Butterfly, Ch. 01 by Antin0my

A literotic sexstories: Butterfly, Ch. 01 by Antin0my , Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction that involves latex, orgasm, parasites, symbiote, experiment, and mind control. If you’re not into any of that, this is your last chance to navigate away. Enjoy the read! It sounded simple enough on the surface: Spend some time over … Read more

Incestuous Flesh Massage Chapter 6: Brother's Dominating Instructions by mypenname3000

Introduction: A sister is wet to watch her dominating brother in action! , Incestuous Flesh Massage (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Six: Brother's Dominating Instructions By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! I loved the shock in Mr. Armstrong's eyes as he witnessed what a lying bitch his wife was. … Read more

Found: (my girlfriends secret videos) by blueheatt

A literotic sexstories: Found: (my girlfriends secret videos) by blueheatt Found: (my girlfriends secret videos) * This story evolved from a combination of several true stories. A hidden camera video I saw of a girl secretly masturbating on a train, A guy who found a video of his wife’s fetish to exposing herself to strangers, … Read more

DINNER_(2) by Oldbutyoungatbheart

A literotic sexstories: DINNER_(2) by Oldbutyoungatbheart , DINNER_(2) by Oldbutyoungatbheart Fantasy, Bondage and restriction, Masturbation Author’s infos Gender: N/A    Age: N/A    Location: Alberta Canada Posted Sat 27th of May 2017 Font size : – + Okay second posting for me hpe you enjoy In the still early hours of the evening you have your night … Read more

Fall (lawn mowing part 3) by Georgebass

Introduction: In the fall of that year, I was in 2nd grade in high school, I worked hard at school and partied on the weekends. I was 18 years old and had no boyfriend but had slept with some guys from school. I had big tits size D and enjoyed having sex. One night I … Read more

Meet Me At The Cabin by RocketGirl

A literotic sexstories: Meet Me At The Cabin by RocketGirl , Today was Simah’s 16th birthday and she wanted a present… I looked up at the lowering sun and smiled. Every friday I would hike into the forrest to a hidden, desolate cabin. There I would wait for my friends, Sarah and Simah. The three … Read more

XXXSome by YngHoneyCandy

So there I was on the bed on my hands and knees with one guy behind me, his cock balls deep in my ass and another guy in front of me balls deep in my throat and my wife standing in the doorway, jaw wide open. Her eyes were bugged out with the deer in … Read more

My New Brother Zane 2 by thephantomstallion

Introduction: This is the second part of the story, so if you are just joining, by all means, read the first so you can follow along. Like most of my stories, it does have some build up to create character and all, so keep that in mind. I hope you enjoy! Looking forward to continuing … Read more

Educating Melissa by Wilderness Cry

Introduction: Julie knows her teenage half-sister, Melissa, has a crush on her husband and wants him to take her virginity. She decides to make it happen for her. , Educating Melissa Dominic had always been a bit of a heart-throb; six foot four, good-looking, well-built and well-endowed; he had it all. And he was still … Read more

Life Redone (Part 1 of 10) by TripleAcesHigh

A literotic sexstories: Life Redone (Part 1 of 10) by TripleAcesHigh , A chance to redo ten moments of your life. What would you choose? [Started a new series, but this doesn’t mean the Sisters By the Pool is done. As always, I welcome all comments here. Love hearing from readers. Thanks for reading everyone!] … Read more

Raped whilst riding part II by mobile lust

A literotic sexstories: Raped whilst riding part II by mobile lust , Further to Claire’s organised rape of me whilst out riding I continue to tell you stories of my experiences. Since Claire confessed her feelings to me after the rape incident our friendship blossomed. Although she worked for me as my groom she proved … Read more

Internet Classified Chronicles (part 1) by eyToad

Introduction: A classy girl becomes addicted to online, anonymous hookups. , Internet Classified Chronicles By E. Y. Toad I dream of cocks often. Big cocks, small cocks, white cocks, black cocks and brown cocks. Circumcised, uncircumcised, soft, hard, fat and skinny. One time I dreamed that I *was* a huge cock, rigid and throbbing in … Read more

The Fowler and His Net – Chapter 5 by East Essex

A literotic sexstories: The Fowler and His Net – Chapter 5 by East Essex , Young Rachel has a new school and a new tutor, her mother’s new lover. Sunday had passed in a blur for Gary Fowler. Deprived of his ritual Saturday night session of drinking with the regulars at the Plough he had … Read more