Pete and Kerry’s sexual misadventures – part 3 – Chap 13 – by Juicy Lucy 1


Pete and Kerry’s sexual misadventures – part 3 – Chap 13 – by Juicy Lucy 1

Having seem Malcolm’s cumshots on video before, I think Kerry and I were looking forward to the seeing it in person. We weren’t to be disappointed. Malcolm fucked Kerry from behind and then pulled out, making her asshole gape wide. She then sat on his cock as he lay on his back, feet flat on the bed again, supported by Malcolm in an anal cowgirl. Considering, only a matter of weeks ago she had never tried even a small buttplug it was amazing to see her sit down so hard and take a huge black cock into her ass. She was a real anal queen now. Finally Malcolm rolled her onto her back so he could control the pace and force and drilled her hard and fast, Kerry came again, but that was almost lost as her orgasm must have made her muscles tighten because it triggered one in Malcolm. He moaned a deep moan and quickly pulled out Kerry’s ass and stroked.

“Both of you” he grunted after Kerry positioned her open mouth underneath him. I quickly joined her, our cheeks against each others as Malcolm groaned.


Malcolm squirted jet after jet of cum over our faces and into our mouths. I thought he was going to drown us as he grunted time and time again, each sound accompanied by another rope of cum. Without waiting to be asked Kerry and I sucked and licked Malcolm’s cock and kissed each other, swapping cum from one mouth to another before one of us finally swallowed some before repeating. Cum glued our eyes shut, was in our hair and dripped of our chins. Next I wanted him to fill her so I could lick and suck it out of her ass or pussy.

Malcolm collapsed onto the bed and watched us kissing, our tongues all over each others faces and in each others mouths. I was moaning, still ridiculously horny. Precum had gushed from my cage and was all over my thighs. Finally Kerry wiped her face on towel and jumped into bed with Malcolm and snuggled into him contentedly. I loved that she looked so happy. I took this moment to take a shower and try and cool off. When I came out they were dozing in after sex bliss but Kerry opened her eyes and smiled at me sweetly, and then showered herself.

Malcolm took this opportunity to talk to me. He asked me if I’d enjoyed it so far and I told him I had, very much. He informed me that he had loved it too. He told me he was going to fuck her again in a little while and I was welcome to stay but really he wanted me to take his phone and watch us from earlier and then I was to choose and order a strap on dildo for Kerry because she was going to be pegging my ass in future. I said okay and he told me to go and kiss my girlfriend goodnight which I did before i went to the spare room and climbed into bed.

I watched the video and listened as Kerry and Malcolm talked and laughed next door. I watched intently as I sucked Malcolm and that wax the bit i kept rewatching as i heard them start to fuck again. I imagined what was happening and realised i didn’t know who i was most jealous of.

What had happened to me?

I woke on Saturday and padded out and looked in 9n Kerry and Malcolm. The room stunk of sex. Kerry was laying with her head on Malcolm’s big chest both of the asleep, exhausted from the night before. I went into the lounge and cleaned and tidied before making a nice cooked breakfast and a big pot of coffee. Malcolm must have smelt the coffee because he wandered out, completely naked, his long dick swinging between his legs. I swallowed hard, trying not to stare at it.

We all shared one of the best weekends of my life, Malcolm took us out later that day. Kerry wore another classy, revealing, sexy outfit and we went out for dinner. Malcolm and Kerry held hands and I walked behind them, terrified that we’d be spotted by someone we knew. After dinner in the parking garage, Malcolm bent Kerry over the hood of my car, pulled up her dress, and began fucking her, telling me to keep an eye out. When I saw someone coming and told him he kept going until the very last minute. He and Kerry laughing uncontrollably . On the drive home I watched in the rear view as Kerry gave him a blowjob all the way home before we rushed in. I was I immediately donned my collar, leash and tail and joined them in the bedroom to watch and occasionally lick or suck something.

They fucked all night again and on Sunday we invited Malcolm to stay an additional night if he could. Kerry and I decided to take a sick day on Monday and Malcolm didn’t work until Monday evening so he happily agreed. We all decided we would spend a lovely lazy Sunday, watching TV, eating, drinking and of course…..fucking.

Kerry decided to wear her schoolgirl outfit and Malcolm almost drooled when he saw her and enjoyed a little role play. The day was one long fuck session and Kerry got her ass and pussy filled with cum several times, and of course, I got to eat it out of her. I also got to cum myself but I didn’t enjoy it. I was underneath Kerry in 69 as Malcolm fucked her doggy style, he was pushing his cock into my mouth and it all got too much for me and I came in my cage. It was a ruined orgasm so I got no satisfaction out of it at all but Kerry had achieved one of her goals. It wasn’t long until she achieved another but that’s another story.

I continued being cuckolded and Kerry grew her stable of men to eight regulars. Malcolm was and still is a huge part of our life. He even came to our wedding but again, that’s another story.

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