Faith, Hope and Charity : 3: Charity Breaks Down by badbabysitter


Charity dates her dream beau which is killing her , Hello again faithful readers.

When I last left you in my memoirs, I had just started dating my new boyfriend Chet. I was on the cheerleading team and having a great start to my school year. My best friends Faith O’Reilly and Hope Jenkins and I shared the same ridiculous sex drive, and my Momma Dee was a wonderful enabler of any of our perverted adventures. We were sucking and fucking our way through teen life; there was the donkey dick nerd Beeder, there was Momma’s boss Marcus and his two assistants Denny and Bill from the interracial strip/swinger joint the Zebra Club, not to mention the high school football team that wanted to started a new tradition of gangbanging us every month.

In short, it was perfect. Until I started dating Chet Baker.

On the surface he was an incredible catch. Captain of the football team. Tall, muscular, athletic, charming, polite, honest and loyal. He was the dream boy of the school and his dad was the richest man in town. He was perfect dream. Except he was a virgin and wanted to wait till he got married to lose his cherry to his bride.

I was willing to try this out and see how far I could get on teen love and masturbation alone, but within a few weeks it started getting rough already.

Every weekend I would be up all night as I heard Momma noisily fucking Marcus or Denny or Bill, or all 3 after the club let out. I didn’t go over to Faith’s because her dad was a mean drunk, and often Faith would come over and spend the night with me instead. Inevitably though Faith would crawl into bed with my Momma and end up helping her fuck the boys brains out. And often Hope would join in too.

They tried getting me to join in all the time, and as much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t bring myself to cheating on Chet. Instead of tormenting myself with watching, I would just masturbate furiously in my room all night listening to them get their nasty on. Faith, Hope and Momma didn’t hold it against me much, but I did get a lot of teasing from them. Plus they all wanted a crack at me again but I just wouldn’t compromise.

These late night and random fuck sessions that I couldn’t join in was making me cranky, and my makeout sessions with Chet would crank me up so much. I would sit on his lap and grind my pussy relentlessly into his erection in his pants. I would come so close to cumming on his erections when he would groan and leave me hanging. My only consolation was that I would make an absolute wet mess all over the front of his pants.

It was a Friday night at the beginning of December and I was already in a crabby mood. Tonight would be the third straight after-school gangbang in a row that I would be missing. Hope and Faith kissed me goodnight and wished me teasingly fun on my date night with Chet. I knew very well that they would be back at my home in the trailer park partying with Momma, as she was throwing a party with Marcus, Bill, Denny and a few regulars from the Zebra Club. I would be missing the hottest black cockiest since my gangbang at the Zebra Club at the end of the summer. Plus all I had to look forward to was a lovely dinner out with Chet, followed by a furtive dry hump at the lover’s lane on the outskirts of town.

As we sat at our booth at decent resteraunt, my mind kept wandering .As Chet went on about the game, I was wondering if the waiter’s cock would fit in my ass. When Chet went about how great it was that his Dad would be settling down to do business in town more than travelling, I was thinking about crawling under the next table and giving a slow wet blowjob to the henpecked dad with his kids screaming.

I was nibbling on a piece of lettuce fantasizing about the two guys in the far corner taking me into the alley and fucking me in both my holes, when Chet waved his hand in front of me

“ Earth to Charity, everything okay dear?”
I pulled a blonde tress out of my face and my cheeks flushed

“ Oh sorry Chet, I was just ..umm..thinking about next weeks game and practice”, I stammered out with a slightly embarrassed smile.

Chet could already read me pretty well, like I said before we were a perfect match. He knew I was holding something back, and he knew I was frustrated but he never came out and said anything about it. He just sheepishly held on to his pledge.

Dinner ended somewhat quietly, but my mind still wandered endlessly. I was getting truly desperate and I knew something had to change. I was going to address this at our obligatory make out later, possibly even before we got there.

We had to go pay up at the front counter and as we were doing so, I heard a vaguely familiar voice call out from the nearby booth.

“ Charity Jones? Is that you, young lady?”

I turned my head and saw a face I recognized quickly enough. It was Mrs Parsons, the preachers wife; if you don’t recall her she was the fourth lady in our spectacular gangbang at the Zebra Club at the end of summer. She was in her late 40’s, if not early 50’s and had the most perfect body I had ever seen. Big ripe tits that sadly were surgically enhanced. Her hair was very short and curly in a perm , dark with some greying at the temples. She was sitting in the booth with two black men; one I had fucked with Momma late in the summer and the other I found vaguely familiar; he was probably one of the guys from the gangbang

“ Hell, Mrs Parsons, lovely to see you again!”, I said walking up to the table

I wasn’t going to ask about Reverend Parson, as I knew very well he was aware his wife lovely wife was screwing black guys, but this was hardly an appropriate place to discuss that sort of thing. I found myself checking out her dates, and she noticed and smiled back

“ And you as well Charity, “, Mrs Parsons smiled back , “ is that handsome young man the Baker boy”

“ Yes ma’am , “ I said respectfully, “ Chet and I are now dating.”

“ Oh how wonderful, one can only hope he takes after his father”

“ I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him yet.”

“ You will definitely have the pleasure of meeting him if you keep dating him. “. Mrs Parsons said impishly seeming to know something I didn’t

This was the beginning on the interactive card age, and Chet seemed to be having some trouble with the front staff and the machine accepting his card. I knew how unreliable these things were then, but I found myself growing warm when I noticed that Mrs parsons arms were moving subtly on either side where her dates sat on either side. She noticed and nodded with her head to step closer.

I stepped right up to the table and craned my neck forward and saw that Mrs Parsons had her two dates cocks out and was stoking them off in each hand. They were beautiful thick chocolate masterpiece of cockmeat and I felt myself tremble at the sight of them. I bit my lips and could feel my nipples turn to diamonds.

“ You certainly…umm.. Have your hands full with your dates..umm.. So I should, “ isaid nervously gesturing to Chet

“ Oh nonsense, Charity “, Mrs Parson’s said taking a hand off one of her dates cocks.

She waved to Chet who was just finishing paying off our bill. He smiled back and headed over to stand a foot behind me and to the side, luckily out of line of sight of her jerking off her dates.

“ A pleasure to see you again Mrs Parsons, how are you this evening ma’am” , Chet said in his outgoing way

“ Just lovely young Mr Baker, how’s your father?”

Chet flushed at this , “ He’s doing rather well, I’ll send my regards when he comes home next week”

“That would be absolutely lovely” , she smiled and I could sense a slight sense of mischief behind it.

Chet was a bit red for reasons that remained a mystery to me ; I would much later learn why, but that’s another story in of itself.

“ If you’ll excuse me Mrs Parsons, but Charity and I should really get going”

“ Oh nonsense, lovely Charity and I were just catching up. How about you be a dear and go start up your car and wait for her, it gets dreadful cold this time of year and you know how problematic that can be to an automobile”

“ Yes ma’am”, Chet said sheepishly and gave me a peck on the cheek and headed out to the parking lot.

I couldn’t very well be rude raised as properly as I was. There was alos no way I would create such a social faux pas as to turn down the preachers wife. So I sat down hot bothered beside one of her dates, the one whom Mrs Parsons was no longer jerking off.. Conveniently the one Momma and I had fucked earlier this summer

Mrs Parsons’ “ right hand “ date simply took my hand and placed it around his cock and sipped his beer with the other. I was stunned and in a trance state so I willingly went along with it, it had been since the end of September since I had a cock in my hand, let alone one as thick and big as his. I almost came in my panties as my hand began milking his big dick as if it had a will of its own.

All the whilst Mrs Parson and I continued chatting merrily away as if nothing was going on around us

“ Have you been dating the younger Mr Baker long?”

“ Since September ma’am”

Stroke stroke stroke went my hand on the black tool

“ Does he approve of your mother and your … hobby?” she directly inferred to our cockslut ways.

“ He’s deciding to wait until marriage before he commits’ , I said embarrassed

“ That doesn’t mean you have to darling”

Stroke stroke stroke

“ I don’t know if I should ma’am”

“ Oh nonsense, “ she leaned forward and whispered conspiratorily , “ if I had that body and youth , I’d be passing it around to every big dick I could find in town”

“ Mrs. Parsons!!!” I gasped

Stroke stroke stroke

“ Don’t pretend to be shocked my dear, I swapped cum with you after all”

I had to giggle at that, it was true. I couldn’t pretend to be a girl scout to a woman I shared a dozen cocks with a few months earlier.

“ Any relationship works on compromise and communication, Reverend Parsons has his golf and fishing trips so in turn I can be a black cock slut if I want to.”

I could see her logic as twisted as it was. But equating golf to taking huge dicks in your ass seemed even to a young ethical tart like myself as a huge stretch.

Stroke stroke stroke

“ You’re frustrated sexually young lady, I can see it on your face and that you havent stopped stroking Williams cock since you sat down. I can bet dollars to donuts that you are dripping wet right through your panties right now.”

She was right, there was no point in lying. If I was really as dedicated to saving myself for Chet on our wedding night, whenever that might be, I was certainly making a hypocrite out of myself right now.

“ But I don’t want to cheat on him”

“ Then tell him to step up and stick his cock in you or you’ll look elsewhere, men respond best to upright honesty and a forward nature. Otherwise this is going to ned badly for you both”

She was right again, I suppose the wisdom of a preacher does wear off over the years.

“ I think I will, thank you ma’am”

Stroke stroke stroke

“ Don’t thank me, just do it and thank yourself, and if its ends badly you still have all your mother’s friends to fall back on”

We both laughed at, as mean as it sounded it was true. I could literally fuck the heartache away.

“ Speaking of your mother, is Dee working at the Zebra Club tonight?”

“ no ma’am, she’s holding a party for Marcus and few gentlemen back at our home”

“ Oh how wonderful! I must make sure that we drop by later tonight”

Stroke stroke stroke

“ I’m certain she would love that.”

“ And what are you two young lovebirds up to this evening, and feel free to be candid with all the details”

I laughed, “ Chet and I are heading up to lovers lane for a makeout session”

“ Oh how interesting, I think we should come park nearby later and put on a show”

“ Very naughty, Mrs Parsons”

“ Oh indeed..and now all of that is in order, “ she turned her head to adress William, “ won’t you lease take this young slut into the mens room and give her a load of cum to swallow.”

My eyes bugged out and I froze up. William took his hand off his dick and stuffed into his pants and pushed he gently up. He took me by the end and pulled me to the mens room and I followed like a lost puppy. I wanted to protest, but my yearnings wouldn’t let me. I wanted this, but I couldn’t let myself say it.

William checked the stalls to see if they were empty and then pushed me into one. Willam closed the door behind him and faced me

“ On your knees bitch.” he commanded.

I creamed right then and my knees wobbled and came out from underneath me and I was on the floor ina heartbeat. This was what I missed, a hot big cock and a dominant man. A far cry from the caring understanding Chet, I wanted someone to treat me like a slut in the bedroom. Or in this case, like a slut in the men’s room

He unzipped his lfy and his big black dick flopped out. I was all over it in an instant, worshipping every inch of his black meat. And he had a whopper. I ran my tongue up and done its length, I even smacked my cheeks his turgid meat relishing the feeling of a big piece of sex. And William loved every second of it.

He grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock deep into my mouth. His thick cock stretched my jaws wide in a way they hadn’t been formonths and I could feel him force himself further into my mouth.He thrust and I almost gagged, so he pulled out and thrust back into my mouth.

He put both hands on my head, digging his hands into my hair and started fucking my face. There was no subtlety or gentleness to this, and it was exactly what I missed. I pulled up my shirt and squeezed my tits and pinched at my rockhard nipples through my bra as he had his way with my mouth.

I was making sick gagging sounds as he fucked my face more, pushing his cock further and further into my mouth and began pushing it down my throat. I was lightheaded but sex high and began to cum as he fucked my face. I get off on this kind of submission , and I was coming just from the act of being William’s cock slave.

With drool dripping off my chin, William got relentless plugging away at me. Pulling out all the way so I could gasp for air, then shoving his thickness back between my lips and down my throat. In just a couple minutes his balls were already banging against my chins. I must have been a mess, but I loved it

“ Oh fuck, oh fuck bitch, I’m going to cum down your nasty throat”

I didn’t want to end up chocking so I pushed William back till his cock wass resting on my tongue. Just in time too as I felt him stiffen and then spurt out volley after volley of cum in my mouth and down my throat. I obediently swallowed every drop and sucked hard on his cockhead to get every last bit.

I then stood up and bent over the toilet flipping my skirt up

“ Fuck me, “ I grunted over my shoulder

William literally tore my panties off and threw them over into the next stall. He pushed my head down and then rubbed his big dick between my pussy lips. This caused me to shudder my way through another good cum. And then he pushed his thick cockhead right up to my pussy hole

That’s when the door to the washroom opened

“ Charity? Are you in here?”

It was Chet, I froze up and put my hand on William to stop

“ Mrs. Parsons said the woman’s washroom was out of order and that you had popped in here and that you weren’t feeling well”

I panicked, here I was bent over in a toilet stall with a black dick preparing to fuck me silly, and my boyfriend was concerned I wasn’t feeling well. Strangely enough I felt more angry than guilty, I wanted cock and Chet came along and ruined it for me . All because he didn’t want to put out.

“ Yes, Chet honey, I’m just.. Umm freshening up..I’ll be out in a minute”

William tried pushing into me but I just glared at him and pushed him back.

“ Okay baby doll, I’ll just wait outside till you’re finished”

“ Thanks honey”

William and I stood there frozen until we heard him walk out and the door close behind him. I pulled away from William and turned to face him

“ I am so sorry about this”, I said apologetically, “ but come by my place later tonight and you get first crack at my ass”

“ Shit, I better”, he put himself away and zipped up and left the stall.

I cleaned up my face and make up as best as I could in the mirror, but I still looked a bit messy. I couldn’t find my pnaties, but I was beyond caring.

I looked depp in the mirror and realized something profound about what had just happened. I was about to throw away a relationship for a cock and that I was fine with it. I was a slut and my need for sex would always outweigh anyone else’s morality. I had to be me, and I wasn’t going to compromise my fufillment to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings. Tonight, Chet would have to put out or get out, and I was going to till him this exactly.

I stepped out of the washroom and Chet seemed confused as to where William had come from but was too trusting and naïve to believe his girlfriend as about to let him fuck her, despite having watched me fuck a bunch of his buddies in the gangbang a couple months ago.

“ let’s go” , I said impatiently and started leading the way.

He stepped obediently up behind me and followed me. We passed Mrs Parsons table and she actually waved to me, and with an evil wink she kept her hand up a second and I can see her pals covered in spunk. It was only for a second for me to see, then she licked it it clean when Chet glanced over.

We got into the warmed up Beemer and I turned on the radio to a classical station which I loved but Chet hated. Fuck him, this was about me tonight. The entire time I never looked at him he would probably have that sappy love struck teen expression which melted my heart normally, but would now just piss me off

“ So where do you want to go tonight”

I sighed and cranked up some Wagner

“ Where the fuck do you think?” , I snapped back

We drove off in silence, I was all but fuming at this point. I was angry and I needed to get fucked. I was angry because I almost cheated and I planned on doing so anyways. I was angry because he had no trouble with me banging his team-mates a couple months ago, but now he suddenly wanted to wait. I was angry because this had to change and he wasn’t going to do it himself

We got to lovers lane in the dark and were alone up there. It was on a hill over looking the town below, the night was cool but not too cold. We sat there in silence. After about 5 minutes of us staring quietly at the light below, I felt his hand go softly to my thigh. I pushed it away.

“ Not yet”, I was waiting for something , but I didn’t know what yet

I snaked through my purse untill I found a plastic baggy with a couple joints Faith had given to me. I unceremoniously lit it up in the car. Chet couldn’t stand pot or drugs and was about to protest when I shot him an icy glare that said don’t you fucking start. He just smiled nervously and cracked his window a few inches. Shit, it was his dad’s car, so I did the same, but I wasn’t about to butt out over this bullshit.

Halfway through my joint and I was feeling mellow and horny like I always do on good MJ, and Faith supplied the best shit around. A pair of lights came up out through the night and parked side ways just a few feet beside us.

I glanced over and saw that it was Mrs Parson in a convertible Cadillac, it was Texas after all. She was in the back seat already and naked with William pawing at her while the other guy parked the car. I smiled and waved to her and she smiled and waved back.

Chet seemed confused and was about to say something when I stopped with , “ Shut up”

I pulled my top off over my head and unsnapped my bra and let my tits free.

“ Charity! Honey! They can see you!”, Chet exclaimed

“ So?”, I said straddling his lap

“ But, don’t you think..”

“ Shut up and suck on my tits”

I pushed Chets face into my ample 32DD bustline and turned over to watch Mrs Parson begin to suck on Williams cock as he kneeled over her in the back seat of her car. Chet seemed a bit stunned so I fed him a fat nipple.

“ Just start sucking”

I do love my nipples played with and was sending jolts all the way to my pleasure centre. The pot, the intense oral sex earlier, and the titty sucking were turning me on like gangbusters so I started grinding myself into his crotch. He was hard and firm through his pants and I ground my bare wet pussy allover his crotch.

“ You love them big fat titties don’t you?” he always liked the dirty talk, which was good, because so did I.

“Uhuh” he affirmed through slobbering on my stiff nipples

“ wouldn’t you like them to see them bouncing as you fuck me?”

“ Uhhuh”, slobber slobber slobber

“ Sticking your dick in my hot hole”

“ Uh huh”’

While he was distracted and turned on I was unbuckling his belt

“ Fucking me silly”

Then I unzipped his fly

“ Uh huh”

Pulling down his underwear

“Then fucking show me”

I grabbed his cock in my head and I began to lower myself to his cock…he came in my hand. It was a couple short spurts, he grunted and it was over

“ WHAT THE FUCK!!!!” I yelled at him as loud as I could

“ I didn’t mean to..” he murmured

“ ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?”, fuck I was pissed

“ I don’t think it would be a good idea to..” he stammered meekly


“ Charity, honey, please, they can hear us”


“ Please, I’ll do anything if you just quiet down”

I hissed at him, “ I want some fucking cock in my cunt, can you give me that?”

He was white as a ghost, he was terrified and almost looked like he was going to cry, but this needed to be dealt with now. In tears now or in tears later

“ If , if you really want to, but but…”

“ But what damnit!”

“ I just climaxed”

“ oh fer fucksakes, you’re 16, you’ll be hard in five minutes”. I found myself imitating my Momma’s Texas drawl as I rolled my eyes in my head,

“ It might take longer than that honey”

“ You’ve got to be kidding.. I WANT COCK RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!”

“But, but, but…”

“ If you cant give me cock, I’ll ask Mrs Parsons to lend me some”

“ If that’s what you want”


“ Okay honey”

I was about to get off him and get out of the car to show him what he was missing when a knock came at the window. We were both in the drivers seat so we turned our heads to see the other black guy from Mrs Parsons date. To be more exact we saw his huge black hard dick

“ Holy cow Charity, that’s a large penis”, he said stupidly

“ It’s fucking perfect” I smiled

I pressed the button to roll down the window and he steeped right up to the window. I leanded over and started sucking him off right through the open window.

I sucked at him slurpily, Chet started to squirm a bit but I made him sit still while I worshipped the black cock. When he was good and coated with my spit, I turned my face to Chet and pulled him by the head to near the black cock. He was very resistant but still didn’t fight me very hard.

“ See that , Chet?” I said gripping him by the hair, “ that’s a real mans cock and he knows what a woman wants”

“ Yes, Charity”

“ Make him watch” I said to my new black friend

I heard Chet whimper and saw the nameless black man grab him by his head and make him watch his young teen girlfriend suck this black cock from inches away. The mystery BBC grabbed me by the back of my head and started fucking my face and throat just like William did in the bathroom stall.

All the whilst I could feel Chet getting hard again. I guess I should have seen this coming when he whacked off to my performance in the boys room at school, he was pathetic. I tried pulling me to him, but I was going to have nothing of it

After roughly fucking my face and throat for what seemed like eternity but probably only ten minutes or so, I could feel Mr BBC stiffen and he pulled out and blew his load all over my face. And I just laughed and laughed and laughed as he splattered me and Chet whimpered. I turned back to face Chet who looked like he was going into a seizure

“ This is what I fucking wanted”, I growled at him

I then hungrily kissed Chet pushing my tongue between his lips and pushing some of my new lovers spunk into his mouth. . I pulled back at him and watched his expression change into incredulity. His hands went his mouth realizing what had just happened. I smiled and laughed and wiped my finger on my chin collecting a thick dollop of white hot cum. Then I pushed that fingers to his lips

“ Suck it bitch”, I commanded

And he did, he sucked at my tongue like it was a pacifier and I could feel his cock poke at me some more. I smiled at him and I knew he was wanting to fuck me now

“ Oh no Chet *honey*, “ I said dripping the word with venom, “ you get to wait”

I leaned towards the window


I didn’t have to wait long as William was almost at the door, he opened and I stepped out topless into the cool night

“ Thank you William, I did promise you that you could fuck me… WHEN I SUCKED YOUR COCK AT THE BATHROOM TONIGHT” , I yelled at Chet

His mouth dropped like a rock, like he couldn’t possibly conceive of this. And I just laughed

I walked out to the front of the car and bent over the hood. The headlights were on high from Mrs Parsons car so I could see anything in the cross lights of Chet and her car. But I knew everyone could see me, and I loved it. I wiped my face from the cum and smeared my pussy with it.

William was just unsubtle as he was in the bathroom, he spit on his dick and then pushed hard into me. I gasped at the familiar and long missed fucking. And god damn he had a big tool. I smiled and lit up as he pushed into me

“ Oh that’s so fucking good” “ I exclaimed loud enough that Chet could hear me

William warmed up on me taking it slow and spitting onto his cock for more lube. Then he kept pushing more and more into me. He slowly picked up his pace untill he had a good rhythm going. I kept my hands on the hood so that Chet could watch this guy plow me from behind and see my titties bounce with every thrust

“ Yes! That’s what a real man does,!”

William grabbed me by the hair and pulled it back like a leash , which turned me on even more. He leaned forward and bit my neck.

“ I really want to fuck your ass,” he whispered

“ I need to clean for that, just wait till I get home”

“ Fuck” , William complained and then pushed my head back

To punish me for not letting him bugger me, he started pounding away at me. I wanted him to fuck me in the ass, but its only in porno films that you don’t need prep work for that, I would rather not go into how dirty it is without cleaning up first. He more then made up for that though and fucked me mercilessly with his big dick. It stretched me out and with every thrust I swear I could feel him in my throat.

His heavy slapped up against me with every jackhammer thrust and I was being sent into cock heaven. And just to show me who was in charge he’d occasionally spank my white ass. All the time I’m taking it with a huge plastered grin and I just kept cumming from the hardcore fun

“ OH fuck, I love your big fucking cock!”, I hollered out loud

William ket fucking away at me harder and and harder untill he pushed me on to the hood of the car, luckily Chet’s car was running or the cold would have killed me. My tits were pressed into the throbbing car and the vibrations did nothing but to help me cum more and more as William kept banging away into my teen pussy. Soon he grunted and thrust his entire length deep into me and I could feel his how liquid warmth flooding my womb.

I trembled and shook through the aftershocks of my cum as William slowly slipped out. I felt like I was literally glowing, oh god how I missed this. I closed my contentedly and almost wanted to drift away into sleep. That’s when I felt someone’s hand on my ass

“ Oh who is going to fuck me now”, I cooed behind me

But it wasn’t a fucking I was receiving, a face was pressed up against my pussy and soon they were hungrily licking away at my pussy. They were kneeling on the ground behind me, so I assumed it was mrs Parsons eating my cum filled twat. Who ever it was was hungrily licking at my pussy and they had some talent. My clit needed some stimulation so I did a little cheerleader roll , kicking my leg over their head and resting on my back and shoved back over so they could get easier access

“ Chet!”

Yes, it was my boyfriend, he was kneeling before me . He was the one hungrily licking away at me. I was shocked, he was the last one I was expecting would be tending to me after the humiliation I had just put him through. But he was diving into my pussy like a starving man. Who was I to complain as he had a talented tongue and went to work cleaning me out and sucking on my clit like a man possessed. I came a couple times, shaking and twitching from his oral ministrations before I had to push his head away.

“ That’s enough honey”

“ Oh god Charity baby, your pussy is so good”, Chet moaned into my pussy

I pushed his face back away from ym pussy

“ I just humiliated you in fron of strangers and you think it’s hot?” , I looked at him incredulously

“ Oh honey, I loved watching you fuck him”

“ What?”

“ I want to wait for marriage but…but”

“ And I just ruined that” I said feeling my heart getting heavy for a second

“ No, Charity honey, you don’t have to wait”

“ Excuse me”, I said confused

“ Our first date was me watching you get gangfucked, I thought it was amazing”

“Really?”, I said my heart lifting

“ Oh yes, Charity, I love it when you fuck other men, I just want you to keep coming back for me”

‘ Oh Chet honey, that’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever said”

Chet then stood up and kissed me hard with a passion that surprised and thrilled me. I was giddy, I had gone from breaking up to a finding a man that wanted me to fuck around. It was match made in heaven. I even kicked my heel up in joy.

“ Alright you two, enough with the romantic stuff”

Mrs. Parsons called that out to me as she climbed out the backseat of her caddy. Her dress bunched up at middle and her tits had been squeezed out of the top. She clearly had the look of a freshly fucked woman, especially with her wobbly gait. She wandered up to me and took me by the hand and pulled me to her car

“ Young Miss Jones and I have a party to get to and you are welcome to come and wait in your car for us”

“ Yes ma’am”, Chet said sheepishly with a nervous grin

William got in Mrs Parsons’ drivers seat, whilst Mrs Parsons , myself and Mr Mystery got in the back seat, sitting on either side of him. Mrs Parsons told William we were heading to my home and he didn’t need any instruction on getting there. Chet followed us in his car.

“ It’s wonderful to see Chet adapting so wellto your lifestyle and so quickly”

Lifestyle/ I suppose it was. I definitely had no intention on giving up fucking around. And since Chet was actually secretly supportive of my fucking around, now openly supportive; I couldn’t see any reason why I couldn’t keep this up indefinitely. I smiled and rested back against the leather seat.

“ He is a perfect match for me, really” I smiled

“ Wait until you meet his father”, Mrs Parsons winked at me

Mister Mystery BBC was stroking his cock back to hardness between us and Mrs Parsons bent over and started slurping on its thick cockhead.

“ What about his father?”, I asked since this was the second time she had hinted at at him

The brunette milf took her head away from the black stick with a gasp and a pop. Without further ado, or male friend gripped by the head and pushed my face to his dick where I happily started sucking, tasting Mrs Parsons’ pussy juices on his dick. I guess he was fucking her whilst I was being fucked by William

“ Oh, I’ve been fucking his father since I was your age, he’s got such a nice big cock”, she said

“ Oh really?” , I asked feeling that stirring again when I was pulled away so that Mrs Parsons could take a turn on the chocolate bar

“ He was the darling of the school, fucked half of the girls in class and half the teachers too, sad rumour is that he fucked his poor wife to death”

I almost choked around the cock wanting to laugh at this, then I pulled away

“ If he’s such a stud why arent you still fucking him, and why haven’t I met him yet/”

We both laughed at this deciding to take a quick breather from tag teaming

“ Who say’s I’m not still fucking him? “ , Mrs Parsons hinted, “ and you should ask about young Chet’s former girlfriends”

This certainly perked my interest.

“ What about them?”

“ The reason you haven’t met him is the same reason Chet doesn’t talk about his ex girlfriends ; his father always ends up fucking them?”

That kind of made since, he talked about his father but Chet never wanted to introduce me to him. Yes, his father spent a lot of time out of town, but I was hoping I was important enough to introduce me to him. It all made sense now, he was trying to prevent me from being like all the other girls. And some of the subtle winks and smiles I had gotten from other girls in school made more sense now.

In any case, Mr Mystery forced us back to our ministrations on his BBC and we tag teamed his dick with out mouths all the way to my place. We rolled our tongues around, we kissed in the middle. We took turn juggling his balls in our respective mouths. He was only half hard by the time we started but he was primed and ready to blow as we pulled into Sunny Acres trailer park. As we parked just outside my home, Mister Mystery blew his load all over our faces.

We got out of the car half naked just as Chet pulled up behind us, there were already 4 cars around my home, so this place was getting really crowded. I covered my boobs and ran over to see him cum dripping off my chin

“ Heya Chet honey”, I gave him a kiss on the lips, “ the spaces are full, why don’t you park utside the park and come on by the house when you do”

I gave him a peck on the cheek and jogged back towards the double wide. It was so deliciously fun teasing him like this, and I could tell by the tenting in his pants that he was excited regardless. I was going to love letting him eat my pussy out after tonight

We could already hear the party going through the walls just outside, loud music and a the grunting and squealing of more then one feminine voice. I let us in and we stepped into the living room. It was exactly what I expected it to be.

Hope was on her knees in the middle of the room, naked as the Lord made her, absolutely plastered in jizz, so much it was dripping off her tits. Her face was a frothy white mess as she serviced 3 black men in a semi circle. My redhead frined Faith was in the middle of a cock sandwich on the couch, with Denny and Bill in her pussy and respectively and they were hammering away at her. The smell of sex, spunk and marijuana permeated the room. Momma was nowhere to be seen but I could hear her grunting from her bedroom down the hall.

Mrs Parsons dropped to her knees beside Hope and started helping the poor gothic girl out. William and Mister Mystery were already pawing me before the door had closed behind me. I had to pushed them away and go clean up in the washroom which was happily not occupied. I douched and and gave myself a light enema and was washing up in the shower when the curtain was pushed open and there was William

“ I do believe you promised me your ass earlier” he said with a smile

“ I certainly did” , I smiled bending over

To make a long story short he certainly did, he fucked the hell out of my ass. It hurt at first after not having a cock in there for a couple months, but since I’m an anal slut too I was soon fucking back and cumming on his big dick. And when he was done fucking me and came in my ass, he stepped out. I was beginning to clean up and try to keep standing on fuck-wobbly legs when Marcus stepped into the shower

“ Hello sexy Miss Jones”

“ Hello sexy Mr Marcus”

And then he bent me over and fucked me in the ass too. Only this time about halfway through he pulled me towards him leaned back and then gripped by the waist and picked me up. He stepped out of the shower with my ass impaled on his giant cock ( because Marcus had a huge bastard) and wlaked me out of the shower.

He took me into Momma’s bedroom and dropped me down on her water bed, face first with Momma’s cum dripping pussy. I dived right into that incestual snatch and started gobbling up that wonderful spunk and my loving mothers juices. And then Marcus began to hammer my ass from that point on

The rest of the night was blur, I was cock drunk. I remember certain flashes, like being in a dp with Marcus and William while Mrs Parsons was getting the same treatment from Bill and a new guy. Or when I took two blast of cum to my mouth and snowballing them with Hope. Or sticking my ass beside Faith’s nsatch so whenever Marcus pulled out of the redheads rectum I would give his dick a couple sucks. Momma and I frenchkissing and swapping cum as we both got railed from behind. It was an absolute blur

Around 3 AM the party wound down and Mrs parsons went home. I crashed out in bed with Momma and we slept in.

When I woke up , I found Chet sleeping on the couch. I had totally forgot about him , but he was happy to see me. I went back to bed and explained what had happened between me and Chet and she was thrilled for me. She was even naughty enough to suggest cock teasing Chet all day

Chet was thrilled by this, and the 4 of us girls spend the day hanging around in our trailer stark naked. We girl talked and raved about the party last night and discussed future sex plans. All right in front of Chet whom we didn’t allow him touch us. Momma and I even dyked out in a 69 right in the living room floor in front of mind blown Chet.

He accepted everything and was an absolute sweetie, he cooked breakfast and dinner for us us well

And for all you faithful readers, you will be happy to know that I ended up marrying Chet, and we’ve raied two lovely daughters since

But the school year was only half done and there was still so much more fun to be had

END of PART 3.. To be continued



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