Jessica the Newbie Reporter Ch. 03

An adult stories – Jessica the Newbie Reporter Ch. 03 by potatoHead42,potatoHead42 Team barbecue makes Jess and Willy descend further.

PrologueThe strawberry-blonde is horny as hell. Sitting next to her devout husband and watching her indecent transgression on their screen is getting her blood pumping and her juices going. She can’t help but play with herself.

She reaches her limit, and as soon as the report finishes, she exposes her raw, pink, and drooling pussy to her hubby. Running her hands through her wild, fiery pubes, she demands him to lick it.

He enthusiastically obliges, taking her to paradise. It’s the first time she has gotten oral sex in her life.

‘This is amazing… why haven’t we done this before? We’ll have to do this every time…’

Her bumbling partner’s technique is haphazard and amateurish, but it’s more than enough to guide the inexperienced wife into ecstasy. This is the greatest pleasure she has ever experienced.

As she drowns in lust and sexual gratification, her mind fantasizes about the events of the TV Program…


Sander pulled out his meaty cock as I got naked… mmm… that was naughty… and then I set my boobs free… almost as if I was rewarding him for his dirty behavior… it was so intense…

He knows I secretly like it… he keeps doing it… I can’t help but stare… it’s so manly… I even told Willy I wanted to stare at Sander’s big dick… that was so bad of me…

I’m not sure what’s going on with me… I can’t help it…

And then he bumped his cock into my waist… and he called me sugar-tits when I complained… fuck, it was so hot… Willy doesn’t even seem to mind them calling me names…

I thought I was going to yell at him… or pass out… it was so overwhelming… but what I did…. wow…

I’m so indecent… I don’t know what took over me…

I loved rubbing the back of my hand against his massive thingy… I couldn’t resist… I didn’t lie to Willy… I said I didn’t grab it… it was just like bumping into it with my hand… Yess…

Doing nasty things with Sander is so wrong… It feels so forbidden to hide them from Willy… I love it…

But I can’t go any further… that would be bad… I just need to do strictly what they ask me…

For my career, for my family’s future…


The strawberry blonde writhes against her husband’s unskilled mouth. She moans over and over. Willy smiles, patting himself on the back to be able to provide his partner with new levels of pleasure.


It was incredible knowing they didn’t blur my bobbies… being on display like that… I felt my cookie gush… wow… I almost lost it in front of Willy…

And then Jack handed me those panties… I couldn’t help but gasp… It was so exciting… showing them both my naked ass… and I think the editors got a quick glimpse at my sex… fuck…

I teased Willy about it, and he seemed to enjoy it… mmm… maybe I need to tease him more, but I feel kinda bad…

He did get shocked when he saw Sander stroking that huge dick of his… fuck… it gets me so hot how much bigger it is than my babe’s tiny tool…

Mmmm… Willy is doing such a good job on my kitty…. it feels so good… Monica was right…


“Babe, don’t stop… it feels amazing…” Jess says, feeling her hubby losing steam.

He gives her a muffled groan and peels his face away. It’s shiny and covered in drool. “Yes, honey,” he says and continues to work on her hungry twat.


And then Jack told me to get naked… he clearly wanted me to face forward this time… but nobody had ever seen my pussy before, not even Willy…

I thought I was going to pass out at the idea…

I was going to say no… but… I wanted to do it… I wanted to show my most intimate place to my coworkers… I wanted them to see my bush and my kitten…

Mmm, I’m so close…

Even with the blur… it’s obvious that I got naked to them… everyone will know… how do you like that, Willy? Do you like that your naughty wife showed her sex to her coworkers, and EVERYONE will know?

Everyone… our friends, our families…. god… that’s so intoxicating… to know I was acting like a slut on TV… and my husband saw all of it…

He came while I did it… fuck… I’m going to orgasm…

And to top it off… mmmm… Jack said I had a banging body… while naked in front of him…

Mmm, almost there…

And then my nipples and red pubes were uncensored under the sheer linger… the world saw it…

Gosh… I felt drunk like I was going to faint… like now…

I need this…

Yes… Willy…. yes…



Paul’s crying sound interrupts them. “It’s Paul!” Willy exclaims, pulling away from her pussy. Jess whimpers, frustrated. She was so close.

“Wahhhhhh!” Paul wails from his room.

“Sorry, hon. I have to go,” he says, wiping his mouth and getting up. Jess nods understandingly. With a sorry face, he rushes toward their child’s bedroom.

Jess exhales, still content with the results: this was the closest she has gotten to climaxing with Willy.

The intrepid reporter smiles; her coworker Monica was right, ‘This feels way better than his little wiener… I want more.’


May 199130 years before the Naive Teacher series~~~~~~~May 19th, Sunday”Are you ready, baby?” Jessica Russet asks her husband, who is sitting on the couch.

The handsome, curly-haired man in his mid-twenties looks up at his wife. “You look lovely, Bottoms,” he says, unable to take his eyes away from her gorgeous looks. He calls her Bottoms sometimes, her maiden name.

“Thanks!” she says. Jess is a stunning 26-year-old strawberry blonde. She is 5’6” tall and has a hot gym body, with a toned ass and firm 36C tits. Her dark green eyes complete the wet teenage dream package.

“Ready for what?” Wilson asks, scatterbrained. He is 5’10 and well-built, a classic jock who peaked in high school.

She giggles and picks her son, Paul, from his crib. “To the mall, silly. Did you forget we were going to buy new underwear for me?”

“Uhhh…” the gullible husband stammers, not remembering.

“Remember the network Director, Mr. Winston-Phillips, saw me in my underwear and said they were granny panties!” She says, and he frowns. She adds, “You promised me last week we would go.”

“Go, go, go!” Paul concurs.

Willy didn’t recall such a promise; he has been misremembering things lately. His terrible office job has been consuming a lot of his thoughts. “Ah, yes…. Of course. Let’s go,” he says, getting up. “Bottoms, before we go, can I talk to you about something?”

“Of course, silly. Anything,” she says, strapping their child to his stroller.

Wilson gulps, “I didn’t like that you showed your v…. vaj…” he whispers, glancing at Paul, “to your coworkers. I always thought I would be the first to see it.”

“Ah, babe. You saw it right after!” Jess chuckles.

“Not really… they saw it a few days before. I saw it at the same time as everyone else…” he mumbles, displeased.

She puts her hands on her hips and cocks her head, “Where is this coming from, Willy?”

“I… I just…” he stammers, having difficulty putting his feelings into words.

Jess caresses her husband’s cheek, “You own her, silly. That’s what matters. And you were the first to see her that close, doesn’t it count?” she says sultrily in his ear.

Willy gets goosebumps, and his penis stirs. “I guess it does,” he agrees.

She kisses his cheek, “And what you did after, nobody has ever done,” she purrs, “it felt amazing…”

“Really?” He asks, dumbfounded. Jess never seemed to have enjoyed sex before until recently. ‘This new job has been good for our sex life…’ he reflects.

“Mm-hmmm, we need to do it more,” the redhead wife says sultrily.

“Sounds great!” Willy says with a shit-eating grin. The raunchy scenes from the TV show flash in his head, making him conflicted. “Just be careful, honey. I worry about…”

She interrupts, “Don’t worry, silly. You know it’s part of my job,” she smiles. The trustful husband nods apprehensively.

The Russet family spends the next few hours buying Jessica new underwear and lingerie.

~~~~~~~May 21st, TuesdayWilly is playing with Paul when Jessica exits their bedroom, ready for work. Her hair is tied in a loose ponytail, and she is wearing a black blouse, purple frilly knee-length skirt, and low black heels. She seems to have foregone the usual pantyhose.

“Wow…” he mutters, surprised. ‘She’s beautiful. I’m so lucky…’

“You like it?” She asks, doing a twirl. Her skirt flies up, almost exposing her panties. He gasps.

“It’s very flowy…” the naive husband says. He gulps, “Wouldn’t it be better to change?”

Jess frowns, “You don’t think I look nice?”

“Of course I do,” Willy retorts quickly, “you look stunning!”

“So, what’s wrong, babe?” She questions.

“Maybe you can try a less flimsy skirt…” he suggests naively.

She inhales and crosses her arms, “Wilson, are you telling me what to wear?”

“Eh… N-no! I wouldn’t… It’s just…” he stammers, knowing that he’s riding a fine line.

“I get it!” She huffs, “I thought it would be nice, but you think I look like a whore!”

“Not at all! You look lovely and super hot,” Willy says, and she nods.

“So what’s wrong?” the fiery redhead asks, tapping her left foot.

“Well, what if your Boss touches you?” He asks worriedly.

Jess blurts, “Jack… I mean, Mr. Stone?”

He nods, “With the long skirt was one thing, but this one is so flowy… he can easily slide his grimy hands under it,” he continues, with genuine concern.

“Ah, babe. You’re so silly. You worry about me so much!” She says, hugging her loving husband. “Mr. Stone already does it, so, not a problem there. There’s not much of a difference.”

Shocked, Wilson is about to complain, but he looks at his wife’s face. ‘She seems so confident and happy. I can’t start a fight now,’ he sighs. ‘Nothing I say will change her mind. That’s Jess for you.’ Willy thinks, ‘She needs my support instead,’ he take her hands. “I guess. Just be careful in this place, okay?”

Jess smiles lovingly at her hubby, “Always! And besides, you said we need my job, right?”

“That’s true,” Willy nods. “Only until I can sort things out at work, and then we can move somewhere else.” She nods.

“I love you, baby,” the redhead says, embracing her curly-haired man.

“I love you too, Bottoms,” he replies.


Later that day…

“Hi, hon! How was work?” Willy asks casually from their cheap and stained couch as Jess arrives home.

She removes her jacket and purse, “Good, not that exciting. But I do have something to discuss during dinner.”

The handsome husband nods, trying to give his wife some space. He can’t help but wonder, ‘Jess didn’t mention her boss… should I ask? Ah… I’m curious,’ the husband shuffles on the couch. He mumbles, “Hmm…”

She arches her eyebrow, “What’s wrong, babe? You seem antsy.”

Willy tries to sound casual, “Ah well… did… uhh… anything happen?”

“Like what?” She asks, sitting on the couch next to him.

“With Mr. Stone, you know?” He says and motions to her garments, “And the skirt.”

Jess finally catches on, and she opens a wide, playful grin, “Ahhhh, you naughty boy!” She says and leans toward her hubby, “You want to know if my boss touched me inappropriately?”

He gulps and shakes his head, “I just want to make sure he’s not stepping out of line!” He explains.

The redhead shrugs and changes her tone, “Well, he didn’t do anything he hasn’t done before.”

“So he didn’t touch you?” Willy asks, slightly confused.

Jess sighs and puts her head down, “No, he did. You were right, babe. Sorry,” she says earnestly.

Noting she seems a bit sad, he gives his wife a supporting side hug, “That man…”

The busty wife nods, visibly ashamed, “It was awful…”

“Uhh… What happened?” Wilson asks, trying to be supportive but unable to hide his curiosity.

Her voice becomes almost like a raspy whisper, “He touched under my skirt, in front of Sander…” Weirdly enough, there is something else in her voice that Willy misses: a hint of desire, of sultriness.

Willy almost chokes, “O-oh, no!”

“I hated it,” she reveals, gritting her teeth, “but it was not that much different when he touched me when I was wearing only my undies…”

“When!?” the trusting husband blurts out.

She rolls her eyes, “I told you last week…” she reminds him. She adds, “You understood it was needed for my job.”

He sighs, not precisely remembering this conversation, ‘Must’ve forgotten…, he thinks, incapable of distrusting his wife. “Ugh… I hate this,” he admits.

“Me too, babe, but what can I do?” The strawberry blonde asks, indignant.

Willy thinks for a second, “I don’t know, maybe complain?”

Jess shakes her head, “We’ve been through this. He is my boss and extremely senior on the network. I would probably get fired. Not only from WinstonTV but from the local job as well,” she argues.

“That’s true…” he agrees, “It’s a good opportunity, and we need your job.”

“We do, for our future,” she says, squeezing his hand. They exchange smiles. “So, I have to grin and bear it,” she concludes.

He nods and sighs. They get up to get dinner ready.

As they go about their tasks, Willy is still torn. He turns to his wife, “Argh… I don’t like this man. There must be something we can do!” He says exasperated.

Jess ponders and comes up with an idea, “Can you talk to his wife Linda for me? You can do it during the barbecue this weekend.”

“Good idea, honey. I can do that,” he agrees. “Knock on wood, he will stop,” the curly-haired husband adds naively.

Jess concurs, “Hopefully…”

Wilson stays quiet for a few minutes; his mind can’t help but keep hammering about the incident. ‘Why am I so obsessed with this? Makes no sense… I get a weird feeling whenever I think about these things happening… argh…’ he reflects.

After another minute, the curious man can’t hold back anymore. “Hmm… how… did it happen? Mr. Stone touching you…”

Jessica gives her husband a sly smile, “Oh…. hmmm… Sander, Mr. Stone, and I were in a three-way, I mean… a meeting,” she says, and Willy nods, “and suddenly he touched my butt under my dress.” Willy groans, “Since I did my best to not react, he kept caressing it for a while, right against my new panties…” She lets that hang in the air for a couple seconds before continuing. “After a few minutes, my boss slid his fat fingers down and caressed my kitten!”

Willy gasps, “He didn’t!”

“He did,” the redhead admits, “Jac-err, Mr. Stone is so bad…”

“And then?” the curious husband inquires, feeling a pit in his stomach but also a stir down under.

Jess grimaces, “He kept doing that the rest of the time we were in the threesome, err… meeting.” She shrugs, “I didn’t know what to do, babe…. so, I just… kinda let him…”

Willy’s eyes almost plop out of their sockets, “You let him?!”

“Well, yes… what was I supposed to do? I couldn’t make a scene or get angry,” the busty redhead explains.

“I guess…” the gullible husband mumbles unhappily.

The strawberry blonde throws her arms up in frustration, “My boss is shamelessly sexually harassing me, and I have to just take it!”

“Ugh…” Willy groans. He’s upset but knows she needs his support in this challenging time. ‘Jess, seems truly unhappy with it….’ he decides, “That must’ve been horrible, Bottoms!”

They hug and exchange some much-needed serotonin.


Jess brings up the topic she wanted to discuss with her husband during dinner.

“So, the Director of WinstonTV, Edgar… I mean, Mr. Winston-Phillips called me into his office,” she retells.

Willy looks up from his food, “Oh, what did he want?”

“He didn’t get to it right away,” she explains, “First, he hugged me…”

“Hugged?” Wilson interrupts.

“Yes, everyone hugs. It’s Winstonstead’s culture, silly,” she says impatiently, “Stop interrupting.”

“Sorry,” he mumbles, looking down at his plate.

She continues, “Then, he said how good of a job I’m doing and that the ratings have never been higher. Everyone is singing my praises around the network and the town.”

“Wow, that’s great,” the naive curly-haired man says.

The redhead beauty nods, “I know. Then he said I should be ready for the next level.”

Willy arches an eyebrow, “And that is?”

Jess shrugs, “He didn’t explain, but he said the first step is to change my stage name.”

He’s taken aback, “Your name? What’s wrong with your name?”

“Jessica Russet…” she mutters, “Mr. Winston-Phillips said it’s not catchy or has any pizzazz.”

Wilson scoffs, “What does he know? His name’s weird.” He briefly thinks, “But I can see it’s a little common. What did he have in mind?”

She says delicately, “To use Jessie instead of Jessica…”

The husband agrees, “Sure, that’s cuter.”

“And use my maiden name,” the busty wife concludes.

“Bottoms?” He asks.

“Yup, Jessie Bottoms!” she giggles.

Willy frowns. “But then it doesn’t even look like we’re married,” he complains.

“Ah, babe. It’s not real,” she holds his hand. “It’s just for the TV Show segments. The Director was adamant about it,” she adds.

“Uhhh… I don’t know…” he mutters, uncertain.

Jess smiles, “But here’s the best part, baby!” She says excitedly, “He said that my future is bright, and if all goes well, I’ll be offered a permanent role with a significant raise and a huge house in Winstonstead!”

“Really?!” Willy exclaims enthusiastically.

“Yes!” And they hi-five in celebration.

Willy stops momentarily, “Wait, we would have to move there?”

“Maybe? Who knows,” Jess shrugs. “That’s if all goes well. We can always say no.”

“I guess…” he grumbles. He reminds himself to support his partner. ‘It would not be terrible to move there. I could get out of my job. Maybe get a better one there. That might be for the best,’ he considers. He raises his wine glass, “Well, here’s to you, Jessie Bottoms!”

She clinks her glass with his, “Thanks for being so encouraging, babe.” Their 2-year-old son, quiet until now, blows raspberries, “Both of you!” She chuckles.


Later, after Willy has put their son Paul to bed, he’s returning to their bedroom when he overhears some sexual noises from the inside.

He peeks through the open door and sees Jessica masturbating. The blankets are tossed to the side, along with her pajama bottoms, and she’s openly playing with her sex. She is moaning unintelligible words as one hand rubs her swollen clit and the other teases her vaginal opening.

For a second, he feels emasculated and confused. However, that only lasts a fleeting moment, as horniness and lust take over.

Wilson starts to jerk off his 3.5′ penis while spying on his wife. They orgasm only a few seconds apart.

~~~~~~~May 23rd, ThursdayJessica leaves early in the morning with her hair loose, a bit of makeup, and wearing a short-sleeved pink button-up blouse, a shapely black skirt, and low tan heels. Once again, no pantyhose.

When she returns from work, Willy notices she is wearing a gray WinstonTV t-shirt.

“Welcome home, darling. What happened to your shirt?” He asks curiously from the couch.

She looks down, “Ah!” She exclaims, almost surprised to find herself in a different top. “I had to change since Bill and Jack spilled stuff on it.”

“Uhu…” her husband mutters.

She approaches him and lifts a plastic bag to his face, “The soiled one is here!” She smiles.

A lightly sour odor wafts from the bag.

Willy almost chokes with the unexpected smell, “What is that?!”

The strawberry-blonde wife smirks naughtily. “You have to wait for Saturday to figure it out!” She winks and struts to the kitchen.

Frustrated as his curiosity isn’t sated, the handsome husband gets up and finds his wife putting her garment in the washing machine.

“You will be happy to know I didn’t get naked today…” she says out of the blue. “At all.”

Slightly taken aback by her sudden comment, he nervously chuckles, “Good. What did you do?”

“I interviewed Big Bill…” she says, and open her hands about 10 inches apart, “He was huge, babe!”

Willy chortles; his wife could be so dense sometimes. He explains, “That’s probably why he got his nickname.”

“Oh, right!” She realizes. “He’s even larger than Sander if you can believe it,” the redhead says, but then she adds softly, “So thick and hefty…” but Willy doesn’t catch that last part.

The naive man arches an eyebrow, “Sander doesn’t seem very big… he seems rather… meek?”

“Huh?!” She exclaims, confused. “That’s weird…” She ponders, not understanding that they are talking about different things. “Well, you gotta see it in person then,” she concludes.

“I’m not sure why it would be different, Bottoms,” Willy shrugs.

The busty redhead shrugs too, “Trust me when I say it…” then she remembers something. “But Sander’s reaction was a bit confusing,” she states.

“To Bill? Why?” The husband questions.

“I don’t know!” Jess says, “He’s obviously smaller, at least an inch, but he wanted to compare.”

“An inch?” Willy mutters, confused. “What did he do?”

She sighs, “After the report, he made me look at both side-by-side…”

“And?” He asks keenly. ‘Ugh… I wonder if they were shirtless so she could evaluate their muscles…’ he thinks, and he feels a weird sensation on his stomach. ‘Better not think about it,’ he resolves.

Jess blushes slightly, “He really wanted me to touch it to make sure. I did, but he lost.”

“Obviously, anyone could have said that beforehand,” Wilson says, incredulous. He chuckles, “Sander is basically my size!”

“Aww, babe. You’re cute,” she says endearingly. “But no, he’s much bigger than you.”

He seems baffled, “Really? Doesn’t look it…” he thinks, and he looks down at his chest, ‘I still have a well-toned build…’

The redhead wife giggles, “More than double…” she adds, but Willy seems lost in thought.

‘This Sander guy is weird… I should talk to Jack about him…’ he concludes.

“I had to touch and squeeze Big Bill. I hope you don’t mind, babe,” Jess mentions, interrupting his thoughts.

‘She just said that earlier… she’s confusing sometimes…’ he shakes his head and asks, “His muscle?”

She nods, red in the face.

Willy continues, “Was it anything too naughty? You know I don’t like it when things go too far,” he elaborates, already giving her a lot of leniency.

“Not too much, I had good intentions. Jac-err, Mr. Stone said it was to make the guest feel at home. A necessary part of the interview. My job,” she emphasizes.

“I guess that’s fine,” Willy shrugs, “they all expected it. Did you like touching him?”

Jessica’s mouth falls open; she hadn’t anticipated this reaction from him. “Oh… I didn’t expect you to be interested in that…”

“Well, I am!” Willy says, trying to be a supportive husband. ‘Jess seems to enjoy how big this guy was… Maybe I need to go to the gym more frequently…. get back to my high school form,’ he contemplates. “I have thought about it myself,” he reveals.

Once again, the busty wife is taken aback, “Interesting… this changes things…” she mumbles, and then composes herself, “Well… to answer your question, I did enjoy it,” she blushes, “It got me hot.”

“Che…” Willy makes a disgruntled noise. “I don’t like other men getting my wife hot. Maybe I need to try to get bigger…” he says. ‘That way, Jess will enjoy only my muscles!’

The cheeky redhead laughs, “If only it was that easy, babe!”

“It’s not that hard….” the husband says, confused.

“You’re so cute,” she says patronizingly, “Don’t worry, Silly Willy. I love your… slender size,” she says delicately to avoid offending his feelings.

“Hey! I’m not tiny…” he complains, “I can bulk up!” He promises, then displays his bicep, “I’m strong! Rawr!”

“Oh, my!” She giggles and runs away playfully.

“Get back here!” He says, chuckling and running after her.


They start to fool around and have some foreplay.

Jessica asks her husband to finger her. He usually only uses one finger, but the aroused redhead keeps requesting more and more. Willy realizes he has four digits going in and out of his horny wife.

Then, she hands him an extra-small condom, and he climbs on top of her. As he pistons away, she asks him to put a finger in her vagina at the same time as his penis. He obeys, not thinking much of it. After a few seconds, he ejaculates into the snug condom.

Recalling their Saturday antics, Jess asks her handsome husband to lick her. He says no, excusing that he’s grossed out by it since his penis was just there. She explains that he didn’t come inside. They argue, but in the end, her efforts are in vain.

The couple lies in bed, reflecting.

The wife: Frustrated and thinking about asking Monica, her local coworker, what to do.

The husband: Satisfied, but wondering if he should’ve asked Jess if her boss touched her inappropriately that day.

~~~~~~~May 25th, SaturdayThe Russets drive through Winstonstead toward Jack Stone’s house in the early afternoon. They left their son with a babysitter.

“Looks just like a normal hick town…” Wilson says, amused. He is wearing casual beige pants and a blue polo shirt.

Jessica chuckles, “What did you expect, silly?” The beautiful redhead has her hair down and is wearing a baby blue flowery summer dress with low tan heels.

He shrugs, staring at the quaint village, “I don’t know, something more… cult-y?” They laugh.

Linda Stone opens the door and introduces herself to Wilson. She is a 33-year-old, with a homely face, tiny perky breasts, and a little on the chubby side. She left her son, Jack Jr., with their neighbor.

Afterward, they follow the plain-looking wife to the backyard, where Jessica’s boss is shirtless and preparing some food on the grill station. Mr. Stone is 35-year-old, short, obese man with a massive belly and black balding hair.

Willy scowls and questions how such a nice woman like Linda is married to such a repugnant and perverted man.

Jack’s bellowing laugh booms through the yard, “Welcome to our home! Good to see you, Pumpkin,” the boss says to his strawberry blonde subordinate, who shyly nods. “And, Wilson, welcome to Winston,” he extends his blubbery hand for a handshake. “It’s great to finally meet you!”

“It’s nice to meet you too… sir”, Willy adds with a smile. ‘Maybe he’s not so bad after all,’ he thinks as Jack’s charm starts to work on him.

Linda asks for Jess’s help and they leave momentarily to prepare some food.

“Sir, I wanted to talk to you about the cameraman,” Wilson says seriously.

“Sandy-boy? Sure, what can I help you with?” Jack asks with a wide smile.

The curly-haired man explains, “Well, he’s been acting weird around Jess. Showing his penis to her and making all sorts of dirty comments.”

Mr. Stone shakes his head, “This boy. I keep getting complaints about him.”

“I’m not the first?” Willy asks, surprised.

“Nor the last,” the obese man laments. “I’ll make sure to keep him at bay around Pumpkin.”

Wilson sighs with relief, “Thanks… sir,” he adds hurriedly.

Jessica returns alone, and the threesome makes small talk until they are interrupted by a cocky voice.

“Wassup!” Sander greets them with a smarmy expression. He is a 5’10 18-year-old with sand-colored coiffed hair and a handsome face. “Hey, boss. Hi, sugar-tits,” he says, eyeing his hot coworker.

“H-hi, Sander,” Jess says, a little flustered. Her husband is about to complain about the nickname when the cameraman speaks first.

“And you must be her hubby!” The teen says, standing in front of Wilson and staring him down. They are the same height, but Wilson is broader and more muscular.

The curly-haired husband grins, “Alexander, right?” He sees the boy frown for a second, “It’s nice to meet my wife’s cameraman,” he adds with a sly smirk of superiority. Jess’s heart flutters for her husband for a moment; sometimes, she forgets that he used to be the alpha male of their high school.

“Uh… yeah, likewise,” Sander answers, clearly rattled by Willy’s unexpected attitude.

“Can I also call you Sandy?” Wilson asks, grinning.

“Uhh… it’s Sander…” the 18-year-old mumbles.

Jack laughs heartily, “Sandy is a perfect nickname for you, boy!” The overweight man says, and the cameraman makes a disgruntled noise.

Jess giggles and says, “Sandy is kinda cute….” Willy scowls at that.

At this moment, Linda interrupts them with a round of beers. They all drink and chat for a while as Mr. Stone continues prepping the grill.

Willy is chatting with the house owner when he overhears his wife exclaim, “Oh, Sandy, you’re so naughty!”

The smarmy teen replies, “You don’t know the half of it, firepuss!” And he pinches Jess’s butt.

She moans, “Oww!” Then playfully slaps him, giggling, “You goofball!”

As their eyes meet, Willy glowers at his wife, but she simply smiles back, and the naive husband decides to let it go.

This flirtatious behavior happens a couple more times in the next few minutes. Eventually, even Jack lowers his hand to Jess’s ass when he’s chatting with her.

Slightly annoyed, Willy decides to go take a leak, as he’s already on his third beer.

‘I hate how touchy they are with Bottoms… argh…’ he reflects as he pees. ‘She seems unfazed, tho… I know she told me that’s what her work is like, but I don’t think I can handle it…’ he mows over, incredibly torn about the situation. ‘I better go talk to her and tell her how I feel,’ the husband decides.

The curly-haired man searches for his wife and finds her chatting with Linda in the kitchen.

“… but I’ve never been happier!” Jessica reveals.

Surprised, Willy stays out of view and listens to their conversation.

The homely housewife happily claps her hands, “Oh, that’s wonderful. So your relationship is good?”

“Fantastic,” the redhead declares, “I’m elated that Willy is supporting me!”

Linda seems a tad surprised by this. “He does?!”

“Um-hum!” Jessica says, “He’s by my side no matter what!”

“Woah, I have to say I’m jealous,” the small-breasted wife admits.

“I know, I’m so lucky,” the busty reported brags. The sound of water running interrupts their following words.

‘Ah darn… I can’t complain to her now, she’s so happy. I just need to support her,’ the gullible husband concludes. ‘I’m glad she’s thrilled with us!’

Having heard enough, Willy decides to leave them be. With a pep in his step, he returns outside to where the men are.


Meanwhile, Jessica and Linda continue their now-private conversation.

“But are you sure his baby cock doesn’t bother you?” The homely woman asks.

Jess blushes, “Well… it does…” she admits. She adds, “I wouldn’t even call it that… it’s more of a little whistle…” They both giggle.

After she recovers, Linda asks, “So, is the sex all that bad?”

The strawberry blonde shakes her head. “The oral was amazing,” she explains, “even if the sex is not good.”

“What if you fuck someone else?” The chubby housewife questions.

The redhead almost chokes, “No! I can’t do that to Willy, he loves me…” she says. Linda cocks her head, and Jess is quick to add, “… and I love him too!”

“Well, Jessie, we’ll find ways to fulfill you,” the itty-bitty-breasted wife smirks devilishly.


The group continues drinking, chatting, and eating snacks until the Stones suggest they enter the pool. Willy agrees, thinking that going into the pool will make it harder for the wolves to get touchy with Jess.

Everyone changes. The men into regular swim trunks and the women into conservative bikinis.

Jessica is wearing a baby-blue two-piece, and while it’s nothing special, her fantastic body makes it look obscenely lewd, leaving it basically on display for the three hungry men. Once again, Wilson is in two minds about it.

Initially, they resume drinking and chatting, but soon, the alcohol starts to change the mood.

“Come on, firepuss, show us your tits!” Sander says. Jess gasps and blushes.

“I can’t! Willy wouldn’t like it,” she replies, almost as if she wouldn’t mind otherwise.

“Pumpkin, no need for modesty,” Jack eggs her on, “we’ve seen them already.”

Willy mumbles, “I don’t think it’s a good idea…”

“Don’t be like that, Wilson,” Mr. Stone says, laughing, “Let your wife live a little!”

“I can do it first, Jessie,” Linda suggests with a sly smile.

They all start talking at the same time. Jess makes a gesture, quieting them. She approaches her husband.

“Please, baby,” she purrs, “It’s just for fun…” and she lightly grazes his crotch.

“Uhh… I…” he mutters, unable to say no.

Linda lifts her swimsuit top up, revealing her small A-cups. They are perky and puffy. Sander and Jack cheer while Wilson’s jaw falls. She quickly covers herself.

“See? Now Linda did it. And my boss is right, they already saw mine,” the redhead says.

“Bottoms…” he says softly, conflicted.

“Please let me show off my titties to my coworkers,” she says naughtily, and he chokes. She goes for the kill, “I’ll reward you well later,” she whispers, caressing his privates.

Willy reflects on what he overheard earlier; he needs to support his wife. “Okay…” he croaks.

Everyone cheers, and Jess unceremoniously pulls her blue bikini top above her head, revealing her marvelous C-cups with pink nipples and small areolas.

She shouts, “Woooo!” And shake her boobs. Her face is flushed like she is embarrassed. At least, that’s what it seems to Willy.

Jess tosses her top aside, and Wilson’s tummy turns. He was expecting her to cover herself, like Linda. ‘She did it already… It’s too late now… I guess the worse has passed,’ he reflects, frustrated.

Linda excuses herself to prepare the remainder of the barbecue, and the group continues chatting as if everything is normal.

Willy notes that the two men keep stealing glances at his wife’s bare breasts. For some reason, he also has a boner, making him slightly uncomfortable. ‘It’s ’cause of Bottoms’ boobs,’ he reasons. He can’t help but notice that her rosy nipples are as hard as diamonds. ‘Must be the cold…’ he speculates.

Wilson’s heart pounds on his chest; his beloved wife is just casually topless in front of her coworkers. She is acting like it’s the most normal thing in the world. His erection is straining against his trunks.

After a few minutes of ogling and sexual tension, Sander announces he is going to take a piss, and as he passes Jessica, he gropes one of her tits.

“Hey! Pervert!” The bare-breasted redhead complains playfully. Her coworker laughs and leaves the pool.

Her curly-haired husband frowns, “What was that, hon!?”

The replies, “It was just a joke, babe. Sandy is a goof,” she dismisses.

Wilson makes a move as if he’s about to go after the douchebag teen.

Mr. Stone interrupts, “Pay him no mind, Wilson. I have my eye on Sandy-boy,” he assures the naive husband, who nods. The obese man approaches the reporter and squeezes her breast nonchalantly.

“Oh, Jack!” Jess says, surprised. It sounded too close to a moan.

“GUH!” Willy grunts.

Jack laughs wholeheartedly, “I’m merely playing a prank on you!” He pats Wilson on the back, “Relax, old chap, it’s just some good fun between friends.”

“Please, keep your hands to yourself, sir,” Wilson says, and Jack nods, putting his hands up.

Annoyed by their behavior, the curly-haired newcomer decides to talk to Linda about Mr. Stone’s conduct. He quickly exits the pool.

“Where are you going, babe?” Jessica asks, her boobs jiggling.

The well-built husband turns and notices Jess’s fat boss standing beside her. He can’t see his grubby hand. He grimaces, “I’m going to see if Linda needs my help….”

Suddenly, Sander appears behind Willy and tugs his shorts down. Jess’s husband’s diminutive penis bobs into view of everyone. It’s soft and only about 2 inches. Frazzled, he tries to pull his shorts back up but fumbles, and they fall to his ankle.

They all roar with laughter. Willy turns crimson.

To make matters worse, Sander pulls his own shorts down as he stands beside Wilson. “See this, sugar-tits? You can compare them now,” the deviant cameraman points to his soft member.

Jessica can’t help but do exactly that: her husband’s ding-a-ling is less than half the size of Sander’s 5” cock. While Willy’s weenie stands straight out, Sander’s hangs down to the side. The strawberry-blonde wife wets her lower lip absentmindedly.

For a second, Willy also stares at the smarmy teen’s dick. All of a sudden, he remembers his predicament and pulls his shorts back. He sees red as anger takes over.

Jack, who is still laughing, tries to appease the bumbling man, “Don’t be embarrassed, Wilson. So what if you have a small pecker? Jessica doesn’t seem to mind,” he says as his laugh finally subsides.

“I don’t!” Jess defends her husband.

“Does it always stand out straight like that?” Sander questions, tucking his own dick away.

The topless redhead nods, “It does…”

“Odd,” the cameraman says, “Must be because it’s so tiny…”

The frustrated husband breathes in, ‘I can’t hit Jess’s coworker, can I? No, I shouldn’t,’ he huffs and counts to five. “Can you stop talking about my penis!?” He growls, turns, and leaves the pool area.

“Relax, dude! It was just a prank!” Sander says.

Willy hears laughter behind him. He’s unsure if Bottoms joined in or not.


Wilson finds Linda prepping food for the barbecue.

“Are you okay with your husband’s behavior?” He questions, jumping right in.

Linda turns, surprised by his boldness. “Oh, you are one of those…” she mumbles, and Willy raises an eyebrow. “Don’t worry, dear. Breathe. Please start over,” she demands.

He inhales, “Sorry, I was too abrupt… I meant about his lecherous conduct towards my wife,” he elaborates.

“I know,” the homely wife smirks, “Jack and I have an agreement. He knows the limits.”

“Huh?” Willy is shocked; he didn’t expect to hear that. “What limits?”

“He can fool around, but his fat cock can’t go anywhere near her tight pink cunt,” the chubby woman says, and Wilson almost chokes. She continues with a deadly expression, “Or else I will cut his big balls and use them to play tennis.”

The curly-haired man’s eyes widen, ‘She’s serious….’ he thinks with relief. ‘Who knew that Jack was whipped? Hah! Bottoms needs to hear this,’ he reflects, clearly misinterpreting what Linda meant.

The naive man smiles, “Phew, Mrs. Stone, that’s comforting to hear. I was a little bit uneasy with Mr. Stone’s attitude.”

“Please, call me Linda,” the comely woman smiles, “I’m just a few years older than you.” She gets extremely close to Willy, “But you know what our agreement also means?”

“Uhhhh… what?” Wilson replies, a bit uncomfortable with her closeness.

She smirks devilishly, “Means I can play too…” she says sultrily and grabs his crotch. He moans, and she feels him growing in her grasp.

“O-oh….” he groans, ‘What am I doing? Bottoms is out there… and she works with this woman… hmm… it feels good… no, I can’t do this…’ he rationalizes. “I… uh… better go check on Jess…” he mumbles, moving away from her hand.

Linda smiles naughtily and waves, “Don’t go too far, hotcake!”


Wilson goes outside and sees Jack grilling their dinner. He notices Jessica is still in the pool, topless and chatting with Sander. Every time she giggles or moves, her firm breasts jiggle enticingly.

He joins them in the water, and while Willy is not enjoying the scene of his bare-chested wife showing off, at least nobody is mentioning the penis incident.

A few minutes pass, and Linda comes back and chats with her husband. She then goes to the pool, crouches, and leans forward to Willy, giving him a close-up of her small perky boobies.

“Hotcake, can you accompany me to the store to pick up the dessert and some more beer? Jack mentioned we’re almost out,” she asks sensually.

Unsure, the gullible husband glances at his wife.

“Go ahead, babe,” the redhead hottie says. “Jack and Sandy will take care of me,” she giggles.

Frowning, he asks the chubby woman, “Hmm, is it far?”

“It’s only a 5-minute drive,” Linda informs, “And I know you’ve been drinking. I just need a strong man to carry heavy things for me,” she adds, her voice sweet as honey.

As if reading his mind, Mr. Stone approaches them and says, “Don’t fret, Wilson, I will keep an eye on Sandy-boy.”

“I don’t need babysitting, boss,” Sander adds, hurt.

Jack belly laughs, “Yes, you do, boy. You’re a menace!”

After a good chuckle at the teen’s expense, Willy and Linda go to the store.


The line at the store was huge, so they took 25 minutes to return. It’s almost dark by the time Willy makes his way back to the empty pool. He hears some voices around the corner, on the side of the house.

He finds his wife and the other two soaking in the hot tub. She’s still topless.

“Baby, it’s about time!” Jessica greets her hubby. She is red and breathing heavily. “Join us; the hot tub feels amazing,” she says, standing up. Her 36C boobs bounce as Jack and Sander turn toward her.

To Wilson’s horror, she is stark naked. Her unruly strawberry-blonde pubes and even a bit of her pink slit are out in the open.

His wife is in her birthday suit with her boss and her coworker.

His head spins. His stomach grumbles. His penis stirs.

“Oops!” Jess says playfully, sitting back in the tub.

Jack comes to the rescue, “Sorry, Wilson. We’re just having some harmless fun waiting for you both,” he explains.

“We?!” The naive husband croaks, realizing the implications of those words.

Sander stands up, his unconstrained dick swinging as he does. “Just some bonding time,” he grins cockily. Jess blatantly stares at it.

“Anyway, It’s time for dinner. We should leave to get ready,” Mr. Stone says.

Before Willy can process what is happening entirely, he sees the naughty cameraman passing by Jess, who is still sitting. Then, the next scene seems to occur in slow motion to the anxious husband.

Sander’s cock hits the topless redhead on the face and slides across it, momentarily passing by her lips.

“Oops, my bad…” Sander says and laughs. Jessica joins in instead of being upset.

Willy sees blood, and he starts marching toward the 18-year-old. But when he gets to the hot tub, Jack, still sitting inside, puts his fat hand on Willy’s chest, holding him back.

“Wilson, it was a prank,” Mr. Stone says adamantly. “We drank too much.”

The curly-haired man exhales and nods, trying to control his temper. He is baffled by his wife, ‘Bottoms seems unbothered by it… should I pretend it’s nothing too? They are her coworkers… what’s going on? Hmm… I’ll play along for now. I’ll talk to her later,’ he processes, dumbfounded. Then he chuckles forcefully, almost like it took him a while to get the joke.

Everyone laughs again. Smirking, Sander leaves, his hog swinging as he walks.

“Okay, time to get out now,” Jess announces. She stands with her butt turned toward Jack’s face. Then she bends over as if stretching, and both guys can see it all. Her spread slit and dark pink asshole.

For a second, Willy is speechless. His wife is almost rubbing her vagina and butt on her boss’ face. He gasps, and his heart skips a beat.

As Jessica gets out and saunters by, the husband holds her arm, “What the heck, Bottoms! You let Mr. Stone see all your backside…” he whispers.

“You rather him see my front, silly?” She asks as if he’s crazy.

“No, I…. uhhh…” he mumbles.

Then, Jack stands, and Willy goes silent. The obese man’s cock is massive. At least 6 inches soft. It’s thick and hangs low, almost as if pulled down by gravity due to its sheer heft. Wilson can’t take his eyes away from it. Even soft, it’s almost twice his hard penis. It’s by far the most enormous flaccid penis he has ever seen. He feels his throat dry up, and his stomach turn.

Jess shakes her hubby, “Babe?”

“Uhh… we should go…” Willy says, peeling his eyes away from Mr. Stone’s huge unit. ‘Fingers crossed Jess didn’t see it…’ he hopes.

He guides his bare wife back toward the house and asks, “Bottoms, what the heck happened in the hot tub? Why were you naked?”

She smiles, “Nothing happened, silly. I’ll explain later,” she assures him.



As everyone gets dressed, Willy watches Jess’s safe-for-work 5-minute segment during the WinstonTV’s 8PM News. It’s a short interview with an old veterinarian. Kinda dull but exciting nonetheless to see his wife on TV.

After everyone is ready, they sit and enjoy a nice meal together. The barbecue is delicious, and Linda’s cooking is phenomenal. Sander excuses himself after dinner as he has a date.

The two couples cozy up on the couch to watch the TV program they participated in. The reporter announces the 9pm segment on TV, and the camera cuts to Jessica.


“Good night, Winston! I’m Jessie Bottoms, your fiery reporter for Saucy Saturdays!” Jessica announces, already using her new name.

She is wearing the same outfit she had left with on Thursday morning: a short-sleeved pink button-up blouse, a shapely black skirt, and low tan heels. Except that it seems like she has a third of the blouse buttons undone, leaving her new black lace bra on display.

Jessie brings the pink microphone to her face, “Today we will interview Big Bill, the local celebrity model. He has some pressing news and will do a Show and Tell for us! Exciting!” She winks at the camera.


“I prefer your new stage name,” Linda says, “Although it seems like you’re single now!” She giggles.

“Me too,” Jack jumps in, “What you think, Wilson?”

The naive husband wobbles his head, “I’m not sure… maybe it is better suited for a TV star…”

Jess squeezes his leg, smiles, and cuddles up to her hubby.


Big Bill enters the frame. He is tall, over 6 feet, and muscular. With his frame, the model seems like a weightlifter or a bodybuilder. He is wearing gray sweatpants and a black tank top.

“Hello, Miss Jessie, thanks for having me!” The enormous man says.

Jessie doesn’t bother correcting him, “Oh, please. I’m younger than you. And it’s my pleasure!” She says with a sweet tone. “I heard you have some major news for us?”

“That’s right, Miss Jessie,” he says. “As you viewers know, I was a star football player, and now I’m a famous model,” he smirks, “but this is my last month on the job. I’m retiring from modeling.”

“Wow,” Jessie says, “That’s big news, alright.” She brings the microphone closer and changes into a sultry voice, “That’s a shame for us ladies who always seek your magazines and photos.”

Bill chuckles and says, “They can always catch me around town.”

“So, what’s next for Big Bill?” The redhead reporter asks curiously.

“Well, I’m going to be the new Principal for Winston School since the old fart is retiring,” Bill announces cockily.

Jessie puts her hand on his bicep, “Wow, that’s really impressive,” she purrs.


Willy “tisks”, not enjoying his wife flirting with this muscular model. ‘I really do need to bulk up again… I bet Bottoms misses these…’ he reflects, looking at his arms.

Linda disrupts his thoughts by putting her hand on Willy’s thigh. He moves his leg away.


“Big Bill, why did you choose to reveal this important news here at Saucy Saturdays?” Jessie questions.

“That’s a great question, my fiery reporter,” Bill grins, “I watched this show for years, and I always hoped to be a part of it, maybe have some fun with the reporter,” he winks, and Jessie gasps lightly. “Call it a retirement gift from my cousin.”

“Your cousin?” Jessie asks, visibly confused.

“Edgar, the Director of WinstonTV, is my cousin,” Bill reveals, “My name is William Winston-Phillips.”


“Talk about nepotism, huh?” Willy chuckles.

Jack laughs, “Yep, the city is basically a pit of nepotism. You get used to it.”

“You just have to learn to skirt around them,” Linda adds, placing her hand back on Willy’s thigh. He moves it away again.


“So, is it time to move on to the good part?” Bill asks excitedly.

“Oh, yes,” Jessie says, returning to her professional reporter demeanor. “Dear viewers, you probably all heard the rumor by now,” she says and turns to Bill, “Apparently, you are the owner of the biggest… c-cock in the industry,” Jessie stammers, blushing furiously. “Is that true?”

The large man grins arrogantly, “That’s right, fire-crotch!”


Willy groans in his seat. Mrs. Stone puts her hand back on his thigh, and he doesn’t move it away this time.

Jack laughs, “It only gets better from here!”

“Babe, control yourself,” Jess whispers, mistaking his upsetness for horniness. “We can play when we get home!” She says, rubbing his crotch. She makes no mention of the other woman’s hand. Willy’s whimper is muffled by the sounds of the screen.


“Bottoms, please explain to the viewers what will happen next,” the Producer says in a deep voice from behind the camera.

The redhead report turns a brighter shade or crimson. “O… okay… B… Bill has the longest c…cock in the local modeling scene…” she stumbles through the sentence.

“What else?” the disembodied voice asks impatiently.

“Go on, sexy,” Bill encourages her. She nods.

Jessie inhales, “And… it seems that today he’s finally willing to reveal his huge c-cock to us…”

“As a farewell gift to the female viewers!” The bear-sized guest adds.

The strawberry-blonde turns to the hulking model and puts her soft, delicate hand on his broad chest, “Bill, if you feel uncomfortable, you don’t have to show me, you know?”

“No!” The man says, “I want Miss Jessie to see my cock. I want to take it out for you!” He grins, “For the last couple minutes, it’s been throbbing so hard it hurts…”

Jessie looks down at the pronounced bulge on his sweatpants, “I… I see…” she says hoarsely.


“What is this?” Willy asks, horrified.

“Relax, babe,” Jess assures him. “We’re playing it up for the views,” she rubs her hand on his crotch.

Linda leans over, “Did you really get to see Bill’s dick?” She squeezes Willy’s leg.

“You’ll have to wait and see!” The redhead wife says mischievously.


The Producer clears his throat, “Ahem! Bottoms, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so you need to see it up close,” he orders.

“Eh? Uhh…” She smiles nervously at the camera and nods. “Hmm… okay…” then she kneels in front of Bill, his bulge a foot from her pretty face.

[In real-life, Willy gasps]

Jessie inhales, “It’s time for the grand reveal…”

“Ready, fire-crotch?” Bill asks with a cocky grin.

“Wai-! Wait a minute, Bill…” the redhead reporter says, turning to the camera, “Are you both serious? This sudden? Jack… help?”

The Producer chuckles, “You got this, Pumpkin.”

A thumbs-up appears on camera, possibly from the cameraman.

Jessie sighs and stares at the Producer, “So, are we really doing this?”

“It’s all part of the show!” The profound voice answers.

“Here you go!” Bill says abruptly, getting Jessie’s attention.

He opens his sweatpants and pulls out his semi-hard junk. It’s censored with pixelation, but the flesh color and the shape are unmistakable.

The strawberry-blonde reporter gasps and gazes intently at the member before her.


“Wow, that seems massive!” Linda says, amused, and lightly rubs Wilson’s crotch.

“I know. Bill can give me a run for my money!” Jack chuckles.

Willy gasps, “Hon… is he…”

Jessica kisses his cheek, “Shhh, babe, don’t miss the best part…”


Big Bill smirks, “So?”

Snapping out of it, the redhead looks up at him, “Uhm, so what?”

“You wondered if it was the biggest. What do you think?” He asks.

The reporter looks back at his censored hog, and her eyes widen, “It seems huge…” she mutters, almost hypnotized by it.

Big grins cockily, “Is your husband’s penis as big?”

Jessie shakes her head. [In real-life, Willy groans]

“I want to hear you say it,” Bill demands.

“It’s small and tiny…” The reporter replies, staring at the hefty member with glazed eyes.

“How big?” The ex-model asks.

Without breaking eye contact with it, she replies, “Only 3 inches…”


Willy chokes on his drink.

“Don’t worry, Wilson!” Jack says, “It’s a white lie we agreed for the viewers.”

Jess explains to her husband, “Jack didn’t know it was real when he told me to say that, baby.”

The obese boss adds, “At the time, I was sure you were bigger than that. So I wrote down a comically small size.”

“Now the world will know!” Willy complains. And he feels a hand rubbing his groin.

“Nobody knows it’s the truth, silly,” she comforts her hubby, “They’ll all think I’m playing up for TV.”


“Poor fire-crotch,” Bill laments, “I’m sure you’d be happier with a dick like mine!” He says, thrusting his hip forward and getting his member a couple inches from the reporter’s face.

“No,” Jessie replies, leaning back, “I love him. I don’t need this thing,” she says weakly.

The Producer clears his throat again, “Ahem! Bottoms, it’s time to prove to the viewers it’s real.”

Suddenly, the camera cuts, and the pixelation censorship changes slightly. Everything else remains unchanged.

“What don’t I do for our viewers…” the redhead says, licking her lips delicately.

Her tender hand reaches toward Bill’s massive dick. She seems to contact it and let out an involuntary squeal. She continues touching it, softly humming while seemingly examining it.


“Argh! Is this real?” Wilson asks, shocked.

Jack chuckles, “We can’t say. It’s television magic!” He explains boisterously.

Willy desperately looks at his loving wife.

She shakes her head, “I promised to keep it a secret. What do you think, babe?”

The naive husband analyzes the scene playing on the TV. His wife seems to be squeezing and touching Bill’s censored penis. ‘But that cut just before… and the blur changed… Jessie wouldn’t do this, right? No… I trust her… besides, a channel wouldn’t allow it, right?’ He considers. He stares at the scene as he feels a naughty hand gently caress his hard-on, ‘Glad it’s probably not real… but it looks like Jess is jerking him off… urgh.’


The strawberry-blonde reporter is slowly moving her hand up and down the supposed shaft of Bill’s cock.

“So, is it real?” The husky man asks with a grin.

Jessie gives him a devious smile, then she turns toward the camera, “If any women want to know, they should try it for themselves,” she says, stroking his censored penis a little faster, “They won’t be disappointed.”

Bill moans, “I’m close to coming, fire-crotch…” He warns.

The reporter panics, “Oh, no! Jack… what the heck!”

“Make our guest feel at home, Bottoms,” The deep voice of the Producer says, “Bill needs to splurge all over you,” he says nonchalantly.

Jessie gasps, and after a second, she shakes her head. “You can’t be serious,” she sighs.

The camera cuts and shows Big Bill jerking off his pixelated cock with Jess kneeling right in front of him. As before, she is less than a foot from his member. The large man furiously beats his meat, and the redhead absentmindedly licks her lips.

[In real-life, Willy grunts, thinking he is going to have a heart attack]

The scene cuts again, now to a POV of Bill. You can see the censored tip of his alleged dick and Jessie, kneeling and ready to receive his seed. It’s a powerfully erotic scene.

After a few grunts, “cum” spurts from Bill’s dick all over the reporter’s chest. White ropes of spunk continuously streak her pink blouse.


“What the heck!” Willy says, standing up. The other three notice that he has a stiffy. “Bottoms, how could you do this!?” He shouts, feeling hurt.

Jack chuckles, “Wilson, it’s not real.”

“Huh?” The naive husband cocks his head.

“We love to exaggerate on TV. It’s just an old trick to make it seem like it,” the obese man explains.

“Silly, it was just some fake cum,” Jessica giggles.

Linda chimes in, “I’ve made sperm in the past. It’s Greek yogurt, egg whites and cornstarch!”

Willy is confused; he doesn’t know what to believe, “But… the spurting?”

“Ah, Jack has a fake pump thingy!” the redhead wife clarifies.

“We attach a tube underneath and pump the fake liquid out,” the house owner elaborates.

Wilson sits down, his heart thumping, his stomach a mess. “So, it wasn’t real?”

“Nope!” Jess giggles, “Big Bill didn’t come there,” she assures her husband.

“Yeah, that one was fake,” Jack says adamantly.

With his head spinning, the gullible curly-haired husband sighs with relief.

The voice on TV overtakes their discussion.


“Thanks, Winston, for tuning in to the newest episode of Saucy Saturdays!” Jess says, holding the pink microphone to her mouth. Her hair is slightly disheveled, her makeup is a tad smudged, and her blouse is covered in off-white stains.

[If Wilson didn’t know better, it looks like she has been royally fucked.]

The redhead reporter continues, “Next week, I will get a special massage at Summer Massages. It’s called the Pink Deluxe Package! I can’t wait!” She says excitedly. “I’m Jessie Bottoms, the fiery reporter signing out!”


The camera returns to the anchorman, who thanks the “naughty redhead reporter” and continues with the news.

Before anyone can say anything, Jessica stands up. “Babe, we have to go. Our babysitter’s time is running out,” she explains.

They say their goodbyes and leave the Stones household.

As they walk to the car, Wilson, oddly quiet until now, looks at his wife, “Bottoms, you have some explaining to do…”


To be Continued! Stay tuned for more adventures of Jess and Willy!

Thanks for reading. Any feedback is appreciated!

~ Potato Head

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