Pete and Kerry’s sexual misadventures – part 3 – Chap 12 – by Juicy Lucy 1


Pete and Kerry’s sexual misadventures – part 3 – Chap 12 – by Juicy Lucy 1

The following weekend was soon upon us. After our adventure with Doug we had taken a couple of days to relax. Doug had cum in Kerry’s ass and then left, not before Kerry took his number though.

She had since messaged him to thank him and congratulate him on his acting skills. He, unsurprisingly, was keen to see us again. He also mentioned to Kerry that he had a buddy, who was into the swinging scene. He thought he too would be perfect for us. He was well hung and had a hot wife. They were, Doug told her, really open minded about sex….and bisexual.

Malcolm left us pretty much to our devises all week, he was busy at work, but he did send us another video of him fucking another gorgeous college aged white girl with the caption ‘What you have to look forward too’. Kerry and I watched it several times together. I told her that I was getting really desperate to cum now. It had been many weeks of teasing, denial and sexual torture that I had loved but thought I should cum for the good of my health now. Kerry told me she’d made her position on this subject very clear. I wondered if I’d created a monster.

Malcolm was going to arrive a Kerry’s house on Friday evening and leave on Sunday morning. He told us not to worry, if we weren’t happy and wanted him to go early he would leave immediately. He also said that he could guarantee that wouldn’t happen. He wanted Kerry to dress in black lingerie with the short satin, backless cocktail dress he had seen in a photo.

I was to be naked, except for my collar, leash and tail. Oh and my chastity cage of course.

We fussed about all week cleaning Kerry’s house from top to bottom and making sure it was presentable. Kerry’s house was a corner plot in a nice area but the house was in need of quite a bit of work which is what made it affordable to her. We removed all the junk from the spare bedroom. This was to be where I slept this weekend. We weren’t sure what to do regarding sleeping arrangements, I wanted to be near Kerry and included but on reflection, it made more sense and would be more comfortable for me to take the spare room. We moved all of Kerry’s sexy lingerie, sexy clothing and our sex toys to her place and stocked the fridge.

Friday evening we could hardly eat dinner such was our excitement. Malcolm was due at 9pm. As soon as dinner was done, Kerry left me to clean up while she went to get ready. When I joined her in the bathroom we went through our shaving ritual and then I was locked for the weekend.

Kerry came out of the bedroom holding my leash and collar looking amazing. She had made an effort with her hair and makeup and looked like she might be attending a high society cocktail party. She was wearing 6” heels which made her stocking clad legs and ass look amazing. We hugged and kissed, she thanked me for what was about to happen. We told each other how much we loved each other and them she fastened my pink collar around my neck, attached the leash and ordered me to my hands and knees.

The doorbell rang at just after 9pm. My heart hammered in my chest as Kerry led me to the door, checked who it was and then opened the door. Malcolm was dressed smartly in a suit, clean shaven and smelled strongly of cologne. He looked extremely handsome. He carried a brown bag in one hand and pulled a small suitcase in the other. He put both down.

“Hi daddy” Kerry gushed, smiling sweetly and hugging him, kissing him on the cheek.

“Hi sweetie” he replied and then looked down at me grinning.

“Hey doggy” he laughed, patting me on the head.

Kerry welcomed Malcolm, told him to make himself at home and I was led behind them to the kitchen. Malcolm had bought a bag full of wine and liquor and Kerry thanked him with a kiss. She showed him to her bedroom and said he could leave his suitcase there and then we all returned to the lounge. Malcolm opened a bottle of wine and poured them each a glass. He asked Kerry for a bowl and poured some wine into it and put it on the floor.

“For you doggy. You’re not getting left out this weekend.”

I was very pleased to hear him say that although I was pretty damn sure I WAS going to be left out quite a bit this weekend! Still, I was grateful for a drink and licked at the wine, sneakily using my hands and drinking from the bowl.

Malcolm and Kerry sat next to each other on the couch, chatting and drinking. They complimented each other on how nice they looked and that they couldn’t believe Malcolm was finally here. They laughed about telling him I was her brother and that his work colleagues were very jealous of the huge tips Kerry left him and joked about how she wanted to fuck him. Kerry out on some music and a second bottle of wine was opened, I felt the effects myself as I gulped from my bowl, listening and watching my girlfriend and her daddy.

At some point Malcolm got up to use the bathroom and Kerry stood to refill our glasses/bowl and put some chips on the coffee table. Malcolm came back in while she was still bent over and he squeezed her ass. Kerry didn’t flinch.

“Damn girl, that even better than I thought it would be”

Kerry giggled and straightened up, turning around and putting her arms around his neck.

“I’m glad you like” she said, staring up into his face.

Malcolm lowered his face to hers and kissed her deeply. They started moving slowly to the music and his hands ran over her back and ass, squeezing it gently. Kerry responded by moaning softly.

Gradually Kerry’s dress rose up, her stocking tops and suspenders visible and then Malcolm’s hand helped it on it’s way, lifting it around her waist. Malcolm’s hands almost covered Kerry’s ass cheeks completely. Looking at his dark skin against her soft white ass thrilled me. I could hear Kerry panting a little as they kissed passionately, tongues in each others mouths. Malcolm broke the embrace.

“Let me get a look at you girl” he said and Kerry lifted her arms as Malcolm lifted her dress over her head.

“You are fine baby girl” Malcolm said, standing back and whistling in appreciation. “Let me look at you”

Malcolm sat back down on the couch and picked up his wine glass and Kerry stood in her black lace topped bra, panties, stockings, suspender belt and high heels. I swallowed hard as Malcolm soaked up the view. Kerry began striding around the room with stripper attitude, bending over and grabbing her ankles for her daddy. Reaching behind her, she unclipped her bra and let it fall and turned around with her hands covering her boobs. Staring Malcolm in the eyes she sexily and slowly uncovered her breasts. I swallowed hard, finding this seduction extremely erotic. I guessed Kerry was too, judging my the stiffness of her little nipples.

Kerry hooked her fingers onto the waistband of her panties and wriggled them down a little and then up again as she teased. I looked up at Malcolm, he stared at my girlfriend intently, sipping his wine. Kerry finally tugged her panties to her knees and then sat on her bottom on the floor and kicked her legs, moving the panties to her ankles and then pulled them over her heels and off. Rolling onto her tummy she pushed up her ass and rose onto all fours reaching back and slapping her ass before parting her legs to expose her pussy and asshole to Malcolm. Lowering her head to the floor and resting on her upper body she reached back and stroked her ass cheeks and pussy and then suddenly leapt to her feet, shrieking in feigned embarrassment. She quickly went to the couch and climbed onto Malcolm’s lap, her legs straddling him.

“Did you enjoy that Daddy?” she asked, picking up her wine glass “Ooooh, I think you did” she added, squirming on his lap, clearly feeling his bulge.

“Hell yeah baby, you are one hot chick, way too much woman for doggy to handle. No wonder you came looking for me” Malcolm lowered his head to kiss and suck on her boobs.

Kerry put down her wine glass and unbuttoned Malcolm’s shirt, her small hands moving over his firm pectoral muscles. She pulled open his shirt roughly and out of his suit pants, her hands moved down to Malcolm’s washboard stomach.

“Oh my god” she murmured, kissing his chest lightly.

Kerry kissed her way down Malcolm’s chest and stomach until she was on her knees on the floor between his legs. Her hands rubbed at his groin and the traces down his leg.

“Holy shit” she laughed “doggy, look at this”

I got up onto my knees and watched as she traced the outline of his cock, it stretched halfway down his thigh.

“That’s what you call a cock, not that pathetic thing between your legs.” She rubbed it some more as Malcolm smiled. “I bet you want to see it don’t you? “

I nodded feebly and Kerry unbuckled Malcom’s pants and unzipped his fly. Malcolm lifted himself up as Kerry tugged his pants down.

I stared as Malcolm’s huge black cock swung into view. I looked at Kerry who’s eyes were like saucers and her mouth hung open. It was already semi hard and she lifted it with both hands. It looked even bigger in the flesh, Kerry could only get her fingers halfway around it. She studied it in disbelief, moving it from side to side. Malcolm watched her, smiling.

“This is fucking ridiculous” she said, breaking the silence and causing Malcolm to burst into laughter.

“So big, so heavy. It’s just so fucking huge”

“You like that baby girl?”

Kerry’s eyes changed. I saw the shock turn to lust. “fuck yeah daddy” she said and licked her lips.

“Doggy likes it too I think” Malcolm said and I realised I too was staring at his dick. I looked away quickly. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you touch it this weekend” he added and I felt myself blush hotly as Kerry laughed.

Kerry lowered her head and licked all over the head and glans of his cock and then stretched her mouth wide and went down, moaning as she took the tip into her mouth. Kerry licked and sucked Malcolm’s rod and sucked his balls like a woman possessed, forcing her head down with her mouth stretched painfully wide to cram as much into her mouth as possible. When her jaw ached, she rested, gasping for breath, stroking his cock hard, sometimes using both hands, one above the other such was his length. Saliva covered his cock and her chin and I marvelled at how sexy it looked as her head moved up and down taking as much of that huge veiny black dick as she could. Malcolm had put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. Now he opened them.

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