My Fiancée and the Black Bodyguard – Parts 01 – 03 by StagWithHotVixenWife

Introduction: Music engineer suspects his fiancée is aroused by his boss’s large black bodyguard , Part 1

I work in a recording studio and my fiancée would often come by and hang in the lounge with the artist's entourage of friends and hangers-on. It started two nights ago when my girl came to my work and I was recording a hip-hop act. Some of you would recognize the rapper easily. This is about his bodyguard, a 6’6” former Crenshaw linebacker. He got to talking with my wife for a long time while I finished up. When I took her home we ate dinner quickly and went to bed. My fiancée is a kinda small brunette with long hair at 5’4” but she has very large tits for her small frame. She prefers going braless and wearing tight tees. I love when she gets attention so I never interrupt her when guys chat her up.

So I awoke in the middle of the night to the light of her phone going off. It wasn’t just a text from the bodyguard, it was the end of a long flirty conversation that lasted about an hour while I was sleeping.

She’d sent him some revealing bikini pics and let loose with a lot of loosely veiled double entendres.

I went back to sleep and woke in the morning while she was showering. I went to check her phone and she’d deleted the conversation. I’m not going to confront her but I’m gonna keep trying to check her texts.

I’ll follow up if this continues. Sorry for no sexy details or sex stories. I just had to share this though.

Part 2

Today my fiancée and I hung out all day. We watched some porn, got high, had drinks, and later she let me fuck her. I’ve been on edge because of her texting this guy and coming in her much more quickly than I usually do. She got a bit irritated at me and told me to eat her out. This is not something I do usually. I got a t-shirt to wipe my cum from her and she yelled No! and grabbed it out of my hand and forcibly pulled my head into her crotch. I got a mouthful of sperm and juices and she just held me tight until I started licking and sucking her.

I was not loving this but I went through the alphabet with my tongue. This almost always used to get her off. After about a few minutes of this, she pulled me away and went through her side table, and grabbed her large vibrator. She’s only used it when I’m at the studio and she’s bored alone at home. Today she fucked herself in front of me.

I got horny watching this and rubbed my cock a few times to get it hard. I was gonna show her who is boss and fuck her silly. Unfortunately, I got too excited as she pushed the dildo inside her and came on my damn hand. She looked at me and suddenly giggled. She said it was ok and held it to her chest. She told me she would forgive me for ruining her second orgasm. She said she’d take care of herself, grabbed her phone, and went into the restroom.

I must’ve fallen asleep because when I woke, she was dressed in her sexiest somewhat see-through lingerie that had I bought her but she would never wear for me. I complimented her and went to grab her and she playfully pushed me away, took off her lingerie, and got into her pajamas.

I wanted to try to fuck her again but (like most times recently) she said she wasn’t in the mood to have sex with me and she fell asleep right away. I can’t sleep so I am using the opportunity to read through Reddit NSFW stuff and masturbate myself raw.

I’ve already cum dryly two times and I’m still awake. I’m getting stressed and feeling lonely for some reason. I need to get up early and get back to the studio.

Part 3

It’s been an interesting week. I’ve been getting home late. After my fiancée and I eat and snuggle, and then I pretend to fall asleep. Each time I pretended I’d spied my fiancée texting someone at night. I’m pretty certain she’s been staying in touch with that bodyguard. When I peek at her phone in the morning there are no texts to be seen.

Well, today when I got into the studio to start work I was informed that I’d be working with that rap artist again. Ten AM rolled around and sure enough, an SUV pulls in and it was that rapper and his bodyguard. When I let them into the studio, the bodyguard gives me a hard pat on the back that almost knocks me over. His hands are huge and he towers over me. “Hey little man,” he says and smirks at me. I get the session started as more of their entourage shows up.

Soon after I arrive, my fiancée texts me that she was restless and bored. She asks me if she can come by the studio today. She’s friends with the staff so when I told her I’d be too busy to hang with her at lunch, she said no worries and that she’d just stay in one of the lounges.

So I’m working and she’s somewhere in the building. I get a text from her telling me that one of the guys brought coke and if it would be ok if she joined him. I asked who and she said D. (I don’t want to give out his name because you can google him and see pics of him with his boss. Too easy to figure out.)

D was the fucking bodyguard. I text her I’d prefer she didn’t but it’s her call figuring she’d get the message. The next text I get is that she’s out in his car partying and will be back shortly. I text her back and she doesn’t answer. I call and get her message machine. She finally texts me back about 30 minutes later and tells me she’s heading home. About 5 minutes later the bodyguard comes into the studio and whispers something to his boss and disappears for a couple of hours.

Of course, my imagination is running wild and I get turned on by my paranoid imagination. I head to the restroom and played with myself in the stall and came hard, washed up, and returned. That night I tried to initiate sex (masturbating beside each other) but she says she was not into it and soon crashes out. While she’s sleeping I gently finger her for a second and she is so wet. I quickly remove my hand and then make myself cum next to her and try to get some sleep.

That was a couple of hours ago and I’m still awake writing this down so I can update my post. Again I’m only gonna get a few hours of sleep tonight before I have to go back to work tomorrow. They have one more day of recording tomorrow and then they are moving to another studio to mix the track. I can’t help imagining all these scenarios and am equally annoyed, jealous, and strangely aroused. Tomorrow is gonna be another long day. Read 177 times | Rated 0 % | (0 votes) Vote list (Close) :
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