mouth was filled with his hot seed, much went down my throat and as hard as I tried to not lose a drop, most poured out of my mouth, it even felt as though some would pour from my nostrils. I remembered in my dream feeling that I would drown in his ejaculation and in reality I had to pull away and my face and breasts became covered as his semen poured out.

I wiped my eyes and stood next to my bull who turned his head to look at me. With my fingers I wiped his seed across my face and tasted some, which was like thickened milk with a salty taste, but to me it was as sweet as ambrosia. I rubbed his seed over my breasts and stomach and down between my legs, rubbing the thick semen across my lips and into my sex.

My bull was watching me very closely, he huffed and his great tongue licked his nose and in his eyes I could see passion and sensed that he wanted to return the pleasure. I ran into the sea and washed my body then dried myself by rubbing against his strong neck and firm flank, reminding him of the unquenchable love I had for him and the heights of the passion and desire that welled in my body. I stood in front of my bull with my legs slightly apart, presenting myself for him.

‘I am yours my beloved and you are my desire’.

My bull sniffed my body and licked me, then snorted softly and shook his great head. I must still taste of salt from the sea. I picked up a clay jar from the basket of food that contained honey and poured it over my body. I covered my breasts and let the honey run down my stomach and poured more to coat my sex and my upper thighs, then presented myself to him again.

My bull sniffed my body again and then began to lick the honey from my skin. The merest touch of his large, rough tongue sent waves of passion pulsing through me and as he licked my breasts I thought my legs would give way from desire and I had to hold on to his great horns for support. When his tongue rasped across my now hard nipples they burned like fire and I pressed them closer to my beloved bulls’ mouth. His tongue wrapped around my breast pulling it into his mouth and he began to chew, his teeth digging into my flesh. If my bull had begun to eat me alive I could not have been happier and my moans and cries of delight began to echo off the cliffs of the cove. I suddenly pulled away and laid my woollen robe on the sand in front of him, lying down and spreading my legs I exposed my sex to him.

‘Take me to the heavens my sweet darling’.

My bull lowered his head and licked the honey from my thighs then touched my sex and a thousand darts from the bow of Eros pierced my body sending waves of euphoria that shook my entire being. My bulls tongue pressed hard against my lips and pushed its way between and into me and then across the exposed nub at the top of my sex. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I rode the waves of ecstasy that I never thought I could survive and my cries became screams as the force of my bull’s mouth and tongue against me pushed me across the sand. I gripped his head and pushed my sex harder against his mouth as the very thunderbolts of Zeus himself slammed into me, my body quaking uncontrollably.

I held myself hard against my bulls mouth until I was unable to take any more and I backed away, exhausted. But my bull seemed disappointed, he snorted and shook his head and stepped towards me. I held out my hand against his head to stop him.

‘No more my sweet bull, please, no more’.

He huffed loudly and turned away from me. I tried to stand but my legs gave way beneath me, so I knelt beside him and held tight to one of his fore legs, my breasts crushed against his beautiful soft hide.

‘Do not be angry my darling, your love is too great for me to bare and I fear I may die of rapture if you continue’.

I kissed his head and his nose and his mouth and he licked my face.

I lay on the sand by his head singing soft songs of love and adoration and stroked his legs. I had never known delight like this before and I wondered if any mortal woman had ever known such bliss. I looked under my bull at his member which was mostly hidden again in the sheath beneath his belly. My bliss could only be complete if my bull would enter into me, and I began to wonder how it could be done. I could not lay down and allow my bull to lower himself on to me as his great weight would surely crush me. I could not go on my hands and knees as my sex would be too low for him to penetrate me and to stand and bend over would still mean having his weight upon me. I thought of ways, but it still meant trying to bare the great bulk of his magnificent body. As I began to despair of ever finding a way, the face of a man flashed in my mind. I needed help from a clever and trustworthy person and thank the Gods, I knew of such a man.

* * * * *

Among the people of the royal court there was one person who had not turned his face away and deserted me. His name was Daedalus, an Athenian who lived at our court, exiled from his homeland. He was renowned as an artisan, engineer and architect, having been instructed in these arts by Athene herself; some even said that his skills were equal to that of Hephaestus, though Daedalus himself was too wise to compare himself to one of the Gods. He would still greet me happily and did not take part in the gossip that I knew circulated through the royal court about me and my bull. So I sent one of my handmaidens to his workshop in the town to invite him to dine with me in the evening.

Daedalus was a man in mid life, not handsome, but not displeasing and despite the sometimes heavy work he undertook, he was not muscular as one might think, in most ways, an ordinary looking fellow. As my attendants served our food we talked of simple things and he showed me how to open a beautifully carved mahogany egg he gave to me as a gift to find another egg inside and another inside that. When the food was served I dismissed my attendants who bowed low to me and left silently for their own quarters. When we were alone I explained to him that I wished to seek his advice on a most delicate matter and even though he did not take part in court gossip I asked him to take an oath that he would not repeat a word to a living soul. I think he knew the subject on which I wanted to speak and promised by all the Gods never to repeat a single word.

I asked him what people say of me.

‘Unfortunately, you are the talk of the island, people seem to speak of little else. Have you not heard any of it?’

‘I have heard only gossip and lies. My attendants try to protect me from it, but it is only tittle-tattle, what do they say at court?’

Daedalus was reluctant to answer.

‘My girls know only the gossip. You have spoken with my husband, what does he say?’

Daedalus took a deep breath and looked at me.

‘You are becoming a great embarrassment to the King. The Gods sent him the white bull and people make jokes now behind his back because he dare not go near it, only his wife can control it.’

Inside I smiled to think that my husband is made fun of, but I was angry also, he is the King and it is wrong that the peasants and merchants should ridicule him so.

Daedalus continued.

‘The king has decreed that you and the great white bull are not to be spoken of under penalty of harsh punishment, and though they make sure not to speak of you when the King can hear, it is hard for people to stop talking altogether, one woman has already been banished from the island.’

‘Do you think my love for my bull is wrong?’ I asked.

‘It is not for me to judge Majesty, I am a craftsman, not a priest, but the bull is a symbol of great reverence among your people and as the high priestess of the Mother Godess it is your task to lead that reverence and worship. From hearsay I have heard in the town much of the peasantry think it is fitting that only the high priestess can control a bull sent by the Gods. It is only the merchants and some of the nobles who are prone to more malicious talk.’

‘My love is more that just reverence.’ I told the craftsman.

‘Do not some of the peasants indulge in relations with their goats or sheep? In great Egypt, high born women will symbolically mate with the Apis bull and it is said even the mighty Zeus himself copulates with mortal women disguised as an animal.’

I ate some fruit as I thought of what Daedalus had said.

‘I know this desire is not of my choosing. The high priest has said it is a curse from Poseidon to avenge the insult my husband did him by withholding my bull from sacrifice, but the desire is in me and I can think of nothing else but to be with my bull. I slept with him in the field last night, did you know?’

Daedalus shook his head.

‘No my Lady, I did not know.’

‘I would be with my bull now, but I needed to seek your advice.’

It was a difficult thing to do, to speak so frankly about my problem. I explained that my only wish was to have intercourse with my bull but without coming to some harm.

Daedalus thought for a moment.

‘Yes, it may be possible Majesty. I have made many animal toys for children, it would not be too difficult to make one full size, large enough for you to fit inside, but it may take some time.’ and he explained briefly what he would do.

A sudden burst of excitement shot through me as Daedalus talked. His plan was elegant and simple – for me to become a cow for my bull.

'Truly, you are the most clever and skilled man in all the world' I told him.

He smiled and bowed his head to me then stood to take his leave, but before he left I asked if he could make something else for me.

‘A phallus of my bulls member,’ and I explained the size.

‘I will have it for you in a couple of days. Good night your Majesty.’ Daedalus bowed again and left.

Two days later, true to his word, a box was waiting for me when I returned to my chamber after leaving my bull. It was wrapped in a fine woollen cloth secured with a wax seal. When my attendants had left me I hurriedly broke the seal and unwrapped the cloth to find an long, elegant box made of oak and on its lid, inlaid with turtle shell, was an image of my bull. I opened the lid to find an exquisite masterpiece in ivory – a perfect representation of my bulls’ member. I lifted it out of the box and marvelled at its exact detail. How had he got it so right? I could only guess that Daedalus had modelled it on a bull penis sometimes sold by the butchers in the town, but larger, much larger.

The ivory was wonderfully smooth, but though a master craftsman of high renown, Daedalus could not give it the warmth, feel and life of the real thing. I removed my sleeping robe and lay on my bed and covered my body with scented olive oil, spending time caressing my breasts and my sex while remembering the pleasures I had had with my bull and what pleasures would come.

I took the phallus in my hands and slipped the large head into my mouth, it filled my mouth as my bulls had done, though it did not feel or taste like my bull. As I caressed it with my tongue I remembered the hot life that had emanated from the real thing and could feel the moistness pooling in my sex. I took it out of my mouth and covered it in olive oil and rubbed the head across the parted and ready lips of my womanhood, savouring each little wave of passion as it pulsed from my groin and through my body. At each little touch of my nub I could not help but moan softly with delight.

Gently, I eased the head of the phallus into my sex. It felt huge inside me and I wondered how much I could take and as I pushed further I could feel delight begin to flow through me. I would push and then withdraw slightly and push again, allowing the walls of my sex to stretch to accommodate its great thickness.

I tried squatting over the phallus, the base of which was flat and could rest on the floor as I lowered myself and each time I pushed down, the great phallus would penetrated me a little further until I felt the head pressing against the entrance to my womb.

With the phallus deep within me, I grasped it with my hands and lay on the floor. Slowly I withdrew it then pushed it in again, spasms of pain mixing with my heightening pleasure as I pushed deeper and deeper. The strokes became rhythmic, pulling out so just the head was within me, then pushing in until I could push no further and when I felt my body ready to burst with ecstasy I would stop for a moment and begin again. I tried my hardest to stifle my cries, but I was sure my handmaidens could hear me and so would anyone passing my chamber, but it was really of little concern. I cannot say how long I kept up this performance but eventually I could resist no longer and allowed myself to submit to the surge of lust that engulfed my mind and body.



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