Devouring the Dancing Diva

An adult stories – Devouring the Dancing Diva by Btsmania07,Btsmania07 Shawn’s POV:

Hello, I’m Shawn. A happily married man with a loving wife. She was beautiful, caring and outspoken, contrasting my calm, introverted, silent aura that I had.

We both were happy and working towards our dreams. We had everything, a warm cozy home, secure future, passion towards our work, love and care between us, and sizzling sex life.

We both trusted each other and were open to swap, group bang, threesome, foursome, BDSM, or any role play which would keep our sexlife hot, wild and happening. But an unknown adventure happened soon.

My wife Hosanna had to go to the hospital because of weakness and fatigue. She was a dancer. She was preparing for an upcoming dance show which needed her to practice all day and night and go on a strict diet.

Oh I really cherish her talents and accomplishments but I don’t approve of her rigid diet, she needs to go through before the stage performances. That always takes a toll on her talents and my manly needs.

So when she fainted during the practice she was rushed to the hospital and her stay had already lasted a good week. Since we are very sexually active, it was very difficult for me and masturbating every day was hardly enough to satisfy my lust.

Of course, I was also on the Internet and soon the idea of ​​getting involved with another woman came to me… I love Hosanna a lot but being sex deprived, I was ready to pleasure another woman and Hosanna was open about my sex addiction and fulfillment.

You can find corresponding offers on many sites, but they are mostly underage women whom I don’t particularly like because of my own advanced sex preferences. They are more into vanilla and fuck & gone kind.

But then I came across a private ad from an overactive lady who was supposedly 20 years old and in our residential area and nearby. I was totally hooked on the account immediately.

I hesitated for a day, until I called very excitedly and pretended to be YEON. You could clearly hear from the lady’s voice that her lust was certainly correct. She was in need of a man’s cock and all the pleasure it could give.

I heard her with all my senses. I understood she is deprived of sex just like me. After a few words and mentioning the price, a meeting was arranged for the next day and I had the address.

A not so great area around the city but well. First of all, I was with my wife in the hospital the following day and then, with a guilty conscience, I drove to the address given to me on the ground floor of a not very attractive apartment building.

I was as usual in all black. With black silk shirt, black pants and shoes and a watch. My hair was long but hair spray had kept them in place in the most playful manner. My skin is too pale like vampires contrasting the black I wear and tiny eyes with slender lips.

Quite nervous about the planned adultery, I then rang the bell. It took a short while until the door opened and when I saw her and she saw me, the surprise and horror was great for both of us…

Standing in front of me was my sexily dressed sister-in-law, “You,” we both shouted at the same moment and stared at us in disbelief. I was more shocked than her, maybe.

She got over the surprise first and pulled me into the apartment. “I’m Yeon,” I said, “we have a date.” She looked at me briefly and we both said at the same time; “But that stays between us, strictly between us only”

We both had to laugh and that made the situation much more relaxed. Over a coffee we both explained our situation, she because of her low student scholarship, I because of my unsatisfied desire because of Hosanna’s hospital stay.

Jimi was a dancer as well. A gorgeous one at that. Both sisters are heavenly talented in dancing. Jimi was a little shorter and two years younger than Hosanna and three years younger than me. Jimi was cute, smart, sassy, plump, and extremely sexy.

For me Jimi looked no less than a Dancing Diva. Everytime I looked at her practicing in her short tights and short tight sports bra… I knew her body would develop into a busty beauty someday.

And yes she had bloomed to an enchanting flower now. Her big boobs held together by the top, showing her ample cleavage, her toned thighs and firm legs with plump firm ass was all a woman needed to seduce a man.

Add to that I was always smitten by her cute seductive face and her sassiness. She had a flare of shy and cute persona which had me in splits most of the time.

She explained that she had to make extra money and fulfill her dream of being a performer soon. She needed lots of money so she started this body service and she was an amateur in this field.

I could clearly notice her inexperience with just a glance at the lingerie and the light make up she wore which she obviously wanted to look like a professional whore, which she is not.

I laughed at my sister-in-law’s new adventure of sex trade and knew I’m going to enjoy my session here. Being overly experienced and extremely active with my sexual pleasure, she seemed like an easy game for me.

But Jimi was always a seductress. I knew her for years and had a soft corner for her. Both the sisters were too close to each other. I clearly drooled for Jimi and her sex but kept her away only because she was Hosanna’s sister… ” MY SISTER IN LAW”

Jimi was wearing a beautiful yellow loose top and yellow flared skirt, in contrast with her fair skin and blonde hair. Her lips were fuller and eyes tiny like mine. Her boobs were bigger than the last time I saw her. Probably 36D I guessed.

Looking down I could make out she is well toned being a dancer, and had slender legs with firm muscles and strength like a gymnast. Hmmmm… I’m sure I’m going to have a blast now, I thought.

She has grown up to be a sexy siren I always thought she would be. She always had those naughty looks and seductive tone of voice and teasing wet lips whenever she looked at me. She wanted me of course.

We both always had sexual tension between us even when she was younger and now that she is an adult, I have no limitations as such. As Hosanna is open about my sexual desires and satisfaction. There was nothing that held me back.

Jimi was tense. She wanted a smoke. I am a smoker myself. Was okay with that. After she had smoked she said we shouldn’t worry too much about it because it’s a family matter. She was reluctant because she loved her sister a lot and respected me madly.

Jimi was trying to stay calm and composed. She winked and smiled at me with ease which was a good act. I also relaxed a bit now, but in contrast my cock tensed up in my pants.

Jimi took off her blouse and skirt and I led her to the bed in the sparsely furnished one-room apartment because of her tight budgeting and low income. But it was enough for a student like her to stay alone.

Her bra was filled with large, too firm breasts and when she laboriously spread her legs, she was commando. Her beautiful smooth clean shaven pussy was on display for me for the first time.

A clear white spot appeared on her sexy seductive body at the labia of her pussy area. My eyes stayed there for a long time. Seeing Jimi’s oozing juices out of her pink flesh opened up wider for me rather, my raging cock.

I took off my pants and when my bulging penis pushed out of my underwear, Jimi’s eyes darted towards my huge erection looking surprised and in awe. For not being a muscular man and not so tall, my cock was huge and thicker than many big guys.

I could see clearly how badly she needed me as I needed her. Both of us wanted one thing: “SEX” pleasure was only a pretext. We had lusted for each other for a long time I guess.

she pulled me towards her, said “For Hosanna” and took it into her mouth. That alone was hot because her lips wrapped up around my cock like warm iron and excited me more and more.

Then it didn’t work anymore. I just had to fuck my sister-in-law now. I pulled it out of her mouth, she licked her lips like the amateur she was but very erotically with her coated tongue and I positioned myself between her thighs.

Since I’m usually only allowed to fuck my wife with a condom, as me and Hosanna didn’t want kids yet. It was very unusual for me to penetrate a woman, unprotected and my sister-in-law at that, but also hot… to feel her wet pussy.

I was so aroused, so was she, as she slipped up and unhooked her bra. I immediately latched up my mouth hungrily as I was craving milk for a long time now. I suckled her young tits hard and moaned sinfully, arousing me madly.

My lips sucked hard and bit her. My teeth bit harder many times juggling between her left and right mounds leaving behind many hickeys over her fair skin for the display of her other clients probably. I was kind of jealous thinking of that.

My cock thrusted hard into her and had long forgotten my usual role play’s, kinks, or fetishes I was looking for. I wanted Jimi and her sex and sex with her and I wanted loads of sex with her.

She was no less. She arched her hips towards me and swayed it according to my deep thrusts. Her moans were viciously calling out my name… aagagghhhh… sshhhaawaannn… as she bit her lips with pleasure.

I sucked her nipples so hard and rammed into her cunt as her body shuddered and hips contracted with high stimulation as she came all over my cock inside her. Making my thrusts easier and slippery.

I was not used to vanilla anymore but with Jimi it felt great it felt as if I was a teen again looking out for fucks and pussies on display again. As if I was in the race again seducing women. That was the famous “JIMI EFFECT” as Hosanna always mentioned.

I continued thrusting into her and she was high on stimulation with her thick slick oozing out of her fucking cunt. I was not the sexual beast I usually was but a man who wanted to please Jimi and make her weak for me.

Looking at her hooded eyes and parted lips I turned her over making her stomach lean down to the bed and ass puckered up to the air. A perfect position for ass fuck she knows.

I inserted my slicky juicy cock to her tiny hole as she screamed out loud. She is a screamer I thought. I thrusted the mushroom tip into her and she was louder as her fingers gripped the duvets harder.

I rammed again not thinking about her pain but only my pleasure and inserted half the way. Jimi was in pain and screamed asking me to pull out. I couldn’t, her tiny hole had held my thick cock tighter.

I leaned forward and kissed her back and nape as my hands ran down to her nipples and twisted them rough. Jimi felt some relief and lots of pleasure as her big boobs enjoyed my playful fingers.

I leaned forward leaving wet kisses all over her back. I thrusted into her more in between and stayed like that for a while. My one hand reached down her wet leaking pussy and opened the labia inserting two fingers into her hole.

She was clenching and juicy. My thumb circled her clitoris as she moaned soft and slow enjoying the pleasure. I circled them and she started swaying her hips back and forth thrusting my cock deeper into her ass hole.

I knew she was adjusted now and I started thrusting harder. Increasing my speed gradually and abusing her two buds at the top and one at the bottom.

Aaghahhh… Shawn… fuck me. she moaned unknowingly. Encouraged, I thrusted harder and deeper into her. She was moaning loudly. Anyone near the condo could hear her. Her student condo was turned into a sex house of ours.

I was thrusting hard into her tight hole. I was reaching my orgasm soon. I flipped her again, bending her legs to open her cunt. I was in awe to see her wet, juicy pussy with her slick and her clenching hole.

Her body was covered with my hard bites but she was in heaven. She was enjoying every bit of it. The harsh sex, the hard fucks, and my lust not to mention tangled with her horniness.

I thrusted my ready to explode cock into her pussy in one go. She was so slicky that I could reach deeper and she moaned with pleasure… aaghhhh… Shawn.

I’m not usually like that, but with her I came after just three thrusts and squirted as much sperm into her as my wife rarely does, while I collapsed on top of her and smelled her smell of smoke and fruity deodorant and also sweat.

We breathed hard, and our thirst was craving more. How I want to fill her up with my seeds I thought. How I want her skin to be adorned with my hickeys and kisses and cum.

With my wife I go limp at first and only when she smokes and drinks the condom do I usually come up again, but here with my sister-in-law there was no drop in my excitement at all.

Now that the first pressure was gone we could enjoy the session together until she too was satisfied. We played hard for hours and she cummed thick twice in between.

I was not the one to be stopped. The more I had sex with her. The more I wanted to fuck her. She was a Diva. A sensual, sexual, erotic, horny, slutty, Diva. I played her long and hard and rough, ejaculating into her a second time.

She probably wouldn’t be my wife’s sister if she hadn’t sucked me dry afterwards and the final kiss after her cigarette tastes almost like being at home with my wife. I was wanting her more for the pleasure of my raging cock.

Of course, I paid the price that had already been agreed on the phone and then took her home with me, because it’s nothing unusual for the sister-in-law to come to visit even when the elder sister is away…

And then no one knows that the rest of the time she was being fucked in the marital bed for a week. I taught her many things about pleasure, of pleasing a man. Of feeling pleasure with sex.

Teaching her, I realized I was a master in that now. I could teach her to enjoy and serve enjoyment to others as well. She was Introduced to all the kinks, fetishes which she was not aware of.

As she explored all the dirty, naughty, slutty, adulterated side of adulthood with me and became a sinful seductress herself. I was pleasured by her all day and all night we couldn’t separate our bodies at all from each other.

My cock had found home inside her pussy. And I had bred her without condoms with all my pleasure. She popped up pills to avoid any chances of pregnancies as my seeds were flushed into her as my cum dump.

There was no toy I didn’t try upon her. Her nipples were sore with clamps, her cunt wider than before with an opener clamp. Her ass hole free unlike before to take in any cock. She was a mistress and I was her master.

By the time Hosanna was about to be discharged from the hospital, Jimi was a pro in sexing with me even in the dark fantasies I had taught her. She was a pro in the extra money she had planned to make.

When my wife returned we told her everything and she was surprised that Jimi was my mistress for a week. Jimi and I were successful in hiding her extra income plan. But Hosanna also suggested we should try threesome often to keep our desires at bay.

The bottom line was Of course we canceled your love nest and I supported her financially for a little fun for two… in return Jimi warmed up and played with me in my love nest whenever Hosanna wasn’t available.

I enjoyed fucking her anytime I was offered her sex. She was more than needy for me most of the time. I was pleased and honored to be a master of hers and to “Devour the Dancing Diva.”

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