I thought my sister was a lesbian by bob144333


for years I listened to my sister having sex with her girlfriends.thinking she was a lesbian I soon found out otherwise , My sister was a lesbian or so I thought chapter 1

Growing up with my older sister was interesting to say the least,even with her girlfriends around was interesting. My sister Janet was a year and a half older than I so my parents had no problems leaving me with her from time to time.By the time I turned 15 Janet was there just to appease my parents when they would go away for the weekend.I didn’t mind when they went away because that would be the time Janet would entertain her then girl friends.

Now Janet ,my sister, was a pretty girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes with a slim body and tiny tits.She was every young boy's dream, and having such sexy girlfriends played in many of my dreams. One of her many girlfriends particular that caught my interest and was the focus of my dreams was Donna.She was a redhead,a little more developed than my sister and always pleasant to me when she would stop by. She would always make a point to show an interest in what I was doing before being dragged away by Janet.

I had to admit I developed a crush on Donna and often tried to do things for her whenever I had the chance.Donna would spend the night more often when my parents were away on the weekends .Since my room was next to my sisters I began noticing different sounds late at night.I could hear them talking at first but then became quieter when I first went to bed. When they assumed that I was asleep is when they began to do things to one another making weird sounds along with the creaking of the bed. .

Since being 15 I had started to get a hard on more easily ,especially if Janet was dressed in skimpy clothes waiting for her friend. I knew I shouldn’t have feelings for my sister but thinking about what they would be doing later I couldn’t stop them. Usually Janet would peek into my room to see if I was asleep so I learned to fake that I was. After that she would return to her room with her friend and the noises would begin. I then would jerk off listening to their moans and gasps as they began to play with each other.

This one night in particular Donna came by long after I went to sleep but when sensing that she had arrived I woke up. I heard Donna say she bought a few new toys then a squeal from my sister when Donna opened them. After a few minutes I heard my sister come into my room to check on me then go back to her room . “He’s asleep “ I heard her say to Donna then they began talking about the pleasures the toys could do for them.

When they became quieter I took a chance and left my room finding to my delight Janet had left her door partly open.I could hear Donna softly talking to Janet praising what she was doing and then I saw them in the mirror.What I saw gave me an instant hard on, Donna was laying down on the bed with my sister’s face planted between her spread legs. Donna had a dildo and was sucking on it while my sister's head moved up and down.

I have never seen my sister or Donna naked but the scene before me was very arousing. I could see up between my sister's thighs that she was rubbing her pussy as well. Donna was tossing her head from side to side while pushing her body up against Janet's face.Donna’s moans became louder when Janet moved away and grabbed a larger dildo. With one push it entered Donna’s pussy and she began fucking her with it.

I don’t know just how long I had been watching or even realized that I had my cock out stroking it when I saw my sister looking at me in the mirror. I quickly went back to my room and jumped in bed ,but Janet had followed me. When she started scolding me I realized in her haste she was still naked , Donna that followed her was also naked and standing behind her.She stopped when she realized she was naked and tried to cover her tiny tits. Donna then moved beside her.”He has already seen us naked”she said to Janet “I think he needs to get naked too”.

I was shocked when Donna moved around Janet and dragged the blanket that I covered myself with off.My sister was embarrassed and tried to stop Donna from pulling my boxer’s off, “I think he needs to show us what he was doing when he was watching us don’t you “she said? Then there I was exposing my hard cock to my sister and Donna,”come closer”she said to Janet “it is a nice one”.She then turned my bedside light on “go ahead stroke it for us “ moving even closer to me while motioning to Janet to come closer.

Janet just stood there as I began doing what I was told to do looking at Donna’s hairy bush all wet and shiny.Between looking at Donna’s bush and my sister's blonde bush my cock grew harder,and my breaths became deeper .Seeing two naked girls standing by me watching me stroke my member is something I have only dreamed about. Then it became reality and I started to pay more attention to Donna knowing that doing anything with my sister was considered taboo.

“Have you ever seen one of these” Donna said to my sister “or touch one” then took my hand moving it up through her pubic hairs while giggling. “Boy if I only had a brother like him I would be sneaking into his room every night”she said to Janet.She then took a hold of my hand and started jerking me faster telling Janet to grab it and help.

Janet became more relaxed and took a step closer slowly reaching her hand down then retracted “I cant he is my brother”she said . It didn’t stop Donna and it didn’t stop Janet from staring or rubbing her fingers through her own pubic hair.When I saw her finger dip inside her pussy I started cumming . Donna began to urge me to keep cumming as gobs of sperm spewed out of my cock, my sister’s finger rubbed faster as she watched.

My sister quickly left the room after watching my cock empty itself on my belly but Donna stayed running her fingers through my cum. She bent down and gave me a kiss then examined her fingers “thank you “ she said.She then headed out the door but turned around and said “that’s a nice cock ,I hope to see it again”.

I could hear them talking back in their room but couldn’t understand what they were saying. They were giggling and laughing for a bit before the moans began again, but this time I just laid back stroking my cock . My cock stayed hard, and with the image of Donna’s pussy in my face and my sister finger fucking herself it made me cum again . Now exhausted I turned off the light listening to the noises of them playing until I fell asleep.

Later I was woken by my blanket being drawn down and a soft hand grasping my cock.My room was dark but I knew it had to be Donna because my sister sure wouldn’t be doing that. The hand stroked slowly up and down my growing shaft but what surprised me next was a warm mouth being placed on my cock.

As that warm mouth slowly moved up and down my balls began to tighten and a good feeling started moving upward. Now I am not big ,I would say maybe 6 inches so it didn’t surprise me that whoever it was had me all the way in her mouth.My first blow job I was thinking as I laid there enjoying the feeling but trying hard not to cum.

After fighting off the urge to cum the mouth pulled away ,it was Donna that was seducing me. I could tell when she moved up beside me by the size of her breasts. She continued to move up until a breast was in my face then a nipple touched my mouth.She kissed my forehead then whispered suck it as she pressed it closer letting out a soft moan.

After I started sucking away at her growing nipple she held my head and rolled over.She was telling me how well I was doing while running her fingers through my hair. Out of instinct I began going from one nipple to the other causing her to take deeper breaths.I don’t know how long I sucked back and forth on them only knowing by her moans that she was liking it.

Finally she pulled my head away and gave me a deep kiss then asked me if I would eat her. When I kissed her and said yes she rolled me back and moved around straddling my face .As I now was pinned to the bed Donna had control and I got my first taste of pussy juice.There was really not much of a taste wich made it easier to dip my tonger farther in her hole.She was slowly moving around on my face moaning each time becoming wetter .

I had my hands around her hips keeping her closer to my face, smearing her juices around as she released them. But it was soon coming to an end when she took my cock in her mouth again and started sucking.I couldn’t believe that she started sucking faster when I said I was coming. nor did she stop when my cum started filling her mouth. She kept taking it until I stopped. Even then she didn’t take her mouth away until she was sure she had it all,she then moved beside me.

She didn’t kiss me although she could have, she just snuggled up against me.Her naked body felt nice against me and little was said. She was rubbing her fingers up and down my chest as if she wanted to say something .So I finally spoke up “that was the first time I have ever had a blow job or even licked a pussy”. There was a giggle when she said it was the first time she has ever sucked on a real cock.”No regrets” I asked her, kissing her forehead “no regrets “she said turning her head as if to kiss me but stopped.

I gave her a kiss on the lips anyway and she quickly pulled back “I just had a mouthful of your cum”she said . She acted surprised that I would kiss her after that ,so I kissed her again “did you like it” I said. She laughed “did you like the taste of me”then snuggled against me saying under her breath “you're sister does”.

We laid there for who knows long in silence until she sat up and gave me a kiss. “I need to get back in bed with Janet “she said “I hope she didn’t notice i was gone”.With a sigh she said “tomorrow we are going to fuck,you will be my first”. With a kiss she was gone and I went to sleep thinking about how my first fuck would be

I was the first one awake and jumped in the shower,but was startled when I turned off the shower. Janet was standing brushing her teeth and after spitting turned around “I should be mad at you”she said .I began to apologize “ I am really sorry “I said, eyeing her naked butt as she turned around to finish brushing her teeth.

When she turned around again she looked down,shook her head and tossed me a towel. “Geez do you always get hard looking at me” then laughed “you don’t have to apologize “ she said.She then said I just couldn’t tell anyone and made me swear to it.

She only had a tee shirt on but I could see her nipples poking at the fabric, and it was long enough that it covered her pussy.”You know that I prefer girls”she said “but Donna said we should experiment with a boy. She also said that boy should be you,so would you like to go and wake her up with me”?.

When we reached the bedroom door Janet turned around “remember what happens here stays here”. She then pulled her tee shirt up over her head then took the towel from off my waist. We both lingered there looking up and down each other's naked body before moving over to the bed. “She is right you do have a nice one “then crawled onto the bed pulling the blanket away from Donna's naked body.

I saw her eyes open wide when Janet laid down and began kissing on her clit,but then became much wider when she saw me standing there. “Feed her breakfast”Janet said looking back at me staring at them both naked in the morning light. As I moved up kneeling next to Donna's head Janet said “she told me last night that she wanted it”.

What went on next will be in the next chapter.




2021-06-12 01:10:47
You need to make it easier for us readers to follow your chapters on a story. The story should be the same each time and just add chapter number. Chasing through all you stories to regain continuity is a real turn-off.


2021-06-06 21:01:57
Great post. Looking forward to more.

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I was unable to vote thumbs up but this was a pretty nice boy's fantasy story.
6 inches is respectable and a LOT more believable so thanks for that!

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